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Deathbat News Celebrates It’s Second Birthday Today!
November 17, 2009, 4:40 am
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Deathbat News turns 2 years old today! Over the past two years we have grown, and continue to grow, into one big close knit family. I appreciate all the support and dedication you guys continue to show more then you’ll ever know. For those of you who bring your unconditional support and for the new viewers who come across Deathbat News I promise another exciting year as Avenged Sevenfold gear up to release their next studio album. You’ve all made these past two years over the moon for me and I hope you all continue to stand beside me as we grow along the way. I appreciate you, I support you, I thank you.


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Happy Birthday <3

Comment by Cheryl @ DBR

Happy birthday guys!
You’ve been the best site ever since I found it, and I’m sure the next year(s) will be just as geeat!
Thank Johnny Christ for DBN..

Comment by Emmy

Happy birthday! You guys are the best site ever! First site I visit everyday. :)

Comment by JojoGates

Happy birhtday!
i love this site so much(:
happy bday guys :D

Comment by Arianna

Happy Birthday! It’s been great and looking forward to even better to come ;]

Comment by Amber

Happy Birthday!!!! =D

Comment by Shell

Happy birthday from the team of A7X:BR ;D

Comment by Lucas

Happy Birthday!…I’ve been following since the beginning and couldn’t be more impressed with this website. I check it about 3 times a day cause i know you stay current with anything new, and i thank you for enhancing my obsession with Avenged Sevenfold!

Comment by Jeremy

Wow, I’m kind of amazed that I’ve been checking this site daily for 2 years now. Happy Birthday!

Comment by Zack

happy birthday everyone at deathbatnews! i check you every day, you are my sole source for anything a7x related! <3 a7x for life!

Comment by ktdlovesa7x

aw happy birthday! :D

Comment by Lenny

Hppy Brthdy DBN…thnx 4 all the news…keep up the good work…

Comment by Haziq Azman

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy bday dbn!

Comment by chris

And we appreciate this site, we support this site, and we love this site too! <3

Comment by Kikky

Thanks for all the A7X updates from the past two years, couldn’t live without ya. ;)

Comment by Kelly Vengeance

Happy Birthday DBN!
Thank you for everything.
And keep on rocking! <3

Comment by FFailure

I love dbn <3
yey happy bday!<3
rock on!!! :D

Comment by Dijel

Happy bday ! :)

keep up an amazing work that you’ve been doing :)
love you !

Comment by mon

happy birthday!!!

Comment by BFMVsaviour

happy birthday!
we love ya, we love ya, we love ya!

Comment by Emily Fuse

Happy Birthday : D

Comment by avengedsevenfoldpt

WOW! Happy Birthday! Time sure does fly! Heres to many more years…. :D

Comment by Kristen

Lol.. Today is my birthday too!!! 20 years for me though.

Happy Birthday to you too DeathbatNews!

Comment by Sara Leann

happy (belated) 2nd birthday !
I hope you have loads more years ahead of you DBN ^_^

Comment by Marie V

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