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You Know I Make You Want To…
September 30, 2008, 7:51 pm
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SCREAM! Whats that have to do with this news post? Well, after being told of the rumors circulating I  got in contact with a source who confirmed that “Scream” should be the next single off of “Avenged Sevenfold.” Please keep in mind that this hasn’t been officially released.


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I think it is going to be the new single because a week or two ago i heard it playing on the local rock station

Comment by Matt

Yay! That’d be awesome! :)

Comment by Kayla [rockandrolltendencies]

omggggggggggggggggggggggggg hahahah *fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!*

Comment by jc

i hope this is true. scream is my favorite song of the cd. i just hope the don’t have the video full of skanks like they had on stage in the dvd.

Comment by ape$hit

i hope this is true. scream is my favorite song of the cd. i just hope the video isn’t full of skanks like there was on the live dvd. i don’t wanna see chicks. just the boys being their cool selves.

Comment by april

so. i live in the kenosha-milwaukee areas and scream has already been on the rock radio stations. so that would generally mean that the single is out.

Comment by kate

oh my gosh the video for scream has amazing potential…

Comment by Liz

i hope the video is smoking, but that the girls actually have asses this time, and can actually dance

Comment by jc

I already heard scream on my local radio station.

Comment by Amanda

it definitely is..i just online requested it on 98 rock here in MD

Comment by Courtney

Not officially released in the sense that nobody has announced it, but I consider it pretty official if the label has already sent copies to radio stations.

Comment by Taylor

oh well that’s awesome. this is one of my favorite songs from their new album and i think it would be good as a new single! =]

Comment by brenda

omg, i would love scream to be the next single…just think of all they could do for a video.

and lol @ “jc”s comment about the girls. for real! haha. i agree.

Comment by junior

The song is probably the most badass on the album, it has great potential for a single :D :D YAY!

Comment by HannarghlovesA7X

I guess that makes sense. Musique Plus has been playing the live video of Scream for weeks now.

Comment by Liz

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