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Baltimore MD Video Update Pt 2: Second Half Of M Shadows Speech & Singing Happy Birthday Zacky V.
December 11, 2008, 4:20 pm
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Here’s the second half (first half is here) of M Shadows explaining his hospital visit in Baltimore, MD though this is more him joking around with the crowd and getting everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Zacky Vengeance.

Singing “Happy Birthday:”


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I WAS THERE! i felt soo bad for matt =[
but singing happy birthday to zacky was soo fun!
and meeting the boys was the bestest <333
i’m soo glad you posted these videos!

Comment by MadyVengeance

I was at both shows and they were both awesome. Despite having to wait forever and a day for the Dec 9th show to get started, it was well worth the wait!!

Comment by Wendy

you should note that the 1st one is from the 9th but the 2nd is from the 10th. (see zacky’s change of shirts -VU on the 9th, Eazy E on the 10th)

Comment by Court

or matt’s shirt change really…sorry zv obsessed…

Comment by Court

Aww, that is so sweet.
Haha i love it.

Comment by AmandaFren

haha, thats awesome. i Love Zacky! happy birthday.!=]

Comment by Jessie

“and if i die…” im gunna punch him in the face!!
not really.
A. im way to short to punch him in the face.
B. that would counter act my whole “matt should try and be more healthy” theme i got…

and the singing happy birthday was nice. :)
so really im just gunna sit here and complain that he should GET SOME REST. and stop making sad jokes about dying lol.

Comment by junior

hahaha they play beast and the harlot at the end of both videos. LOL its like the SAME ENDING lol

Comment by junior

it’s pretty cool the way ZV is jst there swingin his bottle of booze ! and at the end he ends up with 2 bottles …..:D LOL

Comment by MonXD

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