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Avenged Sevenfold Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners.
October 26, 2009, 5:10 pm
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Check out the three awesome designs the winners of Avenged Sevenfold’s pumpkin carving contest came up with! See the fullsizes of them here.

Chris Bonnell

Shayla Blue

Stephanie Cote

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LOOKS GREAT! really nice job. I want a pumpkin that looks like that, i didn’t even bother trying.. well i wanted too but lynn wouldn’t get a move on carving. not like i could have donee any better.

Comment by Janelle

those are amazing. my favorite is the top one.
i lovvvvvvveee a7x!
more than you could imagine (:
cant wait to see them in concert when they start their next tour!!

Comment by Kathy Haner

I really can’t believe I won, the other two are soo good.

Comment by Stephanie C.

congrats!!! which one is yours?

Comment by Marie V

Oh sorry for not replying :P mine are the bottom ones.

Comment by Stephanie C.

They’re all so amazing!!

Comment by JojoGates

Holy zombie Jesus, those are intense. Freakin’ awesome.

Comment by Jenn

WOw those are pretty awesome

Comment by calikid

My fave is the A Little Piece of Heaven one, #2 :D

Comment by J7X 130

Holy crap those are awesome. Beats what I was gunna do. :] Good work.

Comment by Rita

those are awesome!!!

Comment by Amani


Comment by pinkdeathbat

WTF!! The first and the second don´t have nothing about haloween.
If i knew i could do some better work

Comment by Anonymous

i love the bottom one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever did that then u are and amazing artist!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dimi

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