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Yo Deathbat News Readers, Im Happy For You And Imma Let You Finish But…
September 16, 2009, 3:44 pm
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.. Did anyone get to check out the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and catch Kanye West hijack Taylor Swifts acceptance speech? Well I did and while news is slow around these parts I decided to turn this shit into a little contest! Below you’ll find an example of what I want you to do! Attached is a blank picture and I want you to come up with the best caption!

Send your finished picture in to: DEATHBATNEWS@GMAIL.COM with the subject “Yo, Im Happy For You” and we’ll choose who we think has the funniest one! Contest ends on Sunday, September 20thIt MUST begin with “Yo Avenged Sevenfold, Im happy for you and Imma let you finish but…” If you win I’ll notify you, put your picture up on Deathbat News and send you an awesome Vengeance University sticker pack with a possibility of a few extra goodies!

Grab the blank one below (click for fullsize):
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That’s waaaaay to frickin’ good.

Comment by Moni

OH EPIC WIN. hahaha

Comment by junior

fuck buckcherry a7x best band ever!

Comment by A7X

I’m pretty sure if Kanye did that to them, he’d be running scared by now.

Comment by Rae

Oh, I know! M. Shadows would fuuuck him up!

Comment by gretchya7x

They’d ALL fuck him up! Hahah

Comment by Arielle

HAHAHHHAHAH! Buckcherry is the best rock band. That’s a good one. Quite the knee slapper.

Comment by gretchya7x

HAHAHAHA. That’s fucking GREAT!

Oh Kanye, you’re such a dumb ass.

Comment by ashley

Can’t wait to see what people come up with, it’s gonna be hard to beat Buckcherry.

Comment by Kristen

hahahahahahaha thats too funny

Comment by dee

Am I the only one who thinks Kanye’s hair is just ridiculous?

Comment by Carrie

no youre not alone
it looks like he has a maze on his head

Comment by dee

yep, and at the end is his humility

Comment by LaceSyn

This is such a fantastic idea!

Comment by V

im waiting for u all brilliant ideas =]

Comment by reccarebellion

sent it :)

Comment by a7xaddict

the a7x boys will beat the fuck out of Kanye if he did that to them..hahaha!

Comment by Sham

LMFAO!!!! yeah buckcherry is gonna be hard to beat! i saw them w/ a7x & lets just say i def knew when it was time to take a bathroom & cigarette break!!! hahahaha. has any1 heard of fuckin halestorm? they’re GARBBBBB!!!!!!!!

Comment by dani

I love Halestorm…

Comment by gretchya7x

Comment by Anastasia

Hahahah THAT is awesome.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by dee

Well, dammit. Whatever it was, I can’t see it.

Comment by Jenn

i never get ideas when things like that come out -_- ….hah ^_^

Comment by mon

My brother and I both made our own entries…I hope I beat him!

Comment by Fogell

I think you should put them all up after the contest, for the sake of good laughs!

Comment by Nicole

yeah i agree!

Comment by dee

Kenya dont have the balls to stand up to a man….little on a band, such as A7X. he’s a lil smartass pussy boy, and Taylor shudda whooped his ass in front of GOD,A7X and the rest of the world, ya know.

Comment by joseph hinkle

looks like the Rev is telling Kanye to check out the tattoo ubove the watch and saying “your fixing to meet your maker muther fucker”.

Comment by T-Bone

(THE REV InTERUPT’S AND SAYS) i’m about to kill you, because i’m mental and i need lasik

Comment by joseph hinkle

Psh. We all know Johnny would kick his ass first. Just because. Haha

Comment by Ashley

Wait, we’re not allowed to change the part “Avenged Sevenfold” and “I’ma let you finish”?


My entry was great and A7X related but I had different wording.

Do I get disqualified???

Comment by John

ooh i hope i win! when will we know

Comment by Janelle

I think you should post em all afterwards :D

Comment by Anonymous

When will we know the results?

Comment by Anonymous

Oh man, I can’t wait to see the winner!

Comment by Adiz Marine

so, who’s winning ?

Comment by a7xaddict

…its been 3 days. WHO WON?!

Comment by Ashleigh

lol m shadows would totally w out a doubt concuss kanye

Comment by tyler melgoza

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