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Avenged Sevenfold Joins Gumball 3000.
April 16, 2009, 2:37 pm
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Metal Hammer spoke to the Fuel Girls recently about their upcoming journey on the Gumball Rally. For those who aren’t sure what the Gumball Rally is, we’re talking about a 5 to 7 day rally that covers around 3000 miles with around 120 badass custom cars taking part. This year the Gumball Rally is a ‘coast to coast’ road trip adventure from Los Angeles to Miami from May 2nd to 8th, hitting up Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Dallas, New Orleans and Miami on the way. Avenged Sevenfold will be sharing the Fuel Girls’ hand-painted 1960 Cadillac SeVille and high-lifted H2 SUT Hummer!

Ok and who are your passengers?

Lora: “We are doing the first leg with Lemmy! He is a true rock star and a good friend. Lemmy suggested doing it in a tour bus ha ha! It’s the Gumball Rally – he can’t have all his home comforts!!”

Helen: “We are also taking Avenged Sevenfold except they are doing the whole Rally. We did plan to have a rock star car, so we chose Avenged for a few reasons… there aren’t that many bands around these days thats are really that rock and roll anymore and Avenged have definitely got that going on! They know how to party and they are going to be as much of a handful as us on the Rally!”

Avenged are known for being pretty wild when it comes to partying do you think this could be a recipe for disaster when mixed with the fuel girls antics?

Helen: “I see trouble in our future, hahahaha! We always have a rough time whenever we are in the states and have been thrown out of our own gigs. You cant spill a fucking drink with out someone telling you to calm down so I’m placing bets on the parties getting pretty out of control!”

Lora: “Oh, 100%. Last time the Fuel Girls were in Vegas, we got thrown out of Carey Harts club, ‘Wasted Space’. The following night we go thrown out of our own party in LA by the police and it just seemed to keep happening! Oops! We are a bit wild to be honest and when we meet like-minded people it does seem to end with a huge drama!”

Sounds like it’s going to be a wild few days! Thanks to our friend Mon for emailing this in and you can read the rest of the article here or read more about Gumball 3000 here.


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it’s gonna be sick ..!!!!

and you’re welcome DBN ….=] =] =]

Comment by mon

I hope the guys are bringing their significant others on this. Otherwise…things could get a bit sticky…

Comment by Anonymous

haha LOLZ…that’s a actually a good point there ….^_^

Comment by mon

haha yeah, those “Fuel Girls” seem like quite the wild bunch if you get what I’m sayin… ;)

Comment by Anonymous

Crap, i keep doing that. “Anonymous” = me. haha

Comment by Court

That would be like bringing sand to the beach.

Comment by Anonymous


Let’s hope the guys bring their girls or things will get REAL messy!!!

Comment by Robyn

*lol* Or it will be entertainment as they try to get fucked. Talk about trust…

Comment by Jenn

I read about the founder of the Gumball 3000 in a magazine called Heavy Hitters. It sounds awesome and its so cool that A7X get to be a part of hit. (P.S. the founder has an AWESOME Ferrari customized for the Gumball 3000)

Comment by Brandon

If i were the girlfriends/wifes, I’d demand to come along with them haha. Not because of what the boys might do but because of what those chicks might to do XD Ha they look like the type of girls that would do something even knowing they had girlfriends or wives

Comment by AAA



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