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M Shadows Records Track With Slash.
March 18, 2009, 4:37 am
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Slash announced on Twitter that M. Shadows recorded a track with him that may appear on Slash’s solo album.

Submitted by Leo.

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I think I’ve just exploded in fangirlish glee.

Comment by Vanessa

That should be fucking awesome

Comment by Stephanie Cote

holy shit!!

I expect nothing less than epicness from this.

I was just thinkin the other day I’d love to hear Avenged do a GNR cover and than I read this!

Cant wait for the track to get released:D

Comment by seven

fuCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
Shadows and slash!
Only thing missing is the rev and syn!!!!!

Comment by Juan

wow that sounds so fuckin amazing …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Comment by mon

holy shit :D
thats pretty darn cool

Comment by Lenny

omg !!:D

Comment by jack sandrey


Comment by AmandaFren

Damn that’s to be pretty crazy for shadows seeing how much he likes GNR.

I’m a bit excited to hear this.

Comment by A7XEric

This might be the greatest thing ever. God damn.

Comment by Zack

Slash + M. Shadows = Crank that shit up!
I agree with Zack, God damn.

Comment by MargeraX

I can’t even put into words how effin stoked I was when I read this. Its going to be amazing!

Comment by JV

Slash + M. Shadows = Blow my fucking mind!!!
I’m gonna agree with Zack, God damn!

Comment by Margera X

haha thats great! =D

Comment by Leo


Comment by Rachel

Damn.when i read this,i think i just shit myself.

Comment by Indo Boy

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