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You’ll Have A “Nightmare” On May 18th. Hear A Clip Of The Song Now!
May 6, 2010, 3:45 pm
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This post on Amazon would suggest Avenged Sevenfold’s brand new single “Nightmare” will be released on May 18th. The song apparently runs 6 minutes and 16 seconds. You can preview the song here. The preview has now been taken down, I hope you guys got to enjoy it while it was up!  I won’t allow links to the preview in comments because it was taken down for a reason. Hope you guys understand!

Enjoy the single cover art below:

Big thanks to Alec for sending this in!

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That looks like Jimmy in the picture! =) I can’t wait to hear it!

Comment by Kel

Yea, it also looks like Jimmy to me, it’s very similar to the tattoo Shadows got.

Comment by PM7X

Hell yeah!!! I’m back from vacation that day! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!


Comment by fatboy


Comment by Seth

thats sick!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by gretchya7x

fuck yes

Comment by Kyle

OMFG yesss !!

Comment by Yoshie V


Comment by Anonymous

AHHHHHHHHHH IM CRYING HELP LOL oh my lord i cant take this

Comment by Anonymous

That’s what she said

Comment by Anonymous



Comment by Candice


Comment by Matt

NO way!!!!
I’m so excited!! Finally =)
And the image is AMAZING

Comment by cSc-A7X

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait that long!!!!!!!!!! I need to at least hear a preview to feed my desire!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by LKN Park A7X

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh,I cant wait!

Comment by a7xrebel

Can’t wait!!!
Imma buy it!!

Comment by Noehly

Oh My God!!!! I cannot fucking wait!!! I just sent this to my girl and my brother. arghhh hurry may 18th!

Comment by Josh

awesome, cant wait, love the pic, looks like the Rev’s soul leaving his body kinda…

Comment by ktdlovesa7x


Comment by corbin ervin

helllll yeahhh
i cant wait

Comment by sthefs

12 days… cannot wait… I hope they’ll release a clip before it comes out… they probably will. I’m hoping for something tomorrow, like the first clip they ever released for Critical Acclaim.

Comment by PM7X

The preview sounds AMAZING!!!!! This album is going to FUC*ING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by A7X McLovin LP

Preview???!!!! I couldnt find a preview!! Link please

Comment by Anonymous

haha nevermind got too excited! the preview is right there…..

Comment by Anonymous

Fuck yeah dudes!!!!! that single will be the best song i ever heard, and im sure that if a7x relase an special edition of the cd, i’ll be get it :D

Comment by Kerrang

Freaking awesome !

Comment by Pedro THE Wicked MoFo

One day before my birthday! Perfect Birthday present!!!!

Comment by stinkdog2007

Today IS my birthday!!! What an excellent gift!!!

Comment by Dr BreakDown

Same, it’s gonna be a wicked birthday with this being released the day before, I can not wait!!!

Comment by FrankieDEATHBAT

Its on my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t wait for it! I bet it’s gonna be amazing!

Comment by Courtney

AHHHH! I can’t wait. Just seeing the art work makes me sooo excited! I bet we can make it the most downloaded song in one day!

Comment by Nikki

Went to AMAZON and listened to the 10 sec preview. OMG!! To hear Matt singing and Syn guitar, knowing it’s new music is too much. Now I want to hear the whole song!!!! The new song sounds awesome!

Comment by Nikki

OMG , I can’t wait this is way too exciting!

Comment by amy

Oh my God, I’m so looking foward to hear it!

Comment by Mariana


Comment by Fernanda

12 FUCKING DAYS! That is some serious short notice! I like!

Cannot wait! God bless you Jimmy! This will emotional, the first of the last few songs of the Rev’s drums and possibly his vocals. Please be the same date for the UK!

Comment by Anonymous

I cant stop previewing the song!!!!!

Comment by Josh

That sounds fucking incredible

Comment by [NE]Fobby[GEN]

omg, just heard the preview clip… ITS AMAZING!!!

Comment by scenester gates

Oh my gosh the cover is AWESOME I also agree it looks like Jimmy. I can’t freaking wait!

Comment by Marah

Holy Fucking Shit,I think I just died and went to heaven. jdhcgsjdahwejhdabwejhdbwedjhwbedh!!!

Comment by Derek

Dude, this sounds fucking amazing!

Comment by Alison

Omg, I cant want for it! <3
Finally one song to calm our expectations down! :D

Comment by Rianna


Comment by eh7x

I dont even Know what to say…
Other Than DAMN!!! :D

Comment by Taylor

sounds like a Waking The Fallen song <3

Comment by Maxinee :D

I just shit my pants, pissed my pants, and cried all at once. Thats a first.
Goddamn, I love Avenged Sevenfold.

Comment by Seth

its your fucking nightmare

Comment by Mandyyy

i listened to the preview atleast 20 times and i cant get enough…this album is gonna be AMAAAAAAAZING!

Comment by Anonymous

twenty? thats it, I already got it downloaded, on my ipod and on repeat.

Comment by Seth

omg how?!

Comment by Anonymous

How did you download it?

Comment by LKN Park A7X

I use the freeware mp3mymp3, just google it, it allows you to record whatever youre playing off your speakers.

Comment by Seth

can you email the part you have recorded. they took it off so you cant preview it anymore. my email is I would appreciate that if you could do that for me. thanks

Comment by paul

It is still on youtube. Just download the youtube to mp3 converter (google it, I think it’s by a company called freesoft, or something similar) and you can get anything on youtube with that.

Comment by Dr BreakDown

Could you upload it somewhere?

I wasn’t able to use a sound recorder at the time and now they took it down…

Comment by PM7X

MOD NOTE: We won’t be posting any links here as it was taken down for a reason. We hope you understand.

Comment by deathbatnews

OK, yea I understand.
Amazon probably wasn’t supposed to release a preview.

Comment by PM7X

yeah, I’m just gonna keep it to myself, like DBN said, its for a reason. Don’t worry though, only 12 days.

Comment by Seth

Please give us a download link!

Comment by Locotes

how the fuck do you download it?

Comment by synystersam

Someone had to have gotten an
mp3 of the clip b4 it was taken down!

Comment by J-mac

OH my god I love it!

Comment by Anonymous

fucking awesome!
I ♥ Avenged Sevenfold!

Comment by Kaitie

I came. YES!

Comment by Ashley

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sanders, Ally!, Marcelo Matos, rodrigo zarpelon, Victoria Del Conte, sofi s. and others. sofi s. said: RT @teamzackyvbr: e a capa do single: :) […]

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Comment by brentyn weeks

I JUST SCREAMED MY FUCKING HEAD OFF. Dude. This clip would come out when I’m fucking stoned. I have to listen to it again in a couple hours :/ lmfao. what the hell. I LOVE AVENGED SEVENFOLD. <3 woooooooo. stfu. i'm crazy. no. i'm not insane! shit. this is bad. this is really bad.

Comment by Mary

Portnoy’s done a great job. I’m so excited for this that words just can’t explain!!

Comment by Renee

Omg! the drumming made me cry.
I know I’ll cry through the entire album.
M.Shadows sounds amazing!! :D
I can’t wait!! :D

Comment by Sarah Plague

btw :D Mike did an AMAZING job on the drums.
It’s sounds just like the rev.

foREVer <3

Comment by Sarah Plague

Fuckin sick!! lol mike sorta goes beast mode in the preview lol

Its your fucking nightmare

Comment by Arron

Mike Portnoy, in my opinion, sounds like he’s fitting quite well in A7X. But still i bitterly remind myself that its not The Rev behind the kit….:'(

Comment by Noel Contreras

But it’s the Rev’s drum tracks that he wrote when they were writing this album that Portnoy is playing. Portnoy said he’ll stay true to Jimmy’s tracks, so I’d like to think this is Jimmy we’re hearing.

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t stop listenin!!! Love the lyrics so far and Shads Axl voice rocks!


Comment by fatboy

i think they took it down.. i can’t listen to it anymore

Comment by synystersam

Yep its down. Its on youtube now though.

MOD NOTE: We won’t be posting any links here as it was taken down for a reason. We hope you understand.

Comment by stinkdog2007

Oops. I didn’t know it would embed the link. Hope you guys aren’t mad. Sorry.

Comment by stinkdog2007

give me the link! use email

Comment by j-mac

nevermind found it on youtube

Comment by j-mac

They took it down, but I got it on the computer nowww, sucka’s. Ill be banging this shit out all day.

Comment by Seth

try posting it somewhere plz

Comment by cheesypotatoe

Like I said up the page a little, they did take it down for a reason, so I’m gonna respect Sevenfold and keep it to myself. Only 12 days though!

Comment by Seth

lol. the already took down the preview like right after I finished listening to it!!!!

Comment by cheesypotatoe

where can i listen the song?? pleaseeeeeeeee :(

Comment by JORDAN

It’s already been put offline :(

Comment by Locotes

need to hear it now. i gonna cry hahaha damn :(

Comment by JORDAN


Comment by JORDAN

damn!!!!! i got to listen to it TWICE before they took it down. at least i got to hear it! sounds amazing!

Comment by Anonymous

go search it on youtube, it’s everywhere

Comment by synystersam

could you give the EXACT title to the video?

Comment by cheesypotatoe

and now it’s on my iPod :)

Comment by Anonymous

here’s the working preview:


Comment by GFall

got to listin before it was taken downnn hearing A7X again and it being a new song was orgasmic!

Comment by haley

I wanted to hear it more!!! :O Damn that they did take it down

Comment by RaZoR

the cover is very waking the fallen looking. I love this song already! I’m probably jumping the gun big time but this already sounds better then the last album and city of evil. It sounds like S/t and waking the fallen combined. the haunting background noises and piano remind me a lot of the waking the fallen songs.

Comment by j-mac

i think it’s like they took everything good from city of evil and self titled, and put it into this album. with a hint of waking the fallen in the background with the haunting and creepy piano and stuff. so fucking excited

Comment by synystersam

Yeah Very Waking the fallen Style

Comment by GFall

You guys, stop asking for links, you obviously can’t post them here. Respect the band, they obviously didn’t want it on Amazon.

Comment by Seth

i downloaded a copy of the preview!

Comment by Jeremy

From the way everyone is commenting, we can make this the #1 download on MAY 18th!

Comment by Nikki

We will!

Comment by PM7X

now to decipher the lyrics!

Comment by j-mac

I’m already figuring out how to play it on the guitar! XD

Comment by cheesypotatoe

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.

Comment by fatboy

For those who got to listen to the preview:
I mean, guitars, vocals, drumms, lyrics?

Comment by Mamerto

what’s your email address?

Comment by synystersam

Honestly the preview was a huge tease. I almost wish i didn’t hear it. I think it was the chorus and it had shadows singing. Drums sounded just like jimmy. I think it went ” It hurts to know, that you belong here….. your fucking nightmare” Not sure if thats 100% accurate but it was something like that. It wasnt a big guitar part, just some power chords i think……..BUT IT SOUNDING FUCKING RAD. It was only like 20 seconds.

Comment by eh7x

Hey, I just heard it!!
I could listen to it until the album comes out!

Comment by Mamerto

vocals- very much like everything on the last album. at first its shadows shouting then it goes into the haunting chorus that to me sounds like a mix of waking the fallen and S/T. there are backing vocals and also a piano in the background. the chorus ends with all the music coming to a halt and shadows saying ” It’s your fucking nightmareeeeeeee.” then it goes into shadows sounding like axl rose a bit saying “Now your nightmare comes to liiiffffeee.”

guitar – all i can say from the 30 seconds is it is very avenged sevenfold.

drums- again sounds a lot like the rev is drumming even though its not.

all in all the song has a very haunting vibe which fits the fact that the song is called “nightmare”

Comment by j-mac

Damn, Thank you very much

Comment by Mamerto

just go listen to it! they put it back on youtube.

Comment by synystersam

Arrrgghhh, greaaat

Comment by reccarebellion

you guys should check out my music video that I made for afterlife. It’s pretty sweet. If the link doesn’t work or get posted, just youtube search ‘rydson afterlife’

Comment by steve

Nice afterlife video looks really awesome

Comment by Max

Nice, pretty smooth and complicated =D

Comment by reccarebellion

Damn but i missed the frikin preview…fml.

Comment by Lauren

On the part that says ‘Nothing stops the madness turning haunting yearning pull the trigger’ it kinda sounds like The Wicked End where it says ‘Now I know I’ve seen it all in my life of misery’

Looks like its gonna be an awesome album..can’t wait to buy it..but then again A7X could put out a record of silence..and i would still buy

Comment by Karina

YES! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who thought this. A little different rhythm for the vocals, but very similar.

So fucking excited!

Comment by Gpag

yea that definitely looks like jimmy!! it looks as though it symbolizes jimmy’s spirit (smoky effect) leaving his body.. at least that’s my interpretation of the cover.. looking fwd to the album!

Comment by Michelle

I heard the preview it’s FUCKING A!! the best thing ever! if someone download it or whatever plz send me this on e-mail

tnx guys :)

Comment by Violet

Holy Shit! Heard the Preview! Sorry couldn’t resist Mike P. you are a perfect fit! I know it is much to ask…..Please stay! You may have laced up his shoes this time…perfectly….We are all willing to let you just lace your own next time!

Comment by Anonymous

i cant wait!
A7X Rules!!

Comment by ema7x

…I can’t believe I missed the preview. I check deathbatnews 15 times a day and I somehow managed to miss the song preview…I am soooo f’n bummed.

Comment by snuffy

what’s your email?

Comment by synystersam plzzz?

Comment by shaggydrummer33

You can find the preview elsewhere…

Comment by Anonymous

…I got it guys. Thanks for the offer. A7X community is the shizzle. Glad to see other people love this band as much as I do (but I am old enough to be most of ya’ll father!)

man…they are really bringing in the G-N-R sound. shadows has that same sound axle does. Its tight as all get up. Mad props to MP for keeping the Rev’s vison and spirit alive with his drum tracks…sounds like the rev is sitting on his shoulder baning away!

Comment by snuffy

i think i got the lyrics figured out:

‘Nothing stops the madness turning haunting yearning pull the trigger

You should of known, the price of evil
and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah
oooohhhhh it’s your fucking nightmare…

While your nightmare comes to life.

i’m about 95% sure this is right.

Comment by j-mac

i think its you sholuld have known, the price of leaving (Not evil) but i could be wrong

Comment by Derek

pretty sure its evil dude

Comment by Anonymous

Oh my gosh. This was the best! I can’t WAIT! :D

Comment by Cassie

The album cover look so beutiful! im pretty sure nightmare and other new song wouuld be a KICK-ASS song!!!

Comment by Michelle

Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold [Preview w/ Download Link]

Type that in the youtube bar, it will give you the preview and the link to download it!

Comment by Lauren


Here’s a working preview. I love it, I’m sure everyone will (:

Comment by Brittsy Vengeance

Apparently everyone at deathbat news only knows how to start an article with ‘according to’.

Comment by Anonymous

Is that better for you, anon? :)

Comment by deathbatnews

That was amazing. It literally sounded like a mix of all 3 albums

Comment by Anonymous

I was actually jammin’ to A7X songs on Rockband when I checked Twitter..about half an hour later after it had been posted, ran to my computer and found a freakin’ link. MY GOODNESS. IT SOUNDS AMAZING! We HAVE to make this #1 everywhere (iTunes, etc..) and have it trend on Twitter!

Comment by Carol

Heard the song, it’s on youtube if you look hard enough. Boy oh boy, the guys are back!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Niko

guys- this song is amazing! but dont print links or anythin- we can wait. we ahouldnt do that 2 a7x

Comment by Anonymous

Just… Wow… It’s gonna be a long 10 days and an even longer couple of months.

Comment by Andy

I don’t think the song is that good. But then again it’s only 30 seconds. If you listen to the end of the preview you can tell Portnoy added his own flavor to the song.

Comment by Chase

No, since I read your comment, I’ve listened to the sample many more times. I have been playing drums for 5 years now, and listening to a7x even longer. The toms may be tuned a little tighter than the Rev had them, but that fill that you hear Mike play during the fade out is the type of fill that the Rev would have incorporated.

Comment by Gpag

a7x 4 life ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Comment by Anonymous

Just… holy fucking shit.

Comment by Kergash

Just search it on youtube, its on there

Comment by DGF this is the cover, a bit bigger!

Cheers :)

Comment by Martina

I want the entire song

Comment by Anonymous

OMG! im at school right now and i almost screamed when i saw this :D :D :D :D

Comment by Amanda

nothing stops the madness churning haunting yurning pull the trigger! you should have known, the price of evil. and it hurts to know that u belong here. oh its ur fucking nightmare thats what i got outa it after like 50 runs. someone email me if they got the clip saved.

Comment by shaggydrummer33

I bet A7X put that preview up to give us a little teaser. Thank you Avenged! Now I can’t wait for the 18th

Comment by Josh

I wonder if they will make a video for this. I imagine it would be pretty awesome. I bet we will get the whole song today around 4:30 pm from avenged sevenfold themselves, just like critical acclaim from the self titled and beast and the harlot from city of evil. I bet we get an album date today and album title. They like releasing stuff like this on Fridays.

Comment by J-mac

YES!!!!! my birthday si May 18th i get the newsong on m birthday!!

Comment by Aaron Rouse

Is this song about the rev?

Comment by Anonymous

Doubt it. As far as i know all the songs were already written before the rev had passed away.

Comment by J-mac

Aaaaactually, the lyrics weren’t finished at the time of recording. SHadows mentions it in a recent magazine interview. He had some lyrics written, but most of them were written after the death of The Rev

Comment by A7XEric

I’m sure they would’ve written songs about the Rev after he passed, there will probably be even more songs then originally intended.

Comment by Anonymous

I wonder that too. I mean who knows i read somewhere that the songs were finished before he passed away but there was some songs that still needed to add lyrics to the yea

Comment by Anonymous

I just don’t know whether to be pissed or unbelievably excited!! This is just way too much of a fucking tease!! ONLY 30 SECONDS?! :( I’m just getting way entirely too impatient for this record to come out!! I can’t fucking wait!!

Comment by Joe

OMFG *————-*


Comment by Grego
this is a real short preview of the song

Comment by chris

they already said don’t post it. you could have said what you searched in google. Now warner brothers will probably find it since this is the best avenged sevenfold news site.

Comment by hey

That’s 2 days after my sister’s birthday!
She doesn’t like Avenged though :|

She’s lameeeeeeeeeee

Comment by Candice

notice the skull kinda looks like the revs skull with the hair. awesome a7x foREVer

Comment by jeremyd

NOO! I have been replaying the youtube video preview all day and Warner Bros. just took it off! Need to hear full song!

Comment by Justin

ughhh can anybody send it to me?

Comment by Anonymous

MOD EDIT: No spoiling surprises.

Comment by Anonymous

finally after 2hrs found it. this shit is epic

Comment by Smedg

fuck yeah!!

Comment by kennison

I like how the Time Bar is shaped like a drum stick or butter knife

Comment by Josh

It’s on Vimeo, just search on there

Comment by Medival


Comment by Anonymous

Hey, guys sup. umm i was just on Rockband Forums the GAME and they all Discussion this and some are saying that, The Rev Wrote the Drum pattern for it before he left so he was Gonna be the Drummer for the new album but that happened ( R>< REV ) but everyone said Mike Portnoy did the drum like the Rev Wrote it Including the Fills :) and some say its the Rev playing it they Recorded it before he left idk.

Comment by Adam

The Rev wrote all of the drum parts, he did not play any of them. Mike Portnoy plays the drums on the record.

Comment by deathbatnews

[…] “YOU’LL HAVE A NIGHTMARE ON MAY 18″. Deathbat News. May 6, 2010. Retrieved May 12, […]

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