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In-Depth Interview With Zacky Vengeance.
October 31, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Here’s an incredibly in-depth interview with Zacky Vengeance conducted by TechNews.ITT where he discusses the 2008 Taste Of Chaos tour and how “Avenged Sevenfold” affected the band publicly and privately. Check out the interview here.

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oh wow…you know…there was this many ” you knows”
nah the interview is amazing…=]

Comment by Mon7X

OK…I truly, deeply and madly love my chubby Zacky…but how many times can that man say “you know” in one sentence??? Wow!

Comment by proverbofhell

I was laughing my ass off all the way through that interview cause of all of his you knows.

Comment by Mary

he must be nervous or something lol
thanks for this

Comment by treasuresex

i counted surprisingly about 100 you knows from zacky. thanks to ctrl find. i have always noticed that he said it a lot but this time its just outa control. lol

Comment by justin

Lmao the “you know”s were adorable.
I also loved how he started just about every answer with “Oh, wow.”
Thank you for this. <3

Comment by SicLikeSarah

oh wow. you know, Zacky V is just so adorable, you know?

Comment by Court

I counted 57 you knows but i lost count half way through lmao ya got to love zacky v

Comment by Pinkdeathbat

he said “you know” EXACTLY 101 times, and he said Oh, wow, about 7 times XD
what an awesome guy that Zacky V is

Comment by TIff

Great interview! I had to laugh at all the You know’s and the couple of oh wow’s that were in there. lol.

Comment by JV ;)

Oh wow. He answered like 16 questions and said “you know” 104 times. That’s a lot. Maybe he was reeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy nervous. Kinda funny though.

Comment by Sally

103 times, paha, ZChubb is a straight up M-E-double-S

Comment by Amanda Sevenfold

I loved the interview. I love all the ‘you knows’ and all the ‘oh wows’ Hahahaha. He really is adorable! But now I’m starting to wonder if maybe it wasn’t a nervous thing, if maybe it was kinda that they’d watched Super Troopers before the interview and all teased eachother about their most used phrases and he decided to play a little joke….?

Just a theory….

Thanks for the interview. <3

Comment by Sahsha

Oh yeah… I can’t wait to see them meow!

Hehehehe. >_>

Comment by Sahsha

wow,either he was nervous or he loves the statement “you know” lol.i counted 99 times he said you know lol.i think that was a great interview,i wish i could interview him,i have so many questions i want to ask him.u just gotta love Zacky V,you know? =]

Comment by Kira

I think he as sleepy, hasn’t anyone notice that he always says “you know” alot when he’s tired. To tell you the truth I stopped noticing them after the second question, my brain just skipped them over.

Comment by Linda

i counted 97 but my brain really started to hurt so i may have skipped a few lmfao

Comment by Taylor W


Comment by CoCkTaIl

daang lawlz! that was mad entertaining. it seemed like one of the kids was messing with him when he said ‘you know’ twice in his question.

good times :]

Comment by emily fuse

i got 104 you knows

Comment by brandon

wow. im, you know, really bored so i, you know, just, you know, counted the, you know, times Zacky, you know, said “you know”, you know?
he fucking, you know, said it, you know, 93 times throughout the, you know, interview.. wow. ha, you know, ha.

Comment by Jessy

i counted 105. but that number might be off slightly. its for sure over a hundred “you know”s. and that…is sick, in an adorable, endearing sort of Zacky Vee way.

Comment by junior

I definitely counted over one-hundred. (:

Comment by Katie

it’s definitely 105

Comment by Anonymous

i counted 99 “you know” and 7 “oh wow”

ppl get 105 and 104 because of the questioners, but its only 99 from Zacky’s.


Comment by andrea

I counted 81, but there is probably way more.
and “oh wow” 7 times..

Comment by lupe gates

Aw, Zacky is such a sweetheart lol I love friend read this with me and she said I sound like him when I talk. And Im like “what are you talking about?” and apparently i say “you know” ALL the time. lmao i dont even realize it…at least im not the only one :P

Comment by lilmizvengeance

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