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Avenged Sevenfold Head Into Studio With Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy.
February 17, 2010, 4:09 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold will head into the studio with Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy behind the drums. Check out the statement below:

I want our fans to know that with Jimmy in our hearts, our journey to record has officially began. Jimmy helped leave this world an amazing gift and now it’s our job to make sure to deliver that gift to our fans. We asked Jimmy’s all time favorite drummer Mike Portnoy to record on behalf of him. Mike said it would be an honor and without question that’s what Jim would have wanted. Its comforting to us that someone like Mike, who is undoubtedly revered as one of the best drummers in the world, held such respect and adoration for the Rev’s abilities. Even though it will never be the same without our brother by our side, his essence lives in our hearts and through the music he helped create. He was a legend before any of the success or any of that bullshit and we are fucking excited to lay this down for our fans, and especially for Jimmy.
-Avenged Sevenfold


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Yes! He is an amazing drummer to fill in! i would have chosen the drummer from All That Remains but this is way better!

Comment by Jose Cruz

This is so sweet, I actually cried a little bit.

And Mike Portnoy?
As a massive Dream Theater fan, I’m excited to hear this.

Comment by Vanessa

Same, I totally teared up. It’s so awesome though that they’re moving on to honor him.

Comment by Stephanie Cote


Comment by Erica Aiden

this has made my night :) foREVer

Comment by rexy

Absolutely amazing, Jimmy’s definitely smiling up there now. I’m sure Mike will do a great job.

Comment by Stephanie Cote

:’) I love you Jimmy. foREVer.

Comment by Courtney

Its going to be magic guys! Jimmy will always be there with you and watching over you! The best of luck. much love xx becky xx

Comment by Becky

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nice to hear that..
just cant wait!!

Comment by DA6996

This made me tear up. :] I’m soo glad they got a kickass drummer to do this. Jimmy is smiling for sure. foREVer! Can’t wait to hear the new album.

Comment by Livvy

:O !!!! <3

Comment by a7x4ever

mike portnoy is possibly the only person who could make this happen.

Comment by donnie.


Comment by Stephanie Cote


Comment by se7en

It makes me feel ALOT better that it’s deffinitely someone jimmy respects and would approve of. This is going to be epic!!

Comment by AJ

Im so happy that if anyone stepped in it was one of their “family” Mike is his favorite drummer so to hear this made me tear up all over again. good luck guys we love you and wish the best

Comment by Taylor R.

OMFG!!! When Jimmy died my friend laughed at me when I said it would have to be someone like Mike Portnoy to fill in… To have Mike be honored by this has made my day! I couldn’t help but be a little teary eyed. It still won’t be the same, but it will kick some serious ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by fatboy1271

This is awesome news. You couldn’t ask for a better drummer to perform in Jimmy’s place. He’s no Rev, but damn Mike Portnoy is awesome. Jimmy is looking down, honored and smiling that his idol accepted to record his tracks.

Comment by Erik Heft

couldn’t of said it any better.

Comment by Paul D.

So very, very true

Comment by se7en

it’s sad to have to move on from The Rev, but that’s very sweet his favorite drummer will play for him <33

Comment by ragamuffiin

AMAZING! *——* <333333333333333

Comment by caique

HELL YEAH!!!! Finally some good news!! I really wish the best for the boys, I mean they’ve been through a lot, and this actually made me start jumping with joy!! We all know that Mike Portnoy is one of the few drummers to fill in the Rev’s shoes, so it’s gonna be awesome! I’m also a Dream Theater fan, and this…well this just made my MONTH!! Rest in peace Jimmy…foREVer…

Comment by Gerry

This made my Year!!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait. It’s great to see the guys looking ahead

Comment by James

FUCKING AWESOME. Holy shit, I’m seriously excited for this. I dreamed this in my head, but hot damn, I never imagined it would actually happen…

Comment by Francis

God, this is the best news I think I’ve ever heard. Such a relief, I can finally breathe. Mike will do an awesome job. Can’t wait guys.

Comment by Brooke

wow thats awesome
jimmy is definitely smiling right now =)

Comment by amy

I fucking love life right now :D

Comment by Se7en

I am extremely glad that it was Jimmy’s favorite drummer and that Mike did it with a huge respect for James… Rest In Peace forREVer Jimmy <3

Comment by Riley

I honestly cannot think of any better drummer to fill in for Jimmy, God bless his soul. I’m really exited to hear this and absolutely cannot wait for this record.

Comment by Julian G

Seriously, this really made my fucking day, best news I’ve heard in the last three months!!! I bet Jimmy shit his pants…Thank You Mike Portnoy!!!

Comment by Mandyyy

this is literally the best possible person to fill the job for now, the best of the best paying his respects to an upcoming legend.

Comment by evan

wow mike portnoy. really couldnt think of a more perfect person to record in his place

Comment by Chase

The only dude with a bigger kit…

Comment by Jenn

I love those men so much it’s crazy. I’m so happy to see them pulling through this, turning Jimmy’s memory into enthusiasm and optimism and motivation and putting out the album he helped create in his honor.

All my love.

Comment by Jesse

this is unreal :):):):)

Comment by mon

So soon the A7X boys have played with two of the best Metal drummers known to mankind. Holy hell. Epic!

Comment by Johan Bjelke

I cannot believe how awesome this is going to be!
Of course it no-one will ever replace The Rev, but Dream Theater and A7X are my two favourite bands. This is gonna be amazing!

Comment by Greg

Now this is what I call a real Gift from Jimmy 2 all d fans in dis world…
This is just a great excitement that made my day…
Mike Portnoy, I really really really appreciate your honorable respect towards our ‘Brother in Heaven’-Jimmy Sullivan…:):):)

Comment by Afdhal Yuda


Comment by Evandro

Thank you Mike Portnoy
Hell yeah, a good drummer, but no one will replace the rev

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome, he’s no Jimmy, but he sure as hell is a great drummer. He’s recording for Avenged, but does that mean he’s also performing?


Comment by Seth

I don’t know much about Dream Theater, but I hear this Portnoy guy is amazing! I can’t wait. I love how willing he was to fill in.

Comment by Marcus

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