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M Shadows Talks New Record To Kerrang In Dec 31st Issue.
January 10, 2010, 9:58 am
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In the December 31st issue of Kerrang! they posted a “50 Albums You Must Hear In 2010” special that featured an interview with M. Shadows. I typed this up from a copy I grabbed. Please keep in mind that this was conducted before The Rev’s passing.

DUE: July
Album Number: Five
Follow-Up To: 2007’s “Avenged Sevenfold”

M SHADOWS (vocals): “In January. We’ve been throwing around ideas for the last year or so and really knuckled down on the writing in September. We wanted to give ourselves enough time to make the best record possible. We have a lot of good songs but now we’re trying to beat them and write even better stuff. Even if a song is blowing us away, we’re constantly trying to beat it. We’re really striving for something special.

“Well, I thought our [2007] self-titled record wasnt as emotionally draining as [2005’s] City Of Evil or [2003’s] Waking The Fallen, and I really wanted to make an album that gets the best out of us again. We’ve been doing this for so long now, we want to fall in love with what we’re doing again. We dont want to put out any bad records and it takes a little bit longer to make sure we’re putting out only our best efforts, then so be it.”

“We’re talking to a few people who seem promising but we’re going to keep that under wraps for now because the deals havent been done yet. Since we did the last record ourselves, we wanted to see if we could get comfortable enough with someone else this time. With us, it’s really important to know that if we’re paying a producer, they are able to contribute musically and make suggestions. We dont want someone who just knows how to twiddle knobs. We just need to find someone who can listen to our songs, let us be Avenged Sevenfold and make suggestions that get us from A to Z quicker.”

“We have about 20 ideas, with about 13 complete songs. Right now we’re writing about two songs a week, working our butts off. Last time we only put 10 songs but we’ll have a lot more this time – it’ll probably be as bid as City Of Evil, like 75 minutes. So far, it sounds more like classic metal; it’s old school, thrashy and its heavier with more solos. Lyrically and musically it will have a conceptual feel. There’s talk of doing a track that encompasses each of the others for example, and of doing reprises and interludes and little things like that. We’re trying to do something really fun and cool.”

“It’s a dark record. The music is emotional. Our goal is to make every single part memorable, we want to evoke reactions live and at home. It’ll have big rock ballads, the big fun stuff, the piano, the choir, the orchestra and all the visual things you expect but with a different, moodier vibe. Lyrically, I’ve been inspired by everything from the ways kids are brought up nowadays, to schooling, the economy, religion, war and the behaviour of our government. It all plays into how kids are so emotionally detached from the real world right now.”

“Not directly but in a certain way I guess. As a band we’re all growing up a little and maturing. When you’re young and youre carless you can throw it all out there and not really give a shit but now we really have to believe in something if we’re going to put our name to it. When I the record on I want every single moment to be a slam dunker.”

Thanks to Todd & the AMB for bringing this to our attention.


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awesome :]

Comment by avenged7foldnews

thats just depressing to read

Comment by Dave rader

I agree. I had tears well up in my eyes & I got this really sick feeling…Jimmy lives on forever in our hearts<3

Comment by Jessica F

This kind of makes me feel a tad better about the album actually coming out. I mean.. they already have 13 songs ready if I read correct. I really want them to go on with their career despite Jimmy passing.. Jimmy wouldn’t want them to quit their dreams because of him. I just pray to god they are doing better and have the strength to keep going. I’ve been a fan long enough to believe they’ll make the right decision and I’ll support anything they decide to do.

Comment by Stephanie Cote

But then again does complete mean recorded? =|

Comment by Stephanie Cote

They planned to start recording after christmas :(

Comment by Reelika


Comment by Stephanie Cote


Comment by pinkdeathbat

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Well I mean…it’s not recorded and they wrote the drums for Jimmy…no one can play like jimmy, we all know that. Who knows what the guys are gonna do…

Comment by Anonymous

I really hope the guys go on with their career. They are just such an amazingly talented group that it would be such a shame to see them quit. I don’t think them leaving music is what Jimmy would want.

Comment by veronica

i agree. jimmy would want them to keep moving forward.

Comment by Anonymous

well then ….=/

Comment by mon

its pretty sad reading this cuz the interview was before jimmy died :(

Comment by mike m

I teared up a bit when i saw this in the mag! They sounded excited about the new album! and now we don’t really know whats gunna happen!!!

RIP Jimmy, i hope they make this album for you!!!

Comment by sam

this is just heartbreaking.. but i agree, Jimmy would want them to keep going.

Comment by Athe

Its really heartbreaking that The Rev has passed away. He can never be replaced but i know the rest of the A7X crew will try their best to hang on battling this loss… And know that their fans (Death Bat Army) are in support and we will join together And pray for Jimmy’s soul to rest.
Long Live A7X!!!

Comment by Victor melendez

this makes me sooo sad to read but I had heard that they were in the late stages of recording and if that’s true then we’re probably in good shape because drum tracks are usually recorded first (i believe). But i have no idea how they’re going to tour. ugh..

Comment by RIP.JOS

I think it’s going to take them a bit longer to put this thing out now since of Jimmy. However I do not think they will entirely stop. They’re too young and ambitious to end their musical career just yet. Emotionally, this will be hard for them. 75 minutes, trashy old school, HEAVIER, MORE SOLOS!!?? This is too good for them to entirely end it. I’m crossing my fingers and praying there will indeed be a 5th A7X album. I don’t care how long it takes.
We already lost the world’s greatest drummer. We can’t loose the world’s greatest band as well! I might hang myself!

Comment by gretchya7x

Well put. I agree with everything you said. Without Avenged Sevenfold I’d have no one else to look up to. I too will cross my fingers, but being an avenged fan for so long I know they will make the right decision. <3

Comment by Stephanie Cote

i don’t know what i would do without them :( and i really hope that they keep going, in jimmy’s name. but how are they ever going to find a good-enough drummer?
Rock in peace jimmy</3

Comment by Priscillla Vengeance

I wope that they don´t stop.
They are to Good to quit now, i think jimmy wouldn´t want this

Comment by Anonymous

As I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of you… I’m still not over Jimmy’s passing. This hit me hard for reasons even I can’t explain; he was both one of the world’s most talented musicians, and wonderful people you could ever meet. Having met him even just once makes it even worse.

As for the rest of the guys… as everyone here has been saying in their comments, Jimmy would most certainly want them to continue on, as difficult a time as this is. I know he’s probably yelling at them from the heavens right now, telling them to record the album anyway; it was his dream as well as theres… would he give it up? Not at all.

I don’t think they’ll start recording when they said they would before… but I think we’re still seeing an album in our future.

I hope with everything that the guys are doing better, and that they all get through this… I just wish I could help somehow, and it sucks that I can’t.

Love ya, Rev.
‘Forever Young And Free’

Comment by Gemma

A7X 4 LIFE ,,, i know that is going to be hard , but , we as fans of the greatest band ever , must support them at all times ,, and plus i dont think that jimmy would want them to stop ,, matt , brian, zacky , ad jhonny we are with you ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you so much for posting this. I literally went all over Montreal trying to find the December 31st issue of Kerrang! This article depresses me. I was looking so forward for a new A7X album. God I miss Jimmy :( may he rest in peace

Comment by JojoGates

Shit, reading this made me so sad. Everything for the new album seemed to be planned out so perfectly! I still haven’t gotten over Jimmy’s death. It hit me hard. He was the one drummer that made me start drumming.
I hope the boys find the will to carry on with their career. I’m sure Jimmy wouldn’t want them to quit on their dreams, on their music & on their fans.

Comment by Alejandra

Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t Syn also play the drums? If they do decide to record the album, I could see them having Syn fill in the drums for Rev. Of course he won’t be as good as Rev, but it would at least complete the songs. Then they could dedicate the album to Rev, and take a break. No tours, no videos, just release the album and decide from there if they want to continue as a band or not.

Comment by Jules

yea thats hard to read well they have 13 songs done on the album, i kno know one is good as the rev and with all the vids on youtube of people drummin jimmys song im sure they can find one person that can play them and record with them cause there avenged sevenfold one of the hottest bands on the planet, i hate that the rev died but he would want them to keep moving forward!!!

Comment by Jonathan

[…] M Shadows Talks New Record To Kerrang In Dec 31st Issue. In the December 31st issue of Kerrang! they posted a “50 Albums You Must Hear In 2010″ special that […] […]

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glad to hear about the new record but whos going to be the new drummer for the band?

Comment by Chase

[…] See original here: M Shadows Talks New Record To Kerrang In Dec 31st Issue. « […]

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Any of you ever heard of studio musicians? Bands do pre-production demos before going into the studio so most of jimmys drums are demoed. All the band has to do is hire a studio musican to play the parts on the album. There might be a few instances where they might have to finish writing drum parts, but aside from that they should still have drums for all of the finished songs.

Comment by A7XEric

M SHADOWS (vocals)


Comment by A7XforLIFE

[…] ^ a b […]

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