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Dirty Heads Put Up Remix Of “Check The Level” With M Shadows & Slash.
January 10, 2010, 2:41 pm
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Back in October I posted an article about the Dirty Heads remixing their song “Check The Level” with M Shadows and Slash. You can now check it out on their Myspace page!

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I just emailed you guys about this:P
Damn timing.

Fun little track!
Loving it:)

Comment by se7en

Ha, love it!!! =D

Comment by Shell

sounds great tbh :)

Comment by mon

the songs rulz guys where i can download that song

Comment by Undersebas

use torrents or limewire

Comment by se7en

love it!

Comment by amy

love the song!!

Comment by Karina

i liked the song before, but i freaking love the remix of it.

Comment by april

nice to hear shadows screamin again

Comment by ethan

i didnt even hear him scream in that song… ? just sounds like singin to me.. good shads experimented with other things.. but not a fav tbh.

Comment by chris

song sucked.. it was a tease.. no hardcore solo and why would you not give Shadows a verse? He alone can make a song a hit.. terrible..

Comment by Anonymous

Agreed. I was very disappointed. Shadows should’ve had a bigger part for this remix to be something special. Complete letdown.

Comment by Anonymous

agree with both of you. After going through a couple mins with hearing him just a tiny bit…i would figure he would sing the last verse but i guess i was wrong. Its a shame to give shadows lines to a minimum. He’s such a strong singer, he makes the song much more powerful. Look at The River by Good Charlotte. That song would be garbage without Shadows and SynG in it.

Comment by Paul D.

he screams at the end of the chorus, at least I think he does

Comment by ethan

The chorus (which is M Shadows’ part) was absolutely amazing. Not a big fan of rap though, so I’ve been pretty much playing the chorus nonstop since it’s stuck in my head.

Comment by Zack

he doesnt scream just provides background vocals during the course and does the “yeeeeeaaaah” right after that bridge near the end of the track.

Comment by se7en

I’m not really into rap, but I did like the chorus. It’s clearly best when M is singing. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t let Matt sing more, it would have made the song much better. That’s what I think.

Comment by Kikky

Amazing song. I love mixing styles, so this is pretty dang good to my ears.
Hellz to the yeah. x

Comment by Emma

i need this song, it’s mint

Comment by rexy

LMAO, song sucked [2].
But it’s nice to hear Matt “screaming” again.

Comment by Renan Lynx

That remix is amazing! =D
Where can I get this song?

Comment by Seven

ha, it’s a fun little song…love it!

Comment by stephie

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