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M Shadows & Syn Gates Octane Interview Up Now!
May 19, 2010, 8:38 am
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Check out the interview M Shadows & Syn Gates did for Octane that aired yesterday.

Thanks to Youtube user Vayne92 for posting this in our comments!


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HAHA! its finally said that he got married!

Comment by Rachel

well comfired by Brian that he is

Comment by Rachel

God bless him<3 may he rock in peace

Comment by Aliix ForeverVengeance Wilkinson

It’s so good to hear these guys talking about Jimmy! God Bless them! I think this is all good therapy for them to help them move forward.

Comment by Jamie Tamayo

ahahaa oh wow, i was wondering how my views suddenly jumped up an extra 100 in about 1minute haha. Thx 4 putting this here deathbatnews! <3 a7x

Comment by Anonymous

dude. i legit cried hearing the 2nd part. so fkin sad… we really have no idea what these have gone through. the fact they’re doing this for jimmy and everything else makes me love them so much more.
rip jimmy. you are so fkin missed. :'(

Comment by gabby

I think these interviews and getting on tour and talking about Jimmy are some “baby steps” and will only make things easier. Now we know 3 track names for the new record. Nightmare, Fiction, and Danger Line. Super Stoked! A7X foREVer.

Comment by Matthew Leasure

and dat officially makes Shads & Syn in-laws :D

loved that story of Jimmy

Comment by 'missing rev' guy

yep they are brother in laws they really are brothers now

Comment by Rachel

You guys are amazing for getting through everything you have in these past few months. I can’t tell you how inspiring that it is to me. It honestly just made me love you guys even more then I already did (if that’s humanly possible). Jimmy is up there smiling down upon you guys, I’m sure of it, =]. His brothers will always be his brothers until the very end. A7X Until The End, <3. -Support, promote, defend-. I love you guys and God bless <3.
[I'll support you guys regardless of what your decisions are. I love you guys and I know you'll always do what you feel is right. Take care guys].

Comment by Kendra

Hahaha, loved the story of Jimmy making fun of the police not having guns! By the sounds of things, he could’ve out-run them easily if he wanted to, but he went to prison just to punch someone for insulting Val… What a character :)

Comment by James

couldn’t have said it better my self. do totally agree, what a character :-D
– foREVer <3

Comment by Kristine

ahahahaha “what kind of cops are you
you dont have guns” although i didnt know Jimmy personally I really miss him.
Ahh the power of music<3

Comment by Mandyyy

lmao i can just picture him running around making fun of those coppers. Btw those billy clubs hurt like a bitch.

Comment by josh

Does anybody know if they are still going to be at HeavyMTL on july 25th because in both the 2 new interviews they said they won’t tour before Uproar ?

Comment by Anonymous

The date for HeavyMTL is still on the official website.

Comment by Audrey.

i didn’t know syn was married!!!

Comment by christa

thank you for posting this !!!!! A7X foREVer

Comment by Marc S

I love that Jimmy beat up a guy for Val. Don’t mess with fam.


Comment by DeathWinged

=( first matt now syn??? nooo lol btw nightmare sounds awesome can’t w8 4d album to come out. I miss the rev =(

Comment by miss_vengeance

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so 3 confirmed songs:

Comment by Kyle

BOO! Gates is off the market! lol.

Comment by dani

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Comment by gretchya7x

that was just too awesome. thank you deathbatnews

Comment by amanda

Thank you Deathbat news for keeping us updated on our dearest band.
I loved listening to every second of this interview and of course got sentimental when they started talking about Jimmy.They are all truly special and unique We will love them forever

Comment by Rubi

omg i know the bar in london they were taking about, its awesome in there

Comment by melissa

i love the jimmy story lol
A7X foREVer

Comment by ema7x

man i think they’re dealing with the situation in a very good way with the baby steps and all but Gates sounds SO sad. it’s just horrible… :( but on a positive note I think that once they get out and get it going again with the support of their fans/Jimmy’s family, they will once again become the well-oiled, funny, amazing, machine they once were.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I’m pretty sure the troops would love to see
Avenged Sevenfold. My gunslinger is overseas
right now with his fellow slingers and
they all love avenged sevenfold. He only saw A7X once and thats when he was home last year. I’m pretty sure he wants to see them this year but can’t :/

Round of applause for the boys
doing interviews
stay strong<3

Comment by You know

It’s good to hear from they’re definetly an Icon to so many people. Their strength is amazing. I can’t wait till August to see them live again.

Comment by mahalia2010

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Does anyone know where I can get a download of the audio? I’d love to have it.

Comment by Becca

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