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Avenged Sevenfold Grab Top Spots On The Kerrang! Rock 100!
June 28, 2009, 8:24 am
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You voted and I’ve got the results of the Kerrang! Rock 100 for you! Kerrang! counted down the 100 best rock videos ever made as voted by you guys and here’s where Avenged Sevenfold landed:

#11 Bat Country
#12 Seize The Day

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Hell yeah.

Comment by Zack

i love this this is sick.

Comment by Aimee

Bat country is awesome, but the hanger on that is Val ruined seize the day!!!

Comment by Meme

How? I thought she did a good job.

Comment by Zack

dont hate on val. and those videos deserve to be #1! :)

Comment by bridgett

Oh yeahhh! I had a feeling atleast one would be in the top #20 but not 2. That’s fucking great. :)

Comment by Sianny

FUCK YEAH. Love it. <3

Comment by Mary

That’s great!! congrat A7X!!.

Comment by Anonymous

fabulous !!! =]

Comment by mon

awesome =)

Comment by Amy

OMFG! That’s so bad ass that Bat Country and Seize The Day both made it in the top 20 out of 100 videos of all time for rock! Love both of those songs! Awesome job for A7X!

Comment by Erin

hell yeah, both awesome vids, totally deserve to be in the top 20

Comment by DA

Hey, N Shadows promised new album news about a month ago. WTF?

Comment by Joey Joe

Don’t be hatin!

Give the boys the time they need:p

Id rather wait another two years for an avenged album from the heart than a rush job.

Even if their inspiration only takes three more weeks, or two years, it’s the inspiration that counts!

From the heart:O

And hell yeah!

Both deserved the top twenty!

I respect Kerrang! And it’s readers, so for that crowd to judge avenged into the top twenty TWICE!!! Means alot

Comment by Seven

Val ruined Seize the Day? no she didnt,she was great in it,you just want some stripper like off Beast and the Harlot,the reason shes on Seize the Day,cause M.Shadows wouldnt have felt comfotable around any other woman

Comment by a7xforlifeXxX

@ Seven

I’m not hating, I’d just they rather not make empty promises. All Matt said is we’d hear some news. That could be as little as “we’re in the studio”. Instead we hear nothing.

Comment by Joey Joe


well they are buzy and working pretty much a full year on a cd so something good has to come out of it,till then listen to their old stuff,and i promise you their new cd will be far from their other stuff as usual >:)

P.S. They’ve been in the studio cause they’ve already mentioned that.

Comment by a7xforlifeXxX

yeah GREAT

Comment by reccarebellion

Hey, I know this is a little off topic but does anybody know what video was number one?

Thanks =]

Comment by Stallion.Duck


They only stopped touring about a month ago, I sincerely doubt they’ve been working on the album for a year already. And they’ve mentioned that they’re working on a new album, they haven’t said they’ve gone into the studio (which would imply the songs are all written and completed).

Comment by Joey Joe

@ joey

theyre going to work on the cd for a full year,not been working on one for a full year,and they said they’d go into the studio after the current tour,WHICH IS OVER

Comment by a7xforlifeXxX

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