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Larry Jacobson, “New Songs. Friggin Incredible.”
December 7, 2009, 6:10 pm
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Some people might hate it, but you have to love the teasing! Once again Mr. Jacobson delivered us some good insight to what we can expect from Avenged Sevenfold’s new album:

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Comment by Mary

Hahha larry is killin’ me.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Julian


Comment by Gerry


Comment by Anonymous

I don’t hate the teases. I hate the fact that he is (I assume) under restrictions as far as discussing the songs themselves. He’s not breaching any sort of real binding agreements by saying “the solo on this one track blew me away!”, and it gives us a lot more than “omg these songs are good.”

Of course they’ll be good, the band will never disappoint. But as their manager, you’re GOING to love the songs. As their fans, we’re GOING to love their songs. But if you’re going to be trying to build hype for a record, a little more than “it’s good” would be nice.

Even the band members themselves have given us a lot of “description” rather than accolades.

But I digress, I am nitpicking.

Comment by J7X 130

I agree with the fact that hearing tiny details about what’s being listened to sounds like would be quiet nice. However, as an Avenged fan I do not love all of their songs, in fact there are songs I don’t like at all. As this album is being made Im not hyping myself up to an extreme. Im incredibly excited to hear the new songs, the new sounds, the new inspiration and delve deep into each song but by no means do expect to love every single one of them.

Comment by deathbatnews

every single one of there songs from waking the fallen to self titled are mint.

Comment by paul d.

Ehhh, idk about that. Every song on Waking the Fallen for sure, and most on City of Evil, but there were definitely down spots on the S/T for me….*cough* Dear God and A Little Piece of Heaven…

Comment by Drew

In your opinion, sure Paul. All of the songs that I don’t like are on the S/T. And, I know quite a lot of people who feel the same way.

Comment by deathbatnews

Can’t Wait To Hear ‘Em(:

Comment by Deanna

LARRY YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dee

Does anyone think that maybe around christmas time we will get a present. Maybe like a sample or song or anything?

Comment by zppp

That would be freakin sweet I can see them releasing alot of info sometime after chirstmas and before new years like the album name and a time fram of when it might be out, but we will just have to wait and see

Comment by Jonathan

Fucking sweet!!! I’m stoked

Comment by nadscox

hahaha suspense is killin me.

Comment by gunslinger89

what a tease hahaha!!!

Comment by mon

i can’t wait to hear some new stuff
super stoked

Comment by amy

Omg! I can’t wait any longer! Must hear new a7x music NOW! XD does anyone know when the new album is going to be realeased? =]

Comment by JojoGates

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