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Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Laid To Rest Today.
January 6, 2010, 4:52 pm
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According to some tweets by friends Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was laid to rest today. You’ll never be forgotten, The Rev Lives Forever.

NOTE: Out of respect for his friends and family we will not be posting the name of the cemetery or allow the name to be posted in comments. Thank you for understanding.


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That’s so sad. I wish I could’ve gone. : ( Rest In Paradise Jimmy! We all miss you terribly.

Comment by Brittney

hella sad..

Comment by jojo(horrorgore)

Omg…when I saw the words “Jimmy Laid To Rest” it really hit me…I’m about to cry. The Rev lives forever in my heart. :[

Comment by Natasha

also,when will we know the results of the autopsy?

Comment by jojo(horrorgore)

The results of the autopsy were inconclusive. The results of the Toxicology reports will only be known if the family chooses to make them public once they are received.

Comment by deathbatnews

#revlives4ever rock on with Dimebag and Bon Scott

Comment by Colin B

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by deathbatnews: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Laid To Rest Today. :

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Will we ever know where he was burried so that we can visit him?

Comment by Yessica

yes! i really would love to know.

Comment by ashley

I understand we’re all gutted – but a grave/burial site is sacred. We can’t go and visit because we miss him as a musician. That place should be reserved for family and friends only. Try finding your own space where you can think of him. It’s more respectful to him and his loved ones. =)

RIP Jimmy – You’ll be missed forever, never forgotten, always young, always good looking, always talented and always slightly insane (“in the best possible way”).
Sleep well.

Comment by Lynnie

But what if you don’t just miss him as a musician? I would like to know where he was laid to rest at some point, because I don’t want to visit him, I want to pay tribute to him. In my whole life Jimmy has been the most influencial figure, even though I never knew him. He was like an unknown brother and at some point in my life I want to get the chance to tell him that I love him, and lay my broken sticks on his grave. Broken like our hearts.

Good bye Jimmy. We love you, we miss you. May you rest in peace.

Comment by Luke

i agree with luke, the rev was the reason i started drumming, and still now i cant get over that he’s gone, for my peace of mind and im sure for alot of other people to, it would be nice to know where the god of drumming is laying peacefully. and id join you in laying down my broken sticks to

long live the memory of james sullivan, and rest peace mate

Comment by Mike

its still sad to know that he’s gone. I hope the service was really nice though.

Comment by Holly T.

sad just sad

Comment by nicky7x

Honestly.. I’m so sad. I broke down on new years. Jimmy you were way too young. Rest In Piece <3 :(

Comment by Elizabeth

so did i but i was really drunk aswell but still an awesome drummer and the most funnyest guy to ever live

Comment by dylan

i can’t believe today was Jimmy’s funeral.. this is really a fucking nightmare..


Comment by camii

Rest in peace Jimmy, You’ll be
loved and missed forever, see you soon <3

Comment by Natalia

i still can’t believe it… it’s weird cuz Jimmy’s been a part of A7X since forever… RIP, Jimmy… we will miss you…

Comment by Amy

Forever Beating In Our Hearts James “The Rev” Sullivan


Comment by Cherry Enn

What a sad day today.:/ We love && miss you Jimmy, you’ll forever be alive in our hearts.:/

Comment by Lala

aw. i reallyy wish i could have gone.
i miss him sooo much.
its sooo hard to believe hes really gone.
i hope he had an amazing funeral, he deffinately deserved one.
he will never be forgotten.
i hope the band, his family, and other friends are holding up okay.
i love you jimmy, we love you jimmy and miss you like crazy!<3
R.I.P. and we will see in in the afterlife in a little piece of heaven<3

Comment by kassi

RIP THE REV I still can’t beileve it.He will be missed and never forgotten. ={

Comment by Britt

So sad cant believe it im gonna miss him forever may he keep rocking in the afterlife

Comment by Joey

Where was the service held? And does anyone know if there will be like a video of everyones speeches cause I would really like to hear them
:'( to help ease my pain. RIP

Comment by Courtney

I don’t think it is fair to ask for a video of speeches that were personal to the people involved in the service. As fans, we have to step back and let his family and friends be there for each other. We all think we ‘own’ a piece of his memory and in a sense we do in the music he left for us, however, I think privacy is something that needs to be respected by everyone.

I am just as heartbroken as everyone and am going to respect the family, and remember Jimmy in my own way.

This isn’t meant to make anyone feel horrible or bad, it is just my point of view, we need to have respect. Jimmy was a person just like you and me, and I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want strangers attending/visiting where my loved one was laid to rest.

Comment by N

Aww man it just makes it so much more real now, even though I still dont want to believe it :( I feel so sad for A7X and everyone who loved him RIP Jimmy!

Comment by Anonymous

R.I.P. REV u will always be in our hearts…. every day i wake up i still believe he’s still alive!! Y_Y its hard to believe best wishes to his family and friends especially for his wife hope she’s doing well….. Rock out in Heaven!!

Comment by viry

Jimmy Sullivans memoriall was yesterday. A lot of people showed up and everyone spoke of all the best times with jimmy and how he was an amazing drummer and a amazing man.there were pictures of jimmy with he’s family and friends. It was a night to remember The Rev. All the band members were dressed really sharp and spoke amazingly about the times they had with jimmy and what a wonderful man he was.
Jimmy was laid to rest today. RIP Jimmy Sullivan

Comment by RIP Jimmy

Where was he layed to rest at? Will fans be able to visit him?

Comment by Alexa

Man, it just really hit me when I heard his funeral was today. I still can’t believe he’s gone :( I’ve never been so upset about someone I have never met’s death. He was one of my heroes, and an absolute genius! RIP Jimmy

Comment by Tommy

jimmytherev was amazing &will always be such. If nothing else, he we always live on through the music that is not only in our ears but also in our hearts. it’s hard to imagine him gone, but it will be so easy to remember him &celebrate his life &awesomeness.

Comment by reeta

To A7X I hv a chorus from avril lavigne song – Keep Holding On

You’re not alone, together we stand
I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand
When it gets cold, and it feels like the end
There’s no place to go, you know I won’t give in

Keep holding on
Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through
Just stay strong
Cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you

There’s nothing you can say (Nothing you can say)
Nothing you can do (Nothing you can do)
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So – keep holding on
Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through

Comment by syara

That’s like citing Paris Hilton in a formal college essay. It just doesn’t work.

Comment by Zack

Read the lyrics, they fit. It has nothing to do with whom wrote it or sang it, its about the words.

Comment by N

Rev will live 4ever! ♥

Comment by Evelyn

“Wake the one and rise tonight fallen souls we shine so bright, NO ONE CAN TOUCH US” forever in our hearts Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.


Comment by Zacky M. Gates

it made my sadness come alive of jimmy’s death

Comment by Liefa

long live Jimmy! Rest Peacefully on Paradise!

Comment by signofamaze

Damn,i feel so sad ://
Rock in Peace,Jimmy,We all love you :'(

Comment by Maybeshewill

Jimmy… we all love you. We’re still hurting. ):

Comment by Dani

definitely makes it hit home when you read the words Jimmy “the rev” Sullivan laid to rest today.

Comment by mike m

Reality dawns. Rest in Peace. Thoughts and prayers go out to friends and family still.

Comment by hales

watched all excess lastnight
still so hard to believe hes really gone
and hes not coming back…I love you Jimmy<3

Comment by Mandyyy

it’s still surreal…but now it’s starting to kick in ..knowing he’s buried…..



Comment by mon

I watched all excess too its strange to watch it and laugh at the funny things he does, but when it gets to the end and you hear them speaking about how much they love each other as brothers and stuff it made me cry :(

Comment by sam


Comment by Jose

maybe it shouldnt be announced now, but it should be one day.
Avenged Fans are so tight knit like no other band ive seen before! we should be able to pay our respect personally to him if we ever get the chance.

Comment by Laura D

I wanna make the same comment I made earlier, would you like complete strangers going to where someone you cherished with all your heart was laid to rest? It’s an issue of respect to the family and his close friends.

We all lost something when he passed away, but not as much as the people who spent their entire life with him, or spent day to day life with him.

We hurt, but we have to learn how to deal/channel that in other ways. Visiting where he is laid to rest won’t change anything, just look to the sky and talk to him, because that is truly where he is, watching down on everyone.

Comment by N

i agree… i swear i can hardly stop watchin his weird videos..haha.. he just like everyone’s funny-maker.. :’|..but too sad to remember that he had buried now..
i can hardly stop listenin his beat.. i can hardly stop thinking that he still alive..
miss him very fuckin much <3

Comment by Liefa

N, I completely agree. There has to be a point where we as fans, step back and realize we are only fans, not family. We all loved Rev just as much as we love the other memebers. Now all we can do is let them grieve and hope that one day the boys can return to the band and continue on with the music we all want to hear again. With all that said, the boys are still grieving and need time, just like we do, to realize The Rev is gone. They need somewhere to go to see him and not worry someone is taping their private moment for their next youtube video.

Comment by Nikki

You know, I don’t mean to sound like a smartass but you might try this……if you really want to know where he is buried then you should ask him. If he wants you to know believe me he will tell you. I don’t think the family is going to be giving this information out. If they do it will probably be awhile.

All Hail St. Jimmy
Mrs. S. Twiztid

Comment by Mrs. S. Twiztid

i agree, i wanna pay my respects to the man himself<3

Comment by Mandyyy

in all honesty, i dont think we should know. i love a7x and the rev but we are only fans. pay your respects in your own way, and thats true if he wants you to know he will let you know

Comment by Jared

To unreal to believe he was buried yesterday in the hard cold ground. I’ve cried for a week now. The Rev will forever be in our hearts and live on in spirit. R.I.P Jimmy!

Comment by Livia

Though weeks have past, your memory still burns on!!!! December 28, 2009

Comment by LISA

[…] Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Laid To Rest Today. According to some tweets by friends Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was laid to rest today. You’ll never be […] […]

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since we can’t know I’ll just say I’d place some flowers for him pay my respects to a god of drummers.

Miss u Rev and God Bless

Comment by Eryka

I think it’s amazing how the entire fan community has come together in these sad times!! It really says something about how dedicated avenged’s fans really are and also how respectful they are! I was really reminded of that both when I heard about the scrapbook and memorial in Jimmy’s memory, but also especially when I saw your note about how you wouldn’t be posting the name of the cemetary in respect of jimmy’s family and friends. The fact that all these people from all over the world are able to show their grief, sympathy, commitment and love for Jimmy, his family and the other band members and still keep a respectfull distance, really makes me proud to be a part of the Avenged Sevenfold fan-club!!! so give yourself a pat on the shoulder people, and lets keep showing our boys that they do in fact have the best fans in the world!!

I really wish I could be at Jimmy’s memorial tomorrow, but considering I live in Norway, it makes it a bit difficult! You will be in my thoughts though! and please.. take lots of pictures!!! Lots of love <3

Comment by Katrine

i think N is right we may have all lost him yes but the people that saw him grow and become the man we all loved isnt someone we truly know. We know him as the rev not as james sullivan he was a hero to many but that doesnt change the fact we dont really know him and he will be missed but his friends and family need respect and distance

Comment by rachel gates

I wish I could of been at your funeral on the 6th but I live in England :(

I will miss you so much.

I’ve never had a change to see you live and the band will not be the same without you.

I hope that when I die I can meet you in heaven.

Comment by Caroline

I understand we all loved and miss Jimmy in our own way, but seriously guys.

His close friends, his family…they knew him as a person, as more than just a musician. He wasn’t this big superstar hero to them…he was their best friend.

Asking for the location of the cemetery, or to hear the speeches people gave…let’s give the Sullivan family some respect, okay?

Comment by Scof


Comment by TRACEY

I do totally agree with N and Scof, it’s not right to ask were the cemetery was held. It is, and it should be, something sacred to his family and closest friends. And we just have to respect that. All though I know a lot of us would like to “see” Jimmy.

Jimmy, we all miss you, and love you, so much. May you be in a better place now.

Love from Kristine, Norway. (Sorry for the bad English)

Comment by Kikky

I think both sides are right, but either way he was infact a public figure…the news has covered this story its just a matter of time until its announced. yes maybe not now but it will. theres no sense in basically arguing who is right or not.

Honestly dont act like youve never been to a funeral or cemetary and just walked around and looked at other ‘starngers’ graves, none of the fans cant say there not intrested in seeing or at least knowing where he rest if given the chance.

Comment by C

I don’t really think this is a dicussion on whether or not we will ever be able to know where he’s burried. It’s really more about the timing. Because it’s one thing for people and fans to be able to visit him and put flowers on his grave later on in the future, when things have settled down a bit. Because what really is the issue here is that we are ONLY the fans. And the last thing Jimmy’s family and friends need are some hysterically crying fans right up their faces in the middle of their grieving. And we need to respect that!! Yes, we may have lost a hero, a great inspiration and influence. But they lost a BEST FRIEND, A BROTHER, A SON, A HUSBAND. And what we need to do now is to be as respectful as we can and show our grief and love and support FROM A DISTANCE!

Comment by Katrine

Yes, well said.
Thank you for that.

Comment by 110clarinets

I completely agree that everyone is curious, but there has to be a point where we as fans, step back and realize we are only fans, not family. We all loved Rev just as much as we love the other memebers. Now all we can do is let them grieve and hope that one day the boys can return to the band and continue on with the music we all want to hear again. With all that said, the boys are still grieving and need time, just like we do, to realize The Rev is gone. They need somewhere to go to see him and not worry someone is taping their private moment to me it there their next youtube video. They don’t need someone in their face taking pictures of their grief.

Comment by Nikki

I’d love to pay my respects too, but not too soon, maybe next time. My heart stopped for a few minutes when i was at my friend’s house and my friends’s mom told me. I was soooooo depressed.

Comment by Brandon

wen i saw te words “jimmy laid to rest” really it me too and i too did shed a tear it is soo sad. hopefully we will all eventually get to meet him one day :)

Comment by Sam

i think we should know where he was buried at. It would kinda be like Elvis’s burial site. his fans visit him and pay their respects. after all, he was a HUGE part of rock music and he is a legend now.

Comment by Sarah Sue

I disagree – we shouldn’t know where he’s buried.
I’d hate to think people I didn’t know were going to visit my brother’s grave JUST BECAUSE they liked something he did.
I hate to simplify it like that, but it’s the truth.
His FRIENDS and FAMILY have the monopoly on where he is buried.
IF they want to tell us, it’s because they WANT to and not because they feel obliged.

I prefer to remember Jimmy in my own way… grave or no grave, and truth be known – it’s better that way and I respect MYSELF more for that decision.

Let Jimmy REST. IN. PEACE.
Not being disturbed by people, most of whom he likely never met.
How can people say ‘rest in peace’ then follow up with ‘where was he buried – I wanna see?!’ Makes no sense.

Jimmy’s gone, whether we like it or not, so now we have to respect those HE loved and left behind.
Leave it alone, now.

Comment by Lynnie

look, every one has their own opinion to what they want.
some people may want to visit and some people think it’s wrong to know where he is buried at.
and you leave it alone, now.

Comment by Sarah Sue

It’s not for us to decide who should get to visit Jimmy’s resting place, it’s really up to his family.

Dimebag’s grave site and the Abbot Family Burial Plot is well known throughout the Pantera community, and is a yearly pilgrimage for many fans to visit Darrel’s grave. Vinnie knew how much Dime affected the lives of his fans and how much he knew they’d want to visit, so he let it be known the day after he was buried. It’s often customary to find guitar picks, full beer bottles, and dimes on his plaque.

So, as I said before, it’s up only to his family. This has been a difficult loss for everyone, and me and my girlfriend especially. Avenged was one of our favorite bands. It’s also hard to believe he’s gone, because he sounds so alive on the records, it’s almost haunting.

With that, I end with my favorite of Jimmy’s lyrics.

“Cause I have the right to die how I wanna, and leave how I arrive, so alive…”

James “The Reverend Thollomew Plague” Sullivan

“Such were the notes thy once loved poet sung, Till death untimely stopped his tuneful tongue”

-Alexander Pope

Comment by Delirium_Trigger

RIP The Rev.
Your music will be remembered til the end of time.

Comment by Skylar

I just wanna say how much im gonna miss the Rev. He was a true inspiration. He was himself and he wasn’t afraid of what other people thought, which is what made him one of my heroes. My friends and I are at a loss for whats happened. My deepest condolences go out to Jimmy’s family and the boys.
R.I.P Jimmy, i know your looking out for everyone up there.

Comment by claudia

the rev melhor dos melhores….(Y)

Comment by murilo mansur

I miss you

Comment by murilo mansur

R.I.P Jimme.

Comment by Anonymous

Afterlife: I don’t belong here, I gotta move on dear escape from this afterlife
’Cause this time I’m right to move on and on, far away from here
Got nothing against you and surely I’ll miss you
This place full of peace and light, and I’d hope you might
take me back inside when the time is right

I hope that this is the right time!!! Cuz we miss you soooooooo much Jimmy!!! R.I.P

Comment by Anonymous

Just found out today that he passed away. A really sad loss. He was burried on my birthday.
Condolences from Holland

Comment by Niels de Jong

The Rev, is gone. I am very surprised and still can’t believe it. It literally hurts my heart to know he was laid to rest. He was way too young. I wish I had a chance to meet him, at least so I knew how it was to spend at least 1 minute with him. I hope he’s alright right now. Rest In Peace Buddy and I hope to someday be able to visit your grave site. I’ll give you something special.

Comment by Emily

I miss him so much, I still can’t believe he’s dead :'(

Comment by Katelyn

When i heard Jimmy died in december, i wasnt really an avenged sevenfold fan, but now ive grown to actually love them and all their music, and now its harder to accept that jimmy’s really gone. He was and always will be a legend in my eyes, and also the worlds greatest drummer in my opinion. We all really miss you Jimmy you will forever be rockin’ our hearts. Rest in peace.

Comment by Jason

Now the lyrics to Afterlife have an even deeper meaning :'(

Comment by Lewis

It was a sad day for music when Jimmy passed away. The world lost a great talent. He lives on in the music he left behind. RIP Jimmy. Miss you always

Comment by KK Marie

[…] ^ […]

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jimmy was my hero,he was like a brother to me,even tho we never met, i caant wait to see you in the afterlife jimmy, i miss you every sec of my life and will till the day i die foREVer rest in peace jimmy sullivan

Comment by dustin

I’m not a drummer. I am a singer. Even still, The Rev, along with all of AX7 changed my life majorly. Their music isn’t just a sound, its a feeling, a way of life. They are the best, right up their with Zeppelin. Now with Jimmy dead, my ambitions to change the world through are even stronger than before. I want to change it in his name and spread the love of music throughout the world. Jimmy, Rev, I hope the afterlife is something more peaceful and content than this world of ours, and I promise, when I die, I’ll find you and we are going to drink to life hahaha
Sleep well Rev,
You have left your mark,
Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Comment by Robert Halliwell

You were a true hero to me. Still can’t believe you’re gone nearly a year.. Music will never be the same

Comment by Anonymous

omg i cant believe its almost a year man the band will never be the same we all miss u jimmy we love u R.I.P

Comment by justine pembleton

THE REV ws my only inspiration to my drumming…a7x was my dream band of all tmes…the rev was another man in whom i find god and would find always..may his soul rest in peace

Comment by SID b.

Cant believe its nearlly a year since you’ve been gone, yet the loss is still no less.
Forever alive in our hearts x

Comment by Holly

R.I.P REV You will always be remembered you were an amazing Drummer and I am sure you are still kickin butt on the skins GODBLESS his family and friends PLEASE KEEP THEM STRONG

Comment by james o.

today a year ago jimmy died, even after a year we still remember his life and legacy as if it were only yesterday he was in avenged sevenfold with synyster gates. thanks jimmy for the 11 years you had with avenged sevenfold… we love you

Comment by amber

There is not a day that goes by that I watch so far away video and telling myself he is really gone. Its hard to believe someone so young and talented could have a short life, its been a year already and he is greatly missed. Forever in our hearts,so long and R.I.P Jimmy!!!

Comment by shana

there is not a day that goes by i dont think about him, as i write this i cry. i saw a7x in concert a few weeks bad and him not being there was horrible. m. shadows was talking about it and everyone was holding up lighters. anyways, Rest In Peace James Owen Sullivan…

Comment by angel

I can’t forgget him, I dream with him every night. This is a pain so hard to care. I love you Jimmy wherever you are, but I Know you’re in a good place. Your fans are with you! foREVer <3 :'(

Comment by Avenged Sevenfold Fan

Still,after all this time, I miss him so much :( RIP Jimmy foREVer

Comment by David

still after all this time…speechless…R.I.P Jimmy ” The Rev ” Sullivan… there will always be a little peace of heaven you left us in our hearts and souls…we will all see you soon in the afterlife…thank you for being my idol beacuse of you i started drumming and i play ur songs to honor you in my way you will always be my idol i love you.. ( everytime thunder comes thats jimmy playing for us look up too the sky and you will see him honor the drum god. ) * * * Nightmare *

Comment by Michael Aguilar

we love you The Rev <3
FoREVer ..

Comment by adie

I have so much to say, but your so far away :'(

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
Rest foREVer

Comment by SynGates

Im a drummer… And wen i heard that The Rev, was no more.. Im really hurt by that… Nw im an artiste, n my idol A7X… ”LIVE IN PEACE”, THE REV…

Comment by Anonymous

this soo sad :( man i wish you were alive

Comment by ozmar

I’m visiting him tomorrow. Gonna be a couple of hour drive but its worth it. I dont care what your opinions are, i am going to pay tribute to a man who has influenced so many. The sacred ground where he rests shall be treated with the utmost respect. I will lay a single flower, my drummers sticks, and my first a7x t-shirt i ever bought in tribute. RIP Jimmy. We will all see you again one day.

Comment by Josh Currier

miss you the rev

Comment by wellington

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