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Avenged Sevenfold To Appear On “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” Soundtrack.
May 28, 2009, 8:05 am
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According to and Avenged Sevenfold’s “Almost Easy” will appear on the “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” soundtrack.

To all of you lovely readers – Yes, “Almost Easy” was set to be on the FIRST Transformers Soundtrack but was not finished in time. You’ll also be able to pick up TROTF Soundtrack on June 23rd.

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that’s awesome !!! =D Wasnt it supossed to be on the first one….but they didnt record it in time ?? =P
Soooo goin to see it =D


Comment by mon

haha. It’s funny because as Zacky has said in the MVI was that Almost Easy was meant for Transformers, but it wasn’t done.

Comment by Tony

Thats freakin sweet, i bet its gonna be a great soundtrack, and almost easy is just gonna top it off!!

Comment by Michaela

Wasn’t this supposed to be on the original film as well but it wasn’t finished in time?

Comment by Vanessa

Funny how that works out. Wasn’t Almost Easy supposed to be on the first Transformers soundtrack? Then it transformed into not being on it…

Comment by Francis

Dude, that’s AWESOME. :D Now I’m even more excited about that movie! This is just gonna make it a million times better, hahah. <3

Lmaooo… "This song was GONNA be in Transformers, but then… it wasn't."
"It transformed."
"XD It transformed into NOT being in the movie."


Comment by Atrum

Yaay they finally got it on the soundtrack! Great song choice!

Comment by Kristen

I haver no real interest in the movie at all, but I’ll have to pick up the soundtrack just for that.

Comment by MotherWolf

yea wanst it suppose to be on the 1st on didnt….zacky said “its transfromed in to not being on it” but yea soo going to see it!

Comment by Rachel

Sweet! Just made that soundtrack about 1000 times better haha.

Comment by Court

aww yay! I can’t wait to watch it now XD

Comment by JojoGates

wow! this made my day, cant wait to watch the movie!!!! favorite movie and the best band!!! couldn’t ask for more!!

Comment by DA

the soundtrack is sick! theres a lot of great bands in it, definetly going to buy it!

Comment by Anonymous

Dude that is awesome Probably the best song on the Transformers Album.

Comment by Justin


definately :D

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome! I almost recently got into Transformers too. <3
I can't wait for the second movie! :D

… Yay Decepticons!

Comment by Ookami Synful

OMG now i cant wait to see it. its gonna rule!!!

Comment by Jelissa

pretty bad ass for them to be accepted for the second movie after they didn’t complete the song in time for the first one,idk if they felt sorry for them or think they have great music,well i believe they have great music
a7xFOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by a7xforlifeXxX

it wouldve made the movie way better if it was on it…

Comment by raul magdaleno

Yeah lol, it wasn’t even on the movie, me and my friend were totally disappointed… We were waiting for it the whole movie lol

Comment by Jonas

Sorry to break the news, but “Almost Easy” is NOT on the soundtrack (I’ve seen the movie twice already, and trust me, it’s not there). I even stayed to watch all of the credits to see if it was listed in the music, and it’s NOT. Believe me, that bummed me out, I was hoping the movie would do for “Almost Easy” what the first movie did for “What I’ve Done”. But it didn’t :-(

Comment by Stephanie

Oops, I just checked it out, and the song IS on the soundtrack… but it is NOT in the movie!!!

Comment by Stephanie

The song’s listed on the soundtrack tracklist, but so far, it doesn’t appear in the movie.
It sucks too, I was eagerly watching the movie not only because I’m a huge fan of Transformers, but also because I love Avenged Sevenfold. D:
So why isn’t the song not in the movie but on the soundtrack?

Comment by Ookami Synful

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