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Synyster Gates Announces M Shadows Fell Ill In Baltimore, MD.
December 11, 2008, 5:26 am
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Things got crazy on the 9th when I announced that Synyster Gates had just gotten off of the stage at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD and said that Matt had fallen incredibly ill and was on his way to the venue from the hospital. Here’s the video of the announcement from Gates before Matt made it back and let everyone in on what exactly had happened. I appreciate that you guys stuck through the fast-paced and long night while I updated everyone on what exactly was going on. You can watch a video of Matt explaining what happened here.



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haha “i love you too” “you’re sexy!” awesome…he is amazing!

Comment by Lauren

see, that was soo good of him to come out, quiet the crowd, and tell them exactly whats going on. im still mad at matty for going ahead and playing the show even though the doctors told him not too, but thats just sevenfold; they love the fans that much <3

Comment by junior

syn is the best. only he would come out and call people sexy. i still feel bad for the people who had to wait on the 9th though, my show was so amazingly epic (and on time) that i almost feel guilty. almost. and matt probably shouldn’t have played but i think 1. they don’t wanna have to come back to baltimore to reschedule the SAME show for a 3rd time in feb/march and 2. if the crowd on the 9th was anything like the one on the 10th, there would have been a crazy riot forsure. those boys are just too dedicated for their own good.

Comment by Court

he’s a great mc… haha. i would’ve waited all night to see them if i had to.

Comment by CHIEMY

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