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Avenged Sevenfold Give You A “Nightmare.” Album Out July 27th & Mike Portnoy To Be A7X’s Touring Drummer.
May 4, 2010, 7:33 am
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According to this article from Hard Drive Radio the first single off of Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming record is entitled “Nightmare.” Mike Portnoy is set to become Avenged Sevenfold’s touring drummer, at least on the Rockstar Uproar Tour. And, the album is also slated for a July 27th release date in the US.

And speaking of Uproar, am hearing Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater will be the touring drummer with Avenged Sevenfold.  Mike plays on the new to-be-titled Avenged Sevenfold album, due July 27. The first single, which I heard in LA, is called “Nightmare” and it is smoking hot!

This has not been confirmed.


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I kinda figured it’d be Mike, the dream theater-iron maiden tour ends just in time for uproar. and I’m excited to hear this new song!!

Comment by steve

but dream theater is in tokyo on the 8th of august..i hope it will be him but if not BRING JOEY!!! or ROY FROM STONE SOUR

Comment by andy

I can’t wait to listen a new music of A7X…!!
It’s an amazing music..!!

Comment by ADy "Editor" Inbox

Can’t come quick enough!!

Comment by Catherine Edgar

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m going insane waiting to here new stuff.

Comment by J-mac

Cool name

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by ZZZ

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by charlie, Marcos Santos, Alyona, Karaca Kacar, Tommy 黄 Christian and others. Tommy 黄 Christian said: yeahh m/ RT @deathbatnews: A7X Give You A "Nightmare" Album Out July 27th & Mike Portnoy To Be A7X's Touring Drummer: […]

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I hope they keep things like this. Never get a new full time drummer, but have Mike drum on the albums and tour with them.

Comment by Jimbo

Uhhh… wouldn’t that be considered a full time drummer? If he is playing all of the tours with him and recording the albums, I think that is about as full time as you can get in a band…

Comment by Anonymous

Uhhh… wouldn’t that be considered a full time drummer? If he is playing all of the tours with him and recording the albums, I think that is about as full time as you can get in a band…

Comment by Dr BreakDown

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww……….. when will ‘Nightmare’ be released?????????????????

Comment by Angst

Starting every article with “Avenged Sevenfold…” always makes me giggle. We’re on an A7X fansite, it should be a given.

Comment by Callie

Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!

Comment by Josh

So if this true, will mike have to make up a stage name?

Comment by J-mac

its mike portnoy. he doesn’t need a stage name…

Comment by corey6661

It’s avenged sevenfold. He needs a stagename.

Comment by J-mac

Mike doesn’t need a stage name as he is not a permanent member of the band.

Comment by Vienna

He’s not a full time drummer for A7x, he does not need a stage name. He is Mike Portnoy, that’s as good as a stage name can get.

Comment by Ish

Very true!

Comment by Chase

no one can really take the rev’s place
hes a one of a kind drummer

Comment by Anonymous

Let’s call him Mittens.

Comment by Zack

I lol’d :)

Waiting for the release of Nightmare will be a nightmare in itself, can’t wait, I’m sure most of you are the same!

Comment by James


Comment by dtel7154

Ohh wow!!
I really hope we get to hear Nightmare this month or something!

Comment by cSc-A7X

New site, album release date unofficially announced, a tour announced, it’s really time to release what we’ve been waiting for… this new single.

Comment by PM7X


Comment by paul

more and more excited now =] =] =]

Comment by mon

Nightmare, sounds good!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m going to have a nightmare tonight if I don’t hear “Nightmare” soon. Come on A7X, do it!

Comment by Tyler

It’s freakin killing me, all the waiting! But I’m sure “Nightmare” will be a dream in my ears. Lol.

Comment by Kristine


Comment by Anonymous

God…i know i dont pray to enough but..i would reallllly appreciate if you allowed A7X to release their new single some time in….the next few hours. pleeeeeeease lord grant this one single wish and i will start doing all sorts of good deeds…donating to charities…stop luaghing at re-re kids…and perhaps start helping little old ladies cross the street :D
i would forever appreciate it.
your friend, Ryan

Comment by RyAn

they’ll release it friday.. they always release shit on friday

Comment by synystersam

….waiting blows

Comment by Mandyyy

Omg! Omg holy shit holy shit!!!!

It’s here! :DDDDD

Comment by Anonymous

I can’t wait to hear it! I wonder when the single will be released publicly, for all to listen. I shall be sitting patiently until that day comes.

Comment by Cole

[…] Avenged Sevenfold Give You A “Nightmare.” Album Out July 27th & Mike Portnoy To Be … According to this article from Hard Drive Radio the first single off of Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming record is […] […]

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NOW I WANT IT NOW!!!!! Knowing avenged sevenfold they will probably release little webi-sodes to tease us alittle before anything actually comes out, just like they did last time…..ass holes lol jk music is great guys keep it up!

Comment by Anonymous

[…] la nueva obra de estudio de Avenged Sevenfold no hay nada confirmado pero hay rumores. Por ejemplo, Death Bat News publicó que el disco será lanzado el próximo 27 de julio en Estados Unidos y que el primer […]

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[…] are one of the main headliners on the upcoming Rockstar Uproar Tour. According to the blog Death Bat News, the new A7X album will be in stores on July 27th and the first single is called […]

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the new avenged single comes out May 18th on !!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

new a7x single is out on May 18th on !!!

Comment by Kyle

if ya dont believe me bout the 18th then go to the downloadble mp3 section on amazon and look up avenged sevenfold nightmare :)

Comment by Kyle

i love you guys cant believe what happened to the lovely Rev (Jimmy) i want to ask one question when is A7X comin down to plymouth in UK i havent seen them live yet :/ and i really want to =] love ya all Sara in Plymouth xxx

Comment by sara harrison

fuck yeah!!!

Comment by kennison

Wooo!!! Nightmare! Suena bieen!! Espero escuchar mas sobre esto, espero que los rumores sean ciertos!!! Bueh, por ahora solo nos queda esperar… ¡¡¡A7x forerever!!!

Comment by Marc-Synyster!!

im so stoked about this single and the new cd i can’t wait to see them…its been my dream to see them.. YAYYAYYAYAYA

Comment by Rachel

LIke o m g

Comment by Anonymous

nightmare is released next tuesday… the 18th

Comment by KTosk

Todos ustedes son mborevi!! Ah, Gustavo Caballero es feroz teviro..! Aguante Avenged Sevenfold, Juan Saldo, el Sr.Wilson y en especial… Paraguay.!! Emmm… y tmb el Hentai! Gorje

Comment by Gorje Saldo!

Nightmare(the single)is being released tonight at 12:01 am!!! :D

Comment by lynde sue!

FUCKIN EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by dscott

Ya la escuche!!! Nightmare es muuy buena canción!! Descarguenla de 4shared u.u ..Marc-Syn!

Comment by Marc-Synyster!!

A7X ve hi a aho em mai ,COB an tluklo lutuk…………………

Comment by Lalchunglura Serchhip

I would like to sing with you all someday. Trying to get started, it’d be awesome to say you all helped me get started. You’re by far the most talented rock band in history.

Comment by Anonymous

Hello! (who understands me?? T.T ..Lol) mmm.. Yo pienso que tras las piezas faltantes está escondido… el Deathbat al estilo city of evil!!! El de la tapa del single… pero con cuerpo! xD ..It be would great!! Yeahh! A7x Forever!!

Comment by Marc-Synyster!!

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) is my fav band. They are so intense and original. They have a great sound and their music is addictive. Sooo pumped for Nightmare Album. If you haven’t seen these guys in concert get the live in the LBC cd it kicks ass and watching it gave me more respect for the band and made me like them more

Comment by Ryan

You all do know that Nightmare the single is out on ITunes and shit like that right? Or if ur cheap like me you can get it free from MP3 sites :)

Comment by mike

A7X, nightmare is verry verry good….
i like it…

Comment by nicko

I love A7x!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Ashley

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