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They’re Listening To You All.
May 27, 2010, 5:51 pm
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At around 4:25 this evening I received a comment in the new Schecter Guitar Ad entry that I posted in response to this one .

I didnt think much of it at all until the band posted the following at approx 5pm PST and a puzzle piece appeared on their official website:


I checked the authenticity of the comment and a few other things and all we can say is, THEY’RE LISTENING.


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This is pretty awesome! Nice to know that they really do like to get involved with the fanbase. :)

Comment by Vanessa

zomg D:

Comment by Iain

holy shit ._.

Comment by Derek

They are severely creepin’ on us! I like it!

Comment by Scratch

HOLY SHIT, I know it!! Fucking excited!!XD

Comment by SYNNER

I love it. They totally are creepin but they’re the best creepers you could wish for. :D!

Comment by Emilee

I know! I’d pay money for them to creep on us, lol. ;p

Comment by Scratch

Holy F, could it be the album cover!? Maybe the more we warn, the more gets revealed. Lets get to it people!

Comment by Julian G

if you save the picture, it says something like, “cover puzzle copy”. :)

Comment by Ape$hit

if you save it as a picture the file name is:
11Piece_1_Nightmare-Cover-Puzzle_copy_0 (1)
it is the cover and its 11 pieces total(i think could be wrong but its a guess)

Comment by BC

What I thought, too. :)
Forewarn away, my dearest family.

Comment by D6661

And “The light may be gone from our eyes…” SO fucking sad. Lump in my throat was immediate.

Comment by D6661

damnit. i misquoted the words of The Almighties. but you know what i meant. :)

Comment by D6661

I had a feeling it was them ;-) How awesome is that??

Comment by Andrea


Comment by deathbatnews

ohhhhh damn.

Comment by bridgett t.

Thats gotta feel pretty awesome that they commented on your site C:

Comment by Seth

Its an honor.

Comment by deathbatnews

Eery and I love it! :D

Comment by Gnarkill :)

That’s pretty damn awesome. It’s nice they’re spying on their fans! XD

Comment by Kace


Comment by Erica Aiden


Comment by Chandler Fyfe

they’re ALWAYS listening. (:

Comment by dvengenz

There are shivers running down my spine and excitement coursing through my veins… I love it. So proud to be an Avenged Sevenfold fan right now. =D

Comment by AshleySevenfold

Creepy…but good to know they’re listening. I’m very curious about this puzzle piece. I spotted bits of design on it…maybe a field or some flowers. Puzzling ;)!

Comment by Kel

YES! that is what i was thinkin to :P a field of flowers at night… its good to no im not the only one ;)

Comment by Anonymous

Edges are gonna be all pretty like a moonlit field, but then toward the middle, it’s gonna get all, um well, Nightmarey.

Comment by D6661

Woaaaaah dudes thats fucking amazing

Comment by Stephanie Cote

Damn. I’m gonna have to call half and half on first comment between me and Erica Aiden.

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

it looks like branches from a flower bush of some sort. didn’t think they’d do anything like that for the album cover. eh, they’re avenged. they can do whatever they want. :)

Comment by Ape$hit

What picture are you guys talking about?

Comment by AlexaVengenz17

i always feel like, somebody’s watchin’ meeeee…
see you fuckers in Buffalo!

Comment by wench

I’m going to Buffalo too!!

Comment by SYNNER

I’m also going to Buffalo.

Comment by Alaina

see y’all at noon in line *salutes*

Comment by wench

Nevermind all the other comments just loaded. Haha

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

This is all too f*cking cool!!!! They ARE LISTENING!!! I’m so excited!!! A7X Forever!!!

Comment by alaurachristine

omg thats fuckin insane

Comment by Qiana

Holy shit, dude<3. :]

Comment by Ashley

Wow this is awesome!! I am so curious as to what the hell the piece is!! I love you guys and thank God that you guys formed and keep making life changing music, and it’s the most epic and legendary…not a song i can’t like!! Thanks again A7X and can not wait til my ears hear the new album!! God Bless all of you and keep making amazing music!

Comment by jarred

Avenged sevenfold is the most amazing thing to exist on this planet:)
love those guys:)
as people
as musicians
as inventors
three just amazing at everythig they do:p
I lovebeing a part of this era :)

Comment by Se7en


Nah, just kidding. I think the whole thing is really quite cool. My Twitter list might not think the same thing…bitches had better start listening to me about how awesome this album is going to be. ^_^

Comment by Sarah

Let’s make this a trending topic! Right now goonies is a trending topic! Let’s beat it!

Comment by Jmac

Ditto, man. I would frigging love to see it in the trending topics.

Comment by Sarah

They’ve commented on articles prior to this. Using the name A7X they were referring to themselves as avenged and saying “We” this and “we” did that. Pretty cool when I first saw it

Comment by PeteA7X

I’m glad I’m not going crazy because I’ve seen them comment before. Wish I could remember which post I seen it in….

Comment by Andrea

Anyone can change the name to A7X here… that doesn’t mean it’s actually Avenged Sevenfold posting.
The reason this seems to be them is because they said something no one else knew about and they posted here what they just posted on their site a day later.

Comment by PM7X

Thats whats so beast about Deathbat News! It REALLY is the first place to find A7X updates even from the band itself XD

Comment by Ryan

lol, so sick!

Comment by Andrew

maybe deathbat news is avenged sevenfold….

Comment by zach

Oh goodness, hah.

Comment by deathbatnews

haha :)

Comment by zach

I thought so! Wish I could remember which posts they were in….

Comment by Andrea

We think you are gullible. Anyone can have the name A7X. pretty cool eh?

Comment by A7X

dude anyone can change the name to a7x. the mods on DBN just deleted my post.

Comment by Anonymous

Are you talking about your comment that’s right above this one? Because Im pretty sure it’s there.

Also, the comment in the post didn’t have “A7X” as name. We checked it out and authenticated it before making our post.

Comment by deathbatnews

well then what was the name of the comment?

Comment by Anonymous

There was no name to it, that’s apparent by the screen cap in this post.

Comment by deathbatnews

dont get smart with me assholes

Comment by Anonymous

You’re more then welcome to take your negativity elsewhere because it’s not welcomed on this website.

Comment by deathbatnews

sorry, was being sarcastic more than anything. not trying to be a dickhead here. love the site! keep up the good work

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you.

Comment by deathbatnews

kiss ass

Comment by Anonymous

deathbatnews, I think what Anonymous is saying here is a response to what PeteA7X said (“Using the name A7X they were referring to themselves…”) that just because it says A7X it doesn’t mean it IS Avenged Sevenfold. I’ve seen some comments where it said A7X or something and someone was trying to make it look like it’s actually Avenged Sevenfold talking…
With this comment from earlier it shows that it actually is A7X because they posted something that no one else knew… but just because someone puts A7X as the name doesn’t mean it is A7X… and it seems that some people believe that.

Comment by PM7X

I understood what that person was saying, but they were being rude about it. If fans want to use “A7X” as their ‘name’ when posting here that’s fine as long as they arent claiming to be the band, that won’t be allowed.

As far as Anonymous goes, all is good here now :)

Comment by deathbatnews

By the way I have a question. I was wondering if you considered letting users have their own profiles here and permanent names? I’m not sure how that works and if it’s possible here but have you thought about it?

Comment by PM7X

I really like that idea too!

Comment by Andrea

Love these guys passionately. Hope they’re doing as well as they’ve just claimed.

Comment by Monica

oh this is just to damn cool. they can creep on us all they want! lol

Comment by dani

maybe if you put #THEA7XNIGHTMARE on your twitter status it will appear faster.

Comment by Zombeee

… <3

Comment by Mary

sweet!!! <3

Comment by Mary

Lol, the amazing. They’re fuckin ninjas
xD Can’t wait to see the whole album ocover once the puzzle is finished
Can’t wait to see them in Buffalo :D

Comment by Alaina

I bet they’re laughing at us right now, haha.

Comment by Scratch

Agreed. They’re probably laughing at how we’re freaking out :p

That’s creepy,yet so amazing at the same time ._.!

Comment by Derek

I’d be laughing my ass off, too, if I were them.

I wonder if they ever creep on some of the fan fictions people write about them, hahaha. They should film their reactions.

Comment by Scratch

awesome XD

Comment by jax

It’s number 3 in LA right now.

Comment by mesa

they’re awesome :)

Comment by danicaloveszacky!

aw how cool! glad to see they’re keeping in touch with their fans. we’re all here to support them.

Comment by Katie

fuck the dos equis guy! avenged are the most interesting men in the universe by far! ohh and chuck norris wears a7x pjs

Comment by Anonymous

so does Superman.

Comment by wench

and God.

Comment by SYNNER

Oh wait, he hates them ;}

Comment by SYNNER


Comment by Andrew

There we go<33333333333

Comment by SYNNER

This is AWESOME!<3

Comment by Mandy

OoH!!!THAT’S FUCKING CREEPY & I LIKE IT!!!!!!!But really, it’s so fucking awesome!!Gives me chills.
They love us!!!
*But I love them more<3333333

I'll be seeing you guys in Buffalo on the 22nd, & we have a big surprise for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the Reverend

Comment by SYNNER

#THEA7XNIGHTMARE was a trending topic in the UK a little while ago, and is currently a trending topic in Los Angeles!

Comment by SaraLeann

This just made my day!!

Comment by james

Another reason why they are my favorite band. Damn, I can’t wait to see them in Columbus again.

Comment by Andy

I’m so there! I was freaking out when they canceled the Cleveland date. But rejoiced like a motherfucker when I saw the Columbus one because it’s closer to home, lol.

Comment by Scratch

This just makes me that much more proud to be a fan. I check this site everyday and the fact that they took the time to notice that so many other fans do too and to use it as another way to get us worked up is amazing. I love them.

Comment by Mary

thats freaking awesome
A7X foREVer

Comment by emilya7x


Comment by Nicole

Creepy….but awesome!!! :D

Comment by Alyssa

Well shit.
Here I was all worried about the government watching me…

Comment by dee

LOL :D but if you think about it…do you really mind them watching you? All I know is that they can watch me aaaall they want :D <–totally creepo i know, but they just have that effect on me^^

Comment by Katrine

This is goingto be the greatest rock albumin history:)
there is just so fucking much emotion and history and passion poured into this album.
It could be never be duplicated.
This album is goig to change music forever and go down in history.
This is the Year of Avenged Sevenfold

Comment by Se7en

Wow…I fucking love this band! I am proud to be a fan FoREVer

Comment by Jon

“We will follow you to hell and back.” #TheA7XNightmare “WE GOT YOUR BACK” <3

Comment by CAT kenny

HO-LY SHIT this is pretty damn epic

Comment by Kevin

”¿dәәႨs ɹnoʎ әʞɐʍ ! p!p ʎɹɹos“

anyone catch that? or the hidden link that pulls up the single cover with the nobody to call, everybody to fear quote that is on the puzzle page?

Comment by Nick

nvm being gone a day or two and i missed it lol.

Comment by Nick

Those have all been posted.

Comment by deathbatnews

That is insane, im so excited to see what they are going to do with the puzzle!!

Comment by Derek Williams

I am excited I love that are listening I think it may be the album cover

Comment by SummerA7X

if you save it as a picture the file name is:
11Piece_1_Nightmare-Cover-Puzzle_copy_0 (1)
it is the cover and its 11 pieces total
the more i think about it the more it makes sense if you include this week there are 10 more weeks until july 27th when the album comes out so they are going to add one part every week and maybe the last two the week before i could be wrong but it makes sense to me does it make sense to anyone else?

Comment by BC


Comment by rossy

what lurkers haha. so excited.

Comment by Katie

I see someone is creeping.

Comment by Jules

I’m pretty sure it’s barbed wire, not flowers. I zoomed way in on it, and that’s what it looks like to me. So I also approve of Sevenfold’s sketchy creeper-ness. :)

Comment by Mary B

i also saw little blue dots through out the picture when i zoomed in maybe its just my compter lol

Comment by BC

what if we don’t want to make a twitter? do i still get rewarded if i do it on myspace? lol or maybe just for being a hardcore fan?

Comment by Anonymous

i would think so bc they have a myspace page and it may not even mean that everyone has to say that on twitter everyone could be way off

Comment by BC

ummm who would win a fight? avenged sevenfold or a hurricane?

Comment by Anonymous

thats not even a hard question:)

Comment by BC

a7x creeping hard.

Comment by Niko

How great of the band to comment on your site.

Album cover, amirite?

Comment by Phil

It’s incredible.

Comment by deathbatnews

Holy shit. What the hell does this mean? The boys are F-ing creeping me the hell out!!

Silly boys. HaHa. I have freaking goosebumps right now.

Comment by AlexaVengenz17

Its an honor.

Comment by deathbatnews

That’s radd honestly. I have been a fan since 01′. Saw you guys with Atreyu at “The Living Room” in Goleta,CA in 02 I believe. I bought a sweatshirt at that show that I still wear haha, you guys always were good dudes, good to see you havent lost touch :-). Havent caught you guys live since 04′!!! I think I will have to find a way to one of your several California dates. CHEERS.

PS: I lost my father 5 years ago, stay strong, you will be OK. You will love the person you discover within through this experience, peace.

Comment by Eddie Virgilio

Why do they always tease us like this???? They know how to make their fans excited dont they! I cant wait to see the rest of this picture, I bet its amazing!

Oh and Zacky, if youre reading this.. I think youre pretty much the most wonderful person on the planet. Seriously :)

Comment by Sarah Sevenfold

WOW…i had read the comment and i was just thinking about it…,this is awesome,A7X loves their fans( ‘the kids’ as they put it ) :D

Comment by me


Comment by Vayne92

i bet the puzzle is the introduction to the nightmare video… can’t fucking wait!

Comment by Jordan

Thats awesome! I freaking love these guys & cant wait for the new album.

Comment by Julie

A7X is sooo f’n awesome!! I hope they know how uch we love them

Comment by Anonymous

I hope they know how much they are loved and appreciated for makin this album!!

Comment by crystal

wowsers the time is 3 hours different then the time where i am..hahaha

Comment by crystal

FUcking amazing!
Glad to see that they are seeing what we right

Comment by Anonymous

Nice job boys you gave me chills

Our worst Nightmare is coming <3

Comment by mel

this is the best thing ever !

Comment by a7xnightmareeeeee

[…] They’re Listening To You All. At around 4:25 this evening we received a comment in the new Schecter Guitar Ad entry that we posted in response to […] […]

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Comment by angst

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I wanna know what i can do to “warn people”…
If it means speeding up the puzzle pieces and helping A7X out, the quicker the better haha

Comment by drummerboy5

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