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Details Posted On Avenged Sevenfold’s Canceled Fort Wayne, IN Performance. Will Play St. Louis, MO.
February 17, 2009, 5:01 am
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I reported last night that Avenged Sevenfold had canceled their performance in Fort Wayne, IN due to M. Shadows falling ill. Now, Avenged Sevenfold have posted a new blog letting fans know that M. Shadows had a horrible case of food poisoning and had been hospitalized. They’ll be playing tonight’s show in St. Louis, MO and Matt is also due to post his own message to the fans at some point.

As many of you know, M. Shadows came down with a vicious case of food poisoning in Ft Wayne which required him to be hospitalized tonight. The band feels terrible they were unable to play, as they had really been looking forward to seeing their fans in Ft. Wayne. M. Shadows will post a personal note to the Ft Wayne fans soon. What we can tell you is that it took 3 IV bags before he could leave the hospital.

But we wanted to let everyone know at the earliest possible time that he is out of the hospital and the band is now on its way to St. Louis and will play the show at Family Arena as scheduled tomorrow night February 17.

More to follow but we wanted to get you the news asap.


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Glad to see it wasn’t a problem with his voice again. I’m going to see them in Cleveland, OH on Friday so I was really afraid that it would get canceled.

Comment by Zonte

Bloody hell, that’s a really shitty thing to be stuck with. I hope he’s feeling better!

Comment by Vanessa

I was so dissappointed when they didn’t play. I’ve never seen them before, and they’ve never come to Fort Wayne. Hell, no one comes to Fort Wayne, unless it’s to Pierre’s, and then us minors are screwed. I had a perfect seat too and was so excited, so them not playing was devastating.

I didn’t know it was so serious though. :x Poor Matt, I hope he’s feeling better, and that they make it back here sometime.

Comment by Sarah

Wouldnt it be nice for them to perform for those of us who had a ticket?? I really wanted to see them! Should reschedule something for us!!!

Comment by Heather

Aww Matt!! I had food poisoning the day before graduation and to anyone who hasn’t had it, it fuckin sucks like none other. And 3 IV bags?! Holy moly dude’s been through the gamut lately that’s for sure, putting that health insurance to good use. I really hope he’s feeling alright tonight. Both for himself and the fans who I know are anxious to see them.

Comment by Court

awh, Mattys such a sweetie. im sure hes feeling better now…ive had food poisoning; it sucks…poor bb.

Comment by junior

awwwwhhh …3 IVs…thats pretty crap sounding…hope he’s like super better now though …i thought first it was his voice again :(
loves you Shads <3

Comment by mon

Aw, Shads! D: Glad he’s feeling better. </3

Comment by Nicole

Poor Matt!!!
That sucks so bad…
I’m sorry for all the fans too, but knowing the guys, I’m sure they’ll try to make it up to them! =)

Comment by JV

poor matt. he keeps getting sick :(

Comment by Mary

Rather food poisoning than anything else!! I was in the hospital for a burst appedix just yesterday and let me tell you, IV’s aren’t all that bad. They’re usually for draining. He’ll be okay, but definitly the best wishes are sent for him!

Comment by Ashley

poor matt

get well soon :)

Comment by hannah a

he didnt have food poisoning accodring to the newspapers he took some bad heroin before the show and had to go to the hospital. and i paid for my ticket that day 2 see a7x. son of a bitch just had to o.d. on bad heroin. meh oh well i wont bitch i got my money back

Comment by fatty

Please email DEATHBATNEWS@GMAIL.COM as soon as possible.

Comment by deathbatnews

Leave it to Indiana to give Shads a bad case of food poisoning.

I live here in indy and I have 20 years worth of bad memories of this hell hole.

Comment by Brittney

[…] 18, 2009, 3:56 pm Filed under: Avenged Sevenfold, News Hey guys, this is really important. In this post a commenter reported that a, what we’re guessing to be a Fort Wayne newspaper, had run on a […]

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For starters, to fatty, Matt is far from a son of a bitch. And it’s funny, I did research for hours, and it wasn’t posted in any news paper, so why don’t you back your fucking facts before posting them. It wasn’t heroin you idiot it was food poisoning. If you don’t know the truth don’t post shit. You better hope Matt doesn’t see this and get your isp address and sue your dumb ass for slander. I was lucky to be front row at the St. Louis show. Matt looked great and they did an awesome job!!!

Comment by pissed off

so srry 2hear about that glad he is ok i hope they come back around realy want 2c them agian i was lucky enough 2c them 4the nightmare after christmas concert but i realy want 2show them how indiana can get down lol plllzz come back 2fort wayne i would b so happy (= im realy srry about the rev he will b missed <3 u guyz u give me a reason 2listen 2rock music and go 2concert u r my rock god's pllzzz dnt stop what ur doing and agian plllzz come back to fort wayne (= <3 u

Comment by Karla

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