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M Shadows Performs “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” With Steel Panther.
April 19, 2009, 8:42 pm
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I’m really stoked that I get to bring you this Deathbat News exclusive of M. Shadows performing “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” with Steel Panther at their after-party in Las Vegas.


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that was so cool lol!! i love Matt he’s awesome! he seems like such a nice guy too. i wish i was 21 AND in vegas i would have totally tried to talk to him. I’m super jealous of anyone who has met him..

Comment by K545

I met Matt and Val after the L.A. show! They were both real cool. I talked to Matt for a couple minutes, and he signed my A7X self titled CD. He blew out his knee 3 weeks ago on tour and he’s been playing through it.(wow) He wiggled his kneecap around and showed me. lol

Comment by Chris

AHHH so not fair. haha thats funny though

Comment by K545

priceless!! =D

Comment by Miss V

God, one of the best opening riffs ever written and played. And fuck he did the song justice (totally wasn’t expecting him to get the higher notes toward the end either which was fucking amazing) ! Well done, Shadows!

Comment by Jenn

Ahh that’s what I needed to cheer up – thanks guys!

Comment by Kristen

ohh that made my day. loved it! XD

Comment by Meghan7x

awesome vid:D
i wish i was in vegas n 21 yearz old:P

Comment by sophia

it awesome vids !!!

i like it

Comment by FEAT

He really needs to do more GNR covers. I nearly wet my panties listening to this

Comment by Anonymous

have i mentioned how much i love you?! cuz i do. i love you dbn. lmao <3

Comment by junior

Oh my god I was there at the show in L.A. and in Vegas, oh and the after party! It was THE place to be in Vegas. It was amazing! Steel Panther rocked! And Shads kicked ass, as always.

Comment by Deathbatgirl23

I loved it. Shads was awesome. He kicks major ass singing GNR.

Comment by Buffie

Holy shit! I wish I’d been there. Damn being British. :(

Comment by Vanessa

Shadz is awesome, I loved it. Sweet child o’ mine is like one of the best songs ever.

Comment by Sarah Gates

If anyone ever doubted his singing capabilities, they can watch this video, then proceed to never talk again.

Comment by Zack

damn that was fucking awesome!!
made my day 10 times better! =)

Comment by Shell

OMG..that was like the best…I loved it, Matt was so good, and the song was the best I had ever heard(expect for the original, but it gave it a run for it money)..Looks like everyone had wish I could have been there

Comment by Kristal Plague

that was awesome!!!

Comment by jv

that was awesome! wish i was there! i <3 matt!!

Comment by jv

would have been better if the vocals were louder.

Comment by jess.

that is fucking awesome. matt is one amazing guy. good shit. i wish i had gone to that show. ugh.

Comment by Death Winged

i think i just cried from that happiness. Shads is unbeliveable =] =] =]
thank you thank you thank you x 6661 DBN for making this first day back at school after 2 weeks of hols so much fuckin better !!!

Comment by mon

Can someone get an MP3 of this? Just take the audio from the video?

Comment by Frankie C

He did a really great job on this cover!
I wish I was there. =[

Comment by lindsaylunacy

They claim Matt is gonna be on their record?

Comment by Joey Joe stole this from you, I thought it was a little fucked up since didn’t one of you actually go?

Comment by badsf

Yes, one of us was there. However, they credited.

Comment by deathbatnews

A7Xfans did not steal it, they gave full credit. read next time.

Comment by Anonymous

AMAZING..shads is awesome!!!!i saw them at the SD concert loved it!!

Comment by Rachel


Comment by kokomania

WOW. Just wow… great song great choice and good voice… :D

Comment by Trouble

Awesome video! But not as cool as Slash joining A7X in L.A. for “It’s so easy”. Man I’ll never forget that night, best concert ever!!!!!!!!!
Plus I met Matt and Val after the show!!!

Comment by Chris

awesome video…but i found one that you can hear matt a little better in :)

Comment by luy

Its the same video :)

Comment by deathbatnews

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