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“Nightmare” Hits Radio Today And I Encourage You Not To Download But To Buy!
May 17, 2010, 4:41 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s new single “Nightmare” hits radio today and I hope you all get a chance to hear it! However, I encourage you all to hold off on downloading the song and/or spreading ripped MP3’s and wait until tomorrow to buy it on iTunes. Why you ask? Because when you purchase it tomorrow you’ll have a helping hand in making it the #1 single on iTunes. Isn’t that something you would love to see? Avenged Sevenfold dominating the iTunes singles chart? Only we can make that happen by buying the single on May 18th and they deserve it more then anyone!

I will not be posting links to the song here nor will we be allowing people to post links to the song or email addresses to get the song in comments.


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I think Ive been to hyped for this song i was listening to the radio and i thought that nothing to say was nightmare D: this is why I shouldn’t be up all night waiting to hear it online.

Comment by Rachel

lol, ikr, I couldn’t sleep last night I was just too restless!!For the first time since Decambruary I got to shut off my alarm before it went off!!XDSooooooooo EXCITED!!!

Comment by Jessica

lol,Ikr, I just couldn’t sleep last night I was so restless!!Today was the first time since Decembary that I actually got to shut off my alarm before it went off!!XDsooooooooo fucking EXCITED!!

Comment by Jessica

Definitely agree… support the record and buy it!

Comment by Cheryl

wow th efull song is amazing!!

Comment by

It’s great! For those who haven’t heard it, some parts of it (intro and bridge) reminds me of Dream Theater’s “A Nightmare to Remember”; and the verses reminds me of “Girl I Know” on A7X’s Diamond’s in the Rough.

Comment by [NE]Fobby[GEN]

anyone know what time it comes out in Australia?? i want it asap, but because we are 17 hours ahead of you guys (!!!!!!), im guessing it will be at the end of the day :(

Comment by Kyle

do u know what radio station it’s going to be on?

Comment by James RIach

cant wait to get it off itunes but while searching how come the song is not under pre-order on itunes?

Comment by Anonymous

Usually what they put up for pre-order are albums only, not singles.

Comment by Danniel

anyone know what time Nightmare comes out in Australia?? Need to get it asap!!!!
we are something like 17 hours ahead of you guys over here, so im guessing that it will be at the end of the day :( :(

Comment by Kyle

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Yes we need to make it #1. We need to show the guys that their fanbase is still here.

Comment by PM7X

exactly i agree.
lets make it number 1! :D

Comment by amy

i hope i get a chance i’m listening to a live stream right now

Comment by amy

I will 100% be downloading it from iTunes, and i’ll buy the album when it’s released too. They deserve my money.

Comment by BenjiA7X

just heard it, FUCKING AMAZING

Comment by synystersam

This is their best fucking song ever.

Comment by Zack

Thank you deathbat news!! You couldn’t be more right!! I will definitely be out on iTunes tomorrow morning to buy the new single!! This is going to be the summer of the deathbat! The guys need out support so we all need to rally together and do everything we can to help them break records!

Comment by Christen

is there a specific time when the radio station will play it?

Comment by Neil


Comment by marathegreat

I’m holding off listening to the song until tomorrow but think about it. More kids today don’t have an itunes account and won’t pay to download it. But it wouls be nice to see it #1 on the itunes chart. But realistically kids are gonna torrent it for free.

Comment by DeathBatGirl6661

just heard it. Not bad, not the best thing in the world, but not bad.

Comment by Malakai

The intro is pretty bad ass, the chorus is good, may or may not buy it tomorrow, Probably will just wait for the album.

Feels very much like Diamonds in the Rough.

Comment by Malakai

I am going to tune into some stations now… But I live in Australia, so its 11pm now(17th), I hope I can get it in a hour… I highly doubt it…

Probs wont get it for a week…. =[


Comment by Ryan 'O

and portnoy does an amazing job. You can feel that its not the rev. He may have written it but it’s… too… clean

Comment by Malakai

I won’t buy it if I only will be able to get the MP3. I wnat the CD. If that ain’t possible, I won’t buy it. Screw iTunes :)

Comment by MuIIeMusic

im spoiled i downloaded it :D but im gonna buy it too

Comment by Anonymous

This is honestly my new favorite a7x song

Comment by Dave

is it hitting the radio on every state? im in FL- that’d be awesome. cant wait to buy it 2m!

Comment by gabby

Sounds very metallica! Its awesome. I just downloaded it. I can just buy the full album when it comes out instead of paying twice for a song. Besides who gives a flying f**k about an itunes list? Im sure A7X dont.

Comment by Agustin

Will it be available in OVI store? I dont have ipod or iphone, i use NOKIA N97 but i want to buy this song because its amazing!(i already heard it on youtube)..

Comment by Vlad

Leaked already on youtube, someone apparently was able to buy it a day early in Norway… Will definitely still be buying it tomorrow though, it is a freaking AMAZING song, far better than I expected – and I had high expectations!

Absolutely love it!!!! Wish it would hurry up and be tomorrow so I can buy it already!

Comment by James


Comment by Moshiz


Comment by jez

This song is amazing! Best since City of Evil! This is easily the heaviest song they’ve put out since the Waking The Fallen days.

Comment by Josh7X


Comment by DGF

I fuckin love this song !

Comment by Reelika


Welcome to the New Avenged Sevenfold guys….

This is us from here on in… =]



Comment by Ryan 'O

Nightmare!!(now your nightmare comes to life)
Dragged you down below, down to the devils show to be his guest forever (peace of mind is less than never)
Hate to twist your mind but god aint on your side Cant hold the point and sever (from your world you’re less than never)
Ashes burning, you can smell it in the air cus men like you have such an easy soul to steal
So stand in light while begging? numbers in your head you’re now a slave until the end of time
Nothing stops the madness turning haunting yearning pull the trigger

You should of known, the price of evil and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah ooohhhh its your fucking nightmare (now your nightmare comes to life)
Can’t wake up in sweat cus it ain’t over yet
Still dancing with your demons (pick among your own creation)
Be on the will to fight, where all that’s wrong is right
Where it don’t need a reason (nothing stop assassination)
You’ve been lied to just to wake you up inside and now they have the nerve to tell you how to feel
So sedated as they medicate your brain and while you slowly go insane they tell you
“Living with your past decisions, help you with your complications”
You should of known, the price of evil and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah no one to call, everybody to fear, your tragic fate is looking so clear yeah ooohhhh its your fucking nightmare hah ha ha hah
Fight, not to fear, not to fall, or you’ll end up like the others
Die, die again, drenched in sin, with no respect for another oh
Don’t feel the fall, feel the hate, your pain is what we desire
Lost, hit the wall, watch you crawl, such a replaceable liar
And I know you hear their voices(calling from above)
And I know they may seem real (these signals alone)?
But our lives made up of choices (someone ought to feel)?
They took for granted your soul and it’s ours now to steal (as your nightmare comes to life)
You should of known, the price of evil and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah no one to call, everybody to fear, your tragic fate is looking so clear yeah ooohhhh its your fucking nightmare

i know i”m really close theres like five mistakes probably


Comment by Kyle

light should be line
“Living with your past decisions, help you with your complications” it sounds like living with your best intentions , help you with your complications,(that’s just what i hear)

other then that i don’t see any mistakes atlest from what im hearing

Comment by Rachel

I’ve already heard the full song, it’s awesome! It does sound very Metallica-ish, but what the heck it rocks! I’m creating my iTunes account right now to buy the single tomorrow.

Comment by Gerry

this sucks! i live in the UK and i was at school when it was being played :( is it amazing? xD staying up until midnight so i can buy it straight away! fuck school :D

Comment by Hannah Nicoll

“Living with your past INTENSIONS, help you with your complications”

I think is how it goes. Good job though

Comment by Josh7X

i listened to it and i love it but thought the intro was kina cheesey. and i like love the fact that they brought some of that waking the fallen sound back too !!!! all in all i wasent disapointed at all cant wait to hear the rest of the album

Comment by joeeeeeee


Comment by Anonymous

Sounds like It’s going to lead to another song a la burn it down. :) EPIC song, can’t wait to buy it. :D

Comment by Frank

how can i get the full song now?

Comment by JORDAN

Thing is, iTunes Store is blocked @ my country,so what am I supose to do other than download it? I’d give money free for avenged and I just bought one of their shirts and a CD,but theres nothing I can do regarding to buying the single sadly.

Comment by Tomer

SONG IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! By god they did it again.

Comment by Chase

besides me who thinks is sounds pinkly smooth sounding?

Comment by Rachel

Yea, I was thinking that, Kind’ve jumping from one style to another..

Comment by Andy

yes my thoughts to so

Comment by Rachel


Comment by AsevenX4Life

so fucking sweet.

Comment by crystalislupe

ah, the intro is so creepy and you can tell that something so badass is on it’s way. Then BAM! Great main riff too. Just straight headbanging.

Comment by Seth

Honestly, you couldn’t ask for something better
That song has it all!!
They’ve done it again

Comment by Danniel

dont be mad at me, but i found it, but i am so totally gonna buy it off itunes anyway.
it is beast! i think it is one of the greatest a7x tracks so far. it has a very dark vibe to it, and i love how the feel changes in different parts of the. the solo is AMAZING!!!! A7X REALLLYYY outdid themselves this time! Jimmy is proud! I am going to support A7X by Buying it tomorrow, or maybee even at midnight!

Comment by Michael

I usually download things, but I will be buying this at midnight. I support my favorite bands and A7X just so happens to be my absolute favorite.

Comment by Jacob

So far so good heard the song and it’s an instant classic.
I will buy it from iTunes because if you download it the quality won’t compare.
I’ll also be pre-ordering that album first day it’s up

Comment by Ariel c

Damn, it’s going to be the first song I’ll ever buy on iTunes. Only because the band is worth it.

Comment by Danniel

That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard from them. Its epic.

Comment by Sarah

you can buy the song at 9 tonight

Comment by Anonymous

Which time zone cause I’m in central time zone it’s 9:45 and no song yet

Comment by Aidan

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