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Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010. Happy New Year.
January 1, 2010, 9:40 am
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I just wanted to thank you all for the past year (and more) you’ve spent with Deathbat News and wish you all a Happy New Year. Though 2009 ended horribly for us all as we start 2010 we need to continue to support one another through this devastating time. In the past few days we have come together like any family would and it has been very heartwarming. In due time we will slowly stop mourning the loss of The Rev and continue to celebrate the life and talent he shared with us all over the past 10 years. He is watching over us all. If you’ve made any New Years resolutions and would like to share them please do so!

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He is watching over us all! How sad! We all miss him!

Comment by Flo

Wish you all my support and condolences.
It’s time to look forward and break the stones ahead, Jimmy is in a better place now, but he was taken from us way to soon. This year i wish all the light and strengh for the a7x family to keep going on.

Comment by Luciana

It’s beautiful how all fellow fans are supporting each other, i havent seen anythin like this in my life…..thank you DBN thank you everyone :) you all are amazing <3

Comment by mon

I agree with you 100 percent. It’s comforting to know everyone on here and on the band’s official pages understand how unbelievably heartbreaking this has all been, and that we’re here to help comfort everyone (the guys, their families, crew, friends and all the other fans) in this tragic time. This week has forever left a hole in my heart and will take a long time before I’m able to stop crying over Jimmy’s death.

Comment by Nicole

it’s been a terrible week for the a7x family!
we will miss him!!

My heart goes out to his family, his friends, his wife, his brothers in the band and other a7x fans :(

Comment by sam

Thank you, too, for your hard work. Thank you so much.

Comment by FFailure

It’s amazing how one man can make people from all over the world come together.
He was an incredible drummer, brother, son, husband, and person.
Hopefully in time we can stop crying and just be happy that we got to witness what an amazing person he was and celebrate, but of course to get to that stage we have to let out all the tears.
He will live on forever no matter where he is

Comment by Lauren

I have had more people in the past week than ever before come up to me; people from all walks of life, all types of styles, etc. and, when they see my A7X shirt and my solemn face, either hug me or walk up to me and say, “We’re sorry, too.” The support from everyone is so appreciated, both in the online community and in real time.

As far as a new year resolution, my resolution is to teach myself to play ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ on the piano. I have no musical talent, but I am determined to learn it, because I know it’s us, the fans, who will keep Jimmy alive in the coming year.

Comment by Femme

Today i celebrated new years and raised a shot for The Rev, gone but will always be remembered as the greatest drummer ever! Long live the Deathbat!

Comment by Corbin

i am still in shock from his passing, it takes me a while to deal with death. if it wasn’t for this man, and this amazing band, i dont know how i would have made it through my mothers death a year ago, but now i find that listening to their music makes me even sadder.

Comment by amanda7x

I just pray that if they find that it was a “Brompton Cocktail”… Or “I won’t see you tonight”… That people will understand and not feel like they were let down. We all have our own demons… And they can rear their ugly heads at all the wrong times.
And if I am wrong… I will be REALLY happy. But I’m old and have lost many over the years… Far too many.

Comment by C. Lacey

a7x fans will always stay true

Comment by mike m

We’re a family. We will stay true to this band, the music and the people who’ve made the music possible. We are the people that are gonna come together in this time and hold each other together.

Like a true family would. I am proud of being in this family.

Franz Dirks.

Comment by Franz Dirks

i love this post becasue its so true. we are family and its beyond comforting to know we all of the support of each other even if we are all strangers.
i have and always will be proud to be part of this beautiful family

Comment by erin

My new years resolution? To get me a fuckin’ drumkit after putting it off for far too long

Comment by Brendan Harkin

Do it… No better time than the present. And you know… You can’t replace time…

Comment by WolfsThunder

last year I had great wish in 2010 is I wish a7x could back in indonesia and wish could meet them but the rev dead my wish in 2010 has change; I wish a7x can continue their carrier, i wish they don’t give up. The rev is dead but Avenged Sevenfold may not dead

Comment by syara

Whatever comes of all this sadness… I have NEVER before in my life, loved EVERY single song that any group before has put out there. And my time goes many a year. Avenged Sevenfold is the very first. Just the way they could kick out the emotional pitch in all they have done, thus far. And then come back with a total sence of humor. Whatever they choose for themselves… I will remain a loyal fan for the rest of my time here. My eldest daughter introduced us… And my youngest daughter got infected right along with me. We now own all the work they’ve put out there so far… And should they stay with it… We will keep right on with the listening, collecting, and getting to their concerts.
No… no one can replace any other person. But maybe they will find one who can join them in their art… And just maybe they can expand the family. But whatever… They’ve already given us tremendous work, and friendship.

Comment by WolfsThunder

As sad as 2009 ended, I really look forward to seeing what Avenged Sevenfold will bring out this year, if they do something at all last year. Rest In Peace The Rev.

Comment by Johan Bjelke

I went to the mall the day after his death wearing an A7X shirt. I couldn’t keep track of how many hugs or nods from fellow fans I got in that hour. Ridiculous how a single person / band can have such a huge impact on a group of people. I miss The Rev as much as everyone here, and A7X won’t be the same without his genius songwriting and outstanding drum work, but A7X is always evolving, and like always, whatever they do next will be in a different and fresh direction. I’m looking forward to hear from them

Comment by Tommy

As selfish as this may seem, I hope they continue on making music. I know Jimmy cannot be replaced but in time/greiving they should def find a new drummer. Although this will not be the same A7X that we have come to love, Im sure they will continue to make better records and give everyone who listens to their music a little something to look foward in life! Obviously they have helped alot of people who have had troubled times and im sure the fans themselves will not allow a break up to happen!R.I.P Jimmy “the rev” Sullivan you are in our hearts. A7X 4 LIFE

Comment by drew

Such a horrible way to end the year, but like you said, in do time… Life tends to throw you some curve balls, but character is determined by how you respond to those curve balls. There is an endless amount of support for The Rev and Avenged Sevenfold as a whole. With all the love and support that is evident here, we will become strong once again and move past this tragidy. My New Years resolutions include substaining from drinking soda (I know lame, but read on) and living a happier, healthier life.

Comment by Kris

New years me and ma old a7x cover band got together played some a a7x and then had a party for new years and had a shot to the rev it was great he will be missed

Comment by Ryan Delatte

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