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Avenged Sevenfold Kerrang! World Exclusive Details.
May 18, 2010, 6:08 am
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I previously mentioned Kerrang! would be featuring an Avenged Sevenfold World Exclusive and now I’ve got the details. The issue goes on sale tomorrow.

When Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan died suddenly at the end of 2009, Avenged Sevenfold were left devastated and unsure of their future. Five months on, in this week’s Kerrang! magazine frontman M. Shadows and guitarist Synyster Gates talk for the first time about the hell the band have been through and discuss their forthcoming album, Nightmare


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I´m from europe and i can´t get that magazine

Comment by Anonymous

They sell kerrang in Uk (and the same issue in sweden but the week after)

Comment by RaZoR

Just that cover has brought a tear to my eye. It looks wrong.

I’ll be getting a copy of this in the morning.

Comment by Vanessa

it brought tears to me eyes too. I’m not sure whatis more sadder.. Rev not in the pic or the look on the guys faces.

Comment by Andrea

i can’t wait to buy this tbh. i love this band and my heart goes out to them for Jimmy. he’s up there, rocking with all the other legends that have left us, and he’s proud of Nightmare. it’s an epic song, and Portnoy did a great job on the drums. Thanks to Avenged Sevenfold for making such amazing music and i hope this continues for a long time, for Jimmy. love you guys, keep rocking. and Jimmy, save me a spot up there =). <3

Comment by angel smith

This was such a big step for these guys & I am so happy & proud of them for moving forward. It’s what Rev would have wanted & he is proudly smiling down on them. I also fully believe that if it wasn’t for the fans that A7X has, they would not have moved forward like they have. I am SO excited for the new album & I am even more excited to be seeing them in July!! Nightmare is such a tease!! foREVer

Comment by Andrea

I’m proud our boys<3
they went through so much
in the end to come out bigger
and better than ever

Comment by Mandyyy

yesss i cant wait to buy this

Comment by mike m

OMG balling my eyes out right now, deep breaths, that cover with just the four of them makes it more real, :( stay strong boys, and my fellow a7x peers, lets help the boys fight through this!

Comment by MIssGC

We are… definitely
I think us being excited to see
them on the upcoming tour && making
Nightmare number1 on iTUNES rock section
makes them pretty fucking happy.
As they fight through this
we fight through it…we’re all in this

Comment by Mandyyy

Extremely well said

Comment by DiabloD

I cant wait to buy this!!!!!
Syn and Shads looks like they lost weight!!!
I hope theyre ok….
I miss the Rev!!!
Hes up there now with other Rock legends…
I guess Gods really working on his rock band in heaven.. =)

Comment by HickieSachie

You can tell by the picture that they have all been taking it rough especially Syn but they all look rough. love them foREVer

Comment by haley

What makes it worse is that the guys look really down on the cover :( especially Zacky and Syn. Glad they’re still going strong. I’m proud of them <3
I will definitely buy that issue.

Comment by Kim

I’ll be buying that :) hopefully without crying. Shame i can’t actually buy the single :|

Comment by rexy

I can’t get this magazine :( I live in Sweden and they don’t sell Kerrang in this city… : <

Comment by Alexandra

I have the same problem, I live in Norway. It sucks sometimes..

Comment by Kristine

actually, you can buy it in Sweden :D
it won’t come out until the week after it comes out in the UK though, just so you know.

Comment by Kim

Pressbyrån säljer den (där jag bor iaf)

Comment by RaZoR

How can I get my hands on this if im outside of the US?(living in Israel). Would there be an option to buy it digitally or somthing? any ideas guys?

Comment by Tomer

Buying this issue tomorrow!

Comment by Brooke

I feel so bad for them, look at Syn.
We’ll forever be here for you guys, hope you know that you have got some good fans in your back, always supporting you.
– FoREVer <3

Comment by Kristine

Just looks so wrong! Made me cry!! :'(

Comment by Mama Vengeful

Can someone scan and upload the interview when it comes out, for us North American’s who don’t get Kerrang?

Comment by T

I agree. I guess that’s one sucky thing about living in the States. :P

This cover makes me so sad. :[ But I’m glad they’re getting out on tour and trying to move forwards. Rock on guys!

Comment by Aly

yeah i agree that would be awesome
but, i think HMV sells kerrang!

Comment by amy

What’s HMV? I know Hot Topic sells AP and Amp, but I’ve never seen Kerrang! there…at least, not that I can remember.

Comment by Aly

Seeing just the four of them isn’t right :(
I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it…

Comment by Angst

Syn looks so sad and Shadows lost so much weight. Can’t wait for them to hit the road again

Comment by Josh7x

Cry Cry Cry. Fuck that Im PUMPED

Comment by ZZZ

Damn they look pretty rough there. Maybe that was the concept for the photoshoot, but they look like they let themselves go a bit.

Comment by A7XEric

Why oh why can we not get Kerrang over here in the US where I’m at so that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?!?!

The cover looks so odd…it’s like it’s out of place and barren…just another thing to get used to… :(

Comment by Tasha

luckily my local asda stocks US imports of kerrang :P

Comment by wikaman1

Damn. I’ve never seen this magazine shipped to Pueto Rico. ):
The cover looks so..sad. There’s only four of them.
I want to buy it!

Comment by Alex

does anyone know if we can get kerrang in hungary? i want that issue so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! :(
they all look soo depressed there, especially syn and it just looks…wrong…:(

Comment by mcra7xbfmv

Can someone plz tell me where i can buy this magazine i`m from the US and I need to get this magazine!!!

Comment by Britt_A7X

does this mag come to nj? >.<

Comment by kira

i want it!!

Comment by ema7x

What stores usually sells Kerrang? (US)

Comment by Laura D

Can someone please tell me where i can buy this magazine i`m from the US and I need to get this magazine.

Comment by ema7x

Can anyone please tell me a website where i can buy that magazine ?
They don’t sell it in Estonia :/
I need to have this magazine !

Comment by Reelika

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