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Slash Confirms He’ll Be Appearing On Stage With Avenged Sevenfold In Los Angeles.
April 14, 2009, 1:17 am
Filed under: Live, Misc. Bands

Here you have it! Slash just confirmed our rumor via his Twitter page!

SlashHudson: I’m jamming with Avenged Sevenfold on Thurs the 16 at the Nokia.


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Damn, how amazing would it to be there to see that in person…
I hope that someone gets some awesome footage of it and shares it with the world!

Comment by JV

omg thats amazing…i will be taking pictures of this!!!

Comment by Miss V

Anybody who goes please take video by any means necessary!

Even cell vid!

God damn! This is awesome >:D

Comment by Seven

why do i have to live in england!!! i wanna go!!! anyone who is going please get some awesome pics and videos!! =D

Comment by Shell

yes…anyone who’s goin to the show …please..please….do take as many vids and pics as you possibly can !!! =]

Comment by mon

I agree. I better be able to YouTube this on Friday!

Comment by Jenn

you mother fuckers better get video :D


Comment by junior

hell yeah! im gonna be there in person to see it!

Comment by Anonymous

niice. i’ll try and get vid of it. does anyone know who’s opening up for them?

Comment by Death Winged

I will be in the orchestra seating so I don’t know how well it will turn out, but I’ll try.

Comment by Kristen

please, please, please try!

Any and all video must be collected and archived!

as long as ur cam pics up audio, its just fine that ur in the orchesta seating:D

Comment by seven

Too bad Slash sucks

Comment by Anonymous

sez the ‘anonymous’ person, lol :)

Comment by Kristen

Never made an account don’t feel like taking the time to. How does that matter anyway…

Comment by Anonymous

AWESOME!!slash is cool!pic and vids people!

Comment by Rachel

Slash Sucks!…this better?

Comment by Ethan

Um, it was a joke. Hence the smiley face. Didn’t mean to get you all worked up.

Comment by Kristen

But seriously if you I offended you my apologies. Peace.

Comment by Kristen

It’s cool. Sorry for bein a dick, I’m havin a shitty day.

Comment by Ethan

dbn readers are human too :P

Comment by seven

We’ve all been there my friend, hope it gets better for you :)

Comment by Kristen

please please please please please get videos and pics i wanna be there i love slash and syn and to see them both on the same stage would be awesome i hate everyone whos going to be there (not really but still)

Comment by pinkdeathbat

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