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Avenged Sevenfold Finish Their Tour Out With The #16 Spot On North American Tour List.
April 23, 2009, 2:56 pm
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I’ve been trying my best to keep up with the list and since Avenged Sevenfold are finally finished with their tour I figured I’d post the figures. According to The Canadian Press the band finished out their tour at #16 on the Top North American Tour list. A big congratulations goes out to them as they were up against huge acts and still held their own.

16. (16) Avenged Sevenfold / Buckcherry; $186,182; $36.94.

The Top 5:

1. (1) Britney Spears; $2,287,230; $100.69.
2. (2) Elton John / Billy Joel; $2,185,634; $115.84.
3. (3) Celine Dion; $2,029,095;$108.17.
4. (4) Eagles; $1,691,056; $130.12.
5. (5) AC/DC; $1,409,211; $85.12.

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They’re in the top 20, I think the boys have done damn well!

Comment by Vanessa

That is honestly very impressive. It was a great tour, and I hope they’ll do even better next time.

Comment by Zack

What do youu mean underoath isn’t anywhere on that list at all??



Comment by seven

Hahaha! Yeah! Cool point. lol

Comment by Robert

HELLZ YEAH !!! Top twenty thats damn good. We love our boys.

Comment by Sarah Gates

$186 000 for every city they visit?

Could you imagine if you were Brittany Spears Making 2 million per city you visit??

If I made either one of these figures weekly (Even though they probably only see about 10% of it), I would be loving life.

Top 20 is a huge accomplishment, especially when you see who they are up agaist.

Comment by Anonymous

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