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Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Rest In Peace.
December 28, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Im not entirely sure how to even start this. Unfortunately, the reports are true that Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan has passed away. Forever in our hearts, you will never be forgotten. A message from the band can be read below:

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ

– 12/29 The OC Register has updated saying as of today an autopsy is pending in the death of The Rev.
– 12/29 6:15PM PST / KTTV FOX 11 in Los Angeles is reporting that the autopsy on The Rev has come back inconclusive. Furthermore the band’s manager Larry Jacobson talks to FOX 11 in the article as well. Read some below and head here to read the entire article.

Huntington Beach – An autopsy Tuesday on Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was inconclusive as to the cause of the 28-year-old musician’s death. The Orange County coroner’s office ordered “toxicology, microscopic and laboratory tests” to help determine why Sullivan died, according to Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s-Coroner’s office. It’s likely to take about weeks to get the results of those tests, officials said.

12/29 The Rev’s obituary written by Randy Lewis for the LA Times can be read here.

1/4/10 – A message from the Sullivan Family is posted.

1/6/10 – The Rev is laid to rest.

1/14/10 – Chris Epting from the Huntington Beach Independent wrote a beautiful piece detailing Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s vigil and funeral. You can read the entire article here

Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Brian Haner, a.k.a. Synyster Gates, delivered a soaring eulogy with focus and class. You look at him and the other young men in the band, M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ, and wonder what they must be feeling — but in their eyes, you see the pain of their loss.

I will tell you here that besides their music, what I love about Avenged Sevenfold is that they choose to remain part of Huntington Beach. They could easily have left after hitting it big, but they didn’t. They bought homes here, they’re known around town, they hire their buddies as crew; they’re good guys. Rock stars? Whatever. They’re hard-working, successful young men who got where they are because they’re very good at what they do, and the city is better for having them here.

1/16/10 – A message from M. Shadows is posted along with an amazing tribute video from TwentyFourCore Productions.

1/19/10 – Benji Madden talks to Kerrang! about The Rev.

2/9-2/10 – Warner Brothers Records hangs In Memory banner in their lobby.

– Avenged Sevenfold fans hold candle-light vigil in Huntington Beach, Ca.

– Kerrang! pays tribute featuring fans and stars, Zacky Vengeance speaks out.

– Chris Epting posts the feature “A Farewell From The Rev”:

“I hope you’ll find your own way when I’m not with you.”
The lyrics jump out to the listener. The sparse, haunting, discordant ballad, consisting only of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan on piano, drums and vocal, fills the room — the same room where, last May, my teenage son and I visited with Joe and Barbara Sullivan, parents of the drummer from Avenged Sevenfold. We were there for a column I was writing about how proud the parents were of their son’s success.

The song continues, and it is stunning; introspective, moody — no formal lyrics for the most part. Instead, what appears to be a “guide vocal,” random words serving as placeholders for what will be written later. But the line appears again, slightly revised, “I think you’ll find your own way when I’m not with you.” Here in the same room where, in January, I watched the band members comfort the family after Jimmy’s funeral. The same room where a little boy named Jimmy Sullivan grew into a big drummer. The song ends with, “I know you’ll find your own way when I’m not with you.” These are some of the last words recorded by the Rev, just weeks before his death.

– Avenged Sevenfold announce they will head into the studio with Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy. Mike then releases his own statement.

Hawthorne Heights’ JT Woodruff pays tribute with song “Friends In The Sky.” Lyrics can be found here.

– Mike Portnoy finishes drum tracking and Zacky Vengeance sends an update from the studio.

Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck speaks out about The Rev.

Revolver Magazine sets up “Remembering The Rev” feature which included statements from: Branden Schieppati (Bleeding Through), James Hart (Ex-Eighteen Visions/Burn Halo), Vinnie Paul (Ex-Pantera/HELLYEAH), Bobby Alt (Street Drum Corps), Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry), Barry Kerch (Shinedown), Mick Morris (Ex-Eighteen Visions), Cove Reber & Chris Sorenson (Saosin), Brian Fair & Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), and Chris Jericho (WWE/Fozzy).

– M Shadows speaks out in May 2010 issue of Guitar World.

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan is awarded “Best Drummer” at 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Zacky Vengeance speaks out about his win.


In this heartbreaking time, tons of friends, family, musicians have commented via Twitter and their blogs with their support. Everything can be found below. A huge thank you goes out to my great friend Jessica M for putting all this together!

Slash Hudson– Really sad news, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan has died. This is a tragic turn of events, he will be mourned by many….
Puddle Of Mudd – We are truly saddened by the loss of the Rev. What an amazing drummer. Our condolences go out to the band, their fans, their friends, and of course their families. R.I.P.
Clint Lowery (Sevendust) – My heart goes out the family of Jimmy “the rev”!! I didn’t know him but was a big fan of his in particular. Very sad
Chris Daughtry (American Idol) – People are dying far too young these days…very sad news about “The Rev”
Shinedown – Our hearts go out to our brothers in A7X .We lost a great man yesterday . .There are no words to explain what we lost exactly. R.I.P- Rev
Brent Smith (Shinedown) – All of my love goes out to everyone in A7X. Jimmy you will never be forgotten.
Zach Meyers (Shinedown) – Rest in Peace to “The Rev” . Jimmy was one of the coolest mother fuckers Ive ever met. . and the best late night Texter ever. . Your Missed
Rev Theory – We lost a great drummer yesterday in James “The Rev” Sullivan. We had the honor and privilege to tour with Avenged Sevenfold this past year and it was one the best tours we have ever been on. He will be greatly missed.
Ben Baller – I feel like really canceling my trip 2moro night. I don’t feel like doin shit really. this year is fucking lamer then lame. #RIP Rev #RIP AM
Alicia Way – What terrible news. I wish I could explain how much you will be missed Jimmy. RIP my buddy… Xoxoxo
Josh Madden – Another Angel…Thinking of the friends that left this year, It’s always the right time to say I love you.
David Cook (American Idol) – Thoughts to friends and famIly of The Rev, drummer for Avenged Sevenfold. Dead at 28. Sad news
Andrew Stricko (Faber Drive) – rip jimmy ‘the rev’ sullivan. i can’t believe you’re gone, you were and continue to be a huge inspiration. listen to avenged sevenfold.
Vicky T (Cobra Starship) – #RIPtherev @diegoschokehold I did not know until now. that’s terrible. Why are so many people dying this year? so sad.
Andy Skib (To Have Heroes) – Listening loudly to @TheOfficialA7X tonight. Amazing drummer, sad to hear the news.
Thrice – My thoughts are with our former label mates @ Hopeless Records, Avenged Sevenfold, and the friends & family of Jimmy Sullivan. -riley
Audrina Patridge (The Hills) – rip jiimmy from avenged sevenfold:(:( he was an amazing drummer and a fun person to be around!
Kara Monaco – No Jimmy Sullivan died!!! Why? :( Such a badass drummer. So sad.
Grant Cobb (Tattoo Artist) – Fuck you death, I don’t remember the last time someone died i hated. You keep taking people I care about! Gonna miss you J, RIP.
Corey Bohan (BMX) – RT @OfficialAudrina: rip jiimmy from avenged sevenfold:(:( he was an amazing drummer and a fun person to be around!
Brian Haner Sr – Cried all night. I am heartbroken. Jimmy is gone and my world is a sadder place.
Jay E Beats – REST IN PEACE JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN…. So sad right now 2010 get here faster
Glamour Of The Kill – RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.
Porter McKnight (Atreyu) – So terribly sorry to hear about The Revs passing, my best to a7x and their families.
Dan Jacobs (Atreyu) – wow… RIP Rev…. speechless
Travis Miguel – Thoughts, prayers, and condolences to A7X and their camp. My heart goes out to them.
Story Of The Year – Sad sad day. My heart goes out to the A7X family. What a tragedy. -Ryan
Escape The Fate – R.I.P A7X drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan – Our hearts go out to A7X, and their family
Tony Lovato (Mest) – RIP friend..
Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) – I’m deeply saddened by the loss of our friend. I’m off twitter for the rest of the year. My prayers go out to Jimmy’s family tonight.
Mike Lewis (Lostprophets) – Just found out a great guy passed away. Very sad. My thoughts go out
Tal Cooperman (DCMA Collective) – I woke up this morning praying that I just had a bad dream! I lost a friend and most of all a brother. Jimmy you will be missed forever! :(
Beau Bokan (Blessthefall) – #riprev
The Used – James Owen Sullivan you will be missed. Our thoughts go out to your family and friends. You are a great drummer, musician and you were taken from us way too soon. There’s not much more we can say other then we love you. THE USED
Papa Roach – This is a sad day for Rock And Roll. RIP Jimmy “Rev” Sullivan. You will be greatly missed, my friend.
Buckcherry – The Rev… You will be missed. Rest in peace our brother from the road. The entire A7X family is in our thoughts.
Katie Gilbert (Gods Girls) – @JoelMadden life takes from us the things we <3 robs us of the special 1s puts them high where we can’t climb we only miss them all the time
Sarah Madden – Just heard the news about the passing of the drummer from Avenged Sevenfold. My prayers & heart go out to his family & friends.
Billy Martin (Good Charlotte) – Woke up to the sad news. You will be missed Jimmy.
Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) – fuck i just heard…im at a loss. rest in peace rev, you will be missed.
Mick Morris (ex-Eighteen Visions) – R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan (The Rev)… such an amazing person and drummer. i spent many amazing times and played some incredible shows with him.
Jamie Oliver (Lostprophets) – I have lost a very good friend, have shared so many good times with Jimmy(The rev)A7X. The nicest guy.the world seems a little dimmer today
Baltimore’s 98 Rock – And YES RIP the REV. We are very lucky to be good friends with A7X and give our love to the rest of the band during this time.
Stryker (LA KROQ) – I am so sad to hear about the REV. Such a nice, great and generous guy towards me. My condolences to the Avenged family & his family.
Jamey Jasta/Hatebreed – R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Thoughts and prayers to his band, friends and family. He’ll be missed
Rev Run (Run DMC) – RIP James (The Rev) Sullivan member of Avenged Sevenfold Band. My deepest condolences to family friends & fans
Alex Deleon (The Cab) – @xoanasullivan i know. met him when i was 13. he gave me his drumsticks and talked to me for awhile. such a nice guy. he will be missed.
Bullets And Octane – JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN (drummer of Avenged Sevenfold has passed away at aged 28) our thoughts are with you and the family.
Christine Dolce (Model) – RIP Jimmy “The Rev”……..
Dan Smith (The Dear & Departed) – Love to the Sullivan family and A7X family through this unexpected time. Rest well Jimmy. You were one of a kind. xoxo
K Thrash – RIP: James ‘The Rev’ Sullivan, 1981-2009
LoveHateHero – R.I.P. Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. You were an inspiration to me -Scott
Lee Gaze (Lostprophets) – R.I.P The Rev. An awesome drummer and a good dude. X
JT (Hawthorne Heights) – RIP, The Rev. My heart goes out to his family and all of the A7X family. A legend gone too young…
Rise Against – Jim “The Rev” Sullivan has passed away. Words cannot describe what a tragedy this is. Our hearts go out to our friends in A7X.
Drowning Pool – Our Hearts and Respect go out to Jimmy The REV Sullivan and the Avenged Family. We are deeply sorry for your loss.
Throwdown – Too many people have died way too young this year. RIP Jimmy Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold and Robert Birmingham.
Metal Hammer – “Metal Hammer’s thoughts go out to The Rev’s friends and family.”
Revolver Mag – Avenged Sevenfold drummer The Rev found dead. R.I.P.
Schecter Guitars – We send out our prayers to friends and Family of James “The Rev.” Sullivan. You will be missed.
Jeff Watson (My Chemical Romance) – Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Born February 10, 1981. Died December 28, 2009. Rest In Peace.
Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine) – I can’t believe ‘The Rev’ is dead. ):
Nasty (Falling In Reverse) – This is truely a sad day for music. My heart goes out to Avenged Sevenfold and the family and friends of JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN
Joey Roxx (Burn Halo) – rip Jimmy the rev :( gonna miss you brother
Zakk Sandler (Black Tide) – My prayers to James “the rev” Sullivans family and to our friends in Avenged Sevenfold. The Rev was amazing and will be missed.
Black Tide – For those that haven’t heard, the Rev from A7X passed away… one of the best of our time. RIP Jimmy… We will always remember you. -Steven
Ernie Ball – RIP Avenged Sevenfold drummer – James “The Rev” Sullivan!!! You will be missed!!!
Brian Fair (Shadows Fall) – Rest In Peace Rev. No one threw it down quite like you did. You will be missed.
Jeremy Saffer (Photographer) – Very sad to hear of the passing of Avenged Sevenfold drummer The Rev. my thoughts go out to the A7X fam, friends, crew. RIP. :(
Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) – GOD BLESS the Rev & His Family …. He’s Rollin w/ Dime RR N CO. in GODS TAVERN tSDMFt
Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium) – Really bummed reading about the drummer of A7x. Although I didn’t know him well, he was always cool when we ran into them at fests or shows.
Shanna Crooks (Country Musician) – #RIPtherev So sad. Incredible musician, writer, and genuinely nice person. Ughhhhh…. ;o(
Nixon (Framing Hanley) – Another amazing musician gone this year. The Rev was one of the best drummers in this industry and a great singer. RIP
Larry Jacobson (The Collective) – I hope I am able to comfort them. But I am grateful for how much comfort they bring to me.
Jacky Vincent (Falling In Reverse) – Goodbye Jimmy i wish i could of met you one day. I cant believe your gone. You were the best =( <3
Mike Mizanin (Wrestler) – Just heard the rev, drummer of avenged sevenfold died. I’ve seen them in concert twice n were amazing. Rip give em hell up there.
Derek Lee (Melee/Suburban Legends) – RIP Jimmy Sullivan :(
The Veer Union – RIP to The Rev of A7X… sad sad news.
Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan) – So sad what happened to the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold…only met those guys briefly but they were so nice to us. RIP.
Maika Maile (There For Tomorrow) – RT @hopelessrecords: Very sad news today. RIP James Owen Sullivan. Our thoughts are with the entire Avenged Sevenfold family
Hopeless Records – Very sad news today. RIP James Owen Sullivan. Our thoughts are with the entire Avenged Sevenfold family
Spencer Peterson – #RIPtherev didn’t know him personally, but def an OG face melter. bummer
Anarbor – lost a member of the @HopelessRecords family RT: Very sad news today. RIP James Owen Sullivan.Our thoughts are with AvengedSevenfolds family
Panima – R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan aka “The Rev”
Anthony Martone (Ex-Versaemerge) – The drummer of avenged sevenfold died… He used to be my favorite drummer when I was like 15.
Vincent Walker (Suburban Legends) – RIP James Owen Sullivan
Jared Watson (The Dirty Heads) – lost a brother and a best friend, cannot explain the saddness i have right now, im gonna miss the shit out of you, always and forever in my heart. r.i.p. jimmy. i love you
Matt Ochoa (The Dirty Heads) – R.I.P The Rev…
Benjamin Madden (Good Charlotte) – I took you for granted Rev. I was lucky to know you and I’m lucky to have the memories I have w/you. Rest in Peace my friend. Happy NewYear
Jt Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights) – “if there’s a kick drum in the sky, the rev is there keepin’ metal alive…and I, oh I don’t have to cry” / @deathbatnews such a sad day for the music world. Great person and musician will be missed by many. My heart goes out to everyone he touched
Tony Lovato (Mest/Kisses For Kings) – Happy new year to my friends and family. Miss you Rev. We were together this time 3 years ago.Dad said we’ll all be together again someday.
Pride Clothing – Jimmy Sullivan was 1of the greatest drummers alive & I had the pleasure of witnessing that 4ft behind him a couple times.. he will be missed
Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold/Vengeance University) – Jimmy will always be with me in everything I do. Except sitting at home being sad, so today Im going to try to start living again. foREVer

Brian Haner Sr
Fans that are putting a scrapbook together
Sabian Symbols
Cobra Cocktail to write and dedicate song to The Rev
Promark Drumsticks Posts “In Memory Of The Rev” blog
– Cam Rackam posts In Loving Memory blog.
– Good Charlotte posted a R.I.P. Our Friend Jimmy. We will miss you. blog.
– DCMA post In Loving Memory Of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan blog.
– DW Drums post DW Says Goodbye to a Family Member: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Passes On blog.
– The Dirty Heads post very sad day RIP JIMMY THE REV SULLIVAN blog.

Thank you to TwentyFourCore for the picture.


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what ? are you serious ?

Comment by ivan

I can’t believe this.
RIP Jimmy<3

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so sorry. I can’t believe it’s true. I love you all and my prayers are with you and Jimmy’s family. RIP you will be missed.

Comment by Amanda

wow…i can’t believe it. He will be missed very much. Let me take this moment to say thank you. The very best of drummers in my opinion. Thank you for the amazing beats that you haven given us all. Rest In Peace.

Comment by Waylon Vargas

That is horrible. RIP Jimmy.

Comment by LadyGates

my hero died today.

Comment by korie.

I can’t comprend that! No, not Jimmy. This is terrible, nothing will ever be the same. Ever.
Rest In Peace ='[

Comment by Destiny

No words can express how sad I am right now.
He was my favorite drummer.
May be RIP.

Comment by Karma

how do you know for sure??? do you have an in with the band??

Comment by Liz

omg I feel soooooo bad R.I.P Jimmy I want to cry=[

Comment by britt

This is AWFUL! We will ALWAYS love you Jimmy and you will always have a place in all of our hearts. You were a great man and drummer. RIP you will forever be missed. 2009 sucked im glad its almost over.

Comment by Bridgett


Comment by Dani

You’re the best drummer.
I love u jimmy..!

Comment by Vaica

RIP REV. You’ll be forever missed and loved.

Comment by DeathWinged

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this cant be fucking happening

Comment by Stephanie C

we’ll miss you jimmy

Comment by april

I…don’t know where to begin. I’m sure all the questions running through my head are running through everyone else’s: “Why did this happen?” “How did he die?” “What is going to happen to the band now?” “Is this real?”

I wish I had answers…this all started on Twitter. I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to leave 2009 forever. I’m sick of the deaths…

Comment by Ashley


Comment by J7X 130

I can’t believe this. :'( RIP Jimmy <3

Comment by Amber

he was my hero and my insperation for drumming best drummer of all time no doubt I cant belive this is happening r.i.p. JIMMY

Comment by Anonymous

Indeed this is a great loss in the music industry. I pray the members of A7X remain strong. We shall mourn this loss together…

Comment by Ally Vengeance


Comment by Rite Aid

he will be missed i will forever pray for his family & friends, he was truly and great drummer and wonderful person. R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

Comment by Dara

not fucking fair.

Comment by alex


Comment by britt


Comment by Davis

I’m at such a loss…

Comment by Patrick Coy

I can’t believe it. I just heard. RIP, Jimmy. <3

Comment by Emilee

I cannot believe this is even true. 2009 really sucks. 2010 was suposed to be Avenged’s year. RIP Jimmy. You don’t even know how much you’ll be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, the band, and Leana.
Music will NEVER be the same without you, Rev. Never.

I’m so sorry, Matt, Brian, Zacky, and Johnny.
RIP, man.

Comment by Arielle

That’s the URL to the OC Register, where it talks about his death. :(

Comment by becka

No way! This is horrible! RIP Jimmy my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and the band :(

Comment by Brandon

He is in good hands, by the side of the divinity. I cant believe he has left barely months ago i saw him making his killer beats. Rest in Peace, he was also one of my idols, someone i looked up to as a drummer also.

Comment by Ivan

thats…..a lie…..please let it be a lie….thats …not fucking possible………I dreamed…that last night……. that cant be man….. he was so young……rip …jimmy..

Comment by kevin-

i will miss him i love this man

Comment by A7X

R.I.P. Jimmy! We love you & will keep you in our hearts forever ♥

Comment by ladyvengenz

I am stunned. RIP Rev, you were an amazing drummer and from what i could see, an amazing person. One of the best drummers i’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live. music wont be the same without you.

Comment by Amani

He will be sorely missed. This is a sad day indeed. RIP Rev. My thoughts and prayers are with Matt, Brian, Zacky, Johnny, and Rev’s family.

Comment by lyette

will this remain as the permalink? please say yes :(

Comment by ladyvengenz

im at such a state of shock right now i dont even know what to say… avenged sevenfold and fans keep strong. RIP jimmy!!(best drummer ever!) my condolences go to his family. keep strong everyone!! Rock on jimmy, rock on….

Comment by ashley

My Boyfriend Called Me Just Now & Told Me & I Could Do Nothing But Break Out In Tears
I Am Deeply Heartbroken

My First Deathbat Artwork
Was Made To Look Like The Rev

And Now This Piece Will Mean Even More To Me


Comment by Sara Scarling

I’m pretty crushed right now :(

Comment by Jules

:( RIP Jimmy. he is and always will be my favourite drummer and greatest inspiration for me getting into the craft.

Comment by Ashley Ayyer

I love you
rest in peace

Comment by Rohb

You very great Nice .. My idols! No way ! This is horrible! =[ -qqqqq

Comment by Vinicius

WTF !!! i just got the news. HOW COULD THIS BE ! im fking depreased he was my and my sisters favorite drummers ='( . the only thing worst than this is lars ulrich dying

Comment by Nigel

Please make this a dream.

Comment by Kristen

i can’t belive it….
i’m so shock,and sad….
RIP James, i always love you

Comment by Ana

I can’t believe it..
I got a txt from one of my friends about half an hour ago. I basically rushed home to see if its true.
I’m crying now.. and I hardly ever cry.

Rest in Peace James Owen Sullivan..
We will ALL miss you

Comment by Megan

I did the same thing!

Comment by Jessica Adams

I couldnt believe it. i still cant. he was, and is my inspiration, my influence, i can only imagine what Matt, Syn, Zacky, and Johnny are going through, it must be insane. for some stupid reason, He’s dead, but his music’ll live on forever. WTF, You better Rest In Peace, Jimmy. <l3

Comment by Aldrick

correction: nightmare

Comment by ladyvengenz

My heart goes out to his family and to Matt, Zacky, Brian, and Johnny. Stay strong guys, we love you.

Comment by Amani

Rest In Peace Jimmy. Im in Shock right now

Comment by ZZz

I have never reacted to a celebrity death until now – your favorite band will do that to you. I’m just… Jesus Christ this is intense.

Comment by Jenn


Comment by Joe

you have got to fucking kidding me!
is this really happening!?
who else will die in 2009?!
the apocalypse has got to be approaching.
i would not be surprised if a fucking asteroid hit the planet within the next week.

avenged sevenfold was my first concert i ever went to, and i caught a drumstick thrown into the stands. i will never forget you jimmy.
rest in peace.

Comment by iitsmack!

wow! This is so sad my fav. band:( they will never be the same. RIP Rev I will always love and miss you:(.

Comment by Tiff

Saw a7x four years ago and the rev is the coolest guy i’ve ever met a great drummer and as they say the good die young

Comment by MeliJ

I love all of you guys. All the fans – each and every one of you. And my prayers go out to his family, best friends, and the fans.

Comment by Mary

wow. i can’t believe this, it just doesnt seem real. my hero, the one i looked up to most died </3 atleast we know he's in good hands…

Comment by Skye

I can’t believe this year took some of the most amazing people in everyone’s lives but I will be respectful and I’m sure most of you will agree that the guys need their time to grieve and they deserve their privacy. 2009 is a terrible year and I’m totally done with it.

R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan, you were the best and you are leaving a lot of people heart broken. Love you por siempre!

Comment by Dee

i can’t beleive it. He was still young. How did natural causes get to him… it’s so sad.

Comment by Rissa

R.I.P. Jimmy We’ll Miss Ya Man

Comment by Coloradas

i still can’t belive it.. he’s a great drummer. Rest in peace The Rev. our love with you..

Comment by DA6996

Their privacy should be respected now

Comment by Ron

Oh my god…I don’t want to believe it. He was too amazing. Why now? He didn’t deserve it.

Jimmy, we love you. Our thoughts are with you, and we will never forget you.

Comment by dark

Dude i’m so sad i loved his work he was the best drummer of all time R.I.P Jimmy :( u will be missed dearly

Comment by Anonymous

I was priviliged enough to get to play with A7X on their City Of Evil tour. The reverend was the first on to come and tell me “great show” out of all the band members from all the bands. He was a great guy. Its so sad to hear that he had to die so young. The music industry lost a shining star today. Hopefully A7X will be able to re-group and continue on as a band.

Comment by Shiloh

Rev, you’ll forever be loved and missed :(

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Stay strong guys

Comment by mizzalex…. it is my CONVERTED website, and is an online memorial for THE Reverend Tholomew Plague. Please join us in remembering this great soul…

Comment by Lucky

When i first heard this i was literally in tears.I had the pleasure of seeing a7x live twice and i loved them.An amazing drummer/human being with fantastic drumming skills.Thanks for the years of great music and R.I.P The Rev.

Comment by N.Vikeswaran

Im crying right now… its going crazy at her just cant believe it…

Comment by frina nihin

what will happen now?will a7x get a new drummer.
if they do it will never be the same.
he will be missed very much.
Keep holding on.

Comment by Felicia

I will spend tears tonight and I always remember him… remember when he hug me…

Comment by frina nihin

omg i can’t cryin one of my ido;s i swear rest in peace jimmy

Comment by jonathan

Check out the page I made for him:

Comment by ladyvengenz

my bf told me the news.honestly Im crying like crazy.i mean one minute the band is all excited for their new album and the next this happens.My heart sank because even tho I dont personally know jimmy I admired his takes on life and his fun/creative in peace jimmy.WE LOVE YOU!!deathbats its times like these that we have to unite.Jimmy will be in our hearts forever.

Comment by M7

<3 The world just got a lot quieter <3

Comment by Franki Doll

This is a really really really great loss! I’m feeling it..

Comment by Hanny Syn.G

The world just got a little dimmer…

Love ya Jim, miss you like a best friend.

Sleep tight big man xx <3

Comment by Jojo

R.I.P. Jimmy

Comment by Tommy

First my cat on xmas day, and now this! This is the worst year ever.

Comment by Jonny

The world has lost the most amazing person on the planet…nothing in my life will be the same. Jimmy was like my role model and now hes gone…I feel like i lost my own family…i looked up to him so much and hes not here anymore. R.I.P. Jimmy. We’ll miss u. gone but not forgotten. :'(

Comment by Tayler

omg! I can’t believe it! my heart thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the rest of the guys of A7X he will be missed dearly :'( THE ABSOLUTE BEST DRUMMER EVER! RIP THE REV WE LOVE YOU!

Comment by Anonymous

I’ve Been Sitting Here Watching
My Live In LBC Dvd

**Still In Shock**

Listening To The Rev

& Even When The Dvd Stops

His Beats & Drums Rolls
Will Still
Go On & On Forever
Like Heartbeats That Keep The Fans Alive

Comment by Sara Scarling

We love you, Jimmy.

Comment by Natta

Gone too soon!!! Rest in peace brother..

Comment by Felicia

RIP Jimmy, our russian fans are missed you too…

stay strong guys

Comment by Lyucifer

I am so sorry! This is horrible. Jimmy will be in all my prayers along with his family. Especialy the rest of you guys. He was one of the greatest if not the very best. He will never be forgotten. But I really hope a7x keeps going with everything they were doing eventually. A world without Avenged Sevenfold is not a world I want to be a part of. I cant imagine what you guys are going through, losing someone like Jimmy is incredibly heartbraking. With all my heart you guys are the very very best and always will be.


Live For The Bat.
Die For The Bat.
Avenged Sevenfold forever!

Comment by Kathy Mason

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Poor Leana
R.I.P Jimmy. I love you

Comment by shanice6661

Love you man

Comment by Sam Marchant

1st jacko then the rev…
so wht would happen to a7x still exist or likes led zeppelin or being legend
this year is ‘a year a glory to a7x’
so what would happen without james owen sullivan in avenged sevenfold?

Comment by syara

I just got a call from my friend in America and I thought she was lying. They’ve even put it on wikipedia! Guys? What’s going to happen to the band now?

Comment by kpb

No not jimmy i just couldn’t believe it when i heard the news heart stopped i sat silent without a sound,I’m so sad my heart goes out to his family and in peace Jimmy

Comment by gashes22a7xfan

The biggest sadness of A7X fans, as like me, i can’t believe the rev too fast to passed away… RIP JIMMY, U ARE LIVE IN OUR HEARTS

Comment by FIRLANDY

Well…shit. I didn’t see this coming.

He’s a huge inspiration to me…sucks to see him go this young.

RIP Jimmy.

Comment by Francis

He was, and still is my absolute drumming idol. I love him to absolute bits and it’s such a shame he died young. His passing will only make me want to be like him even more and me among all of your other fans will continue loving the music and hopefully music still to come. We love you <3 <3 <3

Comment by Anonymous

He was, and still is my absolute drumming idol. I love him to absolute bits and it’s such a shame he died young. His passing will only make me want to be like him even more and me among all of your other fans will continue loving the music and hopefully music still to come. We love you <3 <3 <3

Comment by Hannah

i read this on myspace somewhere and its completely true.
“so far this year should show everyone to Seize The Day.”
R.I.P. Jimmy

Comment by Waylon Vargas

No not jimmy i just couldn’t believe it when i heard the news,heart stopped sat silent without a sound.I feel very sad my heart goes out to his family and in peace jimmy we love you.

Comment by Anonymous

No not jimmy i just couldn’t believe it when i heard the news,heart stopped sat silent without a sound.I feel very sad my heart goes out to his family and in peace jimmy we love you.

Comment by gashes22a7xfan

Im so sad that my tears cant fall. I dont know what to say. May God accept him. RIP.

Comment by reccarebellion

NO not jimmy i just couldn’t believe it when i heard the news,heart stopped i sat silent without a sound.I feel very sad my heart goes out to his family and in peace Jimmy we love you.

Comment by gashes22a7xfan

I cried like mad. I miss Jimmy. Rest in peace.

Comment by Zackyah V

I saw a video on youtube that says that the rev was murdered.
R.I.P The Rev you will always be avenged sevenfold´s drummer

Comment by Anonymous

NO not jimmy i just couldn’t believe it when i heard the news,heart stopped i sat silent without a sound.I feel very sad my heart goes out to his family and in peace Jimmy

Comment by gashes22a7xfan

Its not true! Not Jimmy!

Comment by Dina

I’m still in shock from all this, it’s heartbreaking for all of us. R.I.P James Owen Sullivan, we will never ever forget you.

Comment by Kelly Vengeance

…i cant move.

Comment by cassey vee

i wake up this moarning and and get an email about a blog posted on myspace. so i got excited cause i thought it was more details about the new album. but its about this what fuck i cant belive in how much shock iam. i really honestly think avenged really should call it an to end an amazing ride cause theres no replacing the rev

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Bo

Omg..i can’t believe this. This has been such a terrible year. I lost so many people. MJ, my dog and now Jimmy. This is so sad. My thoughts go out to Matt,Brian,Zacky,Johnny,Leana and Jimmy’s family. RIP JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN.

Comment by Sham

I am in total shock…its hard to believe that Jimmy is gone. I just don’t know what to say other than he will be missed and that we all loved him. It’s like loosing a member of my family. The good die way to young. My thoughts go out to the his family and all the Avenged Sevenfold family.

Comment by Buffie

i don’t like this feeling. i went to sleep a couple hours ago. it’s just an empty feeling without the rev. this is too unreal, my mind can’t completely comprehend it yet. i just. the guys?! his family?! his best friends?! everyone loved him so much. and hes…i watched the a7x dvd. man they all loved eachother so much…it’s hard to watch, but it also is nice to watch…meh. hope everyones holdin up okay. everyones in my prayers. RIP jimmy <3

Comment by Mary

This just fucking ruined my year! I just can’t believe it! I swear my heart sank right into my stomach when I read this. I can’t believe I’m writing this, right here and right now. I..I don’t know what to say.

Rest in Peace, Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan.
You will be missed.

Comment by Brooke

RIP you beautiful devil.
You meant so much to so many and we will never, ever forget you.

Comment by Christine

Rest in Peace, Jimmy. <3

Comment by laura

holy shit im in shock
what a young life took
and the worlds amazing drummer
my thoughts and prayers are with the rest of the avenged guys,&jimmy’s family!

Comment by amy

I feel like a very part of my soul just died today along side Jimmy, I’ve listened to them for so long and now its kind of like my heart hurts cause of this great loss to us A7X fans as well as Jimmy’s family he truly was one of the best drummers out there and this shouldn’t have happened. When I was told I cried and just looked at my mom kind of saying what now. He will forever be remembered in our hearts.

RIP Jimmy
Your Metal God Gorgeous

My heart goes out fully to jimmy’s family and the rest of the boys.

As I listen to Afterlife and hear his voice it stops my breath cause I’m truly gunna miss my hero

Comment by Rachel Gates

You get a lot of stick for being an Avenged fan, but the words and thoughts on this, and other, message boards actually makes me smile in this terrible time.

I can appreciate that people have their own tastes and genres, but having the decency to post a messaging saying that you respected his talent, even though the music didn’t float your boat is absolutely heartwarming!

Jimmy Sullivan wasn’t just an exceptional, self taught musician but an equally talented songwriter and brilliant mind. He was the eccentricity behind the band and the member who could raise your spirits.

In my opinion he was the glue which held the Avenged Sevenfold team together and I am quite literally petrified of what the future holds. Avenged, at times, were the extra push I needed in my life and although I can’t honestly see a future without him I hope that something (even if it’s only a tribute) fitting comes out of this.

Rest in peace Jim, the world may have lost you but heaven has gained another star…

Much love <3

Comment by Daisy

i’m honestly in shock right now, when i heard this i stopped and just cried. jimmy was the best drummer, and he didn’t deserve this. he was an amazing person, and he WAS avenged sevenfold. he was i agree with Daisy, he was the glue that held them together. without Jimmy, i don’t know what’s going to happen. Jimmy is loved, and will definitely be missed.

RIP Jimmy<3

Comment by Miranda

Omg. I cannot believe the best drummer in the world has died! He was so crazy and wild. I feel realy bad for Matt, zacky, syn, Johnny, and his family and we are all going to miss him. I will never listen to their songs the same. :(

Comment by Emily

I still can’t believe it…
You will be missed Jimmy.
You were the best drummer ever, what will we do without you, avenged sevenfold will never be the same.
R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan “The Rev”

Comment by Michelle

i saw avenged sevenfold live in atlanta in 2007…best day of my life i tell you….even if i didnt get to meet him face on…i got to see him perform..R.I.P

Comment by Charletta S

I really feel for the rest of the bandmembers ..
I don’t know how they will cope without their best friend and brother.

I have his drumstick that the security gave me..
it has chips out of the top, so he used it.

I’ll cherish it.

RIP dude.

Comment by Marie V

i still can’t believe this..
i never got to meet him, or even see him in concert.
but he was an amazing person.
i really looked up to him..

we love you jimmy! FOREVER in our hearts.

Comment by Deanna

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I still can’t believe this. My heart goes out to the guys and their families… A piece of the music world passed with Jimmy, and he won’t soon be forgotten…

Rest in peace, Rev. You will be sorely missed.

Comment by Wendy

i really can’t believe man.. his the best drummer i ever see.. his really gone too soon.. RIP RIP RIP my hero…:'(

Comment by asiq

What happend??

Rip. Jimmy

Comment by Anne

This is unbelievable! I moved out to California from Memphis, TN in 2005 and was first blown away by your drumming style. Being a drummer myself, you were everything I aspired to be! R.I.P. The Rev…. There’s not enough words to express a loss for words. Speechless!! You’ll forever remain treasured by myself and many others as The Greatest Drummer of ALL Time!!

Comment by Stayce Kaine

It’s weird because here, in Spain, we celebrate what you call April Fools the 28th of December, and that’s why at first I thought it was a joke. Then I saw all the websites and people talking about it and I finally believed it. I can’t stop thinking about that 11st of July, a year ago, when me and my friend were looking for them in Mérida, and we finally saw them in a hotel bar. We only got pics with Syn and Zacky, but we have our cds signed by all of them except Johnny. I remember seeing Jimmy jumping around and just being so silly… it brings tears to my eyes. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest. My condolences to the family, friends and the fans. This is not fair, but we have to be strong. Rest in peace, Jimmy, we love you.

Comment by Ana from Mars


Comment by charles

When I met The Rev, he was a total sweetheart and couldn’t be nicer. This is a great loss for all of us fans and the music industry. He was one of the best drummers out there.

You miss be greatly missed.

Comment by Emma

:( Wow. R.I.P. The Rev.

Worlds Greatest Drummer In The Worlds Greatest Band.

Comment by Brendan Slossar

super sad.Im sorry for your loss.

Comment by Delane Lyn

my life will never be the same…Avenged Sevenfold is my life…and i feel like ive just lost a huge part of it. Jim was an amazing drummer, and has inspired people that i know…to persue their dream in the music biz. he will always be remember..:[..i still cant believe it..

Rest in peace rev..<3

Comment by eunice

Jimmy was and always will be God to me. RIP Jimmy. Maybe God was looking for another angel?

Comment by Robyn

I wish I could wake up tomorrow and this will all be just a bad dream or a joke.

My heart goes out to his girlfriend, his family and the rest of the band. I can’t find any words.

Cheers to you, Jimmy, for being the awesome, inspiring and wonderful human being we all loved.

Comment by Mel

Saw them live for the first time in february this year and then traveled to nashville to see them again. A7X has helped me through life, each and every member and now that whole is missing a piece. Love you rev. Rest in peace

Comment by geoff



He put on a great show. his drums were alwaYS tight. Jimmy your love and passion for music will never be forgotten, and the sound of your drums will always remain on the discs you made. May you RIP and still rock up in heaven.
We love you very much.
Thoughts and prayers with his family and the rest of A7X. It’s tough to loose someone you truely love.

Comment by Morgan Witt

I met him back in like 2007 and he was the nicest person ive ever met. I told him we had the same birthday and he laughed and said thats really cool. I wish i could see him again. When I heard the news I couldnt even think. I thought pshh jimmy cant be dead. I cried like a baby. I miss you bro. RIP Jimmy “The Rev”Sullivan. A7X FOREVER!

Comment by Trey Quick

God looked around His garden
And He found an empty place.
He then looked down upon this earth,
And saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills were hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids,
And whispered, “Peace be thine.”
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn’t go alone.
For a part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

RIP Jimmy.
We love you.

Comment by Arielle

A sad sad day :( I met Jimmy a couple of times and he was such a nice guy. I have his signature tattooed on my back along with the rest of the band’s. I feel proud that he will be there on me forever <3

Comment by smileycat

I can’t believe this.I’m crying here. One of my 5 heroes has died,I can’t stop myself from crying. Rest in peace Jimmy, hope you rock it bigtime in paradise…We’ll miss you alway

Comment by A7Xfan

I only got to meet The Rev. once, but he made a lasting impression. It was at a m&g in 2007. He complemented my tattoo and talked to me like I was a person who really mattered. It was nice. He was great. It’s hard to imagine what it’s going to be like without his amazing personality and talent. R.I.P. Jimmy.

Comment by Marie

First to inform me was a die hard fan of A7x. I was in the commotion of an accident when my phone vibrates on silent mode. I open the message. It stats, “Nadd, The Rev has just left world” I didnt hesitate for a confirmation. I broke down into tears and it darkens my evening.
Rest In Peace Jimmy. We’ll always love you and you’re always in our hearts. Avenged Sevenfold, “LOVE IT OR DIE” \m/

Comment by NADD

Ahh, miss him already :(
Saw them at sonisphere, and he broke his drum! Ah, it would not be the same without you, Jimmy!


Comment by Hanne

the rev was by far the best drummer.he will be greatly missed,i was lucky enough to see them several times,i have two tattoos of a7x,i got his drumstick signed w/the deathbat stamped on it. they are the best it will never be the same without him.he was way too young to lose his life. rip rev. we all loved you and your double bass will still beat through your music forever

Comment by jeff roberts

I saw avenged live back in February. I had never really heard of them but that one night changed my life forever. I remember pointing to Jimmy behind his drums, his home, and saying to my friend “He is crazy.” At that moment I never thought that crazy beauitiful man would be one of my 5 heros. The World is not the same without The Rev.

Dear God, May Jimmy find his Little Piece of Heaven.

Comment by Sarah

The world has lost a true-free thinker, an amazing musical mind, a talented musician and a great guy with a huge heart. I know this touches everyone in differen’t ways but this is a sad, sad day.

Comment by Dave

RIP Jimmy.<3 I got to meet him once in summer of 2008 while they were opening for Iron Maiden here in Finland. I met the Rev backstage before the show, and we talked about how a7x was going to come here again for their own gig. He was such a nice person and easy to talk to, I felt like we had known for ages though we had just met.
I cried like a baby when I heard about his passing.
My heart goes out to his family, friends and all the fans. Stay strong, people.

Comment by Anonymous

R.I.P. man, always looked up to you

Comment by Mo

First i would like to send my condolences to his family and the band. but him along with the rest of the band are my heroes and have been for a long time syn was the reason i picked up a guitar. its so hard to imagine avenged sevenfold without jimmy on drums in the back. i met them once he made an impression on me that i will never forget

R.I.P. Jimmy
you are loved

Comment by Andy

cnat believe this is happening

Comment by chris

I cant believe this.
Not one bit.

Comment by Juan

Rest in peace sir. My prayers and thoughts are with you, family and the all Avenged Sevenfold fans around the world.


Comment by Shell

The Rev was the greatest drummer i’d ever heard, I’m sorry for your loss, he will be missed very much <3
Rest In Peace..

Comment by Jenn Martin

R.I.P. Jimmy<3
You were my favorite drummer in the entire world. I'm so glad I had my chance to see you play live in your lifetime. You were one of my role models. Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band, and I don't know what I'm going to do now that you're gone. The band will never be the same. The band of brothers is now broken. Just remember you will be in my heart forever and
rock on in heaven dude. You'll be missed so much!

Comment by Tyler

I never seen A7x in concert cuz my parrents were too homo to let me go, I’ll never see the entire band that makes me love music. If Avenged Sevenfold were not there, I’ll be nothin. I how my life to them.
Damn, I miss. I hope it’s not the end for the band.

Some search, never finding a way
Before long, they waste away
I found you, something told me to stay
I gave in, to selfish ways
And how I miss someone to hold
when hope begins to fade…

Comment by PO

I’m still halfly in denial about this.. I’m determined to make something for him, in memory..
Don’t know what, we’ll see.

I’ll always love you, Jimmy.
Rock in peace<3

Comment by Emma

I think multitudes if us fans would like to do something in remembrance for Jimmy. He was a legend and I know many of us want his name to be remembered forever.

Comment by Morgan

R.I.P. Jimmy “the Rev” Sullivan… Avenged Sevenfold will never be the same without it’s crazy, talented drummer…

Comment by Morgan

I can’t believe it. I cried all night when I found out. The world’s best drummer is gone.

Comment by Melissa

i was alseep and 1 of my band bmates called me and said the rev just died he changed the face of music u will b miseed dearly

Comment by grant

wow this is terrible.

he was a real character and brought a lot to the band.

RIP jimmy

Comment by steve

RIP Jimmy.We All Love You.
The very best drummer to have ever lived.
Your a legend.
And now with the Gods in your rightful throne.

I can only imagine the size of the drumkit u got up there now:P

I hope the band releases the 3 tracks theyve recorded, but in my mind Avenged Sevenfold died with Rev.
He was just TOO intergal a part of the band.
You can’t replace the single greatest drummer on the planet who wrote umpteen amounts of the bands music.
And you can’t replace a brother.

This is the saddest day of my life.
Avenged Sevenfold have been my only constant for over a decade.
I love you guys.
RIP Jimmy..

Comment by se7en

ill never forget the day i met Jimmy. it was like winning the lotto for me haha. it was before they were on mtv n stuff they werent just yet that popular. but i was playing hooky from work and deicded to go to Huntington Beach and take some pics. i headed into electric chair on main street just for the fuck of it. and there he was just shopping around. i couldnt believe it at first. i thought i was seeing things lol. so i kind of followed him around the store like a stalker. and then he finally looked up and sure ‘nough. it was jimmy! so i went up to him and shook his hand and asked him if i could take a pic with him and he was totally cool out it. so glad i brought my camera that day. but the funny part about it was he was shopping for belts. he had like 5 or 6 belts in his hand hahha and i remember him trying to checko ut and no one would attend to him. so i yelled and was like hey this guy wants to purchase his merch! and then he thanked me. i was very nervous and excited at the same time. i will never forget that day. and i will never forget jimmy. i love you and will miss you dearly! see you soon <3 RIP


Comment by Sheila Rene

im gonna miss jimmy so much..i remember he pointed his drum stick to me and my brother whne they were in singapore..i spend my whole day listening to the song that hase his drum solo and his voice):

Comment by helmi

man, this is so sad! i remember seeing them for the first time and remembering how massive his drum set was. he was insane! rip.

Comment by jayde

R.I.P. dear Jimmy.
(1981 – Forever)

Comment by FFailure

Rest in peace Jimmy…you were one of my favorite drummers, and I am fortunate that I saw you play with Avenged last year…You may be gone, but the music you played and kids you inspired to pick up a pair of sticks will forever remember you, The Reverend. My heart goes out to your family, and my prayers and thoughts are with you and them as well…

I know you’re rocking out in the afterlife..


Comment by Nathan K

my drum inspiration is gone. jimmy was the only reason i picked a pair of sticks. RIP jimmy

Comment by Eaven

I remember on September 6th 2008 avenged sevenfold came to Huntington west Virginia for the first time for X-Fest. That was the first time I ever saw my favorite band live. Before their encore of “A Little Piece of Heaven” a guy infront of me yelled “I WANT JIMMYS STICK!!”

I never had the blessing of meeting Jimmy, but it’s a great honor of mine to of been able to see him peform live the two times I have. Two times may not be much compared to the amount others have. To me though, I’m more than thankful I’ve experienced those times. Both were the two greatest nights of my life.
Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan is an inspiration to many. He was an amazing artist. Only a complete full would deny that. You don’t have to be a fan of him, or avenged sevenfold to know that.
My prayers goes out to his family, friends, and the band.
R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan. You’ll never be forgotten. I pray you are now in your own Little Piece of Heaven.
– Jami.

Comment by Jami

I can’t believe it. I’m totally shocked.
I kinda wish there was a way I could send my condolences to the band, tbh.
RIP Jimmy. Gone but never forgotten.

Comment by K

Avenged Sevenfold has been my favorite band for years now, I can listen to their songs over and over and not get sick of it. The only band that inspired me to pick up a guitar and drum sticks. They are all my heroes, and it hurts to lose a idol. Whatever a7x decides to do with the band I know the fans will completely understand and accept that choice. Rest in peace Rev.

Comment by Warren

R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan. You will be greatly missed, my thoughts, love, and prayers go out to your friends and family. It really is a tragedy.
Honestly, I think I’m still in shock.

So today I think will be a listen to nothing but A7X kinda day in memory of the beast of drummer Jimmy Sullivan.

It’s a shame, I don’t think I would be able to to loose someone so close to me as these boys have. So to the boys, be strong, never loose your faith, and be there for each other through this tragic affair.

I love you all.

Comment by Erin Freeman

I will always remember him for being the best drummer ever! For his awesome voice! For the wonderful person he was! He still is one of my idols! I had the opportunity to meet him, And i’m, and always be thankful for that! We will miss you so fucking much Jimmy! :'( …R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan a.k.a The Reverend Tholomew Plague You will always be in our hearts!

Comment by Lorena

I’m actually in tears!!! The Rev was amazing!!! I cannot believe it! MY thoughts go out to his family and friends! RIP

Comment by sam

Oh..My…God. This can be happening! Hes only Fucking 28 god dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best drummer in the world. May he Rest In Peace, thoughts are with his family and friends, you will be greatly missed.

Comment by Nina

i cant believe this, a7x just finished writing their new album and were about to record and hit 2010 with a bang and this happened :(
r.i.p jimmy

Comment by mike m

R.I.P. Jimmy. You were, and will continue to be, my biggest drumming influence

Comment by greg

Man I can’t believe this I am still in awh over this.. You left us way to early Rev, God Bless man you will truly be missed by the fans and music world.
Much love brother,

Comment by Rudy

RIP The Rev, it sucks that youre gone, and we are all in mourning for such an awesome, kickass drummer. we will miss you always.
and to the band and family, im so sorry for this extremely unexpected loss

Comment by Lauren S

The world of the Deathbat is in mourning. Not only were you an amazing drummer, but Im damn sure you were an amazing friend to everyone around you. You were loved by so many, and are going to be missed by so many more. I hope this, whatever it is, does some justice to someone. Forever in everyones hearts, cos you were the god damn man, Rest In Peace, Jimmy Sullivan. <3x

Comment by Shannon

this sucks i was just dreamin about m. shadows bein alone

Comment by Anonymous

i can’t believe this. am i in a nightmare?
please tell me he isn’t dead. it’s just not possible. you are alive in our hearts jimmy.
mexico loves you

Comment by gaby

I had the honor of meeting this man early this year after a show at the Oracle in Oakland. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

The veryfirst thing I said to him was, “You’re impossibly tall… its AWESOME.” I’ll never forget the way he bunched up his nose, grinned and gave a laugh before looking at me and going “Well thank you” as I handed him my ticket stub to sign.

In that moment I noted how much this whole band means to me. They care about us. I know Jimmy’s looking out for us in his own Afterlife, wherever that may be. we lost a friend, a brother, and the best drummer on the god damn planet.

Some of my best friends and I decided we’re getting tattoo tributes just for him. I know he’d like that.

R.I.P. Jimmy. You were an inspiration… we love you, buddy…<3

Comment by Gemma

The Deathbat world is in mourning. Not only were you a fucking amazing drummer, Im pretty damn sure you were loved by everyone around you. You were loved by so many, and you are going to be missed by so many more. Your death has shocked the deathbat nation, and I can only hope to write this to give you a little bit of justice. So you, Jimmy Sullivan, rest in peace. I hope you chase the most stallion of stallion ducks up there. My thoughts are with your family and friends, but mostly the shock of losing one of the best drummers in the world. xx

Comment by Shannon

Wow, I heard about it through a friend who I introduced Avenged music to. i couldnt believe it and then logged on to and there it was.

A7x will never be the same. I’ve been a fucking huge fan since my friend introduced me to their music in 2003.

I met The Rev june 7th 2005 when they had their record release in hollywood at Tower Records on Sunset blvd. I have his autograph.

I wonder who will fill his shoes….and what will happen with avenged from here….


Rip Jimmy. We´ll never forget you..
And i really hope i don´t have to say rip to Avenged Sevenfold aswell, even though the band will never be the same without The Rev

Comment by Maria

Just a spoonful of Jimmy made the whole world go round…RIP

Comment by Vengeance 4 life

I am one of the lucky few that can say that I met Jimmy and I remember I was a total nervous wreck because he was my music icon. I have been drumming since I was 6 years old and have always searched for the one drummer in the world that I could learn from and look up too. I would watch The Rev in slow motion on TV so I could get his timing and stick twirls just right with the beat of Beast and the harlot. My most memorable moment besides meeting him in Tampa was in Orlando during the T.O.C. 2008. I had just perfected my stick spins and had a drumstick i caught from an opener band. I was front row, on the center bar when A7X came out. Jimmy hit the drums, everyone went apeshit crazy, I could hardly breath because of the crowd pushing and in the middle of all that chaos, i stuck my drumstick into the air and started spinning which got jimmy’s attention! While in full double bass mode he pointed directly to me with one stick and spun the other and smiled. That was one of those moments that no one besides my self could ever have and to top it off, after the concert was done and he threw all of his drumsticks to the crowd, he walked up to me with the last stick and handed it to me saying “thank you”. So in this time after all of the memories and music from A7X that has changed my life, I want to say to Jimmy and everyone else if the A7X family, “Thank you!” My heart goes out the Jimmy’s family and friends during this time of pain and loss. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, you will forever be in my heart and the hearts of millions. Thank you!
Jeremy Bryan
Orlando, Florida

Comment by Jeremy

Duuuude. This made me cry. He was amazing. At the gig I was at, I snuck backstage and he found me and shooed me out cuz he didn’t want me to get banned from the gig, cuz “That would suck big time, dude! Go, run! RUN!”

Greatly missed.

Comment by Franz Dirks

I can’t help but tear up at reading this story totally touching. And a one of a kind moment.

Comment by Meridith

This is the worst news I could possibly get… I don’t even know what to say… Jimmy was a great man and an amazing drummer I met him several times and am glad I had the honor to. When I saw them in Grand Rapids at the orbit room back in 2006 they were celebrating his birthday. Long after the show after they returned from the club they were all hanging out at the busses

Comment by Jan-Michael Shuart

They were all at the buses and a car was goinging through the parking lot by the buses. Jimmy ran behind the car and got in a football stance. When the car starting to drive off Jimmy ran after it kicking at it lol. He will live on in our memories, our hearts, and his music. Rest well Jimmy you will be missed greatly. ” Grapes in the mouthake happy down south”

Comment by Jan-Michael Shuart

I saw them in Helsinki<3. RIP Jimmy ''The Rev'' Sullivan

Comment by Anonymous

I’ve never been so sad to cry about any actor or musician, but The Rev’s death has me sitting in my office crying. His drumming has been heard in the background of my life for many years. I will truly miss you, Rev.

Comment by Tracey7777

The A7X will never be the same without The Rev
Rest In Peace.

Comment by Heikki

My hero died today :'(

Comment by justin

I am completely gutted to hear about this. The rev has been my drumming hero since i first heard the band. He was amazing, a young talent that died WAY before his time. I am sad that i never got to see this man live. He has been THE inspiration for my drumming and will continue to be for as long as I live. I was in shock when i heard this today, and will be for a while. I will definitly drum to some A7X in tribute tonight. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and the band. Your fans will miss you like hell jimmy. Bet you are jammin’ some primus with god right now. RIP Reverend Tholomew Plague xxxxxxxxxx

Comment by Emma

Rest In Peace Jimmy”The Rev”Sullivan<3

Comment by Heikki

I am at loss…the music world lost one of the best, if not the best, drummer that anyone has ever known. He was my favorite drummer, and Avenged Sevenfold has been and always will be my favorite band. He will be greatly missed. I give my love and condolences to the Sullivan Family, to the band & and his friends. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, you now truly have a little piece of heaven in the afterlife much love always,maria7x

Comment by maria7x

“Whenever it storms, I wont hear the thunder, i’ll hear you rocking out”-Viki Moody

RIP Jimmy<333

Comment by Anonymous

we don’t even know where to begin… a7x are the band that made us travel the world several times, make some wonderful new friends, fullfill our lives with great music… this a terrible thing and words would never be enough to express our sorrow and mourn… jimmy, u were the first we met and we’ll never forget that day, you’ll aways be missed…
coundolences to his family
serena, niccolò and serena

Comment by Anonymous

i can’t believe it. the good die young. jimmy’s family and friends are in our hearts. jimmy, we love you and will miss u dearly.

Comment by Emily

I had the privelge of seeing them in concert on April 2nd. I wish i could have met them, but they will always be the ones who took my concert virginity. he was and always will be the best drummer in my lifetime.

Comment by Emily

They too took my concert virginity, I am proud to say I have saw them 3 times, and I can remember each show like it was yesterday

Comment by Shell

My best friend and I went there for her birthday last year. It was one of the greatest shows ever A7X was amazing and The Rev as always was kicking ass on the drums. No show will ever be the same with out him. I so excited to go to the next tour. I will always be an A7X fan even though The Rev is no longer here. It won’t be the same but no matter what he has touched the hearts of many and will always be in our hearts. We love you Jimmy!!!

Comment by Hayliee

“Jimmy; just keep drumming on the other side baby. Whenever it storms, I wont hear the thunder, i’ll hear you rocking out♥”-Viki Moody

RIP Rev.Tholomew Plague.I’ll miss you D:

Comment by Anonymous

THE best drummer in the world is gone. i cant believe this. i’ve had a conversation with a coule of people about the amount of celebs that have died this year, but this has just destroyed me. it sucks that such an inspirational character has passed so early, it sucks that i’ll never see him live, it just sucks. they do say that the good die young, but this just takes the piss. R.I.P. Rat Head, have fun in that great jam band in the sky, you’ve earnt your place. x

Comment by Adam

Man, I did not believe when I had seen this, it really seems like a nightmare. I am a big fan of A7X a long time, and all its members. If is already hard for me to accept it, I can’t even imagin how it is being difficult for the band and for those who were close to him, my condolences.

Comment by Jeff

Today is a sad, sad day tha i thought never would happen!
My prayers go out to all his fan, friends, and family.
Jimmy was an amazing musican and will never be forgotten!
R.I.P Jimmy “The rev” Sullivan. You will be forever missed and in our hearts.
~Legends Live On!

Comment by Tiffany Cantu

december 28 at age 28 :[
RIP Jimmy
best drummer ever
2009 was the worst year ever

Comment by amanda

R.I.P James Owen Sullivan, not only were you a legend, but an inspiration.
You will be truly missed dude <3

Comment by Amber

I’m gonna miss Jimmy. You were my idol, and i kno your rockin out in heaven. I love you. My condolence to your family, friends, bandmates, and fans <3

Comment by Kitty o.O

We all love u jimmy. U were an amazing musician. Stay strong boys

Comment by Alex

dude 2009 sucks, can we just go back and erase this whole year and start over? I never got to meet him, but as a drummer he was one of my heroes! His style was insane and I loved every second of it! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, and with all the other deathbats…luv you guys!

Comment by Andi iRock

Nyugodj Békében Jimmy! <3
from Hungary

Comment by szancsybaby

Does anyone know if they had recorded any songs before his passing? Again RIP Rev

Comment by Zzz

RIP Jimmy

Comment by Zack

an incredible drummer leave us today rest in peace jimmy “the rev” sullivan we will miss you so

Comment by jo7x

wow. when they came to new zealand in ’08, i was so close to catching the drumstick he threw out!! i just wish i had caught it now. rest in peace Jimmy

Comment by Jas

“just a spoonful of jimmy helps the whole world go round.”

RIP Jimmy.

Comment by Brittany

): he was known by few; yet loved my millions..


Comment by maxine&rachel

still in shock my heart goes out to the boys and their families I was fortunate enough to see them live when they came around to Toronto and it was the most amazing show I ever saw in my peacefully in your afterlife Rev and we’ll see you on the other side.

Comment by Andie 316

RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. It was an honor to see you play in person! You are, and will always be my favorite drummer. You will be missed.
My heart goes out to your family and friends. A7X will never be the same without you! Stay strong Matt, Zacky, Brian, and Johnny.

Comment by Chris

I never got to meet him at any of the their shows.i will surly him alot. RIP Rev.

Comment by Marcos Shadow Diaz

R.I.P Jimmy. I can’t imagine the pain a7x is feeling and your family as well. My heart goes out to them and I am praying for them. The greatest drummer to walk this earth and someone who will be number one in my eyes for all eternity. Much love :/

Comment by Meridith

Not only was Jimmy an amazing musician and talented individual, but he was like a brother to the band we all love and support. I feel helpless knowing that such a beautiful person is gone forever, but my heart breaks from the family, friends and fans that are left behind.

Rest in Peace Jimmy. We love you.

Comment by Erica

So fucking unfair. He was so young, so tallented and so loved that all I can think is that if God exists, he is an asshole.
I’ll miss him and I’ll miss Avenged, ’cause it’ll never be the same without him.

Comment by Luiza Briard

I just wanted to offer some supportive words to everyone:

Anyone who knows what The Rev was like, can tell you that he would not want us to be sad. In fact, he’d probably mock his own death if it was possible – it’s just in his personality. With that said, it is in our best interest to look to the future and find comfort in knowing that this pain we are feeling is temporary.

For those of you who think Avenged Sevenfold will disband: that is simply not a probable case. If anything, the band would likely see it as their duty to continue doing what they’ve been doing for so many years in order to carry on The Rev’s legacy. A7X’s music is a symbol of their own livelihood, and I highly doubt they would throw that away. However, I do think we’ll be hearing a very, very touching song from the band on their upcoming album about this matter. That’s just speculation, but it definitely makes sense.

Good luck coping, everyone. This is an absolutely difficult time in our lives, but it’s nothing we won’t get through together. You are not alone.

RIP Jimmy “The Reverend” Sullivan.

Comment by Zack

beautiful words…you are right…he would find a way to mock his own death, laughing is just in his nature…thanx for those comforting words! :D

Comment by Andi iRock

awesome words dude. i totally agree with everything you just said.

Comment by Kadee N.

Hearing this helped me a bit. thank u. Jimmy wouldn’t want us to be sad at all. I love u rev. May u r.i.p. U are always in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Ever.

Comment by Britt

I hope you are right.
Thank you for your supportive words. I think everyone needs them right now.

I got to see A7X on December 11th 2007 with my fiance. It was the greatest concert I have ever attended. What would have made it greater would have been if I had the chance to meet the band. I fell in love with A7X because of Jimmy. He will be impossible to replace.

A small part of me died last night when I heard of his passing.

I have been losing my mind slowly all year waiting for news about the new album, and then this shit had to happen. I am fucking crushed. Of all the lives God had to take this year, why did Jimmy have to be one of them?

As much as this has been a horrible loss for his family and the band, it’s an even greater loss for the fans. I always had dreams of convincing them to play Warmness on the Soul at my wedding someday (since they never played it at the Fresno show! I want to hear it live, damn it! The lyrics are so accurate to my relationship with my fiance it’s scary. I always cry every time I hear it.) and I’m still going to attempt to pursue it now matter how different the band will sound if they do get a new drummer. I’m sure there are tons of people trying to copy his style, I know of 1 personally, who used to play in a band with my fiance.

Keep the faith, everyone!
We love you, Jimmy!

Comment by Anne

wtf wtf wtf?????????the rev is gone???? darn fuck, fuck 2009!!!!!i will always have rev my mind and heart i hope god takes him in a better afterlife!!!!!!!!!!!!R.I.P…wat will his best friends expression be???synyster wat will u do without ur best friend??????2010 wont be good without rev!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by hafiz padget

RIP James Owen Sullivan. The band will never be the same without you. I pray that his family and the members of A7X make it through this tough time. It sucks to lose the little bit of real musical talent left in this world today.

Comment by Anonymous

(little peace of heaven) was created by rev its a song of a7x.R.I.P once again….

Comment by hafiz padget

i’m so depressed right now…this calls for a Sieze the Day-esque funeral

Comment by Ashleigh

I just still can’t believe hes really gone..
Whats going to happen to A7X?
He can’t be replaced
R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan

Comment by Michelle

I really don’t know what to say. Music will never be the same without him. My condolences to his family and especially to the remaining members of the band. I love you guys, and Jimmy will never be forgotten.

Comment by Monica

this is a horrible tragedy in music history. im really at a huge loss right now. my thoughts out to jimmy`s family. it was his music that helped me through alot of very hard times. i memorized as many songs as i could before i left for basic training and sang them whenever things started to get rough. avenged sevenfold is a huge part of my daily life. “the rev” will be missed greatly.

Comment by josh

Jimmy Sullivan, he was my idol. He was the one that inspired me to start drumming. I looked up to this man. He is one of the greatest, he made me who I am today. Since I found out this morning I’ve been in tears. I will never forget this man. He left with so many of us missing him already.I feel like its all a bad dream, but I know its not. Rest in peace James Owen Sullivan. Nothing will ever be the same.

Comment by Lily Yanez

It will never EVER be the same

Comment by cassie

Truly sad sad news,we feel ike we lost someone in our family condolences to his family& to the remaining sevenfold members.. so sorry

Comment by Neto& Lola zarate

jimmy you will be truely miss an amazing drummer thank you for sharing your talent with all of us avenged sevenfold fans you will never be forgotten my prayers go out to the family and the band members

Comment by steph frias

I was away when I heard with no inet access. OMG I’d hoped it was just a rumor. My heart goes out to the members of the band who’ve lost their brother and family-fans thoughts and prayer to everyone. I’m greatly saddened by this news. Hugs to all

Comment by mahalia2010

I called into 98 ROCK’s All Request Show && they played Afterlife as a tribute to Jimmy.

Comment by Dana

This all feels like a really bad dream…..


Comment by Amber

I cant belive…
So young…


Comment by AvengedSevenfoldPt

Rest In Peace, Jimmy.
You will be greatly missed all around.


Comment by Jill W

In Mexico all the fans and people we are united by the same pain.

Rev always you will be in our hearts

Rest in peace Jimmy!!!

Comment by a7xmexico

I can imagine everyone who’s seen them having the same sorta feeling I had. I had waited sooo long to see them live. Waiting for them to come to my shithouse town in aus. I remember buying the ticket and holding it in my hand and thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m going to actually see them’ and then the day came… I felt like shit. Hadn’t slept in 24 hours, smelt like booze because the after party for my school formal was the night before. And as soon as the lights came on. I forgot everything. Forgot that I felt like crap. Forgot that I had some guys penis sticking me in the back. and there he was sitting behind the drums. With the rest of the guys following him out on stage. And all I could think of was ‘they’re actually real’before that they seemed like an illusion. But to see them just a mere few feet away from u… There’s no other feeling. I left that show with sweat dripping from my shirt, a smile on my face, and love in my heart…
R.I.P the rev u left behind more people than u’ll ever know
My condolences to the guys. Especially syn. I believe they were closer than the rest… And to leana I hope someone is holding u and wiping away ur tears.

Comment by beabaka

i felt the same way when i saw them for the first time.

Comment by Emily

all i can say is he was 2 young and such a great band didnt deserve that and ive heard that they are now broken up cuz he cant be replaced our prayers go out to you, we love you jimmy

Comment by Anonymous

i still cant believe this! You were a amazing drummer and music wont be the same! R.I.P. Jimmy, You will NEVER be forgotten!

Comment by Jon Sierra

..Jimmy didn’t deserve to die.. He was so young…

Comment by Dean Leong

It’s real nice to see loads of other band members showing some respect.
RIP Jimmy x <3 x

Comment by Anonymous

This is just to sad.To horrible for words can not even compare.Rest in peace,lovely Jimmy.See you in the afterlife,sweetheart <3

Comment by KimiVengeance

Ouchh! Im so sad,
I love The Rev♥
I’ll remember him forever!
He was one of the best drummers
ever! Rest In Peace babe!
Without u things will never be the
same, Thanks for every breath, for
every smile, for everything!

Comment by Val

In loving memory of The Rev

Comment by Natalie

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At loss for words, Rest In Peace Jimmy.

Comment by Ronnie Jensen

RIP. The best drummer to ever live!!!!

Comment by John Allen O'Conner

2009 sucks :(

r.i.p jimmy

Comment by Kailey

Rest in Peace Rev! :(
You were the best drummer ever!
a7x will never be the same!
a7x;;yall are in my prayers.
Revs family;;yall are too!
the fans will never forget you!
Go to your afterlife!
very sad to see you go! :(

Comment by AshleyDeathbat!

you will always be remembered as the great Avenged Sevenfold drummer, god took you from us so early, keep rockin in the “afterlife” , RIP REV!!

Comment by Jose

It still hasn’t sunk in. And I’m sure it wont for a while. We’ve lost a great guy.
My thoughts are with the guys, his friends and family, especially Leana, and also to all the fans who, like me, aare devastated.
Please join my Facebook group ‘RIP Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan’
I never had the chance to see them live, because I missed them playing Leeds because I was ill. I now regret not just going anyway.
He will be missed. Forever in our hearts <3

Comment by Abie Evans

The World of Rock will never be the same without him. He was a genius and expressed himself unchallenged. My only regret is not meeting him. I was planning to go to them live, but like their music, you have to seize the day and everybody’s gotta Die sometime, so people… don’t Cry. R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. :'( -No Harm Is Done To See Him This Way-We’re All Lost-Into His Afterlife-A Place Full Of Peace And Light-He Arrived Too Early-

Comment by Dane

I can’t believe it! This is such devastating news, too many dying at a young age and it is so sad :( Jimmy will be missed dearly, the absolute BEST drummer, no one can touch him nor replace him! My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to his family, to the rest of the great guys of A7X and to the friends and lastly to the people who are fans just like me! RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, you will be forever in our hearts! A7X FOREVER!!

Comment by Tasha Yeary

A7X has gotten me through some rough times in my life. Some of the best memories I have are at their shows. The Rev was such an amazing drummer, beyond words! This just doesnt seem real. His impact on my life, and the lives of so many other fans, will always be remembered. He lives through us now. I’ve never cried over a celebrity death before. Not until now. I feel like I lost a friend, a mentor, an inspiration. A part of me, and every other A7X fan died with Jimmy yesterday! May he rest in peace. Its time for us to all stand up and live in his honor and memory!

Comment by Heather Benton

R.I.P Jimmy, I hear you speaking to us via Afterlife. I will always love you.

Comment by Joey Iandoli

He was a little peice of heaven… RIP Jimmy, we love you.

Comment by Courtney

i really can’t believe this.
so depressing.

Comment by a77777x

I’m talking for my whole country. You’re gonna be missed here in Brazil. My band was truly influenced by Avenged Sevenfold and I can’t even imagine how it’s gonna be without you now… We’re still hoping that it all turns into a joke and “The Rev” shows up laughing just like Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) did before! =/

R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan !

Comment by Pedro THE Wicked MoFo

ohh man such a sad ending to this year :'(

Comment by John-A7X-FTW

Cool. Beggining to write the new fucking album, going to the recording studio next fuckign week and the Rev dies.
You know, him dying, its a fucking nightmare.
I cant believe on of my idols died.
I just cant.
Fuck everything
A7X will forvever be in my heart even if they might break up after this.
I love everyone of them and I wish them the best.
Im so fucking upset right now.
Been crying all day.

Comment by Juan

[…] Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Rest In Peace. Im not entirely sure how to even begin with this. Unfortunately, the reports are true that Avenged Sevenfold drummer […] […]

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I love you guys… be strong… RiP Jimmy xoxoxo WisH

Comment by Natalie

Most of the celebrity deaths have been more or less just news to me… but this… this is devastating.. A7X is the reason I am in a band. I may play guitar, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a truly inspiring artist to me.


James “The Reverend Tholomew Plague” Sullivan.

You are loved and will be missed by more than you know.

Comment by Daman

R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, one of the worlds finest drummers. No one will ever take his place, he will always be missed.

Comment by MissVengeance

Now that your gone from BAT COUNTRY no longer in a CITY OF EVIL rest peacefully IN A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN this is never ALMOST EASY see you in the AFTER LIFE.

Comment by Death Bat Queen 618

I honestly cant get this threw my head.I just want to wake up an knw jimmys hearts broken he was the best…..such amazin talent is gone……A7x doesnt deserve this…I just am in shock…..I hope just hope they keep makin music but no 1 will ever ever replace our jimmy…watever they decide I AM & ALWAYS am gonna be a tru a7x fan 4ever… stupid as it sounds there music has helped me threw so mch when I saw them in concert I just cried becuz I LUV them so mch….ALways & 4ever in our hearts!
I LUVVV U JIMMY!!!best wishes 2 avenged an family!!I knw u guys can stay strong for jimmy an continue doin wat u do best which is makin ur fans happy wit the amzin music u give us!!DO IT FOR JIMMY!!=)LUVVVVVVVV u REv!!!MCH LUV 2 avenged & family^_^

Comment by Breanna Rabtor

Just thinking about the time at the chainsaw
Awards when I screamed out
From across the room right before he was ushered
Out by the gay security
He turned up…then looked slightly down cuz I’m
5’5 …he smiled big and gave me the head nod
He stopped for an autograph but was kicked out.

Wish I could have met him properly but that memory
Makes me smile and thank god for such an amazing

Chase those stallion ducks jimmy!!!

Miss V

Comment by Miss V

I got to meet all of the guys from Avenged Sevenfold at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach about 2 years ago for my birthday. They were all great guys, but the one who stands out the most would have to be Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. He sat there and made jokes with us for what felt like hours. It is such a shame that he was taken from us so early. He was the greatest drummer of our generation and the band will never be the same. You will always be in my heart Jimmy. Love You Man. My heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to all of the guys in the band and Jimmy’s family and friends.

RIP Jimmy!!!! :-*

Comment by Marissa Greer

Very sad news, Such and amazing musician. Will be Greatly missed. My Heart Goes out to his family, A7X and Friends

Comment by Freakshow6661

im so sorry for the lost, i know he was a great inspiration,brother,mentor,frind for all, to a7x and their fans including me i know well miss him like hell but hell still be alive in ower hearts and minds and well always rememeber him as a great person that always manage to make us laugh and ispire us.

Comment by gaby

I can’t beleive the news today! Why did it have to be a member of this band?…. What’s gonna happen now for the band? I HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL!

Comment by Jessica Adams

Last night was one of the worst nights of 2009. I could not believe that the REV had passed on. He was such an inspiration to everyone, and funny as hell too. My heart goes out to all those grieving. Taken too soon, Rip JOS*

Comment by MaraLee

Its great to see the support of fellow artists and fans during this terrible time… I know that Hatebreed and Jamey Jasta also did their share via twitter to show their respect. R.I.P Jimmy!

RT @Hatebreed @JameyJasta R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Thoughts and prayers to his band, friends and family. He’ll be missed

Comment by ro

This was simply devastating. I ended up finding out via twitter & when I saw “The Rev” and “dead” used in the same sentence I couldn’t comprehend it at first. Not one bit. I thought it was a sick f*cking joke until I saw the statement from the band. The Rev was an amazing musician & he was one of my heroes. There will never be anyone else like him.

I’ve loved Avenged Sevenfold for so long. My first concert EVER was an A7X concert.. This is just so upsetting.

What a way to end 2009…

R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
You will be missed.
My heart goes out to everyone mourning this loss.

Comment by Lauren Knefel

… I am at lost for words… Matt, Brian, Johnny, Zacky, Leana, friends and family… You are in our thoughts. A7X was exactly the kind of band i needed to listen to, to help me realize that I wanted to become an outstanding musician such as you guys. I may not personally know you, but I felt like I did… through your art… your music. RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan

Comment by AngelGraves

wow. its so amazing to see all of this support.

Comment by cassey vee

I couldn’t believe it when I heard this morning. The world seems a little dimmer with him gone. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. He will be forever missed and loved.

Comment by Jinx

I’m still in shock over this. RIP The Rev. My thoughts are with the family, his friends, the boys and Leana.

Comment by Vee

I am in such shock and disbelief that he is gone. He was, in my opinion, the best drummer of the decade, century, and ever! I can not stop crying becuase I think of all the crazy (yet funny) things he did. When I met him I was very nervous, and he hugged me saying “why are you so nervous!? Im only the dude you love, adore and look up to!” =D He was the NICEST dude I have ever met. I will NEVER EVER forget him! Even if he does chase massive ducks in a park! His talent was BEYOND GODLY, and I cant even describe what he meant to me and to all A7X fans. His memory will forever be carried out with the fans, M. Shadows, Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. I hope A7X will make the right choice invovling the future of the band. I

Comment by Catherine

Haha, I love him. :P This made me smile, alot.

Silly Jimmy. x’D

Comment by Franz Dirks

Listening to their music will never be the same. :,-( We will miss you Jimmy. The band will never have another drummer like you. You changed music and left your mark on drummers everywhere. You were and always will be loved by the fans. EVERY fan out there holds your memory in theirs hearts today. Rest In Peace jimmy.

Comment by Lexi

wow…thats amazing all those people know about him
I was really shocked about Audrina Patridge! And bout Rev Run! Well he truly was amazing (:

Comment by maxine&rachel

OMG. I couldn’t believe this. I was at work when my sister texted me “the rev died” I thought it was a sick joke. I see now it’s not. I just started trying to read everything I can. What happened? There really isn’t much and everything is from late yesterday and early today. Can anyone please update me with what is going on? Did I miss something or is there really no information on what happened??? I stil can’t believe it….

Comment by Nikki

I saw the band playing live in Singapore last year. I’m so happy to see the guys playing live. That will be my 1st & last time seeing The Rev playing the drums. I feel so sorry for him. I wish I could attend his funeral but I can’t because I live in Asia. It felt good seeing him lively playing the drums in front of my eyes. He is my favourite drummer & he was my inspiration to learn to play the drums slowly. He is my drummer idol. R.I.P The Rev & may God bless your soul. You will always be in our hearts. T_T

Comment by Layla

Like everyone else, truly and deeply saddened not to mentioned shocked that we’ve lost The Rev ;'(

Comment by Soosie

I can’t help but wait for there to be a new post from Jimmy himself, saying something like, “Just kidding guys!” But its starting to sink in now, and I wish it wouldn’t.

Comment by Alexis

I caught one of his drum sticks in colorado
it is wraped in a blanket forever

Comment by Nicolas

I can hardly believe this.
I adore him so much, and now he’s gone.
I’m really crying when the first time I know this, and I’m still crying now..
cause I love him so much.
He’s such an amazing and the best drumer I’ve ever seen. He’s a nice person.
May god give him rest in peace.
Thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, band “Avenged Sevenfold”, and to all his fans across the world.

Comment by isvaro

This is a very sad thing. Things just won’t be the same without him. May he rest in peace.

Comment by Suzi

You guys should check this out

We’re trying to make a scrapbook of/for jimmy

Comment by Juan

Its a sad day! God bless and watch over his brothers, family, friends and fans as you have taken him home. </3! RIP Jimmy. Take your place in Heaven and smile down on all that are gonna miss you! XOXO vajd45

Comment by vajd45

I just want to share my pain somehow…

Comment by Luiza Briard

I cant believe this has happened :( I saw you on Sonisphere and it was the best concert i have been to yet. Cant believe i wont see The Rev again :'( This is a great loss, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and A7X RIP.-

Comment by Ívar

RIP Jimmy.
You are remembered and loved everywhere. Smile down from your place in Heaven. Many people including I will forever dedicate our passion for music to you. Our thoughts are with you.

Comment by Elli


Comment by Candice

its weird without him on this earth.
I hope avenged is doing well.
keep holding on.
we miss you rev<3

Comment by Felicia

This article states there was no clear cause of death..

Comment by Wittles

Cried last night… first time in a very long time. My heart goes out to the A7X Family.
R.I.P. Jimmy You Are Missed Deeply!!!
Thank You for Blessing Us All With Your Talents. Will be Forever Missed and Adored

Comment by andrea

This is we won’t know for weeks what happened…..

Comment by Nikki

Deeply shocked by this… Don’t think it’s sunk in yet, to be honest. Rev, you were a crazy, lovely person, and thank you for not letting me get caught backstage at ULU.

Have fun teaching God the drums.

Comment by Franz Dirks

I’m so heartbroken over the tragic death of “The Rev” my prayers are with his family. We will miss you. RIP THE REV! I am so worried about the guys of A7X please stay strong we love you.

Comment by Sharri

I can’t believe that Jimmy is gone. May he rest in piece, he will forever be an amazing drummer, and one of my greatest inspirations. He may be gone, but he will NEVER be forgotten. Avenged Sevenfold will never die.

Comment by Cindy

And I thought The Rev could beat death. When my friend told me this, I thought she was playing with me. But she wasnt. I dont think we’ve ever cried so hard before. We will all miss you, and give support to the family, and friends.

Comment by Holly

I’ve always liked music but it wasn’t untill I discorvered A7X that I loved it. I feel for the band and for jimmy’s family I can’t even begin to imagine how they must feel. Regardless of how he died this a tragedy and the world of music has lost one of the most amazing drummers it has ever seen. R.I.P. Rev you are forever in our hearts avenged will never be the same with out you.

Comment by Melissa

My deepest condolences to Jimmy’s family and friends. He was such an inspiration to me and will forever be in my heart.

RIP Jimmy
You are truly a legend and will never be forgotten.

Comment by Michelle


Comment by RiN

Words cannot express how I feel right now about what happend… It will, and always will be, a7x Forever no matter what

Comment by Craig

From, time past, I have always loved The Rev, my sister have joked about saying that The Rev has died in a car accedent with his girlfriend, or my brothers making fun of him saying that he is married to a man. Come yesterday, my sister has told me that he had died. I didn’t believe her. And I found out today, that she wasn’t lieing. It was true. God bless you James Sullivan, and rest in peice. I’m sorry that this has happened…

Comment by Maddy

honestly,i cant believe he’s in peace,james owen sullivan aka the rev.February 10, 1981 – December 28, 2009 (i cried as now the sky crys in sadness)
i am also disapointed that the music channels really havent shown any dedication and honnor like they did for mj,i think its an slap to the face of everyone fan and musician in the rock-metal community.
he will be miss and forever in our hearts.
all week,me and friend will be showing respect and honnor for one of the greatest drummers in the world.
-much love,jojo

Comment by jojowaldrop(horrorgore)

The day you left jimmy is the real day the music died, you were the best drummer.
R.I.P Jimmy The Rev

Comment by Lynn

R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan you will definitely never be forgotten

Comment by Jimmy

literally been depressed all day. i have no idea what to even do with myself.

Comment by veronica

You’re not alone. I couldn’t sleep last night.
This blows.

Comment by Anne

R.I.P Jimmy, i will never foreget you, your were the best Drummer out their, my idol, the funny guy, your amazing you will never be foregotte. R.I.P Jimmy!

Comment by Dara

I cant really believe our dear jimmy is gone..
we need him back he was to young to go..
he will always be in my heart :[

Comment by Taylor

when I found out I seriously cried. a7x has been the band to get me thru all my bad stuff in my life….so RIP rev. you will be missed.

Comment by Grace

The Day You Died The Music Died in Me Rip Jimmy You Will Forever and Allways Be Missed

Comment by Jory Trujillo

I have loved A7X since I was 13 and The Rev has always been my hero. He was an amazing musician and one of the purest souls out there. He will be greatly missed.

Comment by Tori

Dear God, I pray James “The Rev” Sullivan is in a little piece of heaven in the afterlife making the angels scream.He seized the day in bat country then burned it down, his unholy confessions trashed and scattered.We gave him the strength of the world and he gave a us a second heartbeat.He is MIA, but will walk on through thick and thin to the wicked end.May you be in eternal rest.

A Synyster man who will leave his Shadows behind and stirkes with a Vengeance, fearing no Christ for he is a Plague.

Comment by Natasha

i couldntve said a better tribute

Comment by jojowaldrop(horrorgore)

It feels like you’ve lost a close friend when you lose a member of your favorite band that helped change your life. RIP Jimmy Sullivan, you and your talent will never be forgotten.

Now, smoke a cigar and have a shot and look down on all the people who you have influenced and affected with your life. XOXO

Comment by Natty

RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. We will never forget you. We promise to keep your memories alive. Even though your gone, we knew you are here in spirit. My prayers go to the family, friends and our boys, Zacky, Synyster, Matt and Johnny.

Comment by Loyala7xfan

RIP Jimmy. You were and always will be my biggest inspiration for everything in my life,music and being me.I wish the rest of Avenged and your family the best and my heart goes out to all of you. An amazing drummer died and A7X wont be the same without you.

Comment by Ashley A

this is so sad. you were so young and still had your entire life:(
rest in peace jimmy/rev, you’re forever in my heart<33

Comment by cassidy

my prayers go out to the whole avenged sevenfold family. i cant believe he’s gone. he was taken way too soon. rest in peace rev. we will miss you dearly.

Comment by Kadee N.

thank you for keeping us updated on this dbn… really means alot to all of us.. the world is now a darker place without him. nobody understands this pain but the sevenfold family.. we all are in this together.. everybody be SAFE and STRONG.. jimmys probably looking down on us right now laughing his ass off, terrorizing heaven, thinking how fuckin short johnny christ is and being the wild mother fucker he was..i know hes happy and free somewhere.. thats all i can hope for now..

Comment by chris

James Owen Sullivan
aka Jimmy aka The Rev;;
you had a big part in changing my life.
Along w/ the rest of Avenged Sevenfold.
You will always be in my heart and mind.
I miss and love you.
Rock In Peace Jimmy.

Comment by R7X

He inspired many, and will surely be missed.

RIP Jimmy. Always in our hearts.

Comment by Katie

rip the rev. You were a crazy fucking drummer and will never be forgotten.

Long live the rev!

Comment by Grace

ive been either trying my hardest not too cry or crying my fucking eyes out.
4yrs ago was when i finally got to choose my own music and find my own genre that i love and avenged sevenfold was one of the first bands i had fallen inlove with and havent stopped listening to since,and too hear that a member of a band who has impacted my life and helped me through stuff is gone is really like losing a part of me.

Comment by jojowaldrop(horrorgore)

i love u….
no anyone can replace u dude….
i dont now how i want 2 say…
u now wat, first time i learn ur song,i know the drummer is best….
the rev forever….

Comment by amierul

rest in peace jimmy
he will be missed loved and remembered by all his fans and those he inspired he was taken from us far to soon. i just cant believe hes gone. he was an amazing drummer oe of the best and my favorite drummer.

Comment by Kaylee

Words cannot describe this loss.
He was still is the best drummer
this world has seen.
He will be missed greatly and can never be replaced.
Rest In Peace Reverend.

Comment by chappysevenfold

This is really sad and shocking. can someone set up a chat or something so we can discuss?

Comment by Snakes&Arrows

My first cd was city of evil you fuckin dude rest on peace jimmy

Comment by Ronnie Jensen

He will be missed but not forgotten, his beats will forever live in the hearts of his fans.
R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan

Comment by Ley

It took a day for the news to sink and when it did, I just had to cry my heart out. You’ll forever be in our hearts. <333

Comment by Lea

Rest In Peace James Sullivan, one of the most talented drummers to walk this earth. It’s a shame you had to leave us so early, but may your music and spirit live on forever. I am having a hard enough time grasping what’s happened, so on that note, my condolences are with your family and friends, and I wish you the best you the best in what is the Afterlife.

Comment by a7x_toronto

D: the rev was my favorite dummer. and it makes me sad that he is gone. I saw you guys in Concert Ill. And im glad i got to see him at his best.

Comment by Moony

I/We love you, Jimmy.
Thank you for the music.
There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been.
Rest in Peace, Rev. I’ll never ever forget you.

Comment by Nurul

I just want to wake up from this horrible nightmare.
I miss Jimmy!!

Comment by shanice6661

my heart’s broken. may he rest in peace and shake up the heavens the way he has this world. he’s in my prayers & so is the rest of a7x, his family and friends. I’ll never forget him, he lives on in my heart.
ps watching old a7x videos doesn’t help, i’ve cried all day and night watching them.
i didn’t need to know him personally to grow to love him and recognize how good and pure he was.

Comment by Rach

JIMMY COME BACK ITS NOT YOUR TIME. we need you back jimmy, you are the best drummer and person in the world and it wasnt ur time to go

RIP “The Rev”
Keep On Rockin Man

Comment by Brendan


Comment by armando ramirez

Rest In Peace Jimmy.
You will always live in our hearts.
Hard to believe that your gone.
My heart and prayers go to The Family, friends And the band.
We will never forget you.

Comment by LJ

This year has been a year for loss…. I lost a wonderful friend on Valentines Day this year, him and I had tickets to go see Avenged just 5 days after his death… one of the members is gone, its a tragedy! Avenged, and The Rev’s family are in my thoughts and prayers….

R.I.P James “The Rev” Sullivan

Comment by Ashley


Comment by shelley

cnt blieve it =[
a7x wnt b d same anymore!!
i will miss him, best drummer ever!
rock in paradise rev!

Comment by a7xluv!!!

I seriously cried about this. I love you jimmy and i guess heaven needed a drummer. and they sure picked the best one. Let the reverend rest in peace and everyone be safe

Comment by Corey hogg

R.I.P Jimmy We all love you and you will be deeply missed! ♥

Comment by Jayna

Dear God, I pray James “The Rev” Sullivan is in a little piece of heaven in the afterlife making the angels scream. He seized the day in bat country then burned it down, his unholy confessions trashed and scattered. We gave him the strength of the world and he gave a us a second heartbeat. He is MIA, but will walk on through thick and thin to the wicked end. May you be in eternal rest. A Synyster man who will leave his Shadows behind and strikes with a Vengeance, fearing no Christ for he is a Plague.

Comment by Jeremy

love this comment

Comment by karen

its not supposed to be like this

Comment by luy

Our heart is not broken it is shattered….Thanks Jimmy for being an awesome guy and an unbelievably talented drummer but most of all for treating us with respect everytime we had the pleasure of spending a little time with you!
With Eternal love and devotion the A7XES!

Comment by A7XES

I just can’t believe it
R.I.P Jimmy <3 The Rev Sullivan, we will always love you.

Comment by MML

where is the funeral being held?? anyone know??

Comment by Delane Lyn

Always in my heart and always in thoughts and soon always on my skin….
RIP Jimmy Your loved,missed, and idolized for your god like drumming
Love you man and wish u wouldn’t have died….

Comment by Alana

R.I.P Jimmy

Jimmy you alway our heart

Comment by feat

Jimmy you will never be forgotten……
You were an amazing inspiration and we’ll all miss you so much!
Rest In Peace

Comment by Lady Conniver

RIP Jimmy, you will be missed by all. I never got the chance to see you perform, for which I am gutted. But I’ll never forget you.

All my wishes go to his family, the band, his friends and all of the fans.

Comment by FrankieDEATHBAT

I can’t believe… =/

R.I.P. The Rev, we love you!


Comment by Evelyn

I freakin’ can’t believe it. This is so sad! I don’t know what to say, we all loved you, Jimmy. From Kristine, Norway.

Comment by Kikky

Throwdown made an status update on facebook as well

Comment by Ln

i was stunned! still can’t believe that The Rev is gone. we lost one of the greatest drummer in the world.
may your soul rest in peace, jimmy….
we will be missing u…

Comment by lightster

god bless you all. the rock will never stop. we lots another great one. the rock community and myself are sadend with the news. you guys ranked among one of my greatest and most favorite bands ever!!

Comment by george

I feel happy inside that the A7X family is so strong. Band, families, friends and fans. This is unique family that I’m proud to be part of. Jimmy will live on in our hearts and our souls. You can’t forget the unforgettable.

Comment by Dave

R.I.P Jimmy! <3 the world will not be the same without you. we have not only lost one of the greatest drummers in music, but also a wonderful person! My heart goes out to your family and your brothers in the band! Love you! <3<3

Comment by Katrine

loe the best,,,
gw sedih bgt tp gw hrs ikhlas n trm kenyataa,,,

moga loe di terima di sisi-Nya ^_^

Comment by rinda sayy

I woke up this morning hoping yesterday hadn’t happened at all; and it was all just a horrible dream. Finding out the news from the UK yesterday morning, I spent the day at work feeling completely empty. We have lost such an awesome drummer, who brought a smile to so many faces, he was so rare, I doubt anyone will ever come around again with his skill and such kind nature. All the best to the boys in Avenged, and Jimmy’s friends, and family.

Comment by Kate Harrison

R.I.P ‘ The Rev ‘
you will never be forgotten.
February 10, 1981 – December 28, 2009.
Best wishes to Avenged Sevenfold, hope things get better.x
love Alicia.x

Comment by alicia hunt

It deeply saddens me that the greatest drummer has passed. Surely was the greatest and a favorite of mine. My family and I want his family and friends to know that they are in our prayers and thoughts during the time of loss. Long Live The Rev!

Comment by Livia

When jimmy died a little piece of me died with him. he was my inspiration and a true hero in my eyes. i will never forget him. rest in peace my brother, u will always be the brightest star shining in the dark night sky :( xxxx

Comment by charlie marie

Cried like all day yesterday and it wont stop raining :( I miss him like i knew him personally its really weird. Never will he be forgotten he was a once in a lifetime drummer and an inspiration to many people, lots of hugs,kisses and support for the a7x lads and Jimmy’s family and friends!
R.I.P James “The Rev” Sullivan always in our hearts :( xxxx<3<3

Comment by SynysterSamieeShadows

wow…..i can’t believe it……jimmy is dead…..this is insane!he’s the rev he can’t die! i want to say how sorry i am to his family, his friends and his girllfriend, i’m so sorry he will be missed by us all. R.I.P

Comment by Alexis

wow…..i can’t believe it……jimmy is dead…..this is insane!he’s the rev he can’t die! i want to say how sorry i am to his family, his friends and his girllfriend, i’m so sorry he will be missed by us all. R.I.P

Comment by alexandra

The Rev, you knocked on heaven’s door, and we know God will take care of you best than we did. But you will be always in our hearts, and in our playlists, cause’, without you, A7x won’t survive like before. But, you’re the man. Rest in peace, you did what you needed.

Comment by Daniel Kuratani

Rise Against has posted the notice in their twitter…

RIP The Rev… u.u

Comment by Yucker

im a mostly pop fan. avenged sevenfold is the only rock band i liked. i’ve been to 2 of the concerts and love their music i cant believe they have lost a piece of that great bond they shared their is no one that can replace the rev.
he was one funny mofo.

Comment by karen

i will never get over the death of my favorite drummer and hero :(
jimmy, i love and miss you so much, and you were such an impact on my life. i’m so sad that i never got to meet you, but i will look forward to the day that i meet you in the afterlife.
rock in peace The Rev

Comment by Priscillla Vengeance

I still can’t believe it. The Rev is gone. I remember when i first got into heavier music Avenged was one the first I truly loved. I also remember I waited weeks after COE came to get the album, so me and my dad went over to wal-mart and I got CoE and he got Jimi Hendrix. When we got home he put Jimi in the stereo and I put Avenged in my CD player. I put it on Blinded in Chains and i remember thinking “holy shit this drummer is amazing”. Once the song was over I said out loud “that drummer is amazing” and my dad thought I was talking about Hendrix’s drummer. I only say this to express my love for The Rev by stating the way he changed my life. He was the musician who got me interested in music, and by music I mean the instrumentaion and because of him I love the drums. May James Sullivan rest in peace.

Comment by Chase Burton

Papa Roach and Phil from All That Remains wrote too.

Via Twitter:


This is a sad day for Rock And Roll. RIP Jimmy “Rev” Sullivan. You will be greatly missed, my friend.

I never met him but I wish the best to James “The Rev” Sullivans family and the rest of Avenged Sevenfold. R.I.P Rev.

Comment by Ashley

crying over someone i dont know sounds weak, but theres been days where i sat in my room pissed off at the fucking world n i just zoned out to your guys music and everything that was pissing me off seemd to just fade away.. and for that loss i feel the need to mourn. I love you Jimmy.. now rock the fuck out up there man! Its an A7X Revolution.. and to the rest of you guys “the strength of the world is on your shoulders” keep your heads up. you got fans 100% behind you..

Comment by ally

The Rev was my GOD! The world, and music, won’t be the same without him. He really was the greatest drummer. The Rev is “A Little Piece of Heaven”

Comment by Amysaintofsin

I read about him passing away almost inmediatly when the guys posted it on myspace.
I..I was totally shocked, I couldn’t believe it, and today still can’t.
I dropped to the floor and start crying.
A very bittered crying full of pain.
I really felt like my heart was been taken out of my chest.

He was an inspiration to me.
He made me laugh
He made me sing
He made me feel alive.

And now he’s gone.
and I’ll never tell him how much he means to me.
But it’s okay.
He’s now out from the shitty world we live in.
He’s in his little piece of heaven, full of rockstars.

Without a doubt,
we lost the best drummer of our times,
but the heaven got it’s most shining & beautiful star.

When there’s a thunderstorm just think of it as Jimmy playing the drums.

R.I.P James Owen Sullivan.
You will be missed, but you’ll never be forgotten.

Comment by Yoshie V

I posted on here a already but it was even harder for me after reading all of these and thinking that he is really gone. I called my tattoo artist last night and made an appointment to add on to my deathbat backpiece. Im adding RIP Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan above my tattoo and it already has warmness on the soul tattooed under it. I have been so depressed following this news because I dont know what will come of the band as well. A7X has helped me through the hardest parts of my life and that is why I got my tattoo…. to always remember that. Man this is going to be a tough ride…. I pray that I have the support of the rest of my Deathbat Army to keep me going. Love all of you all!!!

RIP James Owen “The Rev” Sullivan
You will be missed by so many of us. Your loss is like the loss of a family member to us. We will always love you and never forget you.

Comment by Marissa Greer

I’m still at a loss. I have been crying all night. Jimmy was the best drummer of our time in my opinion. He was my favorite drummer ever and everyones in my family. I was lucky enough to see have seen him preform live. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. We all love you. R.I.P Jimmy <3


Comment by Paige

So sad, I can’t believe he’s gone. Although I only met him once, I’m at a loss to describe the pain and hurt I feel… not only for the A7X family but for the everyone who cared about this truly great person. Rest In Peace Rev.

Comment by Bo

it took me awhile to even be able to think of anything to say to this. it’s such a surreal thing to have to come to terms with and i think it’ll be surreal for a long time to come. i still expect soe retraction to be written so that all the sadness and dark times that so many people are feeling can be lifted and everyone can smile again. what i would give to see jimmy chase a ‘stallion duck’ again or even bust out anothe rape that has to do with nuts again. he truly had such an impact on people and i don’t think it was ever really noticed until now. it’s terrible that it takes death to bring forth light on these types of things. this is such a tragedy and my heart breaks a little more every day in thoughts of what has been lost, WHO has been lost. like so many others before him, there’s a loss in our hearts and in the world that just cannot be filled. it’s a void we’ll feel for a long while. but i truly believe that jimmy wouldn’t want all this sadness, he’d want us to smile and celebrate his life and those smiles to be as bright and as vibrant as his always was. he’d want us to embrace each other and hold onto the memories we’ve all shared with him. whether it be memories at a show, ones at a meet and greet even those down to knowing him personally. jimmy isnt gone, he’s with everyone of us and he soars so high and so free with all of us. the guys and jims family will grieve and in time it’ll get easier. i don’t believe this is the last of a7x because he wouldn’t want it to be. rest in PEACE, jimmy. we all love you, we miss you and spoken beautiful you’re in our hearts forever. you’re all of our angel now.


Comment by Lucretia

I have cried so much the past few days, i just cant believe he is gone. i just dont know why all of the greatest musicians dont make it past 30. Janis,Hendrix, Cobain. Morrison, and just so many others. i suppose this is what legends are made of…

While we all say “Rest in Peace”, we know that you are another fine addition to rock n roll heaven and what a fine, fine band it is indeed.

<3333 You Jimmy

Comment by Nichole Stew.

I still can’t get it through my head that the worlds greatest drummer is gone. I desperately want it to be a huge morbid joke but he would never do something like that. Man, no one on this planet would NEVER be able to replace him. My best wishes go out to his family and friends.

RIP Jimmy
You’ll be forever missed and always loved
And I hope you having fun chasing your “stallion duck” <3

Comment by Lauren

RIP Jimmy, I still don’t want to believe that we lost one of the most influential people out there today. A bloody amazing drummer taken away too soon xx

Comment by Ashleigh Halliwell
“Jim “The Rev” Sullivan has passed away. Words cannot describe what a tragedy this is. Our hearts go out to our friends in A7X.”

Comment by skillet

I found this posted on another blog today. Its a prayer for Jimmy and I thought it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Dear God, I pray James “The Rev” Sullivan is in a little piece of heaven in the afterlife making the angels scream. He seized the day in bat country then burned it down, his unholy confessions trashed and scattered. We gave him the strength of the world and he gave a us a second heartbeat. He is MIA, but will walk on through thick and thin to the wicked end. May you be in eternal rest.

A Synyster man who will leave his Shadows behind and stirkes with a Vengeance, fearing no Christ for he is a Plague.

Kudos to KK for writing that!!!


Comment by Marissa Greer

Well, ive known this devistating fact for now almost 2 days now.
Its not getting any easier either.
Ive cried myself to sleep the last two night I have known.
If this is what the fans are goinng through, I cant even begin to imagine the pain of his friends, his family, his band, and his wife.

Kurt Cobain, watch out.. Jimmy Sulivan is coming!

The world is going to stop turning now. because a spoonful of jimmy makes the whole world go round. and hes gone :(

RIP Jimmy
We all love you, we will NEVER foget you.
Have fun chasing the thousands of stallion ducks in Heaven.

Comment by Megan

matt tuck (bullet for my valentine) wrote via twitter:
I can’t believe ‘The Rev’ is dead. ):

Comment by vengenz7

My name is Christy Ankney and I live in northeast Oklahoma. I’ve been an Avenged Sevenfold diehard for six long years through thick and thin. My Avenged Sevenfold story is one that not only glorifies their name as heroes, but tells a sad tale of struggle and triumph. In honor of our fallen hero, I’d like to share my story.

It all started six years ago, when I was fourteen years old. I had recently been diagnosed with an incurable and excrutiating skin disease, as well as bipolar, severe depression, and anxiety. A bullying incident at school caused me to drop out. I had no friends, and no one in my family understood me, or was around enough to do so. I spent every day at home, by myself, honestly trying to find new and inventive ways to harm myself. No one knew I did these things to myself, because I hid it. What was going through my head at the time was the fact that I felt more than completely helpless, I felt trapped. Like I didn’t even deserve to die, like that was too good for me. I was seeing a counselor every Tuesday and Thursday evening and taking a number of prescription drugs to help, but nothing did, and some of it even made it worse. Once my counselor found out I’d been cutting myself, she tried to send me to Laureate. I wouldn’t go, because I couldn’t take my music with me, and if it weren’t for the music I listen to, I’d be long gone. I’ve seen Hell…I know what it’s like to live in fear, in relentless agony, being homeless, being broke, not knowing the next time I’m going to get to eat, I know what it’s like to live a life that most people couldn’t. And yet, I made it through, because of one thing. Without this one thing, I never would’ve made it to see sixteen, just like everyone believed.
I kept seeing the name Avenged Sevenfold everywhere, all over the internet, along with the Waking The Fallen promo photo and an overabundance of praise for these five guys dressed in all black wearing eyeliner. At the time though, it was definitely my thing, so I stopped asking myself “who the hell is Avenged Sevenfold?” and found out for myself. What I found was a song called “Chapter Four”, and after one listen, I was in love. The first time I listened to it, the first thing that came to mind was “holy shit, the drummer can PLAY.” A few months after discovering the band, I had my mom drive me to the other side of town to a small hole-in-the-wall record store, because after a couple phone calls, I knew it was the only place in town that without a doubt had the album in stock. We bought Waking The Fallen and listened to it on the drive home. My mom made comments such as “they sound like a heavier Metallica” while we listened to “Unholy Confessions”. Half-way on the drive home we stopped at a Drysdales so my mom could buy a pair of jeans. I sat in the car and listened to my new CD. After listening to “Unholy Confessions”, “Chapter Four”, and “Second Heartbeat” repeatedly because they were the only songs I knew, I was reading the song titles for the ones I didn’t know on the back of the CD case. I was completely distracted by two song titles that were longer than the rest, that truly stood out to me: “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1” and Part 2. Of course, I got extremely curious, so I turned on Part 1. I heard the beautiful piano intro begin and closed my eyes. When the pianos stopped and the song really started, I felt overwhelmed. I listened closely to the lyrics and the gentle, raw sound of Matt’s voice as the song took over me. It couldn’t have described how I felt anymore if they tried. Somehow, in this eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds of heartbreaking lyrics and powerful music, I found more than just comfort, I found something I never thought I’d be able to experience. I knew, at the end of the song when it fades to static, I knew I’d found something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to find, anywhere, especially not in a song. I found solace, peace, comfort, and above all else, something that made every breath worth taking and every day a little less painful.
I look back on the past six years and feel overwhelmed due to everything I’ve experienced and how hard it has been, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of those things is what got me through them all. Eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds of the most unbelievably underappreciated vocals, pianos, guitars, drums, bass, and intensely astounding harmony. It’s the one thing that has never failed to make my life, no matter how difficult, no matter how badly I just want to give up, something worth living, and I can’t believe I found the answer to all my prayers in such an unexpected group of people, but I did, and I will forever be thankful for what they have done for me.
For several years, Avenged Sevenfold was my whole life. They made me change the way I think, the way I view the world, and ultimately changed my life. I still have an old quote from Matt that says “I don’t have any guilty pleasures because I like so much different music. If it sounds good, I’ll listen to it.” That quote made me stop caring what other people think of me and love what I love no matter what people say or think, and made me open up and in time I became a lot more social. All of that turned me into somone with more friends than I know what to do with and incredible times, and I’m grateful because up until I evolved into the person I am now, I was alone and miserable all the time. I look at those five men covered in tattoos and not only do I see a band, or even just five guys, I see family. Those boys have gotten me through more hell than you could even comprehend, I owe them my life.
As of yesterday, I’m faced with the most difficult question I have ever had to ask myself: What do you do when someone who saved your life dies? I have yet to find the answer, and I am not the same person now that he’s gone. One of the five people that put my heart back together is gone forever, and he took his rightful piece of my heart with him. I woke up yesterday morning to my mom running in my room hysterical and yelling “Christy! Oh my god! Oh my god! Jimmy’s dead, the Rev died!” I sat straight up and the both of us ran downstairs and gathered around the computer to look up any information. I hadn’t started to cry yet, I wanted to know for sure. After seeing several articles pertaining to his death, it finally started to sink in, that he really is gone and he isn’t coming back. That’s when the tears started. Mom held me and cried with me, because I’m not the only one in the family with an Avenged Sevenfold tattoo…she has one, too. I cried until I was exhausted and went back to sleep for a couple of hours before I had to pry myself out of bed to get ready for work. I cried in the shower, I cried while getting ready, and on the way to work, I listened to “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1” and cried some more, but I didn’t cry as hard during that one as I did when I had the bright idea to turn on “Critical Acclaim” to hear him sing. It tore me up. I tried to put my makeup on in the car, but couldn’t stop crying long enough to do it. I went to work with my mind set on Jimmy, and couldn’t concentrate. Who knows, maybe I’ll go in to work tomorrow and receive a pink slip because I screwed up so much yesterday, but I was completely and totally distraught, and nothing could make me feel better. After work, I came home and tried to rest before I went out, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was dead tired, but so upset I couldn’t fall asleep. I looked up at an old Cities of Evil Tour promo poster on my wall and jumped up, turned on the light and ran over to the wall it’s on and looked at it close up, and noticed that it’s signed by The Rev. I put my hand over his signature and cried, because it’s the only thing I have that’s personal from him. I drove to my friends’ house around eleven with a thirty case of Miller High Life and a four pack of Sparks for her, and as soon as I got in and settled, I started to drink. Three beers later, we were sitting at the bar, talking about the day in review, and talking about Jimmy’s passing. I choked up and held my beer up, and my friends soon followed, and we made a toast to someone who might be away from the Earth, but will immortalized in his music and in our hearts. I drank eight beers last night, and my limit is half that. My best friends Sarah and Beanie were in the bathroom rolling a blunt, and I was sitting on the floor in front of them, so trashed I couldn’t see straight, when out of nowhere I said “I can’t believe he’s gone, dude.” I started to cry, longer and harder than I’ve cried in a very long time. For an hour, I was completely inconsolable, not only because I was completely drunk, but because it set in, right then and there, that I’d never see him again. Before this, I had never lost someone close to me. My grandpa died when I was five, and my great uncle passed a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t close to or attached to either of them. Jimmy is a part of something that completely changed my life for the best, and to think that he’s gone forever destroys me. I never got to say thank you, I never got to say anything. I’ve met Matt, Zacky, and Johnny, but I never thought not meeting Jimmy the night I met the three of them would mean I’d never get to meet him at all. Right now, I’d give absolutely anything to be with them…to share my story with them, and celebrate his life and all of his accomplishments over the course of his twenty-eight short years. I always said if one of them passed, I’d get a huge memorial tattoo for them, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing. Jimmy was the one that always made me laugh by saying something stupid when I felt like shit. He could play the drums better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He was a great man, he did incredible things for me and an unthinkable amount of others as well. James Owen Sullivan did not leave this earth in vain…he was a best friend, a brilliant musician, and an incredible human being, and he will live on in our hearts and minds forever. We miss you and love you, Jimmy…RIP.

Comment by Christy

Christy…..Oh my god you story has gripped me by my damn heartstrings. I read it and you have faced a lot of the things I have. I to have an incuriable skin disease. And I to have wondered when my next meal will be but I always knew if nothing else I always had my music and when I was diagnosed with my skin disease I cried for hours listening to Avenged. Because at the time it was the only thing that could sooth my broken heart. I hated the world at that moment and time. But turning Avenged on and listening to the beautiful music they make helped me see that I could get through it. They made me stronger. And knowing the rev is gone is life altering for me. He will forever be missed. But christy I want to thank you for sharing your story with us. You have no idea how much it means to me to know theres someone out there who feels the same way as I do about Avenged. And has experienced things similar to me. Again thank you so much!

Comment by Meridith

The Rev. Greatest musician in the modern era. I have never been so captivated by music like I have been by his. You are loved and missed. RIP Jimmy

Comment by John Montoya

i can’t believe he’s gone…

Comment by Erica

I’m still in complete and utter shock. I’m in mental Denial. I can’t describe this feeling of emptiness.

Avenged Sevenfold has helped me through more shit than anything or anyone ever has. I remember 2 years ago, i was depressed off my ass. I couldn’t smile, i cried every night, and i was just lost. I tried to kill myself once before all this depression. But thats when i discovered My Chemical Romance and the Black Parade and yada yada yada, they helped me the first time with the simple fact of suicide.
After that point in time, i just never came to terms with happiness and i didnt like the world, and i didnt believe it was worth living. I tried to kill myself again. I took a ribbon and tied it as tight as i could around my neck. I wanted to listen to some music so that i wouldn’t die in a “boring way”. I put my mp3 on shuffle and the first song that pops up as i’m waiting to get life over with, is Seize the Day. I was starting to turn purple. I untied the ribbon and started crying. I realized that i DID have something to live for. People out there DO care for one another, and that this band was something different. they weren’t your typical Rock band. they had passion. They had feeling. they had emotion. In every note played by these two guitarists made me tear up. Every drum beat made my heart beat at the same time as the drums. Every bass line made me bob my head, and every word sung by Shadows made me want to sing along as loud as i couldn.
This band stood out to me. I couldn’t help but put their albums on repeat and listen to the album over and over and over again. I used to fall asleep with the earphones in my ears. And every night i went to sleep with a smile on my face. Gradually, that smile became true, and i was truly started to find myself. I became happy. I became a better person, and i became happy with who i was. My life was hell before i found out about these 5 amazing men. But now, i can honestly say that i owe my life to Avenged. They saved it. He took a piece of my heart with him to the afterlife when he died. But he always remains apart of my soul.
We love and miss you Jimmy. When my time comes, i can’t wait to meet you and tell you how much you mean to me and how much i missed you.

Comment by Lindsey

Thats a pretty amazing story

Comment by Zzz

Nasty from falling in reverse posted something..

I can’t stop crying.

Comment by Yoshie V

People in Spain are such in shock…We can’t believe this since we knew the news…Sorrow sank deep inside our blood,more than ever.Our support from Spain to all the A7x world.

Comment by Borja

The Rev was such an amazing drummer. My friends and I were all in shock when we heard the news. He will be missed greatly. My heart goes out to the band, his friends, and his friends. He was an amazing drummer we’ll miss him <3

Comment by Kellie

RIP jimmy ;'( i think its fair to say all us A7X fans miss you man :( and all your band mates freinds and familly even more ;( such a sad ending to 2009 RIP jimmy The Rev Sullivan

Comment by John-A7X-FTW

perez hilton even had a little article about the rev on his web site. :(

Comment by trinity7

I’m glad that ’09 is almost over, but heart broken that Jimmy died :( Jimmy will never be forgotten, R.I.P. Reverand


Comment by Peter

I am more than just heartbroken that Jimmy is gone. I have the most respect for his family, wife, and the band. But I also want to say that the fans are all hurting as well. In times like these, we just need to stick together. We’ll all make it through this. The Rev was a hero and he will be missed. But his memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Comment by Brittney

It seemed like it was just yesterday, when I saw you guys for the first time. City of Evil tour 2006.

That day was the best day of my life. It was also, my very first concert, too. I saw them twice. The 2nd time was at Lupo’s in Providence, RI. 2007.

When I first heard of The Rev’s death I was in disbelief. You know how people start rumors? Then, knowing that it really happened. It didn’t hit me at first, it seemed like a dream. After it sunk in the next morning, I never been so torn up in my life. I know, that I didn’t know him personally, but it literally felt like a member of my own family passed. Just from listening to you guys for year’s and seeing you guy’s play in concert.

I just thought I’d share that with you all. Like I said, my heart goes out to all the member’s of Avenged and The Rev’s family.

RIP James “The Rev” Sullivan. We love you, and we’ll always remember you. You were a great man with a lot of talent. Your missed.♥

Comment by Kaisey Caputo

This one from Nixon of Framing Hanley

Another amazing musician gone this year. The Rev was one of the best drummers in this industry and a great singer. RIP
3:07 AM Dec 29th from Tweetie

Comment by Natty

We love you Rev…You are the funniest, most crazy ass awesome Drummer ever…One of the most talented person of our times…We miss you so much..But you will live forever through your music…My heart goes out to his family and friends..R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan…

Comment by Sammy

This song reminds me of all that was misplaced of Jimmy Sullivan. I refuse to say that we’ve lost him. We just need to find him again. He lives on, maybe not in this life, but in the next. He was a fragile soul, and I honestly don’t believe that God wanted him to remain in such a cruel world.
Jimmy, keep watching over your family, your friends, your beautiful wife, and your fans. Though, we’re not only your fans, we too are your friends, your support, and we’re forever behind you all the way. Show God what you can do up there, I know he’ll be impressed.
May the angels lead you in, my friend.

A thousand times I’ve seen you standing
Gravity like a lunar landing
Make me want to run till I find you
Shut the world away from here, drift to you, you’re all I hear
Everything we know fades to black

Half the time the world is ending, truth is I am done pretending

I never thought that I had any more to give
Pushing me so far here I am without you
Drink to all that we have lost, mistakes that we have made
Everything will change, love remains the same

Find a place where we escape
Take you with me for a space
A city bus that sounds just like a fridge
Walk the streets through seven bars
I had to find just out where you are
The faces seen to blur they’re all the same

Half the time the world is ending, truth is I am done pretending

I never thought that I had any more to give
You’re pushing me so far here I am without you
Drink to all that we have lost, mistakes that we have made
Everything will change, love remains the same

So much more to say, so much to be done
Don’t you trick me out, we shall overcome
Cause our love stays ablaze

We should have had the sun
Could have been inside
Instead we’re over here

Half the time the world is ending, truth is I am done pretending
Too much time to love defending, you and I are done pretending

I never thought that I had any more to give
You’re pushing me so far here I am without you
Drink to all that we have lost, mistakes that we have made
Everything will change, everything will change

Comment by KL

it’s been a couple days since jimmy has passed away and i am still having the hardest time accepting that he is gone. i feel selfish to think of what the future holds for my favorite band, knowing their pain goes so much deeper than losing a band member, they lost a brother and best friend.

my heart is broken, as i know for so many of my fellow avenged fan’s feel the same. i just keep praying to wake up from this fucked up nightmare.

rest in peace jimmy. thank you for sharing your talent with the world for the small amount of time you were here.


Comment by erica lauren

Shanna Crooks tweeted something.

She’s the girl who sings in Gunslinger.

Comment by Yoshie V

r.i.p jimmy .
you are a true idol and will forever be known as an idol . forever ever in our hearts never to be forgotten and to the family and friends of him my consolences go out to you .

James “The Rev” Sullivan we love you and we miss you .

Comment by S.L

paolo gregoletto (trivium) wrote via twitter:
Really bummed reading about the drummer of A7x. Although I didn’t know him well, he was always cool when we ran into them at fests or shows.

Comment by vengenz7

Travis Miguel (Atreyu) wrote via twitter:
Thoughts, prayers, and condolences to A7X and their camp. My heart goes out to them.

Comment by vengenz7

This is my MySpace blog on my A7x Fan site:

I would like to take the time, and dedicate this blog to one of the greatest drummer’s known to man. The Rev, you were an amazing, funny, talented, and crazy person. You were full of life, and you helped make amazing music. It is a shame to see you leave us, and many of us wish that you didn’t leave of. You will always be remembered throughout the year’s. James, your memory will live on and you will remain in all of our hearts. We love you.

Please, Rest in Peace.

02.10.81 -12.28.09.


Comment by Fans of A7x

it’s a sad sad moment for all of us
rip jimmy
Thoughts, prayers, and condolences to A7X and his family . My heart goes out to them.

Comment by titia7x

I can’t believe The Rev was dead…
I’m so sad…
My favorite drummer passed away..
farewell The Rev..

Comment by Azmeilia

my reflection about my best drummer’s death can be read here:

and please drop some comments :) thanks!
jimmy, you will be missed.

Comment by mstella

Comment by Anonymous

Why Jimmy… why not a murderer, or an abusive boyfirend, or a… i don’t know a puppy! Why Jimmy? Why’d they have 2 take him…
Without Jimmy and a7x i would still be pretending to be like everyone else, I wouldn’t have my best friend and sister to obsess over bands with…
I couldn’t believe it… i feel a little hollow now. 2010 was meant to be our ‘avenged year’ then fate decides we’re too happy, and screws with us. crap

Comment by Anonymous

When I found out this news I broke down crying & had to leave work I was so hysterical. :( I still can’t register it that we have lost the Rev…he was one of the greatest drummers of all time & he will forever live on in our memories & hearts. Talent like that can never be replaced. I had the honor of meeting him & the other members of A7X a few years ago
& they are some of the greatest people thoughts and prayers are with the Jimmy’s Family,the band,their families & friends & fellow fans all of who loved and cherished the Rev. RIP Our Rock Angel! <3

Comment by Andrea

i did a rythem guitar tribute of afterlife for the rev :(

Comment by John-A7X-FTW

Now that your gone from BAT COUNTRY no longer in a CITY OF EVIL. Make sure to rest peacefully in A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN.Put on a hell of a show up there and make them all SCREAM. Now TRASHED AND SCATTERED through STREETS they BURN IT DOWN! Now that your MIA I WONT SEE YOU TONIGHT I feel LOST and BETRAYED. This is never ALMOST EASY I will never TURN THE OTHER WAY I will think of you through THICK AND THIN never a FORGOTTEN FACE.I wish i could WAKIN THE FALLEN and give you a chance for A SECOND HEARTBEAT but no the DARKNESS is SURROUNDING im BLINDED BY CHAINS. Their BREAKING THE HOLD its time for SOUNDING THE SEVENTH TRUMPET.In the WICKED END its time to SIEZE THE DAY and make sure you have ETERNAL REST. DEAR GOD please keep an eye on this man.


Comment by Death Bat Queen 618

Derek (Suburban Legends)

The Veer Union

Chuck (Simple Plan)

Alex (The Cab)

Maika (There For Tomorrow)




Comment by Natty

Wow. When I found out The Rev died I was balling my eyes out for hours. All that ran through my head was “Why? Why him? Why now?” I was angry and upset. I didn’t want the band to end, and I didn’t want them to find a new drummer. It just wouldn’t be the same. He’s a great inspiration and one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard in my life. Avenged Sevenfolds music has gotten me through so much and always made me happy when I was at my lowest point. It sucks a lot that he’s gone forever…and he isn’t coming back. ]: My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and I wish them all the best. We miss and love him so much! R.I.P. Jimmy Owen Sullivan (The Rev)

Comment by Jilly

I will always remember download festival 2006 it was the best sevenfold experience ever in the UK. 80,000 people, hot day not a cloud in the sky and sevenfold cranked up. The look on rev’s face when he came out on stage made you feel proud, you could tell he was speechless, and taken aback by the support. Then after the show I queued for 3 hours to meet them, I had to miss metallica, deftones, korn with special guests which included shadows and got sun burn on one side of my face but it was worth it! I knew that would be the only time I would get to meet them ever, and when the rev said I looked RAD it made it one of the best experiences of my life :)

It still does not feel real; he was a great drummer, had an awesome sense of humour and will be greatly missed by everyone in the UK. My thoughts go out to his wife, band members and family. R.I.P REV.

Comment by a7x1987

this is such a tragic news i feel very hurt over the news of the rev he is the best drummer in the world </3 i will miss u r.i.p i hope that A7X will do their best in this difficult time i send my prayers to jimmy the rev sullivan's family and the rest of the band members: M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ. i hope u guys get through this difficult time : [ Rev u will always be remembered we mis and love you

Comment by kathy

A collection of RIP The Rev fan letters on —>

Comment by Elli

God…when i found out i actually stopped breathing…These guys are my idols!! and now ones gone… I am crushed

Comment by hannah

This is absolutely the worst New years I have ever had. It is too hard to celebrate while missing the Rev..

Comment by Cory

this is horse shit. the rev cant be dead!!! no no no no no no no no. :'(
2010 was supposed to be THEIR YEAR! this new album just got game-faced hardcore & so did us fans. now who the fuck is gonna lay down the drum tracks?! if they decide to press on, i hope they find someone they can grow to love. but no1 will ever be able to replace our jimmy :(

i pray that a7x find strength & comfort <3

Comment by dani

R.I.P james owen sullivan you will always be loved & never forgotten as one of the best young drummers to live, and one of the nicest guys to live.

my prayers go out to James`s family, friends and fans.

avenged sevenfold inspired me to be who i am .. so with out jimmy, i can only wish the best of luck to A7x.

i will always be a fan of avenged sevenfold`s amazing & inspireing music, and will never stop loving and listoning to them.

much love. bass player ali .x

Comment by alicia hunt

My comment to a7x actully brought me to tears beacuse of remmbering so much about Jimmy

and its so very true waht i said about him

“jimmy was a drummer god among men, he was a hero to many and loved by all. he was insane but he made it seem almost normal. He chased stallion ducks, and sung about grapes and shit in a bucket. But he always put his heart into everything hes ever done. Its getting to me a lot cause i haven’t cried since I found out but writing this to the guys that just lost a family member a best friend and a band mate that cant be replaced in our hearts. Cause I understand the pain you’ll feel and I think every A7X fan in the world knows it to. We are gonna mourn the death of one of the worlds most craziest best drummers in the world. He will never die in our hearts, he’ll live on and be remembered for all he was. A Hero. A Amazing Drummer. A Reason some kids started drumming. he was our teacher a friend we didn’t know. Someone we looked up to… and that’s how he will live on..

Jimmy may you have your a little piece of heaven in this sweet bitter afterlife, you arrived to early and we wish we could have you back, but in the end you will always be with all us…”

as well as a poem i wrote for him well about him

it seems unfair,
not the right time,
who made this choice.

We never wanted this,
never knew it would come,
a man died today.

He was my hero,
his band my life,
he taught me strength.

I stood tall from their music,
Was living each day for their sound,
Now im left here asking whats going on.

I don’t know what to do ,
My minds in utter confusion,
as i try to grip onto whats going on around this world.

This isn’t fair,
he was our friend,
our teacher.

he did nothing to deserve this cruel punishment
he was a good person,
loved by millions.

sure he had his flaws,
but what man doesn’t go crestfallen,
He will be missed,
with a heavy heart I cry my tears of this great man.

I loved him dear,
that rocker boy,
in my heart he lays forever more.

Comment by Rachel Gates

I agree 100%
GO KICK ASS IN THE AFTERLIFE, and dont forget to sing your grapes song and chase those amazing stalion ducks. and dont drop the 40s.

Comment by K

im still in shock about this
the world lost the world’s greatest drummer..
it’s a very sad time but, let remember him for the good times and what he achieved,,

my deepest deepeset symphathies go to brian,matt,zacky,johnny,leanna,brian haner sr, and everyone else that knew will be hard but stay strong guys

we love you
rip jimmy you will always be in our hearts forever more!

Comment by amy

not so happy new year huh?

Comment by Dave rader

Still not real!!!

Comment by MissGC

Rest in peace Jimmy,
I’m still in such shock, me and friends raised a glass last night.

Jimmy was and still is the greatest drummer I care to remember, musically he has given me influence, and pretty much a world to survive in when things are bad, his personality was just the funniest and sweetest I’v ever known about, (as I don’t know him personally but from live and dvds & what not) & for whats gone on over the years, he’s shown me whatever happens fight through the shit and make it to the other side, because life’s worth it.

My thoughts are with his family, friends and Avenged and Smoothly Pink.. us the fans – your big family – support network, are here always to help each other through Jimmy’s passing.

Come back again, It’s almost easy…

Rest In Peace

Comment by Shelley

fucking gutted. why do all the good ones go?
rip jimmy

Comment by Tori Best

Never in my life have I been so torn apart, at the death of someone I never had the pleasure of meeting.

My heart has been truly shattered by the death of not only one of the best drummers of all time, but also one fifth of a band that has completely change my life. The Deathbat world will never be the same again. Another Hero, Another Angel, taken from us too quickly. Like many Legends, his time was over much too soon and then, next came this fateful day. From now on, may heaven be full with heavy drumbeats and may James Owen Sullivan have forever Eternal Rest.

Comment by Hayley

This new year just sucked.. without The Rev…

Comment by Michelle

i am sorry guys and the rev was one of the best drummers and i fell sorry but he is in his after life already

Comment by alex

Our Hearts and Respect go out to Jimmy “The REV” Sullivan and the Avenged Family.
We’ll miss him <3 Rest in Peace, Rev

Comment by Danielle and Adel

Death just sucks… I’m a drummer and I thought one day I could REALLY meet him…
It really sucks to think that this is not gonna be anyway possible from now =/

Comment by Bruno

I am so saddened by this loss, what a legend, what a drummer…LOST. It makes me sad rto think what the band and his family and friends are going tjrough. R.I.P Jimmy, let’s get Afterlife to no.1 for him, come on everyone downoad Afterlife, download Dear God, any…let’s make then NO.1, or at least try. Fopr Jimmy, his friends, his family, for A7X…LET’S MAKE THEM NO.1!!!!!

Comment by sunsetvista

i not bealive jimmy owen sullivan is death .,.,.

Comment by Anonymous

When i found out i was at work. I just started tearing up i did not know what to do. I just kinda walked to the bathroom stall and sat there and let it out. I am still in disbelief. But now everytime it thunders i will know it is Jimmy Drumming

Comment by John

I can’t help but wait for there to be a new post from Jimmy himself, saying something like, “Just kidding guys!” But its starting to sink in now, and I wish it wouldn’t.

Comment by Anonymous

love u Jimmy
cant stop crying

Comment by me

I still can’t believe it. As said before me, I’m waiting for it to be a new post here, where Jimmy is saying that he was just kidding.
I just freakin’ can’t understand it. Like, for just a couple of days ago, Larry updated us with “I’ve been in the studio, listening to some incredible stuff by A7X”. I wouldn’t in my craziest believes have thought that Jimmy would pass.
Sorry for the bad English, love from Kristine, who’s sitting crying home in Norway.
Rest in peace, James Sullivan. You were loved by so many people.

Comment by Kristine

I never thought that this day would come. Jimmy you were one of the greats. and when i found out i balled my eyes out for an hour.

This news broke my heart, my boyfriend just played a show, and before this they had decided that they were going to play ‘Beast and the Harlot’ and when he found out they decided to dedicate it to you. I hope you enjoyed it. see you on the other side man.

.RIP bro.

Comment by Megan

I cried for days on end when I heard this. They were just beginning to start with the new album and were doing so well. R.I.P. Jimmy, I pray that the rest of the band will be okay and healthy for the new year.

Comment by Deanna S.

R.I.P Jimmy we will never forget we all gonna miss you

Comment by michelle

You’re truly missed Jimmy. Your amazing talent for writing, percussion and the influence you gave so many will never go unnoticed. You are a true hero, and though you left this world much too early the life you lived has given me inspiration to lead my own the same. Rest in Peace Rev.

Comment by Katheryn

r.i.p the rev (jimmy) you was the best in this fucking world

Comment by christian

Hey guys i feel your pain…on sept 25 1980 john bonham led zeppelin died..this is the same exact thing….different generation same pain…rip jimmy…..

Comment by larryc


Comment by Mary

r.i.p rev we will miss you

Comment by chris

As if we haven’t swam enough, in this life of misery. I miss you Jimmy. foREVer

Comment by coreyhogg


Comment by David6661

fuck 2009, and fuck 2010.
life has been fucking miserable since he passed. nothing seems right anymore, i can’t do anything knowing a7x is hanging out a happy family.. knowing that jimmy is dead it just fucking sucks.


Comment by synystersam

My favorite drummer died :( Rest In Peace Jimmy Sullivan / The Rev. I will miss you a lot <3

Comment by MyBloodyNightmare

Jimmy, you will be forever missed. You made an everlasting impression on the band, SO SO many fans, and music in general. You truly deserve to be at the top of the list of drummers. Rest in peace, and may god bless. \m/ \m/

Comment by nightmarez

sakno e the rev

Comment by morry

mrs. deathbatnews your picture of jimmy went away cause of tinypic!…rip jimmy

Comment by jeremy


Comment by Ryan

i feel like this was one of the biggest if not the biggest event in my life so far, to be honest. No bullshit, no drama. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t think of the Rev.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I still miss you every day.

Comment by Lotte

avenged sevenfold, i don’t know if you are going to read this but jimmy was my idol and even though he’s dead, seeing his picture in my room every day with those gleaming eyes keeps me going. i play bass guitar, and guitar and looking at him makes me think repetition, repetition. where would he have gotten with out practicing… i have seen to many dead people in my life but this time god went to far. i’m sorry for your loss and i am grateful to his family. if i had to i would give my life just so he could come back down from the prison in the sky and to see everyone smile again, he will be missed and loved by so many, including me. rest in peace REV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I know 7X must hear it everyday, but The Rev was amazing. All the A7X fans will miss him.
R.I.P The Rev
You were awesome. May you inspire many to come

Comment by lofty93

My musical idol, foREVer.

Comment by Sean

Still, these comments make me cry.

Comment by Courtney

reading these comments, I feel just like I felt that day (about a year and a half ago). It’s still completely saddening even after a while. All the lives Jimmy touched and all the people he has inspired. A7X is still going strong, stronger than ever. Jimmy you would be proud of your boys. RIP foREVer <3

Comment by eternitys_charm

still miss you to this day. Love you Jimmy

A7X foREVer <3

Comment by francyA7X

It is always hard to come back to this page and read all the comments; however, I know that when I do visit I could never forget the shock and the heartbroken sadness that followed Jimmy’s death. It always reminds of how everyone pulled together into a tighter family and helped the guys pull through. foREVer.

Comment by Morgan Waters

I just came from seeing A7X in SD, and I felt like something in me needed to revisit this. No matter how hard I will cry or hurt just thinking about this, I will never forget Jimmy. I will do anything in my power of being, to always remember our Tall Stallion Duck chaser.

I Love You Jimmy,
You Will FoREVer Remain As My Halo That Guides Me Through Life. Your Whole Persona, Talent, & Influence Will FoREVer Be Tattooed Across My Heart, So It Will Remain. Not Even Death Will Make Us Part <3

Eternally thinking of you,
xo Monica

Comment by Monica

I really miss The Rev. He was the craziest guy. I wish I could’ve met him, and he was to young to die like this. I have set up a photo album and dedicated it to The Rev on facebook. It’s been almost 2 years since he passed, and there’s still tears rolling down my eyes. We love you Jimmy. foREVer in our hearts. Even in death, our love goes on.

Comment by Jocelyn Dean

i want to know the story behind this picture. I see it everywhere, and i really want to know what was happening.

Comment by Amanda Rene

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