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Bangin’ New Singasolos.
October 24, 2008, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Avenged Sevenfold, Live

I don’t know what the hell this little piece Syn Gates and company have come up is with but we really like it. Check out the lead guitarist himself soloing straight into a little something something everyone gets in on live in Singapore:

Big thanks to weian87 on Youtube for posting the video.

And also, check out the solo that led up to it!

Thanks to satansandwich for uploading this one & reader Tommy for letting us know!

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that was sexy.

Comment by Death Winged

i just creamed my pants

Comment by tyler

I’m speechless…
That was beautiful.
I don’t even know why.

Comment by SicLikeSarah

Did you see the solo leading up to that? Not my video but here it is

his new improv solo is based off of the Girl I Know solo.. but more badass!
i sat down and learned the whole “new song” on guitar.. its so fucking amazing!

Comment by Tommy

Ah you’re welcome for letting you know about that awesome video Satansandwich filmed at Jakarta!! :) You guys rule

MOD NOTE: Thanks so much, Tommy!

Comment by Tommy

im with tyler. i need to go change.


was it just some random jam they did while they waited for Matty to get back on stage?! LOL…you know what, scratch that, i dont care what it was…it was sexy! haha.

i love that Johnny is growing his hair out again. *yum*

this makes me so excited for November 12th!!

Comment by junior

reminds me to :

or am i wrong..

Comment by Anonymous

wow that was sexy as hell they are beasting avenged does it agian with the sexyness

Comment by chavez

Syn plays that solo too at Jakarta…

first he messes around with his guitar feedback..
then he did the Girl I Know solo, continued with some shredding…

but there’s no jamming stuffs like in Singapore…

you Singaporeans are lucky fellows…

Comment by thetow

fuckin amaznig…. and so sexy ….=]

Comment by Mon7X

That was.. interesting,
and pretty fuckiing amazing.

Comment by AmandaFren

the picking syn did reminded me of “hotel california” by eagles…. i liked it. i like the “vibe” of it.

Comment by chiemy

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