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Confirmed FAKE: Avenged Sevenfold “Static” Album Preview + Tracklisting.
May 9, 2010, 9:12 am
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I’ve received a ton of emails and messages regarding the so-called Avenged Sevenfold Vimeo account where a “small preview of Avenged Sevenfold’s album Static” could be found including a track-listing for the album as well as a preview clip of the intro. Deathbat News has gotten confirmation that this is completely FAKE. The only solid fact available at the moment is that the first single from the album “Nightmare” will be released on May 18th.


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I didn’t think it was real….

Comment by -Crimson-

And so the rumors begin full force!

Comment by AshleySevenfold

You got that right!

Comment by Evansa7x

Bring on the false hopes! haha. This is going to get interestingg

Comment by Sierra

Who confirmed it?

Comment by UK_JC

Our sources.

Comment by deathbatnews


That’s the stupidest response you could have given.

Comment by Ace

Nevermind, read the other post, sorry. Thought you guys were just being unnecessarily cryptic.

Comment by Ace

do we have any proof its fake?
weres the conformation come from

Thanks on updates :)

Comment by Aliix Wilkinson

The proof is the fact that it’s been confirmed fake by our sources. And, you’re welcome.

Comment by deathbatnews

With all due respect, that’s total BS, DBN..
As a news source you need to able to have verifiable sources.
To tell us basicly “because we said so” is horribly unprofessional.
Not saying you’re wrong or anything, you guys usually aren’t.
But as a news source… you can’t just say “we confirmed it” without providing the basis for your claim.
That’s just not how “news” works and I’m actually really suprised you guys acted like this in response to these peoples questions..

Comment by se7en

The only reason I can figure for that sort of reply in that sort of tone is that,in fact,avenged Sevenfold DID get some of their material leaked like last time and this is to sin the backpeddling to keep everything under wraps.

Which I really hope isn’t true:(
It’d suck to have my favorite News source involved in covering up a truth:( and it’d ruin said sites credibility.
The Plague track in the link does actually sound like a studio recorded version of the solo syn and rev had been playing most of the last half of last tour.
Listening to it,I could actually see it being real,but I hope it isn’t.
and I hope that track list is wrong,because it was disgustingly unimaginative track names

Comment by se7en

With all due respect right back to you we understand. However, we were asked not to include where the confirmation came from and we’re respecting that persons wishes. Hopefully you all understand.

Comment by deathbatnews

ya i know its fake because the “preview” is a seether song… but i really don’t see the reason that DBN would keep it all secret.

Comment by jacob

do you people know anything about media? in order to have trustworthy sources on the inside of a company like warner bros. im sure is hard to come by and they trust DBN to not reveal who they are for sake of THEIR JOBS! Im tired of you selfish people who will probably just download the album anyway whine about a source not being revealed. Grow up!

Comment by Nick

Nice “Walk” single cover for the picture…

Comment by Tom

It’s so sad that people do this kind of crap.

Comment by Vixen Vengeance

Haha. I think it’s funny how rumors start. People just sit around and go, “LET’S MAKE UP A FAKE AVENGED SEVENFOLD TRACKLIST! LOLZ ^_^” Idiots.

Comment by gretchya7x

“Give me an Indian burn,full force” – All Access

Comment by KarlMalone

is that the plague preview fake ? because it sounds like song that a7x played live

Comment by Anonymous

It’s all fake.

Comment by deathbatnews

But the teaser for Nightmare was real and AWESOME

Comment by Anonymous

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ashley, DevilBearRock, Kellee, FOBisinmyheart_, Cody Paysinger and others. Cody Paysinger said: RT @deathbatnews: Confirmed FAKE: Avenged Sevenfold "Static" Album Preview + Tracklisting. : […]

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and that music comes from…?

Comment by Anonymous

i listened to the preview and its terrible. Anybody who calls this music from a7x is a terrible person…
Avenged sevenfold is WAY better than this…wudnt u agree?

Comment by Mike Gee

Pretty sure the song is real and the tracklisting and pic are fake. The song sounds a lot like the unwind the chainsaw thing they did live.

Comment by Synystersam

The “track list” has some pretty good names for songs to be honest x) Damn them for getting our hopes up, even though we knew they were fake xD

Comment by Gnarkill :)

I don’t understand why people think the album
is titled static. Just cause they put up that video of the deathbat with static doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the album. They had static with the last album and that album wasn’t called static.

Comment by J-mac

Yeah. The name Static would be stupid. In my opinion, a good name for this album would be FoREVer.

Comment by Jon

I think a better one would be The Reverend Tholomew Plague, or simply.. Nightmare.

Comment by Mike Gee

Who are your sources? a7x?1?! :3

Comment by Juan

seems like i’m not the only person in the world that thinks the preview of “the plague” is very similar to that song “eternal soldiers” that a7x played live last year.

Comment by missjo55

it sounds like the one instrumental jam that a7x played live

Comment by Anonymous

apologies if I came off like an A-hole.
I do understand.
Thanks for at least explaining why you wont say.

Comment by se7en

We wanted to include it, we even asked if we could and that’s when we were asked not to. We wouldn’t have debunked this had it not come from a legit source. Thank you for understanding.

Comment by deathbatnews

this should have been added to my replies above to DBN.

Comment by se7en

I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything, but i’m not going to believe that this is a confirmed fake until you give us a source.Seconding what se7en said, I really hope that the tracklisting is fake because they are completely unoriginal and unimaginitive.. And I do believe dbn because they’re never wrong, but I realy want a source..

Comment by Synystersam

the cover and the track listing are definetlty fake. but the preview does sound legit, it sounds like the clean solo that Syn did live, and he said he was going to use that for the newest album…. IDK!?!?

Comment by cheesypotatoe

Hi A7X
I always Trust In This Page and not in another.
I Hope And All Fans here in Mèxico The Album Must Be SO Fucking Great.
This Album Have to be the NUMBER 1 on The list of “Billboard” We Can wait For Hear and have the Album in our hands.
This is the Album Most Waiting Of The last Two Years And We Are Waiting For The Nightmare.
You Rock!!!!

Comment by Adrian Rodriguez Sanchez

the song that is being played in the preview is a song by seether called “eyes of the devil”…the solo in it which is what is used as the preview does sound SIMILAR but its not the instrumental they played live… proof in pudding

its actually a pretty good song for being seether
but anyway just so u dont have to listen to the whole song the “previewed clip” starts at like 2:38s or something like that.
enjoy the confirmed agony!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by redline11786

Youre completely correctit seems.

Also… anybody else notice all the signs pointing to the probability Synyster Gates got married in Mexico this week?

Go look at Brian Haners facebook page..
Not Guitar Guys fanpage but Brians actual personal page

Comment by se7en

Yeah dude that is totally Seether nice call!

Comment by Spence-digity

Why thank u, I do what I can hahaha

Comment by Redline11786

Fakes are hilarious lmfao.

Comment by Derek

i wonder if that unwind the chainsaw thing will make it to the album. i kinda hope it does. WOuld make a good album opening like to end the rapture

Comment by willxthexthrill

Where did that Unwind the Chainsaw title come from? Cuz its not what they called the solo/instrumental they played last year. In fact, videos claiming to be a7x songs called Unwind the Chainsaw have been up on youtube for over two years….all fake.

Comment by Drew

haha ya. these names are popping up all over the place. in one of the earlier posts on here I saw the solo/instrumental from last year called ‘eternal soldiers’

I’m gunna make a name for it too!!

….fluff muffed muffler

Comment by steve

lmao fluff muffed muffler. hahaha

Comment by Mike Gee

Yeah thats definitely not the title…as far as I know, they never released a title for that solo dealio. I have the set list from their show in Colorado Springs and its just listed as “—solo—“

Comment by Drew

lol eternal soldiers. sounds like a dragonforce title to me hahaha

Comment by Drew

Listen to the Nightmare clip, the production is extremely different from this clip, the playing is also sloppy in this ” static ” clip. It’s a fake. They don’t need to reveal a source, common sense and a couple of well functioning ears would be enough cred.

Comment by Johan Bjelke

I hope the “clean solo” makes it to the album, that was seriously (sic)

Comment by Spence-digity

A pair of clean ears would do the job to know this was fake.

Comment by Johan Bjelke

it’s a shitty seether song.

Comment by Niko

it doesnt sound fake. it sounds like part of the song they played live a couple of times. unwind the chainsaw or something like that.

Comment by a7x

I believe on DBN but if im correct who ever made the a fake rumor they might trying to steel some music of avenged sevenfold but let keep our eye and ear open just in case if another rumor star…Who know what gonna happen next?

Comment by Michelle

Why does everyone think that instrumental solo is called Unwind the Chainsaw? That’s just some name that some asswipe gave to their fake YouTube video a few years back.

Comment by Zack

The album is titled Nightmare.

Comment by revenant

Where is the music from then?

Comment by Kyle

Thats Eyes of the Devil by Seether

Comment by Anonymous

leave comments on youtube. we love comments!!

Comment by rydson productions

[…] Confirmed FAKE: Avenged Sevenfold “Static” Album Preview + Tracklisting. We received a ton of emails and messages regarding the so-called Avenged Sevenfold Vimeo account where a “small […] […]

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haha Unwind the Chainsaw is some stupid name somebody made up. its not an a7x song or the live solo thing they did. some fag made that up. no offense to anybody but im kinda tired of hearing about “unwind the chainsaw” thats a stupid name anyways

Comment by corey661

FoREVer would be a retarded name for this album. Soooooo cheesy

Comment by Anonymous

this is a fake i trust DBN. on a happy note CANNT WAIT FOR THIS NEW ALBUM…Nightmare its called right?
ooh btw is the 35second preview titled “Nightmare” real ? if so…THAT SONG SOUNDS WICKED COOL!!! <3

Comment by SamieeATLA7X

I think this is all fake…
but honestly no one really knows until the album comes out so everyone needs to calm down and just wait for A7X’s super awesome album

Comment by ema7x

well there should be a song called ‘god hates us’ so….

Comment by DGF

i heard awhile back a7x put up a song on their myspace titled unwind the chainsaw, at about the same time they were playing that solo piece at their shows. Im not sure if it even happened but there was some hullaballoo on the internet about it… anyone know for sure?

Comment by willxthexthrill

oh and the song was only up for about ten minutes hence no one ever hearing it or being able to download it

Comment by willxthexthrill

Well if no one ever heard it then you know its not real. That rumor has been going around for a while now.

Comment by corey6661

that song is Eyes of the devil by seether

Comment by Anonymous

the static was fake? u mean someone hacked their twitter, myspace and website? …. im confused

Comment by Anonymous

No, click the vimeo link and listen to the apparent “song” entitled “static”. It’s actually a song by seether though. That the fake one. The static u heard on the website, myspace, YouTube, etc. Were all done by the band and it’s marketing partners. That’s real but all it is is static.

Comment by Redline11786

the leak ive seen is bullshit too. there is only two confirmed song titles which are Nightmare and Fiction!!!

Comment by Keiran Heaffey

For me its hard too tell
Doesn’t seem like there style.
but than again, the band changes their sound every album, so who knows.

Comment by Jonathan

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