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Brian Haner Sr Brags About New Avenged Sevenfold Album.
May 10, 2010, 6:30 pm
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I don’t really mind, it only gets us hyped up more! Brian Haner Sr tweeted about hearing the brand new Avenged Sevenfold record over the weekend thanks to the guys and thinks that this album “May be their best ever.”


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Of course! I can’t Fucking wait!!

Comment by Noehly

Oh Jesus.. I mean Johnny Christ! I can’t take this!

Comment by Stephanie Cote

I lol’d

Comment by David Castleman


Comment by Jessica

Thanks For Making Me More Anxious Papa G :p

Comment by Derek


Comment by James C.

i cant take this anymore!!!
ahhhh :D

Comment by ema7x

when this shit drops I will be complete and can die content!!! OMG!!!

Comment by Toni

no,you have to see them on the Uproar Festival tour first! then you can die content =)

Comment by David Castleman

The teaseing is startng to get to me. I need this album!

Comment by J-mac

It’s all good Papa Gates! I love you anyways! I can’t wait for the new album!!! I’m sooo stoked!!!

Comment by SynysterGirl03

Gaw! I can’t wait any longer! xP

Comment by Gnarkill :)

Damn you Papa Gates. Teasing isn’t nice! I WANT THE NEW ALBUM NOW~! GIVE US MORE A7X. foREVer

Comment by Rya7Xn

this is the biggest dick tease ever! fuck!

Comment by Anonymous

oh how i love a good tease =p

Comment by David Castleman

So that’s yet another person saying that this might be their best album…

Comment by PM7X

BRING THE TOUR TO CINCY. WE need some A7X in our lives!

Comment by Matt

All I’m saying is it better live up to the hype…I remember all this stuff they said about the s/t album, how it was gonna “hit harder than ever before” and how it was “down to the bone, no glit or glamor”…which was all crap, since it was their softest album yet and had almost as much production as a rap album.

Comment by Drew

Yeah…. Coz AfterLife and Almost Easy always did remind me of Dr. Dre….

Comment by Ryan 'O

I didn’t say it SOUNDED like rap, I said it had as much production as rap. I mean seriously, you can’t say an album has “no glit or glamor” when you have the vocoder on like five songs and have children’s choirs and orchestra’s and all of that. I’m not necessarily complaining about the fact that they used it, just the fact that they advertised the album as something that it wasn’t.

Comment by Drew

Dude… I was taaking the piss man…. I agree… There was fucking heaps of production on that album.. I think that came from the boys self-producing… They didnt have Mudrock to say “Oh god no matt. Stay AWAY from the desk” ahahha
Again, I was only mucking round bro!

Comment by Ryan 'O

lol ya i know…no worries. And yeah, does anyone know if they self-produced this one again? I feel like we’ve heard nothing about the production this time around.

Granted we’ve heard like nothing about the album in general…

Comment by Drew

You guys realize youre basically saying you guys dont like the work that comes from the guys’ minds themselves. The other albums have all had someone their to tell them what sounds good, and what they think the fans will like. The guys do something their way, make their music the way the want to, and youre bascially making fun of it.

just saying. Not here to argue about it.

Comment by Arielle

I agree. I really hope it does live up to the hype, and I’m sure it will. I can’t wait to hear Syns work.

Comment by Josh

100% agreed.

Comment by Clutch

Whole heartedly agree. Way to experimental…why did they try hip hop? Why did they try country? Why did shadows rant twice in critical acclaim?? His rant really killed the song and I think they realized it cause they don’t even bother live. They need to go back to the sound that made them stick out…the fact that city of evil/waking te fallen didn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before is what made me enjoy every note. I didn’t want >4min songs that sounded like radio play, self title was more than just their weakest album, it was an utter dissappointment to me. They were all capapble of making the album a masterpiece as with previous albums but they didn’t want to.

Comment by Redline11786

They didnt do the rant live, coz shads could barely do it in the studio!! Hahaha… But agree, it wasnt the finest moment of the song or album.

Comment by Ryan 'O

ya but a little piece of heaven is amazing

Comment by Anonymous

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have consciously made the decision to make a ‘disappointing’ album. O.o
I personally admire the fact that they aren’t just stuck in one genre.
The unpredictability is what makes the upcoming album seem so exciting =]

Comment by Angst

i agree…it was good but i was def disappointed…too watered down…how can i not be good though? think of all the inspiration…one of the best drummers of all time…your best friend dying…it was HAS to add up to greatness…in my opinion

Comment by Kyle

I can’t say disappointment because I feel it was a really good album. Honestly they made a total of 28 songs and they just picked the best 10. However, I do think “Girl I Know” should have made it. But I think it shows their true love for music and how the want to change it up which you have to respect. They change every CD. This one is going to be very dark and emotionally driven so I think it’s going to be an album to remember. foREVer.

Comment by Matthew Leasure

Believe me I am fine with every a7x album being different but why change to a lower standard. I mean everyone is going to have they’re own opinion in this case but i can’t see this album coming too close to they’re others. Girl I know was great music but when I heard the actual lyrics I was kinda surprised. Why would they sung a song about a stripper? They have never done something like that. When unthinkable of any a7x song I think of an awesome story that presents a conflict which is why they r so good. Frankly if wanted to listen toba song about slurry strippers I would listen to buckcherry or some other garbage but not a7x. Plus if u noticed they changed thier song structure for all songs except for little piece of heaven. They totally dropped their unique structure that made them so great to a typical verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus. Ugh when i noticed that I just thought they took an easy road and didn’t put as much effort into this record.

Comment by Redline11786

I always thought Girl I Know was about drugs. Which may be even worse.

Comment by Josh

Im on the side of a7x fans who loved s/t album. I love how every song is so different. And its not like they were like ” lets make a half-ass album” they just didnt want to repeat CoE. From tracks 4-10 they are all amazing. And from the bridge to the end of the song in Critical Acclaim it is amazing aswell. I will agree that CoE and WtF are better, but I think A little piece of heaven might just be my favorite song ever. I dont like Scream at all (IMO), that one riff is good, but the rest is just not my thang. I know this new album will be incredible though, something that we will all agree on.

Comment by eh7x

Guy’s, was it Zacky who first put “foREVer” up?

In one of his tweets…?

Or was it a good ol’ a7x fan.. Anybody know?

Comment by Ryan 'O


Comment by corey6661

It was Zacky :-)

Comment by Kristine

come on papa!

Comment by Mandyyy

Fuck!!!!!! I cnt wait any longer!!!!!!!!! And btw I’m going to the Uproar Festival tour I’m so excited!!!!!

Comment by mariah

[…] Brian Haner Sr Brags About New Avenged Sevenfold Album. We don’t really mind, it only gets us hyped up more! Brian Haner Sr tweeted about hearing the brand new Avenged […] […]

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hey, I have a question.
I’ve heard tons of shit…

shoot me an email on my facebook account.

Comment by Ashley

pretty sure the album itself is titled “Nightmare”. read the post on the article from the Hard Drive Radio people..
it mentions “the album, Nightmare”.


Comment by Anonymous

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