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NOFX’s Fat Mike Follows Up On Avenged Sevenfold, “You Guys Are Fucked.”
July 13, 2009, 4:39 am
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Remember the interview where NOFX’s Fat Mike called Avenged Sevenfold the “epitome of what’s wrong with rock and roll?” Well, he’s followed up on that statement.

The aforementioned controversy with Avenged Sevenfold started in an interview with Campus Circle where Mike said, “They support Bush. Support the Iraq War. Wouldn’t accept a drink ’cause they have to play the next day, but tell everyone they party. And play to a f—ing DAT tape.” Rather than get angry with Mike, the band was crestfallen. “Their road manager is a friend of ours and he just said ‘dude, my guys are ruined. They love NOFX. They even used to cover ‘Linoleum’ every night. And then you f—ing rant about what posers they are and how they’re ruining rock and roll. It’s just, you ruined those guys,'” Mike recalls to NoiseCreep, sounding somewhat remorseful. “I didn’t mean to ruin them. You know, when I found out they were playing to pre-recorded music, I was like ‘that’s over the top. You guys are fucked.'”

Though it may come off as harsh, Mike simply sees it as a reality check to keep them honest. “If you guys are going to talk the talk, walk the walk. And they don’t,” he says. “Guns N Roses were junkies and cokeheads and alcoholics and everyone bought into it because it was true. You can’t make that s— up.”

One thing is for sure, Mike knows a thing or two about calling it like he sees it. “I’m utterly honest,” he says. “Too honest. I can’t f—ing close my mouth, but I certainly don’t lie about my lifestyle.” We’re sure a few Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold fans would like to tell Mike how they honestly feel about him, too.

Thank you to Buffie for sending this in.

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Ah well… It’s been almost a decade since anyone cared what Fat Mike says anymore. Let it go dude, you’ve had your time.

Comment by Blebo

Okay, honestly, whatthehell.
Yeh, maybe he’s being ‘honest’ or whatever, but seriously? Is it his place to do any of that? No, it’s really not.
The fact is that Avenged Sevenfold are getting big, really big, and he obviously can’t face it that his own band – is good, don’t get me wrong – is losing to all the newer interest in music.
It kind of pisses me off that people can be like that to people who actually look up to them and such. Obviously the boys from Avenged Sevenfold are fans, or were, who knows about now… And it’s like they’re bringing down their own fans!
It’s all just ridiculous.

Comment by Preet

see people just dont understand Fat Mike doesnt care who he offends he calls it like he sees it. Which if you ask me deserves a lot of respect.

Comment by nick

NOFX sucks

Comment by Anonymous

i like this.

Comment by junior

Wow, I follow a7x very closely and practically worship them…and I never knew they covered Linoleum. Upon further investigation, I have discovered that the song is absolutely terrible. Nothing against a7x, but I really think they could have chosen a better song to cover, because from what I’ve seen NOFX is crap.

Comment by Zack

Says the guy with orange hair…whatever.

Comment by Ami

At least A7X can say that their last 3 albums were more progressive than the 20+ years of the NOFX back cataloge.
And I don’t even wanna know what he said about ‘Maiden, because that would just cause me to hit the roof. You can’t even touch ‘Maiden. Esspecially if your name is “fat mike.” So fuck ’em, and A7X should remember that.

Comment by Timm

Maiden are shite. Avenged are shite. so shut it ya baaaw

Comment by Ek

ROFL, NOFX are crap. Especially “The Decline”. They mixed 10 previous crap songs together to make a new long crap song.

Comment by opacid

Thats why this Douche Bag’s band is still headlining Warped Tour… He just jealous of the success and dedicated fans Avenged has… F*ck*ng moron keep to yourself and your music and stop worrying about what other bands are doing and concentrate on yours idiot.

Comment by Rudy

Fat Mike never has been able to keep his mouth shut, or even have some form of constructive critisisim. He just lashes out at any and everything, and it makes him look like a complete tool. I’m sure he obviously doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, but there will come a time when he says something about the wrong person/band and regret it, because not everyone is just going to take the shit he says.

Comment by lindsaylunacy

Haha Mike Haha xD
he want attention poor dude :D
just like Tim from Underoath

Comment by Steph

I honestly have to say that I’ve never heard of NOFX and have been a metal fan for 30 years listening to a large variety of music. I don’t go to Warped Tour – not my thing. It sounds like jealosy to me – ignore the jerk.

Comment by Tracey Roy

They play with a tape? You have got to be kidding. I had no idea. It’s sad that I agree. I used to be so in love with this band, but he’s right, they’ve got down the shithole.

Comment by lauri

I’ve been to a few of their concerts and have always listened for a tape. The only time the tape is playing is for things like Critical Acclaim’s intro, A Little Piece of Heaven, and other unplayable areas that would otherwise require heavy instrumental help that 5 people simply can’t pull off.

Comment by Zack

Yes they play a tape of the orchestra on songs, they sure can’t bring a full orchestra on tour with them. Now can they. While I respect your opinion, that is what everyone here has is an opinion. If you think they have gone to shit, why are you still looking at DBN to get the latest news on the band…just a thought.

Mike is so full of bullshit…. I am so sick of these half assed shity bands riding on the coat tails of Avenged’s fame. They think they are getting publicity for their shity bands. Excuse me both Underoath and NoFX are still playing Warped Tour and not big tours. How many years has it been since A7X played Warped. EXACTLY!!!!! Get over the damn jelousy already it is getting old…

Avenged Sevenfold is the best band out there and are loyal to their fans and to the bands that they admire and hold as their heros. Bottom line A7X brings it and are true to what they believe in and do not offer up digs on other bands to make themselves look better!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Buffie

totally agree with this,
although… they did actually play warped last year!

Comment by emzee

Yeah, they play with a tape. did you think they have a whole orchestra come out for a little piece of heaven? the guitars and vocals and drums aren’t taped, just the orchestral stuff…stuff that would be utterly impractical live otherwise.

Comment by Drew

Uh yea they sorta have to. Where do you think all of the orchestral sections are coming from live? It’s not like they turn down the volume on all of their equipment and just play the backing tape loud to trick people or anything. Would you really want to hear A Little Piece of Heaven without all of the bells and whistles in that song? Doubtful

Comment by A7XEric

Well, look at it this way. They obviously play the tape on any orchestral part that requires strings and horns they don’t have on stage. But you’ll notice that when they drop into the guitar duals there’s no rhythm guitar playing because they don’t tape the main instruments. You can hear the guys screw up a couple of parts every once in a while, either hitting the wrong harmonic or whatever. Rev also changes up some drum fills sometimes that are definitely live.

Comment by Jenn

im fucking tired of fat mike slandering avenged with this DAT tape bull shit. im sorry fat mike, avenged does REAL songs, not forty second snipits of a girl named nubbs, or a song about how it sucks to be a clam….REALLY? >_< god dammit his music sucks…anyways, theyre gunna need DAT tapes like these fine people above me said, for things like ORCHESTRAS that they cant reproduce lol. ive seen avenged play live plenty of times. those instruments are played by the musicians. theres no back up fucking tape for synyster gates when he plays circles around everyone on the guitar. i would LOVE to see fat mike do the guitar solo for Sidewinder, just play like fucking 4 lines off it plz fat mike, ill give you like a thousand dollars if you can do it and do it good ;D

Comment by junior

Just to play the devil a moment – NOFX is a hell of a lot of fun live.

But I will absolutely chip in to see Fat Mike play any Avenged guitar piece. Hell, I wonder if he could even do Unholy Confessions at tempo.

Comment by Jenn

he plays bass kids…

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah… NOFX can say what they want but the bottom-line is that Avenged Sevenfold are truely the most progressive and influential power in the music industry right now and they’ve proven it with numerous awards THANK YOU “Fat Mike”.

It’s really too bad that people can be like that, Avenged grew-up listening to Warped Tour legends like NOFX but nowadays it’s really every band for themselves.

(but whatever A7X still show the most respect)

A7X 4-Life!!!

Comment by Zacky M. Gates

“Avenged Sevenfold are truely the most progressive and influential power in the music industry right now and they’ve proven it with numerous awards”

The Jonas Brothers win awards too, does that make them good? No. And lolz @ the most influential/progressive part. I swear Avenged fans seem like they live in some small uneducated musical bubble.

Comment by A7XEric

Why would you even post a comment with “A7XEric” as a name if you’re gonna bash a7x fans. Wtf.

Anyways. Fat Mike deserves to get fucked real hard in the ass by a horse. I’m sorry, but if you’re not able to talk about other bands without ranting negative shit on them.. then shut up. And i’m not saying that because it’s a7x, but no band deserve to be treated like that. Does “respect” ring a bell to you ? That’s just plain immaturity to me. Don’t like them? Fine, absolutely NO problem with that. But don’t go on and say they suck or whatever. I don’t know, that’s just not fair to me. Especially when the ones you’re bashing have been looking up to your band for years. You’ve just lost a lot of fans by saying this Mike, and your fan-base is basically decreasing because of you. Keep your thoughts to yourself man.

Comment by a7xaddict

A7XEric has been around since before you were even a fan of this band addict so shut up. the guy is right.

a7x fans live in a bubble the guys are good, but they arent THE BEST BAND EVA!!!!!


Nobody gives a shit Mike… give it up. We can all see the envy and frustration at your sucky music career, it’s a front and nothing more. Get over yourself.

Comment by Justin

We will always love and respect Avenged Sevenfold! Thats all that matters! They are the best by far as always!

Nofx is a joke band at best!!

Comment by Robert

Their music’s not even worth THAT title.

Comment by Arielle

he’s a douche ….nuff said

Comment by mon

omg mike :S … hahaha no words

Comment by Andrew v

And when was the last time you heard Metallica say they were influenced by NOFX?
Y’know what, fine, he doesn’t like them, he doesn’t have any respect for them, he doesn’t need to keep mouthing off about them.
To be honest, I’d forgotten what he’d said about them.

Comment by Vanessa

WOOOOOOW, Mike, your band’s a Warped Tour LEGEND. You’ve accomplished SO MUCH in your musical career it’s AMAZING!!!!

… cut. The. Crap. I’d never even fucking HEARD of your band until AVENGED SEVENFOLD MENTIONED YOU, and said how they LOVE(D) you. You’re just green with envy over their success, I can see it even from here; and you’re jealous that their career TOOK OFF and they made something of it.

I WAS going to go over and watch NOFX at Warped this year–only because one of my friends wants to–but FUCK that idea, and FUCK you, if that’s the way you’re going to be. I’m gonna go watch a band worth my attention.

Comment by Atrum

the reason you’ve never heard of NOFX is because they’ve never been on a major record label. that’s what he was talking about when he said they wouldn’t have a drink, most bands on labels are not ALLOWED to drink before a show. and as far as success…NOFX has been playing since 1983 and they’re still touring. let me know where A7X is in 25 years.

Comment by B.e. Thomas

“that’s what he was talking about when he said they wouldn’t have a drink, most bands on labels are not ALLOWED to drink before a show.”

LOL that couldnt be further from the truth. After working with many bands on major labels none have ever been given shit by their label for drinking before a show, including Avenged. They choose not to do it at this point to better their live show. More than I can say for NOFX.

Comment by lol

5 years down the road and just headlined download…

Comment by Anonymous

I found this post rather entertaining. I believe Avenged is really true to what there about. I mean they dont have to use a reality show on Fuse to get heard. Avenged loves there fans, NOFX just talks shit. Thats really all Fat Joe can do.

Comment by Anonymous

hmmm….there seems to be some irony in what the band that old says who still headlines the warped tour. Shows the influence Fat Mike has in music. Same with the guy from underoath. Your nothing, youve got nothin. Just jelous of the fan base a7x has. XD

Comment by Tara

It’s kind of hard to not play with a tape if you need the violins in everyones favorite afterlife or in alpoh….I don’t expect them to come out with a full orchestra…he is just pissed that so many people would rather listen to a backing tape from sevenfold then anything he has ever written

Comment by Vengeance 4 Life

I would freakin’ love to see them play with a full orchestra though, a’la S&M.

Sorry, random post.

Comment by Vanessa

Hey, I second this. That would be one hell of a show.

Comment by Jenn

I’ve heard the music from NOFX and well it sucks balls. It’s a bunch of noise with no substance or taste. Mike is just mad and jealous that A7X is gettin all the glory and his “aged” band has been left in a corner growing dust. Grow up dude and get use to playing warped tour for the rest of your life.

Comment by adri86


Comment by EL MAU

does he ever shut up?
just because a7x doesnt drink before a show doesnt mean they arent good musicians.
cuz they are GREAT musicians… thats why they dont drink before a show. to put on a great fucking show. maybe fat ass over there should take some notes from them.

Comment by niki

thats right. I mean it shows how they care for their fans, we dont have to worry about going to a show we paid for and see the guys stumbling, sick or too drunk/hungover to play. I respect them for that so IDK whats up Fat Mikes ass to bash that.

Comment by Tara

I have been an a7x fan since wtf, and I kind of agree with this guy. I love avenged music, but I think the image that the band creates for themselves are fake.

I have nothing against that though, i think the stage names, the “sex,drugs & rock and roll” and all of the other crap we know about avenged sevenfold put them on tv and sell a few albums for them.

YOu think guns and roses would have sold as many albums as they did if it was not for there image?

Its good marketing.

Comment by tls

What you don’t understand is that EVERY band’s image is premeditated and thought of. Can’t just have a bunch of dudes in t-shirts and short shorts go up there and play.

Comment by Justin

lol, that dude is crazy, whatev,he can say what he wanted to say, and we all know that we dont give a shit about it, and he supposed to know that too, we a7x fans will support them no matter what. just ignore this douche, we all know that

Comment by DA

Y’know, I saw A7X play drunk in August(Kerrang Week Of Rock) last year and they were absolutely astounding even then. Shit, Brian practically fell off the stage at the end yet nailed every solo.
Just thought I’d add that.

Comment by Vanessa

Ha. Is there a video of that? I would love to see that lol

Comment by AAA


That’d be amazing

Comment by Arielle

Who the fuck is Mike?
And why is he talking smack about A7X?

Comment by Sham


Comment by Arielle

so i said this way back when Fatshit Mike said something the first time and i will say it again.

NOFX has been on warped tour how many years now? they seem to can’t get off of that lame ass tour to actually get their career started.

I don’t think Avenged appears to be party-ers or druggies. I don’t get that image when when i look at them.

When I look at avenged, I see great musicians with passion for making great music.

When I look at NOFX I see shit. In a toilet.

Comment by geof

fat mike should ask himself, “would kids today wanna be like my band or be like avenged sevenfold?”

Comment by mike

This kid wants to be like a7x…just saying

Comment by Tara

Lol, Fat Mike won’t ever shut up.

However, I do think A7X overuse backing tracks, though.

On something like Critical Acclaim, Afterlife, ALPOH, The Wicked End, I Won’t See You Tonight, etc, I can understand, but when they use it even for very subtle backing such as Almost Easy, Beast and the Harlot, Scream, Seize the Day, etc, it seems like just overdoing it and sorta ruins the live element of it for me.

Comment by Francis

fuck nofx, you cant have that type of orchestra on stage all the time, so what the fuck you think they gonna do, have the crowd make the orchestra? dumb bitch thats what fat mike is! punk ass wants to dis a band when his own walks around with a dick in it’s ass! and even still if avenged used a tape for it all(which they don’t) it’s they’re music and know one else’s and they would still be the best fuckin band ever and fuck anyone who wants to say otherwise, i don’t give a shit about they’re image it’s all about the music not what they look like playin it, i’ve never met them so if they walk the walk or not i wouldn’t take a second look as long as they keep puttin out the music i love and listen to everyday! and all of ya’ll agreein with him well fuck yall as well, here we are just want to listen to are music and yall are tryin to pull the headphones off, back off us, where fans just like yall are for your own favorite bands, why you gonna go pull us down, all i see is a bunch a whiny lil hoes just wantin to bitch about somethin. we’ve all heard the sayin when you point a finger you got ten pointin right back. you’ve got an army of my people ready and willing to stand up for avenged sevenfold or maybe i’m just one, either way i’d take a bullet for that band just so i could hear them play a song for me while i’m dying, and you can best believe ther will be no tape playin(unless maybe the orchestra)bottem line is there’s too much goin on in this world for people to be worryin wether or not theres tape playin in the background or if they’re not what they say they are! so stop bitchin and enjoy the sounds of that so-called tape! Avenged Sevenfold, i hope to God that you don’t take what he said to heart cuz your music has gotten me through a lot and i don’t kno where i’d be without it, so keep your heads up and if you got kno one else you got me and i have alot of heart for ya’ll no matter what!! A7X soldier til they day i die, and best believe ima have your entire collection buried with me and your music playin throughout the funeral!! May now play in peace!!!

Comment by black jack



Comment by Zack

i totally agree with what you are saying, fat mike is a total shit head that needs to grow a pair and learn some respect for what i think is the best fucking band in the world today, A7X has got me through some really tough times in my life, and trust me, you wont be the only person pointin the finger at Fat Mike and standing up for Avenged Sevenfold, I will be there and so will thousands of fellow deathbats!

Comment by The Haner Empire

LOL! Best band in the world? They should really not allow you little douche bags online at the age of 14. Fucking dumb asses. They are a whiny crying pop rock gay band.

Comment by Art

and why in the fuck would NoFX ever use a orchestra? They are Punk Rock band. Your as retarded as Sarah Palins child.

Comment by Art


Comment by DA

Dude……..fuck you!!!!!

Comment by Black Jack

So they are bad musicians because they don’t do stupid shit that will permanently fuck up their lives? Give me a fucking break. They make fantastic music and are smarter about their health than 99% of the assholes in the music industry. If overdosing on coke and getting alcohol poisoning is what ‘rockstars’ think is appropriate, they need to grow the fuck up. I’d rather Avenged Sevenfold stay clean and continue making records rather than end up dead in a ditch. Get over yourself, Fat Mike.

Comment by Jules


Comment by Arielle

Is it really about music ?
Or is it about politic and lifestyle…?

As is companies, musicians can be jalous and say useless things, waste the time of their holefull life criticizing others

Let them say, we don’t care. But not necessary to write back about Mike, he did a lot for neo-punk we can’t deny it.

Comment by Ben from France

“If you guys are going to talk the talk, walk the walk. And they don’t,” he says. “Guns N Roses were junkies and cokeheads and alcoholics and everyone bought into it because it was true. You can’t make that s— up.”
A7x sucks. Guns N Roses 4ever

Comment by a7x

Nobody asked you.

Comment by Anonymous

what, in your opinion, a7x sucks because they’re not heroin and coke junkies????


Comment by Arielle

i assume a7x has to play to something on songs with orchestra and other stuff in the background but so what!? since when is that something that ruins a band. yeah, avenged is gonna get a full orchestra to play with them every night on tour. pull your head out of your ass fat mike

Comment by greg


Comment by Anonymous

1. Some of these comments are fuckin hilarious
2. Fat Mike’s opinion is still as irrelevant as it was when he made his first comment.

Comment by Court

Oh, how I love A7X fans. I don’t think I need to say anything. Everything’s been said. Haha.

Comment by Mary

honesty doesn’t mean running down other people, learn some respect, regardless of what you think, thats just wrong to say about a band who respects you, so seriously, get some class..

Comment by bunny

“They won’t accept a drink because they have a show to play the next day, but yet they claim they party.” (Something along those lines..)

Sure, usually “partying” involves drinking, especially for a7x. =P
But not everytime.
It IS possible to have a good time without alcohol, Fat Mike.
It’d probably do your heart good to find out.

Don’t be a dick just cause your band isn’t famous anymore.

Comment by Arielle

It literally would do his heart good to stay away from the alcohol for awhile. I thought his name was intended for irony (for example, Little John in Robin Hood was actually a complete fatass), but Fat Mike literally is a walking American Obesity poster.

Comment by Zack

You little kids make me laugh, you know nothing about music. Your a fucking douche bag and your gay band sucks big dick.

Comment by Art

I cant believe he said that about avenged sevenfold! even though i haven’t been to any of their concerts, from wat i’ve seen and heard on youtube they sure can kick ass. everyone knows that he is jealous bc a7x are succeeding more and faster then mikes band. at least everyone in avenged arent fatasses who talk shit about other bands.

Comment by Mari

that is so true

Comment by hayley

Well I’m a Muslim… so if they support the war and bush…. I’ve one word to say to them…. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! if they are just want to support their country it’s okay…. everyone has to protect their country right????? so… i think avenged is a anti Islam band…. so i’m really sad… i’ve been their fan since waking the fallen… SO SAD!!!!!!

Comment by hate bush

I dont think they are anti Islam and Im not too sure they were pro Bush either. (Most Americans arent) They are a patortic band, and other than putting references in the songs for art they havent mentioned too much about relgion either. Im a Wiccian and I love them still. :)

Comment by Tara

well… but why they make the song like critical acclaim…???

Comment by hate bush

why don’t you stop bein ass hurt and start enjoying the tunes… life’s a bitch, so what… stop cryin wittle babie

Comment by black jack

I don’t think it should really matter what other bands say about A7X, they have millions of fans that support them over the world and that’s the point. I have never listened to a piece of music by NOFX so i will not insult them but maybe if they focused on their own band they wouldn’t have to play the Warped Tour and would actually get to open for some of the biggest bands on the planet kinda like Avenged Sevenfold did with Metallica.

Comment by Jake

If you knew NoFX, you’d understand that there is no way in hell they would ever agree to open for Metallica or let Metallica even open for them. They don’t want to be on the radio or on MTV.

Comment by Art

Some people bring down others so they feel better about themselves which is what is happening in this situation.
Totally noy cool!!!
A7X rocks and always will!!!

Comment by Kim

Lol. Fat Mike.
Even his name is as commical as his ridiculous comments. Why can’t he get over it and shut the fuck up? I mean, obviously he doesn’t have to like or respect other bands, but you’d think you’d keep your mouth shut when you knew they were fans, because they are still part of their fan base. He’s ridiculous.

I’d like to see NOFX bring out an entire orcestra. Lolol. I’d like to see NOFX do anything as remotely talented as the solos and music that Avenged has managed to progress over the years.

As for Avenged not drinking before, during or after shows. LOL. Complete bullshit. After hanging out with them while they were in Australia, you’d know they drink. They had an A7X Mini-Bar at the back if the stage highlighted at every show, and they were all drinking. They’re awesome guys, and they were heaps of fun. Beer bottles full of Jack Daniels, 30% Orange Juice and 70% Vodka, lol you name it. They’re completely amazing guys and I respect them very much.

Loved Avenged since 2000 <3

Comment by KaitA7X

Fat Mike knows what he’s talking about. He didn’t like what the band was doing and he said it. He said an opinion, WOW! Everyone get offended! It doesn’t matter if you think that NoFX sucks, because if you are a huge a7x fan then you probably don’t care much for punk anyway, and they’re two completely different types of music. Obviously some people think a7x sucks. I’ve seen a7x, and it was okay. I don’t like generic music much though… and you say he’s just jealous? because he’s not as successful? that’s bullshit. maybe if NoFX plays on the radio then they’ll actually be successful!

Comment by mane clash

Ive been a fan of the guys since 2001 and no matter what happens or what they do im still going to be a fan….and nothing Fat Mike or anyone else says is going to change that. I dont see how the guys are lying about their lifestyle just because they wouldnt accept a drink before a show? that doesnt really mean anything!!

Comment by Crystal Star

wow nofx is cool but fat mike has always been an asshole.
he know nothing about avenged
avenged supports the troops not the war they do party but when it comes to putting live shows they dont want to fuck up so they dont drink
and unlike fat mike avenged is major sweet to their fans we all know they are they non stop tell us how much they love us and they show it too these guys are real fat mike is a prik and i love punk music and everything but i hate those type of uptight punks who dont know their shit and think that punk has a rule book when it dont

Comment by Lady DeathBat

Fucking wow ha PISS ON “NOFX”

Comment by T.J.

Avenged Sevenfold and NoFX are not even in the same genre. NoFX is punk rock at it’s finest. Fat Mike also hates Metal. NoFX is also a really successful band and Fat Mike owns his on record label. They are said to even be the most successful independent band ever. Live, they are amazing. So what, Fat Mike said your band sucked and that they are a bunch of pussies. Who cares? I’m not mad any of you said NoFX sucks, I prefer not to have a bunch of whiny crying fans participate at the shows I go to anyways. I like to mosh pit and jump on top of people, you guys like to stand and hold your lighters in the air and cry while holding hands.

I guess I’m saying they are two totally different bands and Fat Mike didn’t do this to get people to buy his albums, he did it because the band sucked. Go home and cry to your mom’s, your all a bunch of 14 year old douche bags.

Comment by Art

a7x plays prerecorded music.
nofx doesnt.
nuff said

i could go on about how horrible a7x’s singer is but i think thats obvious.

if you dont like nofx then fuck you

Comment by zack gray

If you’re going to praise NOFX and bash a7x, why the hell are you on an Avenged Sevenfold fansite?
“zack gray” and “Art”? I believe you’re the douchebags in this equation. Or just plain dumb. But I’ll go for both. :)

Comment by arielle

atleast zack gray and art are showing that inbreding is still alive and well in the 21st Century..

Comment by stringera7x

im a big fan of A7X and an even bigger fan of NOFX. Although Fat Mike, was not right in just saying those things for the whole world to read about A7X, I’m pretty sure the one thing he’s not is jealous of their sucess. NOFX were given tons of opportunities to get bigger in the 90’s but they turned all of them down because they enjoyed being underground. They even moved from their old label (Epitaph) to a smaller indepented label (Fat Wreck Chords). People should also know that NOFX’s style is bashing out on everything they hate. I’m not saying he was right to say those things but some of the people who are commenting should really look up NOFX before they pass judgement.

Comment by Mario Fontes

I also think both of these bands are amazing and have great musicians but some of both NOFX fans and Avenged Sevenfold fans are just being uninformed idiots who only care about protecting their own band.

Comment by Mario Fontes

Nofx rules! Fat Mike should shut up sometimes anyway… I love his music except last album…

Comment by tinoide

They don’t support bush OR the war. They have songs about our troops like MIA and Gunslinger cause they support the TROOPS not the war. And critical acclaim is about all of the corrupt politicians like bush. So 2 pointless comments from a guy who is clearly jealous of the fact avenged is better than his band in every way.

Comment by FoREVer

“Oh no! How DARE A7X not bring a full orchestra with them on tour! I mean, we circumvented that problem by not being creative at all! What can’t they do that?!”
~ Fat Mike

Comment by Chris Harris

Why exactly is this such a big deal for 7Fold fans? Why would any of you take seriously what a self-debasing alcoholic has to say so personally? It’s not as though Fat Mike is insulting any of you… Jesus Christ people get waaaaaay too upset about music. 7Fold are better musicians, NoFx are better entertainers. I enjoy(ed), even love(d) the music of both bands. However, I do think NoFx should stop putting out records – they’re past their prime. I also think 7Fold did in a sense sell out. Loved their first two albums – the new stuff not so much.

Now. Go ahead and blast me for my OPINIONS.

Comment by LandcowOfDoom

Fat Mike, what a poser…he calls his band “hardcore”, they are really just pop punk like Green Day.

Comment by Joe Torres

Hey Fat Mike, go right another lame song name dropping your friends, very good music writing there…getting old there buddy, when youre gone people will spit on you, youre lame. go try and get anotehr Predisent out of office, OHHH MY BAD, that worked great the first time didnt it…..

Comment by Joe Torres

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