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Rumored Third Single From The Self-Titled Album.
February 10, 2008, 1:13 pm
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M Shadows spoke with a Japanese publication while they were overseas and let the cat out of the bag that the third single from the S/T album will be “Dear God.”

Submitted by Pandan.

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im so happy that dear god is going to be the third single. its a awesome song!!!!!

Comment by jon sierra

As much as I love sevenfold, I have to say Dear God should have never been made, and it certainly shouldn’t be the new single.

Comment by Zachmo

i’am sooo glad…i love dear god…its tha greatest song they made and they did a great job on it…good luck to em..
[{Princess Vengeance}]

Comment by Megan


Comment by Mary

Wow, it’s a good song, but it should not be a single…

Comment by Baillie

Oh yes!!!
i love that song
its my fav song!!
thanks a7x!!

Comment by Dave


Comment by Becca

Zachmo, you’re a twat.

All of A7X’s songs are great, and Dear God especially as it shows that they’re achieving what they want to do – dominate every part of the music industry, and theyre doing a fuck great job of it!

SO glad this is the next single! :D.

Comment by Jake Hollands

I dissagree Jake Hollands, your acting like I HAVE to like all the songs they do, and I don’t. They are trying country, and I HATE country so therefor I don’t like the song because of that. Someone who likes country might love the song Dear God, but I hate it so I hate the song.

Comment by Zachmo

Its a good song but, I think its better afterlife =D

Comment by Danny

was a little obvious.

COE 3rd = STD

just makes sense that it would be dear god for the self titled.

Comment by Dal

Ooo! Love Dear God. Love every song off the SelfTitled.

Comment by Acid

I like the song. But come on… ANY of the other songs would be a better next single hehe
I would’ve chosen Lost…

Comment by Dru

i like this song Dear God is greatest song

but i want a next single is Lost ^^

i can’t wait

Comment by feat

I like this song Dear God is greatest song

but i want next single is Lost ^^

I can’t wait

Comment by FEATZ

i love it!
but i thought it might be ‘Scream’

Comment by Melanie

i think ur third single should b afterlife or scream, they r way better then the song dear god, just my opinion. rock on guys

Comment by justin

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