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January 28, 2008, 5:53 pm
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Kerry King from Slayer thinks so.


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Um. Okay ?

I don’t care people saying bullshit on them. Well, I do. But everyone has different opinions. But since when someone in a band bullshits another band ?

That’s really pissing me off. Solidarity man.

Comment by a7xaddict

Kerry King sux!

Comment by Renan

too bad he thinks they suck… (i don’t think he was joking ‘cos he was answering seriously every other question). But what the hell, not everyone has to like them, right?
I don’t think he sux… he’s a legend, he doesn’t suck at all lol, but well… i completly disagree with his oppinion :P

go A7X ^___^

Comment by Dru

Tom Araya from Slayer hates A7X

Comment by t

i have no comments besides…that was upsetting..

Comment by deathbat_07

Omfg. I want the canadian dates to be posted so bad :'(

Comment by a7xaddict

I don’t care if your entitled to your own opinion.
Whne it come to Aveneged, how dare somebody from Slayer slag em off.
They’re angin.
Avenged are amazing. :)))

Comment by keiraaaaaa

not only is that uncool but very unprofessional that’s not right when he has A7X looking up to and slams them that is just down right uncool.

Comment by Sara Carter

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