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What Happens In Vegas With Avenged Sevenfold Stays In Las Vegas.
March 2, 2009, 4:08 pm
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Has the announcement been cracked? Avenged Sevenfold are heading back to Las Vegas! On April 18th the band will be hitting Sin City playing at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Tickets go on sale this Saturday and you’ll be able to get them here.

UPDATE: It seems like this WAS the big announcement! Atreyu will also be playing this show.


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not much of a great anouncement for everyone else lmao.

Comment by Anonymous

If only I was going to Las Vegas a month earlier!
That really pisses me off, because I really love A7x and I really want to see them as much as possible!


Comment by Shelby

OhMyGosh! If I was going a month earlier I could so see them again =[
That makes me furious!
I want to see A7x as much as possible!


Comment by Shelby

This better not be the announcement, that would be overhyped and stupid.

Comment by Frankie C

thats all?…las vegas……okey then ..=/

Comment by mon

i hope thats not the announcement…lol..

Comment by CjD

Is that the announcement?

Comment by Aimee

i doubt that this is gunna be the BIG news

Comment by jonny vengeance

yea this is a great special announcement for those around the vegas area but not so much the rest of us

Comment by Brandon


Comment by Zack

boooooooooooooooooo lol

Comment by junior

haha hell yeah, im getting my tickets saturday.

Comment by BryanCortez

Finally! :))

Comment by Dannii. :P

Can’t be the announcement or it would have said special announcement for Vegas fans, like they did with the SoCal fans. Right?

Comment by Kristen

i cant wait.
i love vegas!

Comment by Courtney Jay

So doesn’t help me. I hope this isnt the special announcement and I’ve been staying here all day with a headache for nothing.

Comment by Synie Havok

i hope it will be something much important than a date.

Comment by Helly

wow.. i thought it would say we are making up for the show we missed in fort wayne… news? not hardly.

Comment by m g

DBN never said this was the actual announcement.
I think everyone needs to relax (myself included) until A7X posts the ‘special news’!

(Not a diss to DBN I think you are awesome!)

Comment by Kristen

here here.

lets chill on it till the boys themselfs say something.

Comment by junior

Aww hell they just announced it is Vegas. LOL!!!

Comment by Kristen

Ah! This wouldn’t be much of a big announcement! I hope it’s not! I was also hoping it’d be something to make up for the Fort Wayne fans. :3

Comment by Sarah

A7X posted a Facebook Update saying this was the announcement.


Comment by Frankie C

damn man. first la, then sd, now lv? too bad i love spending money on these boys.

Comment by Death Winged

Fucking awesome, A7X and Atreyu.

Comment by Francis

seriously, its too bad i cant make it to that show. a7x is falling slowly in my eyes. if they want to stay number one for me, they have to do one of two things:
1) stop touring and write the damn album.
2) come to denver and play a better set list than they have been, then go write the damn album.

Comment by Drew

Okay, so maybe I CAN make it to the show :D me and a couple buds are road tripping it out there. couldnt pass up a7x AND atreyu.

Comment by Drew

i agree with you all!

Comment by Tara

they should’a said las vegas fans on the bulletin, then we wouldn’t have been disappointed, haha. ):

Comment by Megyster

I’m going to Vegas, Los Angeles AND San Diego. But a month later!! Wish I’d known a few weeks ago. Already booked hols, plane tickets and hotels & can’t change it – I’m gutted!!!:(

At least I’ve got Sonisphere tickets.

Comment by Rach

God dammit =(
ohhh well
there stil the most fukn awsome band around =D

Comment by charrr

GOD DAMMIT i was excited =(
Ohh well..
i stil love thm =]

Comment by charrr

:( disappointing…

Comment by Lenny

thats the best announcement ,cuz i get to ha ha ha

Comment by JOSH

[…] […]

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