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Tons Of Details On Avenged Sevenfold Entitled Album “Nightmare.”
May 13, 2010, 6:17 am
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Yesterday M Shadows and Synyster Gates stopped by Hard Drive Radio where they spilled some details on their upcoming release (mixed by Andy Wallace) to be entitled “Nightmare.” We’ll post the interview once it’s uploaded to the Hard Drive website.

The new album, “Nightmare,” is dedicated to his memory and although it’s not exactly a concept album, it does center around The Rev.  The eeriest thing about it is there is a song on the album called “Fiction” (a nickname The Rev gave himself)  which started out with the title “Death.”  And the song was the last song The Rev wrote for the album, and when he handed it in, he said, that’s it, that’s the last song for this record.  And then 3 days later, he died. The guys have been in town mixing the album and are almost half completed with Andy Wallace. Meanwhile, watch for a video interview with Matt on our website, coming soon.


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Need to hear that song :( Miss you Rev

Comment by Polay


Comment by Kirsty

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Murilo Olivetti, Becki S., imas indra, Nathania R.F. Haner, Erica Aiden and others. Erica Aiden said: RT @deathbatnews: Tons Of Details On Avenged Sevenfold Entitled "Nightmare.": […]

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sooo excited for this new cd…..foREVer!!!! Much love,
Mama V

Comment by Mama Vengeful

Wow. That’s really cool. Should make for a dark album. Can’t wait to hear it.

Comment by J-mac

That made me cry
there so strong for continuing the album
can’t wait to hear it
l love A7X

Comment by ema7x

Yeah thats cool in a way but completely depressing at the same time. when i read this i got goosebumps when i read bout him saying it was finish and died 3 days later. And i got dizzy for some reason haha. but MAN DO I LOVE THIS BAND!!! THEY ARE PART OF MY LIFE AND PROBABLY WILL BE FO(REV)ER

Comment by Noel Contreras

Can’t wait to hear the whole album and see A7X on Uproar!

Comment by Charles

By the beard of zues this is sweet

Comment by Anonymous

By the beard of zeus….hahahaha cracks me up! But yes, sounds unbelievable to me!

Comment by Drew


Comment by Anonymous

He said, “That’s it, that’s the last song…”
Oh My God, this makes my heart ache. How do you miss someone so terribly whom you’ve never even met? Rev, we love you! ~foREVer~ Joelle

Comment by Joelle

Thats how a lot of my friends and i feel like ppl were like why are you said you neer met him and i was like fuck you with all the dvds and music a7x is a lifestyle i feel like there my best friends and would do anything for them a lot of ppl feel the same way as you

Comment by Josef

I know exactly what you mean.

Comment by Mary


Comment by Danniel

You said it!!

Comment by WARNERVE6661


Comment by Ryan 'O

wow. 3days . thats just wow…that brought some tears..
i cant wait to hear the interview.


Comment by amy

I want to ear jimmy´s last song

Comment by Anonymous

I’m definitely covering this entire album on the drums for The Rev!

Comment by Anonymous

I´m going to do the same, this summer when a get the guitar

Comment by Anonymous

me too! ill be jamming on guitar all day everyday to this album

Comment by ayyitstyy

second that

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by eh7x

I can’t wait!

Comment by mahalia2010

thats amazing! cant wait to hear “nightmare!”
especially jimmys “fiction”
the whole album awesome!
A7X when will we hear tracks?..

Comment by susi bella

Nightmare comes on may 18,and the rest just in july

Comment by Anonymous

Nightmare come out Tuesday, the whole album is rumored to cone out July 27th

Comment by J-mac

On July 27, you can hear all of our tracks. Be patient.

Comment by A7X

does anyone know if the revs voice will be on the album? that would make this album soooooooooooo much better!!!
i read somewhere that he had recordings that were all him, maybe they could dub this in??? please??

Comment by Anonymous

the revs voice appears on his song fiction. him and shadows kinda do a duet the whole way through. not gonna say anymore or itll ruin it. but its insanely good.

Comment by raplh

Sounds amazing. Can’t wait.

Comment by Jessica

Fiction has the name that they gave to the song after jimmy´s dead?
Or was The Rev?
Jimmy had fiction tattoed on his body, that must be the reason for the name.
Is there on the album some song for tribute to the rev that they made after jimmy´s dead?

Comment by RuiA7X

I think they’d finished writing the songs, it was just the lyrics they were working on after his death…

Comment by Angst

It started out being called “Death” but Jimmy called it “Fiction”, so they kept it, from what I understand.

Comment by Julie

Jimmy Called It “Death’ But It Was They Last Song He Wrote So The Rest Of The Band Changed It To “Fiction” In Memory Of Him Since That Was His Nickname For Himself

Comment by Derek

I can’t freakin’ wait for the upcoming single. Only five days left now! And I almost can’t sleep at night, ’cause I’m so excited about the album, and now especially ‘Fiction’. Will always love The Rev, he was so great. Such an inspiration to life.
– FoREVer <3

Comment by Kristine

rip rev!!! you will always be my idol. as a drummer i look up to you and i cant wait to hear the new album:) thank you a7x for bein who you are…always do so. A7X FOR LIFE

Comment by Jessy Miller

Hearing this news makes me very interested to see the track list.

Comment by J-mac

That is………….holy crap………..RIP REV
A7X foREVer..

Comment by Thomas

I can’t fucking wait :D!!

Comment by moshiz

Wow… Last song for the album, entitled Death, gets handed in by the Rev on Christmas day, and he passes away three days later… That really is eerie! Wonder if that was the “masterpiece” the Rev spoke of?

Comment by James

First thing that came to my mind James…

This is the one… The song him, and his parents were on about..

No matter what, it will be epic.


Comment by Ryan 'O

Just started crying again. foREVer.

Comment by Julie

I can’t take it anymore!! I feel like Eric Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii to come out. Come ON…COME OOON!! Lol

Comment by Johnnie

“Kid, for the thousandth time, pacing up and down in front of the store isn’t gonna make the Wii come any faster”

I know the feeling as well, haha, can’t wait!

Comment by James

lol, just don’t freeze yourself though

Comment by Anonymous

so the album is called nightmare ?

Comment by Niko

They could do that, make a song for him, I’d love to hear it, but to me there is no need “The song Second Heartbeat” sounds like it was made just for him, and after his Death, it gave me and my Friends and Family the chills, we will foReVer miss him, and we will Treasure the new Album foReVer ^^0^^ Avenged Sevenfold Rocks!!! A7X Eternal Soldier..

Comment by Julia Infante

I’m sooo excited for the cd and their concert I cannot contain myself lmao I miss u revy, but ull be in my heart foREVer <3

Comment by jennyluxx

That is so wild!! I can’t wait to hear the entire album!

Comment by Ashleigh

Soooooo… that the artwork for the album, or is it still just the single artwork? It looks great so i hope its the album artwork.

Comment by eh7x

i dont wanna complain
but the should have released
that single instead of nightmare

but its better than nothing

Comment by Maybe?

just wait 5 days man. were probably gonna get blow away by this song…. and it might be better to experience “fiction” along with the rest of the album.

Comment by eh7x

Well, they can still release Fiction as the first single with video, just like Almost Easy

Comment by J.T. Crook

You don’t even know what it sounds like. Even if a song is fantastic, that doesn’t automatically make it single material.

Comment by Anonymous

I Dont Think They Should Release Fiction As A Single Because Fiction Is Jimmy’s Song And The Album Is Dedicated To his Memory So Those Both Should Come Out Together. I Think Nightmare Was A Badass Choice For A Single From What I’ve Heard So Far.

Comment by Derek

that was actually 1 of the sign dat he was gonna leave this world :(
Peace in heaven for u The Rev…

Comment by Afdhal Yuda

not exactly, i kinda believe in being jinxed because on the “All Excess” DVD, one of A7Xs friends said “The Rev is immortal” when I heard that after he passed away all I could say was “Fuck, he jinxed him.”

Comment by Anonymous

So the album IS called Nightmare. I thought it was just the name of the single since singles are usually released with their own cover art…

Comment by Carol

Is”fiction” literally the last song on the tracklist? Or is it just the last song they wrote for the album?

Comment by eh7x

The last one written for the album.

Comment by Danniel

its just the single for now no one knows the cd title but the boys D:…. I read that this morning and went omfg *cry* this is something that makes me wonder if he knew, he told his parents he would live to 30 so maybe that was his way of telling them, who knows but for them to call the song fiction after him is amazing and I’m proud of those boys for being so strong through of this. They are gunna make Jimmy proud I can feel it.

Comment by Rachel

errr wouldn’t

Comment by Rachel

It says in the article the album is to be titled “Nightmare” as well.

Comment by deathbatnews

well then it is called nightmare rofls

Comment by Rachel

wow. this made me tear up a bit :(
really cant wait to hear this album. its gonna be EPIC…

R.I.P Jimmy. ur foREVer in our hearts. <3

Comment by Skye

wow..i nearly cried.
damn, jimmy.
i bet you’re proud of your brothers. <3

Comment by dvengenz

That made me cry.
ant thats sad..
“thats it. thats the last song..”
omg. <33


Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

Tear-jerking & chilling.
Fucking love the guys always<3
…What words can do to the soul…

RIP Rev<3

Comment by Jessica

omfg!!! i cant belive he did that!!!
“when he handed it in, he said, that’s it, that’s the last song for this record. And then 3 days later, he died.”
RIP Jimmy “The Rev” and rock in peace

but cant wait to hear it all!! =]

Avenged Sevenfold foREVer

Comment by Darkness6661

the Rev has FICTION tattooed down his chest.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Kevin

It’s strange but I think The Rev knew he was going to die and that his time was limitied. Very very eerie.

Comment by Alison

I’m crying again. everytime i read this.. i cry..
i find it eerie that he also wrote afterlife on the last album..
they always say that alot of the times you know when you’re going to die…
This makes me so sad.. i miss you REV..
im a fallen foREVer..

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

[…] Tons Of Details On Avenged Sevenfold Entitled Album “Nightmare.” Yesterday M Shadows and Synyster Gates stopped by Hard Drive Radio where they spilled some details on their upcoming […] […]

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lol i know im gonna get some hate posts for this but i gotta do it. I am slightly disappointed in the title “nightmare”, (although i still think it cool) avenged sevenfold has always been a band for epic titles..sounding the seventh trumpet, waking the fallen, city of evil.. somehow nightmare seems out of place next to them.. hell every track off waking the fallen had an epic title =p BUT in the end, what matters is the music, and of course it will be EPIC!!!

Comment by David Castleman

I kinda agree. ”Waking The Fallen” is an epic album title…”Nightmare” is just kinda ‘normal’ or even less than that…But we’ll hear an EPIC ALBUM behind that title, I’m sure.

Comment by Danniel

David Castleman… you are totally right!
Although Nightmare is a great title, ‘Radiant Eclipse’ is a thousand times better. adn the list goes on.

Comment by J.T. Crook

[…] Tons Of Details On Avenged Sevenfold Entitled Album “Nightmare.” Yesterday M Shadows and Synyster Gates stopped by Hard Drive Radio where they spilled some details on their upcoming rel […] […]

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[…] Junkie “The Rev” Essay – Brian Haner Sr Brags About New Avenged Sevenfold Album – Tons Of Details On Avenged Sevenfold Album Entitled “Nightmare.” – Synyster Gates In The Studio – Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan To Appear On New Avenged […]

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UM i got a question i noticed the banner up top only has 4 up there i would think (just personally)i would keep a pic of the rev with u guys to show he maybe gone but never forgotten (not saying you guys did )but u know as a honor even a pic with mike and the rev together with the band there might not be a real pic but come on with comps theses days it wont be hard to make that pic

Comment by seriousb13

[…] b c “TONS OF DETAILS ON AVENGED SEVENFOLD ENTITLED ALBUM NIGHTMARE“. Deathbat News. May 13, 2010. Retrieved May 13, […]

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Riv Jimmy..!! you will a way be my idol.. Love U Rev…

Comment by alexandre

good by rev..!! loveyou forever avenged sevenfold

Comment by ardian

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