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NEW PHOTOS: Avenged Sevenfold Performing In Dublin.
August 1, 2009, 9:05 pm
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Deathbat News reader Scott Millar was kind enough to stay up incredibly late and upload pictures of Avenged Sevenfold performing in Dublin, Irleand. Click the picture below to be taken to the full set.


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soo hot!Zacky V baby!

Comment by Maxine

they are soo hot!!!(:
I love Zacky Vengeance

Comment by Maxine

awwee so cute :3 best bffls EVER

Comment by Jacki

matt…….thats not okay.

Comment by j

I actually love Matt’s hair long like that; very neat :D. And I’m quite impressed by Jimmy’s beard. :D

Comment by ash

matt with his long hair, brian wearing a hat which he hasnt done much lately, johnny’s hair has gotten longer, jimmy has a beard wow, and zacky looks the same :) which is wonderful.

Comment by bridgett

oh and i cant forget that brian needs to keep wearing his v-necks. :) haha.

Comment by bridgett

Dude… hair… o_O

Comment by Kayla

Dear Scott,
You are amazing. You are a god among men and should be canonized. That is all.

LOL. Thanks for the awesome pics Scott!
and thanks DBN for posting them.

Comment by KaylaA7X

Hahahah I liked reading that :), but yeah no problem, I actually have more pictures that i most likely will upload at some point.

Comment by Zmillar


Comment by Anonymous

Zomg look at Zacky omnomnom <3333
Good lord, Scott is officially the most awesome person. Ever.
…right next to our five men. ;D

Comment by Nurul.

Aw i just love zacky’s smile on this one :). And his green shirt rocks <3. The rev's beard, god.. it's awesome :D. But damn.. matt. Why'd you have to grow that hair so long ? It was just perfect when it was short.. not buzzed, but short.

Oh well.. i just hope he won't keep it like that for too long cause honestly.. it doesn't suit him at all haha. But i still love him :). Oh and all of them :).

Comment by a7xaddict

i’m surprised that theres only 1 other comment on syns man-cleavage. hes teasing us with his super-tanned skin. JUST TAKE IT OFF!!!! lol. i’m pretty sure i would die at my computer if he did

Comment by Ashleigh

mine too. and im the only other one commenting on his man cleavage. because its amazing. :)

Comment by bridgett

Those pics are awesome!!!!

Comment by Buffie

Jimmy’s beard scares me o.o
But Matt’s hair makes him look very Cali boy :)

Comment by Cassie

Zacky – normal
Jimmy – hahaha he looks like a hobo. he might ask for some change xD
Matt – haha he looks younger with the long hair x]
Johnny – also normal xD

I can only try to imagine matt with really long hair like syn had hahah xD

Comment by Ashlee

keep rockin

Comment by ardi

I think ‘mane’ is the perfect description given his alpha tendencies. :)

But ha! Scott Millar got the pic of ZV punching Syn at the end of the Scream. You can kind of see it in the video, but that picture still has me laughing.

Comment by Jenn

yeah it was awesome when Zack punched Gates and he spat all his drink out …

good night of my life!!!

Comment by mon

Scott did a great job there ^.^

Comment by Zoe Ann Willats

HAHAHAHA ok Matt has hair…curly hair nonetheless XD…..Jimmy ftw a beard!??!? it must be a thing now…one of them has to grow one during their recording sessions….and Brian……nice cleavage babe XD

Comment by Mel!

there lookin SEXXII!!!!i love those V-necks on syn!!!!!and zacky always looks good in anything!!!

Comment by Rachel

Well idk WTF u guys are saying because personally they all look good and I love matts hair :)

Comment by Anonymous

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