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Listen To Avenged Sevenfold’s Cover Of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.”
March 5, 2009, 4:17 pm
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Head here to the Covered: A Revolution In Sound’s Myspace page and you can listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” What do you guys think?

Big thanks to Mon for sending the link in!


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Wow, great cover! Shads really did a good job!

Comment by Justin

You need to post a link on Twitter when you tweet your updates.

Comment by Lisa

Everything we post on Twitter can be found here at :)

Comment by deathbatnews

Nice vocals!!!

Comment by Kristen

Whoah!! Nice cover! : ] I love it!

Comment by Anonymous

the cover is AWESOME.
avenged did an amazing job

Comment by Amy

heard this earlier when it was first leaked.

its so epic they did an awesome job

Comment by Stephanie Cote

No parece avenged sevenfold … espero y eso no lo saquen en su proximo disco por que no esta muy bueno….. la voz de M.Shadow´s nisiquiera parece … poniendole mucha antencion si pero si no no

Comment by NeMuD

uh, huh?


Comment by junior

GREAT cover!!! Shads voice is so amazing! I don’t know how he does it, but even as a woman, I’m jealous. I actually think I like it better than the original…

Comment by Andrea

The original, it is not. It’s still a good cover, but no Ozzie.

Comment by ICee712

They can do no wrong.

Comment by Brittney

YAY MON :) xox

Comment by Marie V

It sounds really good and i think matt did a great job on the vocals :))

Comment by msevenx

This.Sounds.AWESOME!!!!!!love how shads sounds!!!!love it!!!!!

Comment by Rachel

It’s 12.45AM in the UK.
I’ve barely slept these past few nights.
Yet I still insist on listening to this before I go to bed.
Is this a sign of insanity or just extreme dedication to the cause?
Actually don’t answer that, I think the deathbat on my back has done that for me.

Not sure what I think of it yet but if it’s anything like the other songs of theirs I was unsure about, I’ll be listening to it excessively over the next few days.

Comment by Vanessa

you gotta get this one itunes so i can download it because i love it

Comment by Rachel

The cover is friken awesome!!! They did a great job! I can’t stop listening to it. =]

Comment by Sierra Embres

I absolutely hated this song until hearing this cover. Amazing job by the whole band, but especially Shadows…he really shows how flexible his vocals can become.

Comment by Zack

Damn!!! it’s sounds AWESWOME!!!!
first (Walk) then (Flash of the Blade) now (Paranoid)….whats the next song?

A7X kicks ass!!!

Comment by Sergio

Holy shit!
I love it!

Comment by AmandaFren

The cover is awesome. I love Shads voice on this one.

Comment by Buffie

The cover was pretty rockin’, except that syn fucking butchered the solo.

Comment by The Shade

not really….i think its nice..

Comment by Rachel

AMAZING….these guys can do anything!!!!

Comment by Anonymous




Comment by CjD

ps i like it. wish they would let us add it atleast>:/

Comment by CjD

I want A7X to cover ‘Tallica’s song…

Comment by Indo Boy

What was with the guitar solo? o_o

But besides that, great cover.

Comment by Francis

i like it. :D

Comment by junior

yesss, finally!
now that’s a pretty awesome cover ;D

Comment by Megyster

Great work Shadows!
Another awesome cover.
Just proves our boys can do no wrong :)

Comment by Jess Hahn

Shit, they nailed it!
Shads voice is PERFECT!
I was kinda wondering how he’d pull off replicating Ozzy but damn, he did it!

Comment by RachelVengeance

Damn, that is fucking awesome!! the vocals are wow! ha and the bass =0 wow!!!!!
Awesome work guys!!!!

Comment by Shell

you’re welcome …=D =D =D

fuckin amazing cover……..!!!!! nuff said …<3

Comment by mon

I’m not buying this song on Amazon because I prefer to buy music (of band’s I actually like and support) from them directly or off of iTunes, who won’t carry the album >_<

Can someone post a download?

Comment by Frankie C

Download the mp3 if you want it.

I would’ve bought the song but I won’t buy music from Amazon.

Comment by Frankie C

LOVE IT!!!!! :)

Comment by Kelly Vengeance

I think I died.

Comment by nicole

fucking nice one :D
Wish I could add it to my myspace..

Comment by HannarghlovesA7X

Loved the vocals, is it just me or is lately Matt’s voice getting stronger? The only thing though- wtf is up with the solo man? There’s none of the duet in it and it’s like he didn’t even do ANY of the original solo…oh well other than that it kicked some major ass haha

Comment by deathbat4life

Avenged Sevenfold always exceed everyone’s expectations with their covers. I honestly didn’t like this song before, but now I can’t stop listening. Love it!

Comment by ATM

Amazing vocals…hella confused about the guitar solo though. Still kicks ass..certainly better than FOtB.

Comment by Anonymous

I totally agree. Flash of the Blade was a big disappointment to me.

Comment by Drew

Amazing cover!!!

Comment by A7X Eternal Soldier

Dude, this is freakin amazing!
I love it!
I think it’s better than the original!
Freakin awesome!

Comment by Aly

I think they did a wicked job on the cover for sure!

Comment by LindsayLunacy

i like it

Comment by maxine

And I loved Walk
but Id kill to see them cover some Motley….

Comment by Tara

I adore Shads’ voice it’s so fucking amazing and he kicks ozzy’s ass even though i love ozzy too. They did an amazing vers. of paranoid as they did with walk too. A7x for life.

Comment by katie-peyton

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