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Brian Haner Sr, “Grandma Was A Racist” Comedy Video.
December 2, 2009, 4:46 am
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News is slow, there’s no denying that, so I figured I’d post this little video. Brian Haner Sr released his new comedy video “Grandma Was A Racist” yesterday so check it out below:

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no news is good news i suppose

Comment by john adams

Haha watched this last night. Couldn’t stop laughing :)

Comment by Deanna

hahahha i love the ‘seize the day’ playing the guitar on top of the coffin bit at the end

Comment by steve

so funny
like the seize the day coffin bit at the end,,also the syn guitar

Comment by amy

I KNEW IT! laughed so hard when he made kind of fun of Syn ~ but looove that shiny white guiter.

Comment by Anonymous

Greatest video ever!!!

Comment by fatboy1271

hahaha that was funny I cant stop laughing!!!! Im soo sending this 2 all my friends!!!!:D

Comment by Amber

well i LOL’d :)

Comment by mon

Brian haner is fucking hilarious!!
All his videos have me in fits of laughter !

Comment by Marie V

aaaahhhhhahahahaha love the seize the day nod

Comment by Amani

I love the Seize The Day part at the end! I couldn’t stop laughing! hahahaha.

Comment by Tony

lolz @ the end…..he called Syn’s shit out! haha, like father like son! Sr. can effin shred too!

Comment by dani

OMG lol!!! Love the syn bit at the end :D

Comment by sam

That was great i like that guitar it looks like syns black guitar but white with gold, and the deathbat in the fret bord lol i loved it they last part was awesome with he malcome x tshirt nice job

Comment by Jonathan

Lol that is Syns guitar, Johnathan. He’s used it many times.

Comment by Stephanie C.

o im sorry i didn’t know i knew he used the pure white one but i never seen that one sorry but it still looks awesome!!!

Comment by Jonathan

HAHA! Not as cool as his son ,but he’s getting there!! LOVE IT!! Being from the south makes it even more funny!!

Comment by Jessica

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