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Avenged Sevenfold Present “Wasted Space” With Platinum Album.
April 25, 2010, 5:46 am
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Last night Avenged Sevenfold made a special appearance at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino to present the club with a platinum “City Of Evil” record. You can check out a photo below (click to make bigger) courtesy Robert Salley.

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Shadows and Synyster look like they’ve lost 30 lbs and a ton of muscle tone…they don’t look healthy at all. Kind of worrying.

Comment by Anonymous

Shadows isnt pictured above.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

That’s not Shads (though you have to look close to see it – there aren’t enough tattoos for it to be him, for one thing).
I think it’s hard to see Syn looking ‘sad’ as people claim… he looks like he’s simply looking at the Platinum, though maybe I’m simply missing the point.
After all… Johnny is smiling, behind him.

And they may have lost weight…they’re grieving, still.

Still – good pic… I love Johnny’s smile. Always brightens my day to see a picture of his smile.

Comment by RaraTayessem

Well, whoever that guy is doesn’t look healthy. How about that.

Comment by Anonymous

Whoa, this is my friend Rob’s pic. He sent it to me last night. Wow, never thought it would be posted on websites. I’ll let him know, thanks for actually giving him recognition!

Comment by Janae

M.Shadows is the only one that has gotten skinny, especially on the last tour. But who cares? aslong as it’s not because of cocaine.

Comment by Josh

Syn has defenitly gone way thinner,the second and third pictures clearly show it.He’s smiling, but you can tell it’s not the same smile he used to have before Jimmy passed away. Besides, the entire band was meant to go there (I think ZV was there too),and he’s probably very sad since Jimmy isn’t there to have fun with them anymore.:(

Comment by Anonymous

I wont tolerate comments about Jimmy’s death after this comment. Not every post has to turn into mourning the loss of The Rev. Let’s celebrate the fact that the guys got out there and had a little fun to themselves.

Comment by deathbatnews

Agreed. We should start focusing on the positives.

Comment by Jo


Comment by ^britt^

That was uncalled for.

Comment by Ace

There’s a time and place for certain comments but it gets a little out of hand when every single posts turns into grieving. I understand completely that we’re all still sad over what happened but sooner or later it’s got to stop consuming all the comments that are made.

Comment by deathbatnews

I so agree.

Comment by Jess Hahn

Thank you person. I hate these bitches tellin us everytime they cry

Comment by Anonymous

Johnny still looks good,and I finally got to see him sporting his new tattoo!
I love A7X foREVer!

Comment by Anonymous

Dude totally sleeved out his other arm. And now I want to know what it is. :)

Comment by jennifermhill

who is the guy with red tshirt?

Comment by Hana

he works at wasted space

Comment by Anonymous

At a glance, he sort of resembles Howard Jones (Killswitch) in the middle right picture!

Comment by Anonymous

Wow! Brian looks thin..I’m worried.
but other than that I’m happy for them! <3

Comment by Shanice

they look good
brian still looks the same to me
looks like the camera really defined
his cheek bones

Comment by Mandyyy

Stop putting comments about Jimmy and pointing it towards Jimmy’s death. At least they had fun. Don’t put every comment post about Jimmy’s death.

Comment by Anonymous

Stop putting Jimmy’s death about this and pointing towards it. At least they had fun and Brian still looks the same. Seriously don’t put comments that he isn’t the same. I am glad that they went out and had fun. Leave it at that.

Comment by Anonymous

I think Syn just shaved his little chin thing, every guy looks a little thinner with no facial hair. How would you even be able to tell if Syn lost muscle tone? He has a jacket on. Good for them though.

Comment by Eric

Brian doesn’t look to be wearing any make-up and I remember photos where he looked as tired as he looks on the recent shots. Also, I remember that Brian was always thinner when he was not doing tours than when he was on a tour. So my idea is that most people remember him a little chunkier and need to get used to him being thinner again. He said himself that he gains weight when he tours. I do think they’re grieving but to me it doesn’t seem to be the main reason for their weight. Johnny looks healthy.

Comment by Kate

[...] Avenged Sevenfold Present “Wasted Space” With Platinum Album. Last night Avenged Sevenfold made a special appearance at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel to present the club with [...] [...]

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Glad to see the guys again. And congratulations to them for reaching PLATINUM =D. They’re getting way more recognised now and I love it. The proof is all here – people I know that would never consider having Metal on their iPods are eager to hear tracks form City and self-titled.

I’m with DBN, I’ve said it for about a month now – it’s time to celebrate what Jimmy gave rather than mourning him leaving. He’s never forgotten.

Congratulations again =)

Comment by Redman

They all look healthy and fine overall. They were having a nice time in Vegas and are now off to mix the record

Comment by larry jacobson

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It’s nice to see Syn and Johnny again :D
They look the same :S
I think the lighting just brought out Syn’s cheekbones in that photo….
COE going platinum is pretty awesome too :D

Comment by Angst

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