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Your “Nightmare” Already Began, You Just Don’t Know It.
May 7, 2010, 6:01 pm
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Yesterday Deathbat News received an anonymous email stating that there was a hidden link on where our Nightmare” would begin. Today, I’m happy to report to all of you that it’s been found and it’s an uncensored clip of Nightmare!” But I can’t make it that easy! Now you have to find it! Here’s your hints: The highlight of your summer will be seeing Avenged Sevenfold under the evening sky on the Rockstar Uproar TOUR.

Don’t fret, if you can’t find it on the the link could be hiding right here in this post. Don’t spoil the surprise in the comments. Share this with all your friends but please make sure to let them know where you got it from!


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Haha, I found it…sneaky sneaky.

Comment by Francis


Comment by Amanda Caton


Comment by Noel Contreras

I think I found it – it’s just the 30 second preview, right?

Comment by [NE]Fobby[GEN]

Yes, the uncensored clip.

Comment by deathbatnews

is there anyway i can download it? cuz right now i have the censored version on my ipod

Comment by Anonymous

Where did you even get the censored version? cause i cant find the song anywhere!

Comment by WARNERVE6661


Comment by Anonymous

wow i hate when they cut out swearing but i so cant wait for the single to come out XD

Comment by Anonymous

I Be Sneaky like Francis.

Comment by Juan

ahhhh! I am officially crying in happiness
and spazzyness. :D
I can not WAIT until the new album comes out!

Comment by Lauren

haha found it, so cant wait for the single

Comment by Martika

FUCK YEAH!!!!! I FOUND IT…..AVENGED IS SO AMAZING!! I can’t wait for the full album…..foREVer

Comment by Teresa

Found it :D It gave me goosebumps.

Comment by Alisyn


Comment by Bruno Vaz

I found it!!!! ^.^ It took me a minute though. lol

Comment by AshleySevenfold

I found it! *_____________________*

Comment by Mariana

Never would have found that without your hints. XD Thanks!!

Comment by Renee

much better now haha

Comment by mAARiana

got it

Comment by eh7x

Heh, I be sneaky also xD Thanks for not giving it away, so much better finding it on your own xD
It’s better uncensored. Can’t wait for the whole thing to come out though.

Comment by Alaina

i cant find it im really upset what if they take it down b4 i c it

Comment by joshua

haha found it!!
A7X Rules!

Comment by ema7x


Comment by Noel Contreras

can u give me another hint??

Comment by Amanda Caton

so easy! jaja

Comment by synystervengeance

i can’t find it boo :( !

Comment by amy

found it… so easy to find

Comment by Anonymous

found it! sooo excited to hear the rest xD

<3 foREVer

Comment by Alyssa

can someone give me another hint please

Comment by Amanda Caton

the link is dark as night. N i hope you find it ;)

Comment by WARNERVE6661

Am I the only one that thinks that this song is too similar to some songs in City of Evil and is not surprised at all?

Comment by Luiza Briard

How do you know what it sounds like? YOUVE ONLY HEARD 30 SECONDS OF IT. Your ridiculous

Comment by eh7x

I 2nd eh7x. To short to base this song to sound like songs from City of Evil.

Comment by Noel Contreras

I’m ridiculous and you are THE most polite person on the planet!

Comment by Luiza Briard

Which songs? Because it doesn’t sound anything like City of Evil to me.

Comment by David Castleman

It sounds more like the Self-Titled to me.

Comment by Anonymous

I see how you might think that because of the way Syn is playin especially when the song fades.

Comment by WARNERVE6661

I think the drums are very City of Evil-esque.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh my gosh i absolutely cannot wait for the new album :DDD
that was the best 30 seconds of my life
and thanks for the hints i so wouldnt have found it without them

Comment by 808llamah

is the hidden link on

Comment by valentiina perez

Found it in the post greatest hiding spot ever

Comment by jphullar

hulller!!!!! it me JY

Comment by jakson

you find it

Comment by Anonymous

u fiNd it

Comment by jphullar

yea! sounds fuckin sick’

Comment by jakson


Comment by Jessica

NVM!FOund It

Comment by Jessica

Couldn’t find it…

Now I’m upset because of this

Comment by Mamerto

Awesome!! I can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

Comment by cSc-A7X

so sick of all these teasing. i’ll just wait till the album c0mes out. its just a clip anyway

Comment by jpen


Comment by Taryn

omfg i found it its gonna be epic i cant wait

Comment by travis

yeeees !! i fouNd it =D

OMFG my _N_ightmare is coming

Comment by James Sullivan Baker

is it on help me please, a little help for me

Comment by valentiina perez

look closely at the bolded words in the “hints”

Comment by Anonymous

I found it ^^ <3 I can't wait. So exciting!

Comment by Melody Agosttini

I CANT FIND IT UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Smedg


Comment by joshua

help me out here guys, where is it?

Comment by saint

Haha I liked that. Clever clever! :D
I cant wait!!!!

Comment by Paige

Aha, found it! I heard it before, but yeah, I think it’s so cool that they’re doing this kind of thing, and giving sneaky heads up to the fans. :P

Comment by Sarah

UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love!!! I CANT FUCKIN WAIT!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

wooohoo Its my FuckiN Nightmare!!!!! found it in the post!!!!

Comment by Jonathan

i need one more hint

Comment by saint

Our _N_ightmate has begun!

Comment by jonathan

nyaah! found it… hahaha! thanks for the hint

Comment by Anonymous

another hint ive been looking for like 20mins

Comment by Smedg

I found it. Hmm Anon email telling where it was on A7X’s website..sounds like the boys wanted us to hear it!!

Comment by Nikki

I feel like a dumbass… And a poor excuse for an A7X Fan!!!!! omfg I’m pissed I can’t find it. And I seriously get the hints, but I can’t put them together!!! Don’t tell me I’m gonna git it!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Ight I found it!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Am I being really stupid?! I found it in the post, but I can’t find it on the site anywhere! And it’s reeally bugging me!! :( I’m confused

Comment by coopertheturtle

I can’t found it, i’m the only one LOL i’m gonna cry D:

Comment by Rena

I cant find it either lol

Comment by Kcantu

I cant either! so dont fret. haha. i did find it here on DBN though.
sounds AWESOME.

Comment by Arielle

took me a while to find it also… ah i wanna tell you but it feels so much better when you find it yourself… just read what deathbat news wrote for the hint, and look at how some words are different… hope thats not giving it away too much, but helps a little more.

Comment by Zmillar

i don’t wanna find it on DBN, i wanna do it by myself, but i can’t! DD: i feel like an ass

Comment by Rena

Oh! Never mind! I’ve found it! That’s so cool!
I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Its only a 30 second preview, but it still sounds freaking epic!

Comment by coopertheturtle

I Cant FIND IT SOMEONE Tell ME Please :(

Comment by Kcantu

Cant find it give me another hint

Comment by Zach

Found it X]

Comment by Shane W

Lmfao Im an idiot. I hadda read the post 12 times till I saw the bold. Fuck My brain. Nearly shit myself once again when I heard it. May 18th needs to hurry the fuck up.

Comment by Derek

Found it. Its awesome!!

Comment by stinkdog2007

this is really pissing me off. i can’t find either!!

Comment by saint

got it, u guys r tricky

Comment by saint

If you can’t find it, just take a second and look at the words that are highlighted in the post. It’s VERY simple haha.

Comment by AAA

got it finally on the website

Comment by jakson

I Found It in the post but NOT on the website :(

Comment by Kcantu

one of the best 30 sec of my life

Comment by Zach

haha I know right :D

Comment by Stephanie Cote

yes!!! the uncensored version. Thanks for the hints.. Love Deathbat news A7X foREVer. Love the song

Comment by Anonymous

ive been looking for 45mins on the website and in the post and still cant find it, someone help me plz!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Smedg

HAHA i found..what a sNeaky place to hide it ;)

Comment by Brett

hahahaha too easy

Comment by Anonymous

I give up, I can’t find it :-(

Comment by ljburton

it’s like an HOUR ago since i’m looking for & i didn’t find it!!!!!!

Comment by PieceOfHeaven

in the hint, block out EVERY word that isn’t bold.

Comment by synystersam

Thanks to you I found it :D
Those 30secs are fucking epic!

Comment by Mamerto

ahh i totally found it! took me two tries< but i found it!

Comment by alex


Comment by Anonymous

Thanks for the wonderful hint! Found it straight away on the site and then here…amazing. Such a bittersweet moment–left me without words upon hearing it. Can’t wait to hear it full-length!

Comment by A7XmcsTigsFanFoREVER

Found it, but it takes a steady mouse to ‘find’ it. 8-)

Comment by David

Finally found it!
Damn I felt so accomplished, very sneaky indeed.
And I absoulutely LOVE it and CAN NOT wait for the album.
If only i had a time machine…damn.

Comment by Lauren

haha I FOUND IT!! and the artwork that huge is AMAZING!!! Cant’ fucking wait for ten days…and it is easy just look veryy carefully for “certain” words in the description :)

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Finally found it :) Here’s a hint on DeathBatNews’s website: The Answer Is “Not” Too Simple. It is “Not” going to be very easy.

Comment by Anonymous

someone give me another clue, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by PieceOfHeaven

I cant find it!!! :(

Comment by Synlena

found it! took a while to get the hints

Comment by shadow771

Haha, Nice! caN’t believe some people caN’t find it! :)

Comment by John

That was fun, without your hints it would be much harder to find. Maybe they will hide more things in the future.

Comment by PM7X

Ok so I find the little link and everything poops up but I still don’t hear anything playing, that’s so not fair!!

Comment by Anonymous

so sad 4 u dude

Comment by Anonymous

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by j-biz

Fucking awesome! best 30 secs!

Comment by Anonymous

damn it i found it!

Comment by Anonymous

found it.. listend to it like over 20 times, can’t get enough of it… can’t wait for the entire song. Thanks DEATHBAT NEWS!!!

Comment by schecter159

Just found it!! hahaha is very tricky to find it ! good luck to the ones who are searching! and a hint….. the “TOUR” will be awesome!! hope you find it !

Comment by Antony

The album is going to be called ”Nightmare”
Or do I just ignore any shit from Wikipedia?

Comment by Mamerto

Ignore it. The wiki is usually updated by absolutely clueless people who think they’re fans of a7x.

Comment by Zack

Faking Found it

Comment by Juan

lollll… It took me forever to figure that shit out. XD

Love the song :’)

Comment by Am

didn’t take me to long to figure it out but i found it! its pretty awesome

Comment by Colton

i finally heard the uncensored one on youtube. but i still cant find it on the website :'(

Comment by lsds

yes i found the links on the site and on the post….pure success :)

Comment by Stephanie

FOUND IT! clever clever lol

Comment by Marc

aha! found after an hour lol
anywho it was amazing!!!

Comment by natalie

OMFG, I FOUND IT! Hahaha! I was at the point of giving up and BAM! There it was! Hahah! I LOVE IT

Comment by Alyson


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by kkieran6661

N N N N N N N N N NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lsds

I finally found it!! Here’s a hint for the link in this website. The Link Is “Not” Easy To Find.

Comment by Synester00

I finally found it!! Here’s a hint for the link in this website. The Link Is “Not” Easy To Find. Remember!~

Comment by Synester00

Very clever…I love it! I can’t wait! \m/>_<\m/

Comment by Maria

Oh my god! that is gonna be a badd ass song. so fucken excited!

Comment by Anonymous

its super hided jajaja

Comment by Anonymous

ahhh so easy i felt stupid after i found it haha :) sounds amazing
i’m gonna cry ahh i can’t wait i miss jimmy :[ RIP <3 A7X foREVer. <3

Comment by Anonymous

I cant find it ive been looking for 15 minutes can someone pleez help?

Comment by seventhtrumpet

Ignore the words that aren’t bold since ”Here’s your hints:..”

Comment by Mamerto

look for something to click in the post.

hope im not giving too much away

Comment by Kris

I finally got it! Thanks for the hints. :D
I cant wait for the whole song!

Comment by Rianna

I finally got it! Thanks for the hints! :D
I cant wait for the whole song!

Comment by Rianna

Comment by roxie

I can’t find the link, its making me so mad.

Comment by sarah

Lmao, never mind, I found it, Im such an idiot. I love it, I can’t wait for the whole song ! I a7x !

Comment by sarah

I wanna find it on a7x’s site now.

Comment by sarah

finally!found it on website and this site! hint:look at the dark words in this post.

Comment by Anonymous

i LOVE it!!!! the song obv =D

Comment by mon

I love those 30 seconds so much! Can’t wait for the whole song, too. (:

Comment by FFailure

Yay I found it. You guys are pretty awesome.

Comment by Christina


Comment by Anonymous

N ightmare

Comment by Anonymous

deathbatnews, avenged sevenfold blessthefall, and thenarrowdoormusic ftw!

Comment by Vengenz 4 life

Found it!

Thanks for posting this!

Comment by Aanchel

can’t wait till the 18th =D

Comment by lexxi

For all the people who are desperate to find it but can’t just like me

MOD EDIT: Now that would take the fun out of it, wouldnt it? They’ll find it eventually.

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you DeathBatNews you’re the best.
Nightmare is awesome! I can’t wait for 27th July :)
It’s easy to find.. you just have to pay attention! :P

Comment by #A7xAddicted Group

omg i found it on the avenged website amazing

Comment by clare

awesome i cant wait!!! i also cant wait to see them live this summer. i hope they play this at heavy mtl!!!

Comment by Kris

bahahah, best hiding place ever :’)

Comment by MadinaZombie

I found it, but it says “this track is currently not available”??? But if it’s just the 30 seconds preview, I’ve already heard it.Anyways, OMG, I’m so stoked! Can’t wait for the album!! FoREVer <3

Comment by Kristine

sneaky devils! :P <3 A7x can't wait for the rest!!!!

Comment by toria7x

found it!

Comment by nat

Found it!!! (wrong link before)

Comment by nat

Found it!!
Took me a while……
But it was worth it X)

Comment by angst

that was a great hiding spot!

Comment by jonathan eng

I found it by looking at the source code of the website… :D because I couldn’t find it normally :D

Comment by :D

i can´t find it on the site

Comment by Anonymous

I found it
It has well hided

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Your “Nightmare” Already Began, You Just Don’t Know It. __________________ […]

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finally! i found it. pretty easy haha

Comment by Eaven

I found it! it will be the highlight of your day lol finally! omg I was going nuts!

can’t wait!

Comment by Shlay!

Awesome stuff, no way I’d have noticed it without your clues, thanks so much!

Comment by James

HELP!i can’t fucking find it anywhere!

Comment by Anonymous

nevermind i found it :P

Comment by Anonymous

i literally screamed out in frustration

Comment by Anonymous



Comment by Anonymous

That’s so creative :D found it on here and on :]]]]] SO PUMPED!

Comment by Emilee

I found it! Man, I am still crying! This was awsome!

Comment by Elise

aaargh, can’t find it
someone please please please tell me !!!

Comment by v6661

woohooo !
finally found it!
can’t wait to hear the entire song!!!!

Comment by v6661

I feel superrr smart for finding that! haha

Comment by Jazzzz

HAHA i found it and it was amazing even though i had listened to the other about a million times

Comment by Amanda

Yeah I found it. sounds awesome :)
wasn’t hard, you just gotta think logically
what’s hidden is visible when you use ….
good luck!

Comment by Inge

Ha! You get such a thrill once you find it! ^_^ I felt like a first place winner at a Battle of the Bands competition! :D

Comment by Gnarkill :)

i can’t find it ='(
please another hint?

Comment by Anonymous

i can’t find it =(
someone please help? at least another hint

Comment by me

think of just the bolded words highlight, under and tour!.thats all i can say

Comment by amy

After almost 2 hours, i FOUND IT!
30 seconds of pure awsomeness!!! n.n

Comment by Me!

OMG finally found..OMG ITS EPIC best 30 seconds of my entire..i cant wait for may 18th as well as the whole album :D

Comment by amy

search under the tour link like under it and carefully cos its a very small thing

Comment by alissa

wooh found it on both sites! i feel ninja now

Comment by Anonymous

I like how the Time Bar is shaped like a drum stick

Comment by jay

i found it :B

Comment by Anonymous

This is gonna be so epicccc

Comment by Andre Phil

hehe found it! sneaky dogs

Comment by Montzka

Crafty A7x. I would never have found that link without the hints.

Comment by Drew

That is fucking epic :)
cant wait to hear the full song

Comment by synystergaz

everyone is trying too hard. just read the hint, go to avenged website, and do wat the hint tells you.

Comment by Brandon

yes i fucken found it on both sites

Comment by Anonymous

hell yeah i found it…….i so cant wait!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

FUCK!!! i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe once you do your like -.- hahahahahahahahahaa SOOOOO EPIC!!!!!!!

Comment by opo

Well I finally found it after trying all day.

Comment by Marah

i dont wanna sound like an a-hole but this clip has already been available for a few days on other websites

Comment by Anonymous

The explicit version was never available until now, only the amended clean version.

Comment by deathbatnews

[…] Your “Nightmare” Already Began, You Just Don’t Know It. Yesterday Deathbat News received an anonymous email stating that there was a hidden link on where […] […]

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ahhhhhhhhh! i really love this!!!!!!!! im really excited!

Comment by iliana

i felt like me and my
sis were on a man-hunt

Comment by Mandyyy


Comment by WXR

Found it! ;)

Comment by Katie

Haha, that took me a minuite. I was getting aggervated with it. XD

Comment by Anonymous

Took me about an hour to find it, but I DID!!!! XD But I think I’m the only one who likes the censored version… Not because I don’t cuss (because trust me I do) But I don’t know I like the sound they make when they censor it.

Comment by A7XxLover

The one on A7X’s site is definatly harder to find than the one on here….but when you find it, you’ll think your a dumbass.
DBN literally ‘ment what they said’ in their hints! ahaha

Comment by Laura D

I finally found it! Thanks for the hints guys!

Comment by Luna

FOUND ITTTT! BEST!!! Mike Portnoy ftw!

Comment by AndrewT

lol, i found it finally!

Comment by monika_wtf

Found it! Great hints and hiding spots!

Comment by Anonymous

OMG!!!! I FOUND IT!!! I cant get enough of this and it fist 30 sec of the full song. this album is gonna be their best work. Cant Wait To Fuckin Hear It. A7X foREVer
Miss you Rev wish i could see you this summer

Comment by Michael Mazadiego

I FOUND IT!! but it wont play!! y!!!! D`:

Comment by doodlebug

wow, this is just like like the shitty songs off diamonds in the rough, hope the rest of the song and hopefully album arent so predictable, im dissapointed

Comment by kenny

you’re not a true fan then

Comment by Anonymous

Diamonds In The Rough Had Bad Ass Songs. And This Song Is Also Bad Ass. You Obviously Dont Know Good Music.

Comment by Derek

or i recognize when a band is selling out, and that to me isnt when they stop screaming, that to me is when they change to try to attract a broader audience, i mean why are they using that dumbass voice changing stuff? i used to be obsessed with these guys,but i stopped listenin to em for a while cuz i was bored but now going back to the songs alot of the stuff i hear is not fantastic, i like genuine music, im hopin the new album wil be that, new song is growing on me tho, still gonna buy the new album

Comment by kenny

HOLYSHIT, I am sooo excited!

Comment by caree


They have made it a big build up.
First single in May, albums not out till July.
I do hope as others have said, that they will release some vids and stuf.. But, I highly doubt they will have the same in-depth “Making of” due to the circumstances. But, you can tell MP didnt change it… Them drums bleed The Rev… Double rides… Double kicks….


Comment by Ryan 'O

omg! i found it. im soooo excited cant wait gaaaaahhhhhhhh x____x

Comment by carmina topacio

Found it. Such a nice spot. Thanks =D

Comment by reccarebellion

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