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Happy Birthday Synyster Gates.
July 7, 2009, 7:57 am
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Wishing Synyster Gates a Happy 28th Birthday!

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happy birthday

Comment by gaba


Comment by DA

Happy bday gates!!!

Comment by Meme

Best wishes to Bri for today, hope he gets what he wants :]

Comment by ZombiePrincess

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Comment by Lisa

happy happy happy birthday to the one and onlyyyyyy!!

Comment by Robyn

Yay! A day after mine!
Love you XD

Comment by Alexis

=) To one of the most inspirational musicians out there X)

Comment by chelle

happy b-day synyster!!!!!!hope u have a good
b-day!!we love u!!

Comment by Rachel

happy bday Gates !!!!!!!!! legend <3

Comment by mon

Happy Birthday Syn!

Comment by claudia a

happy birthday gates!!!!! i hope you have a great day and keep rockin!!!

Comment by brandon porter

happy birthday syn :)

Comment by Amy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i can’t believe hes 28 now!!
hope he have good times and good year of his life

Comment by Grace

Happy birthday Syn! Still as hot as ever! :D!

Comment by Sarah

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY SYN!! :D Hope you have an amazing day!

Comment by Nina

Happy b-day Syn!! :D

Comment by Sofia

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope you get all the presents you want and deserve! You are the bomb!


Comment by Anonymous

HAPPY 26 BIRTHDAY!!..I think you are 26..?
Is that right??

Comment by Kathy Mason

28 years ago one of the most awesome and greatest guitarists was born.
Noone knew how his life will be. Noone knew that he will play with his best friends on a stage in front of thousands of people one day. Noone knew that he will rock the crowd with his unbelieveable solos one day. Noone knew that he will be such a ladys-man one day :D. Noone knew how happy he will make kids one day. Noone knew that he will be a model for young guitarist one day.
And noone knew how importaint he will be to his fans one day.
Thank God for sending us Brian Elwin Haner Jr.!

Comment by Ac7X

Happy Birthday Syn a true guitar ledgend.

Comment by Michael M

awesome, have a nice one bri [:

Comment by Megaaan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYN! I love you sooo much <3 :)

Comment by dee


Comment by Anthony7x

Happy Birthday Brian, proud to share the same birthday as you!!

Hope you are going to have as much fun as I am going to have!!

Comment by Leslie


Comment by Amani

Haha anybody else notice Syns bday is also ”bungie day”?
The creators of the Halo series have an obsession with the number 7 and in ”halo-fandom” this day is a HUGE event(07/07)

so happy bday to the greatest guitarist of our day from avenged SEVENfold, on the SEVENTH from Se7en:D

Comment by Seven

You win the birthday commenting. :)

Comment by Jenn

Happy Birthday!!

Comment by Coloradas Reid


Comment by Zacky M. Gates

Happy B-Day Synyster…Hope Everything Will Be Fine

Comment by SynGatesJr.

Happy Birthday SYN!!!

Comment by Tom

Happy Birthday Synyster Gates! May you have the best birthday ever!

Comment by PleasureForMySyn


Comment by Lenny

28? time flies.

Comment by sweet cheeks

Comment by Chelsea

this was truley amazing. i cried a little. i love this video and your words so much.

Comment by Karlee

Happy b’day Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we <3 ya, always!

Comment by ollya7x

SYN…happy birthday
I hope u always have many success for u in ur carrier
and this birthday
hope more best for u
whatever happen to u & whatever u did, whenever u are
I always support u

and this is special birthday to syn…..

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Comment by syara

Have a Beast Birthday SYN!!

Comment by Dane

Happy B-day 2 my and only guitar legend…
Synyster Gates…
Hope its the best B-day dis time…

Comment by Yuda

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