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“A Little Piece Of Heaven” Live In Denver!
March 3, 2008, 5:07 pm
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Here it is! The guitars are ridiculous and the lighting kicks ass!


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Damn straight the lighting kicks ass. Someone worked very hard on it for like 150 hours, A7X has the best lighting set up I’ve ever seen xD

Comment by Lady V

omg its sooo much better live.
they put on the greatest show last night, it was insane.
i love them. <3333

Comment by Bianka7x

1st, song kicks ass, and did he mess it up a lil bit? lol.

but its iight :DDD

song is the g song ever _<

the lighting was cool lol.

I need to see this live now <333333

Comment by Eric

Omfg I love it ! I so wish I was there =(.

Comment by a7xaddict

damn i can’t fuckin wait til april!!!!

Comment by Death Winged

Is The Rev even singing or is his mic turned down too low or something? I’m gonna be dissapointed if he doesn’t sing that part

Comment by Matt

I beleive his mic was turned down, I heard him a littlebit I think.


Comment by Eric

aaaaggghhhh I wanna see them live so muchhhh
**Waits for a South American Tour** ._.

Anyhow… I think someone has some lyrics to learn LOL

Comment by Dru Addams

i noticed that shads was changin the words a bit haha
but its cool the guitars sounded so awesome i love it
i need to go to a concert like seriously
or i will like die miserable if i dont see this song live haha

Comment by no_peace_forever

hehe he messed up lol
but that song is crazy so i bet its a task to play live anyway

Comment by J

ahhhh messed up, matt?
the guitars WERE amazing and the LIGHTING.
holyyy mother. the lighting was awesome.
i have to see this live now.
99 days ago i saw them live and i’m not stopping until i see them again. :)

Comment by Morgan

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