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Issue #1295 Of Kerrang! Features Tribute To “The Rev” & Zacky V FoREVer.
January 12, 2010, 3:35 pm
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In the January 13th Issue #1295 of Kerrang! magazine fans and stars pay tribute to Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. The issue will also feature a commemorative poster as well. In addition Zacky Vengeance took to his twitter today with the following:

Jimmy will always be with me in everything I do. Except sitting at home being sad, so today Im going to try to start living again. foREVer


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Aw, ZV :(

Comment by Cassie

Any idea where to get this magazine online? I’ve been to both my local Borders and Barnes&Noble, but have been unable to find it. =\

Comment by Alexa

Sometimes they’re about a month behind on getting international magazines, but you can try Ebay!

Comment by deathbatnews

I for sure have to get this mag!!foREVer RIP the Rev <3

Comment by Britt

amazing article, the rev was loved more than most..still cant used to the thought of seeing an a7x poster without him or hearing the new songs without him

Comment by mike m

I’m gonna get this mag when it’s out.

Thanks Zacky. I’ve spoken too many words of sorrow to continue now. we must raise our heads and spirits.

Comment by MrRedman

i re-tweeted that, RIP Jimmy

Comment by Liz

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how can i get that mag, cuz i want one

Comment by Asa

you buy it.

Comment by iain

Guys, Is the magazine available in Australia already? I’m travelling around the world and I don’t wanna miss that issue.

R.I.P THE REV, foREVer in our hearts.

Comment by Savage Tosh

thanks for the ebay tip! immediately searched for this issue and bought it on ebay. the rev was the greatest drummer, and while i’ll miss hearing new stuff from him, i’m sure the heavens above are enjoying what he’s putting out. not a day goes by that i don’t get a little teary eyed thinking about him, but i will definitely continue to celebrate the works of his life rather than stay sad.

Comment by reeta

When do you think it will be avalible in Canada, B.C. ?

Comment by Courtney

Jimmy will foREVer be an absolute legend in our hearts, and what ZV said is right: we have to move-on and start living again because thats exactly what Jimmy would want.


Comment by Zacky M. Gates

I re-tweeted that… after shedding a couple of tears, myself.
Buying that issue, today. Will be setting off in about an hour for it.
For those who can’t get it: why not try their website and order it direct?

Comment by Lynnie

i think that is not possible to do that without subscrive for the magazine.
I want that magazine, but in my country don´t have it.
The magazine came out today?

Comment by Anonymous

It came out on the 13th in the UK.
Some shops do back-issues, but if you’re not in the UK, I don’t know how it works, sorry.
See if you can get a friend, from the UK, to buy it for you and post it… and you just repay them the money (by making sure you get the right currency exchange cost and sending it to them in their own currency).

Comment by Lynnie

Poor guys. I bet they are just moping around. :( I would be too.

Comment by Zoey Davis

i need 2 get kerrang!! Poor zacky i was so :( when i read that!

Comment by sam

i ordered mine off e-bay today

awww zv :(

rip jimmy foREVer

Comment by amy

Awww Zack. :( Hang in there buddy. Jimmy will always live forever in our hearts.

Comment by Brooke

I really needed to see one of the band members say something like that. Kind of shows you that everything is going to be alright and that the band will persevere no matter what happens. I think it’s safe to say that the band will stay together, judging by that simple comment: they realize the need to live on.

Comment by Zack sell this latest issue in their store

Comment by jackie

I got the issue this morning.
There is the tribute page, the poster, a section in the ‘news’ with fans reactions and there is also a NICE (with no words) Pandora strip in which Jimmy is drawn in colour, and Pandora is in grey. I think that’s so awesome and so right to how we’re feeling.

Comment by Lynnie

This magazine comes out monthly?

Comment by Anonymous

I believe it comes out weekly.

Comment by JD

That’s so nice, can’t stop crying. Jimmy will foREVer be in our hearts. FoREVer, foREVer.

Comment by Kikky

This magazine is weekly, i nearly started crying in the shop and all i saw was the front cover. The Pandora strip was perfect.

Comment by Shell

the shop that i usually get mine in has stopped buying kerrang cuz i was the only person in the whole damn town buying it :(

still cant believe hes gone :(

Comment by Kailey

I’ve read the article (thanks to those that scanned it), but did anyone get the poster scanned? Also, what is this about a comic strip?

Comment by Kel

[…] ^ […]

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im willing to pay £15 quid plus p+p to anyone who has this magazine in mint condition with the posters….. contact me at


Comment by ash griff

I wanna the pix we can see the rev on #1295 of Kerrang!

Comment by geoOsim

Does anyone know where i can read the article online

Comment by Lauren Kerr

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