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Avenged Sevenfold Play “Dear God” Live.
November 17, 2008, 3:37 pm
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I would like to let you guys know that a few days back I updated the Fall Tour Set-List post since I got news in that Avenged Sevenfold had started playing “Dear God” in place of “Seize The Day.” I’m not sure whether or not they’re switching things up every few shows or completely replacing “Seize The Day” since it is very rare the band changes their set-list. I’m guessing at this point it’s just luck of the draw! Check out this video of the “Dear God” solo that Drew sent in:

Check out the FULL song being performed below. Thanks to Luy for sending it in:


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yeah, they did dear god at the milwaukee show (my show) too.

Comment by junior

is this video from the mke show? cuz thats what johnny was wearing…unless he wore the same thing a few days in a row. lol

Comment by junior

i hope they didnt replace seize the day

Comment by John

cool.. but i hope this isn’t a main part of their set.. they need to touch up on their older albums more. add more Waking the Fallen and City of Evil

Comment by Tommy

Umm, isn’t it illeagal to tape the performances, and seeing how you guys think your’e sooo tight with the band, that’s just a bit confusing why you would put this up, against their wishes???? Maybe someone should let them know hmmmm.

MOD NOTE: We are not “tight with the band,” we do not know the band personally. If World Audience or Warner Brothers asks us to take the video down then of course we would, until then enjoy :)

Comment by ellie

ummm….i think maybe they should just let people listen to this one on the album…shads’ performance of it doesn’t….translate well live

Comment by Anonymous

they shouldnt have this kind of video up. If these girls really supported the band, they wouldn’t support people who bootleg, period

MOD NOTE: Its a user submitted video. WBR are aware of the video and if they ask us to take it down we will comply.

Comment by megan

Great song on the album, but this didn’t really work live…it seemed shadows wasn’t really “feeling it” for this song…

All you guys need to chill deathbatnews can put up whatever videos they want

Comment by Jawn

you guys do know that avenged sevenfold doesnt care if you tape or take pictures of them live. as long as you dont sell it. in fact they have a little game on their myspace that if someone takes a good picture of them live, they will use it as their default. and the people on didnt take these videos, they only received them, and posted them so that we could watch them. so stop being mean. >:/

Comment by junior

I’m disappointed Matt can’t sing that high live outside the studio. :/

He does the same on Bat Country right before the chorus, has Jimmy cover him on MIA and I Won’t See You Tonight, etc. ._.

Comment by Francis

well… Matt used to be able to sing high live before they took that break like a month ago and restarted touring… if you watch live summer videos he hits all the high notes, then they took a break, then if you watch the new tour vids like this one he can’t hit them due to vocal fatigue.. it’s really noticeable in the chorus to Afterlife

Comment by Tommy

Point taken…I hadn’t watched any live performances since then besides the new stuff from this tour. (I figured it would be the same.)

Comment by Francis

yep please just from now on put up the buttkissing responses, you guys have been formally reported to the fcc, enjoy…bootleggers do NOT support hard working bands.

MOD NOTE: We’re not sure if you can read or not but we didnt FILM the performance therefore we did not “bootleg” anything, we simply posted a video someone had taken at the concert. Are you familiar with and the hundreds of thousands of live videos from concerts there are uploaded to it? Warner Brothers Records were aware of the recording and did not ask us to take it down. If anything illegal were going on they would have quickly asked us to.

Comment by sade

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