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Two Avenged Sevenfold Rock On The Range Reviews.
June 1, 2009, 9:28 pm
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Check out two small reviews of Avenged Sevenfold’s set at Rock On The Range below: had this to say:

Avenged Sevenfold could be an interesting band and I can see why they earned the slot just before the headliner, but I wish they’d just decide whether they want to be a thrashy metal band (ala Pantera) or a sleeze rock band (ala Buckcherry) because their music was somewhere in between. They certainly look the part of early ’90s Sunset Strip but the music was heavy, at one point Kirk and I were convinced that they were covering Pantera’s “Walk” (a song they’ve been known to cover live) though it turns out it was one of their originals.

While had this to say:

While waiting for my interview, Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D totally scoped the crowd for Avenged Sevenfold. Avenged Sevenfold went on about 15 minutes before my interview and it sounded like the world was falling apart – and I mean that in the best way possible. I’ve seen them before, so I knew they were good – but my Glam – A7X had everyone whipped up into a green tizzy. Seriously, the pit for Avenged was way more violent than it was for Slipknot. While waiting for my Motley interview, I was close enough to the emergency exit to watch as medics pulled bloody kids from the barrier. Those same kids ran around and got right back in!


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Comment by Seven

i like you. and this comment. lol

Comment by junior

Fuck yeah, our boys are kick ass. But to Bring Back Glam I dont see where any of a7x’s originals sound anything like Pantera, and about them not fitting into a genre, thats what a7x is all about. They can appeal to everyone. Thats why there fan base is as big and as loyal as it it. DEATHBAT PRIDE. ps. I dont think Buckcherry is a sleeze band, I like them.

Comment by Sarah

Hahaha, I’m running through songs in my head trying to find a song that sounds like Walk… especially one they would play live recently. Almost Easy comes closest, but the riffs are so completely different…

Comment by Jenn

they may have been talking about Critical Acclaim, that is the one that comes into my mind.

Comment by Sam

Maybe because of that hard rhythm guitar… huh. But they would have had to come in middle of the song to think that because the beginning is so vastly different… Granted, I can’t hear it either way since Walk has such a signature riff to it.

Comment by Jenn

Fuck the critics.

Comment by Anonymous

i like review, fuck yeah, the pit for Avenged was crazy.

Comment by DA

I meant done

Comment by Sarah

Fuck Yeah!!! Rock on the Range was sick. It was probably one of the best performances I have seen of the boys in the last 6 months. Chapter 4 kicked major ass. It was worth my 10 hour drive to see them!!!!!!!

Comment by Buffie

Haha. Make up their minds? A7X doesn’t fit in any genre, really. Wow. And yes, the crowd was crazy at ROTR. I got the living shit beat out of me,(seeing as how I’m 5’2″, it was bound to happen) but it was TOTALLY worth it. They were beyond amazing.

Comment by CaseyLeigh

I think that Avenged Sevenfold is the best band everrr.
They DONT need to choose between any genre.
They are their own genre.
Its like the PERFECT one too :)
They are amazing and Im sure it was crazy and that is so awesome.

Live for the BAT.
Die for the BAT.
Avenged Sevenfold forever!

<3 -Kathy Mason

Comment by Kathy Mason

hell fucking yeah the pit was better than slipknot
a7x greates badn ever future legends of rock/metal even though they there own genre

Comment by Anonymous

The second one was pretty funny :P

But the first one is just stupid. They arnt trying to be like Pantera or Buckcherry. They dont try to copy other bands.

Comment by Megan =D


Comment by Tara

Eternal Rest. Kinda sounds like Walk.

Comment by Justin

yeah it probably was their waking the fallen medley with chapter 4 and Eternal Rest that they play. i remember it from the vegas show at the hard rock recently. eternal rests rhythm guitar sounds somewhat walk-esque.

Comment by BryanCortez

I LOVE avenged and motley and when i saw a7x i freaked out because their the best/sexiest band there will ever be in this world butme and my bff met Matt berry and she called him jbdizz…no wonder why he looked at us weird lol

Comment by Mickie

Hell yeah! Avenged was awesome at ROTR. I didn’t have floor seats, but I was going pretty crazy in the stands. I think I was embarassing my brother, but screw that! It was well worth it!

Comment by Sarah

thats crazy the pit was “way more violent than it was for Slipknot” thtat awesome!!!haha
A7X 4 Life
DBN 4 Life!!!
love u guys!

Comment by RAchel

so… has the one reviewer ever actually heard Walk? cuz none of A7X’s songs sound close to it hahaha

Comment by Tom

1 critic is just plain stupid for even saying anything like that about a7x! Their completely original! They made their own genre. They don’t even come close to sounding like buck.
Fuck yea they have the baddest pits, it’s a7x what do u expect
: )
^v^ Rip Rev^v^

Comment by B.shad

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