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Johnny Christ & The Rev Interview With Asia Uncut In Singapore 2008.
March 31, 2009, 4:10 pm
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Though it’s old just yesterday Asia Uncut uploaded an interview they did with Johnny Christ and The Rev back when Avenged Sevenfold visted Singapore in 2008.

Big thanks to Tara for sending this in!

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Johnny did NOT look amused at the bollywood stuff

Comment by seven

Holy crap! this is so awesome! I like how The Rev and Johnny Christ get interviewed because usually it’s Syn, Zacky, or Shads. This was really great!!!

Comment by Hannah Christ

Johnny shoukd have tryed some bollywood moves that would have been funny!but nice interview!

Comment by Rachel

this has nothing to do with the interview but i just got the Paranoid cover!!!!!!off itunes!!!!
sooo happy!

Comment by Rachel

I love that Rev and Johnny are actually more eloquent than the other guys (barring expletives of course) when they get a chance to explain things. :)

Comment by Jenn

They’re rad.
Hahah Bollywood ftw.

Comment by AmandaFren

I was watching this on tv the other day and couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.The look on Johnny’s face was priceless.And i bet if Syn was made to do the bollywood dance,he would have done it.Haha!

Comment by Sham

I love how the Rev talks.
And yea, I agree with Sham – Syn would have done it.
And I’d bet Zacky’d have been up for it too. ;D

Comment by Nurul.


Comment by junior

…his laugh is the cutest sound EVERRRRR haha sorry. i love how uncomfortable he looked when they were doing the bollywood dancing lol

Comment by junior

erk! i was in the crowd and i miss them performing in singapore! but anyhoo, they’re fhilarious!:D

Comment by zackyah v

hahahaha I Lol’d. Nice to see Jimmy and Johnny being interviewed for once =]

Comment by mon

haha i got interviewed by that tv show that night.. and i asked if they had backstage passes haha

Comment by casssiiee

oh and i just found me at.. 0:49
i was the one wearing the slayer shirt

Comment by casssiiee

oh man! hahaha damn i miss jimmy

Comment by aj

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