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Slash Has “Nothing To Say” To Deathbat News.
December 17, 2009, 4:36 pm
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Earlier today I tweeted Slash asking if he could give the name of the song that M Shadows will be featured on from his upcoming and very anticipated album. And, he let me know which was awesome of him to do! Coming straight from Slash himself, to Deathbat News and now to you. The song’s name is “Nothing To Say.”


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dbn, ur my hero:D

Comment by se7en

good work dbn!

Comment by Tommy

Sweet I can’t wait to hear it either!


Comment by hales

almost sounds like Slash actually told them that he had nothing to say and thats not actually the name of the song. lol. but the quotations make it more clear.

Comment by Jacob

with a song name like that it sounds like it’ll be awesome. lookin forward to adding it to my playlist =D.

Comment by rFERRYman


Comment by Anonymous

I’m jelous because you talked to one of the most awesome men on the planet.

Comment by Anonymous

the anticipation is unbeliveable hahahaha

Comment by mon

OMFG! That is so fucking awesome! I can’t wait to hear the song when it comes out!

Comment by SynysterShadowsVengeance

Haha… nice title pun ^_____^
Can’t wait to hear it :D

Comment by Megan

Totally badass! Slash you rock! XD

Comment by Katheryn

Man, Avenged Sevenfold are my heroes,all of em. they dedication they have to each otherr, I wont see you tonight1&2 proves it, theyre so Überamazing!!:P A7X l{ills

Comment by Aldrick

emm… could it be that he didnt have anything to say regarding the question?

Comment by Amy

No, it’s the songs name.

Comment by deathbatnews

i cannot waiit, eeerrgh.!! :P

Comment by Aldrick

its awesome!

Comment by Anonymous

badass song, who is with slash on the drums and rhythm?

Comment by keith

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