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Vengeance University Gets Serious.
June 17, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Vengeance University updated their blog today. Apparently, it’s a clothing company.. who would have guessed?

“Vengeance University is a CLOTHING COMPANY. Not a band, not a person but a legit clothing line hustling hard to stay in the game. Judging by the comments and messages we receive here daily, hourly and by the second, many of you have forgotten that. This is NOT your new favorite bands myspace nor any one mans PERSONAL profile. This is for the style Vengeance University bring and the believers in that style. all other inquiries, comments, questions not pertaining to Vengeance University will go into the abyss.

for the rest of you… new campaign getting made as we speak

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idk, i think whoever runs the site could have been a nicer person about it all, instead of pretty much insulting people. i, myself am not offended, but i just think its kind of rude in general.

Comment by junior

i think people need to cut the guy a break. he had a right to make this post after how many people used his myspace to express their little sexual fantasies about wanting to sex him. it is his business myspace, not a personal profile. and mocking him about it with the whole, “who would have guessed” thing was kind of un-needed. just because he turns off comments and just wants VU to be exactly about that, and probably not get 1,000 messages a day about his personal life. doesn’t mean that half of the fans have to get their knickers in a twist (since there have been some already.)

Comment by boononymous

I don’t think he was being insulting one big actually, its about time he said something. People would leave him the most ridiculous and completely pointless comments, I’m sure he wants to be taken more seriously as a clothing line and doesn’t particularly care about what you think of his profile song, or that its your birthday.

Comment by jc


Comment by jc

yeah i know he probably gets flooded with comments all day every day, but idk it was just, worded kinda mean, is all im saying. like i said, i myself, am not offended by it, so, no twisted knickers over here, ive never even sent a message to VU, couple picture comments a long time ago, but thats it. and i can completely see how they want it to just be specifically about the clothing line and nothing more, im sure it IS extremely annoying to get about 90 messages about “lovin’ the new song” when all he wants to do is promote the clothing.

Comment by junior

It’s about time everyone gets set straight. The wording may have given off a “mean” vibe, but the person who wrote it was probably fed up with all of the messages from little 12 year olds professing their love for Zacky. Totally understandable.

Comment by Victoria

Any ideas why he took the new design down?

Comment by Nikky

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