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Zacky Vengeance, “I Can Honestly Tell You If It Wasn’t For Our Fans, There Would Not Be A7X”
June 1, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Steve Baltin at Noisecreep recently conducted an interview with Zacky Vengeance. Read the entire piece here.

Every band handles tragedy differently. The Who of course went on when drummer Keith Moon died in 1978. Led Zeppelin, however, decided to call it quits following the demise of drummer John Bonham in 1980. Avenged Sevenfold are moving forward, with a new hit song, ‘Nightmare,’ and album due in July of the same name.

But guitarist Zacky Vengeance tells Noisecreep that when drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan passed away last year, the band was finished. “When we called each other and got the call that Jimmy had died, literally it all ended right there,” Vengeance, whose real name is Zachary Baker, says. “Everything we’ve ever known as human beings, everything we’ve ever known as a band, changes at that moment, and you can’t think clearly. You can’t see anything, you can’t talk, you can’t make any sense of anything. It was just done. You don’t care about music, there’s just nothing.”

So what changed their minds? “I can honestly tell you if it wasn’t for our fans, there would not be Avenged Sevenfold right now,” he says. “The fans would send in hundreds and thousands of letters, and they’d make books begging us to keep going and thanking us for what we have done and honoring Jimmy. They held vigils all over the world.”

Avenged didn’t acknowledge the fan reception at the time, because as Vengeance says, “We weren’t in the state to say, ‘OK, we’re gonna organize events for everyone, all of our fans to get together.’ ‘Cause it’s not a publicity stunt. When that really happens, it’s not about that.” But they were paying attention and saw all of the vigils. And he says that’s what kept the band going. “If it wasn’t for them, we certainly wouldn’t have had the strength to get back there and basically walk through the fire at the hardest time in our life.”

The result is an album they are immensely proud of, and one they feel honors their fallen band mate. “Our friend had written this amazing album with us, and we had to preserve his legacy — let everyone know how genius he really was,” Vengenace says. “He’d done everything in life that he wanted to do, but now we realize we were put on this earth to show everyone how great he was.”

Still, as thrilled as they are with the album — which Vengenace teases, “People aren’t even gonna believe what’s in store for them” — it remains very, very difficult for him to hear the music. “There are times when I’m going back through playing some parts and thinking about the lyrics, and I’ll tear up because there’s nothing else I can do,” he says. “That probably happens at least once a day at this point.”


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Love these guys!

Comment by fatboy

Strength of the World. That’s all I gotta say.

So proud of those guys :)

Comment by Hannah

I completely agree Hannah :D

Comment by Ghostflame83

and we’re still crying with you zacky.

Comment by ruth

So much respect for them having the strength to go on. They know that we’ll be behind them 100% foREVer.

Comment by Leese

They are amazing.

Comment by Hannah

Yeah they are great!

Comment by Cosmin

Zacky,Matt,Syn, Johnny, Rev…
You guys quite literally make my life complete.
If I didnt have your music I dont know where Id be.
The music,the lyrics,the perfect articulation of emotion.. its all helped me sort out my own life in my own mind.
You guys put to words a LOT of crap I wasnt able to ever figure out how to say/feel.
Thanks for being yourselves guys,and doing what you do.
There’s nobody on Earth like you guys:)
Please dont ever stop/

Comment by Mickey

Who are we to call ourselves fans if we aren’t there for the band that has given us so much over the years? Their music has been there for all of us when we’ve gone through the hardest times in our lives, and we’ve embraced everything they’ve given. How dare we not rally around them in whatever way we can to give themt he love and support when they need it most? If a7x has taught me anything, it’s that Avenged is a family, and that spirit is reflected in their fan community. If there is ever a time to be brothers and sisters to do whatever we can for the guys, this has been it. I hope we all can continue to support them in whatever way they need, even if they can’t ask for it at the time.

Comment by Rachel Lee

Rachel, I think you hit the nail on the head. I am SO stinkin’ proud to be a part of the A7X fan-family.

ZV, I’m not one to cry often but I know I will be crying right along with you when I hear these songs & see you guys on stage in July. I, for one, will support you (the band) always.. like Rachel said, even if you can’t ask for it at the time. From the bottom of my heart.. THANK YOU for listening & being the best band out there. See you next month!! <3

Comment by Andrea

Amen!! couldnt have said it better myself!!
Proud to be a fan of such an amazing set of people with such an amazing set of fans! I’ve never met nicer people in my life that A7X fans!

Comment by DmDiablo

absolutely right on the dot.
i agree with everything you said
could’nt really say it better myself at all.

Comment by amy

Pretty much, what everyone else is saying. We’re mourning with them, but we’re becoming stronger with them too. We’re backing them up 100%, and we’ll always keep doing so. I love this band so much and I respect these guys from the bottom of my heart.

Comment by Sarah

Also, Zacky said this in the interview: “He’d done everything in life that he wanted to do, but now we realize we were put on this earth to show everyone how great he was.”

Well, maybe we (the fans) were put on this earth to recognize how great he was and be inspired by him. :)

Comment by Sarah

do you guys realize what he just stated? if it wasnt for the endless comments, letters & pictures we sent in, we wouldnt have anymore a7x. they kept going for US, their fans. thats real love. this proves they love us as much as we love them. awesome to know they pay attention to what we do :)

Comment by dani

I’m proud of them.

Comment by Sandra

We love you guys, too. Until the end.

Comment by Julie

Guys, you have helped a hell of a lot, I respect you guys so much and I’m proud as hell to say Im an Avenged Sevenfold fan. I want to thank you all for everything, you really have inspired me and helped get to where I am today and for that I am foREVer grateful.

**********AVENGED SEVENFOLD foREVer**********

Comment by Shell

i hate this song but
“And through the fire and the flames, we carry on”


Comment by Daniel

Lol, x2

Comment by Danniel

We’ll always be there with you, Zack, and the rest of the guys.

We are a family and we support each other as one.

Comment by Cassie

Us fans helped the band out a lot more than we probably thought. In the beginning, right after Jimmy’s death, we were just wishing the band best of luck and our best wishes allowing them and all of us to get through the dark and emotional times we were dealing with. We all would love for the band to move on with making music, but Jimmy was a brother to them and is a part of Avenged Sevenfold. We all know Avenged will never be the same without him. This band was based just as a group of best friends that just wanted to have a good time. And right from the beginning, us fans have been there for A7X to help them become what they are today. And if it wasn’t for all of our comments and letters, there would be no more Avenged Sevenfold today. So we have to really be the most amazing and loyal fans in the world to have helped Avenged get through such an emotional journey in which they are still recovering from along with the fans by their side. We all wish you the best Matt, Brian, Zacky, and Johnny and hope that you can continue to move on. FoREVer.

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

The four of you will never truely realize how much you are loved. The Rev was, to say the least, an absolute God. He was a great person, and even though he is gone, he will live on in the Avenged Sevenfold history book as Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan… the man who was taken to the afterlife while being “much too young to fall”. I may be an elusive person with mysterious and cryptic comments, but I have a great love for all of you fans and especially you, the band. You will always be the number one band for me.

Comment by Tholomew

ya know, I think all of this has brought us closer together as fans too. From different websites I have seen, it’s like we’re more of a family. I don’t see any fighting or bad words between people like other bands fan pages have. It’s like all the bad seeds know to stay away from us. LOL A7X fans are unique & I love it!


Comment by Andrea

totally agree… the only contradiction is my friend, well ex-friend, Remi, who says he hates Avenged Sevenfold just to piss me off, but it doesn’t work… I just tell that’s his opinion… everyone is entitled to have one… LOL

Comment by ...

I will always fucking love you guys XD
A7x for life =]

Comment by Angst

It’s good to know that we mean a lot to you guys :) because you mean a lot to us too, You may not believe this but some of us felt like everything just ended when it happened & i couldn’t even bring myself to listen to any stuff by a7x because it was too painful but you guys stayed strong for us, we stayed strong for you, we stay strong for each other. I’m so glad that you guys decided to make another record for…us what an honour. Just know that we will continue to support you guys foREVer…

Comment by Gashes22a7x

I’m from Colombia. you are the band that I never tire of hearing, are the best band for me. there will always be people like us, giving them encouragement to continue making good music. Move ahead. . . lack much to give by a7x

Comment by Cristian López

This makes me love being a fan even more.
They appreciate what we do.
I’m a guy and no matter if it looked gay but I would give a BIG HUG to each member of this band.

Comment by Danniel

I love these guys! Its so nice to know that they proper care about their fans.a7x foREVer<3

Comment by Julie

Being a My Chemical Romance fan for over 4 years before really getting into A7X, I never felt as welcomed and as much a part of something as I did coming into the Avenged family. I heard of fans being like family, of the fans being some extension of the soul of the band itself, but I never felt it until I found my home here, with all of you. With the guys. I’ve made friends and shared memories with people whom I otherwise wouldn’t have, all because of this band. Out of a tragedy, Jimmy continued to touch people and the band continued to be something we could all be proud to hold onto and keep close to our hearts. There was no doubt in my mind they wouldn’t let it die, and to see them doing this, even through the pain – to see the boys fighting through the darkest part of their lives to come out and bring us the last thing Jimmy did; it means the world. He will always live on through the boys, through the music he created. It still hurts, and with that in mind, I cannot imagine how someone can prepare to tour without one of their brothers. All I know is that the fans are a family, and we hold up our heroes when they cannot stand on their own. Thank you so much for not giving up and for giving us these gifts that James Sullivan left behind. You didn’t have too. You could have given up, you could have quit. You didn’t, and we won’t either, not ever.

Avenged Sevenfold foREVer, you crazy motherfuckers.

Comment by Revenge

Zacky, if you’re reading this I just want to say thank you for everything all of you did… You, Jimmy, Brian, Matt, and Johnny… and all your friends and family who inspired you and supported you, your friends who help you out on the road, the whole Avenged Sevenfold family… I’ve never been as proud to call myself something as much as I am proud to call myself an Avenged Sevenfold fan. Thank you for trying to move forward after losing The Rev, thank you for letting us hear what he created before he passed (I’m especially looking forward to hearing Fiction). Avenged Sevenfold is the greatest band ever… After Jimmy’s passing I think the entire Avenged Sevenfold family/fanbase/community is stronger than ever and we will always be right here with you to support what you do… Us fans are not only here for now but foREVer.

Comment by PM7X

I remember my best friend calling me at 1130 pm on the day it happened, he told me and I didn’t believe him. A week or so before we were having a few and watching live in the lbc and we were basically just ranting about how great and talented he was. We were really starting to realize his geniousnous (???lol). Zacky me and my friends want you guys to know that you guys made a strong and tough choice and we have your back no matter what.. You guys have reached world domination and i’m giving you a virtual high five. Rock on brother

Comment by eh7x

I fucking love you guys

You never have to ask for our support, or reassure us that it even matters, because no matter what, from the bottom of my heart I’ll always be right up front doing whatever the fuck I possibly can to give you what you want & need. & if that’s support– you’ll get it. & you never have to even think about asking<3
Whatever you EVER want & need, I'll be behind you 100%.

Us 'eternal soldiers' are not just the fans of a band, we're a huge fuckin family<3

I lost my brother too recently & all I can say is that if not for Avenged, idefk…
the REV was an amazing man with astounding abilities & brilliance. His legacy will live on through Nightmare & the family. We've gotten so much stronger together & the bond is 100% unbreakable.
foREVer & REVer & REVer<3\m/<3

& I can honestly say that if it weren't for Avenged Sevenfold, I would not even care about anything right now.
^^Strength of the World<3

We love you.

Comment by SYNNER

Nobody can REVer break the A7X family, because nobody has the strength to hurt us but the family<3

Comment by SynfulVENGEANCE

Jimmy makes me wanna be an excelent drummer
you guys keep rockin’ with your music

Comment by Jenx

Just wanted to say that these guys (in my eyes) are the greatest band in the world. Growing up listening to similar influences and being a hardcore Metallica/Guns N Roses fan I was a bit arrogant and closed minded about other new music.

I admit I’ve only been around since City Of Evil, but the first time I heard Bat Country and Beast & the Harlot I was hooked and have loved the guys from that day on. Being an 81 model myself it blows me away at the music that they have created knowing they loved the same music I loved.

I would dearly love to see them continue foREVer and ever and can’t wait to hear the new album. If they decided to stop tomorrow, I would understand as losing someone so close is an indescribable tragedy.

They are 5 of the most talented individuals and feel blessed that they have filled my ears with some of the greatest music I have ever heard. I was talking to a friend about the Rev the other day and we both agreed that the saddest thing for us was not being able to hear any more musical creations by this immensely talented person.

I wish the guys all the best in everything they do and they MUST know that The Rev will NEVER be forgotten!

Comment by Damien

lol we’re not their fans, we’re their family.

Comment by Anonymous

i agree!

Comment by Katie

They are my favorite band of all time. I can honestly say that their music hasn’t saved my life or anything of that significance but they are just one awesome band. While the Rev is in his Eternal Rest (had to throw that one out there) he will have nothing but joy seeing what his brothers have done. I can just hear Shadows emotion while he sings on Nightmare and i feel like all of us fans are just one big band. They may not be as big as Metallica right now but give it time and although the A7X fan base as a whole are criticized…a lot we will all hang tough and be proud to show our appreciation. Avenged Sevenfold will carry on foREVer either through their music our through the fan base. God Bless the 4 genius’ for their talent and God Bless my fellow fans!! \_/

Comment by Jake

i am so proud of the guys (:
and i am so damn proud to say i’m an avenged sevenfold fan.and i know i’m one that supports them 100% no matter what.
us fans are like family. and it’s amazing<3

foREVer <3
a7x for life<3

Comment by jax

i love those guys so so much. and honestly everythings been said about these five AWESOME men. if there was no avenged sevenfold then there would be no fans. im very thankful that they decided to be a band in the first place…A7X is the shit, in my eyes they are hands down the BESTEST most AWESOMEST band in the world. people say im dumb for being obsessed with a band that doesnt even know i exist but all i tell them is too fuck off because i know they love me (and all the other fans)because they just said if it wasnt for us they wouldnt continue and that says a lot.

i wish them the best and i hope they know that they will AlWAYS and foREVer have a true fan that loves them and supports them in everything

the REV will never be forgotten, he’ll always be in our hearts and live through avenged sevenfold.

A7X rules foREVer

Comment by emilya7x

It’s an honor to even be a fan. You guys are awesome.

Comment by Amber W (:

Avenged sevenfold has changed my life. honestly. and i know that hundreds of people say the same. but thats living proof right there to how amazing the guys are. they’ve altered so many lives with what they do. and i have so much respect for them. i’ve been a hardcore avenged sevenfold fan since 2001. i have a deathbat on my leg and im gettin bat wings and vengeance on my back within the next few weeks. thier my idols. i look up to them so much. They are the best band in the world hands down. and they have been from the start. They dont do it for the money, or the publicity..they do it for the music, for themselves, and to share thier views and thier thoughts and feelings with the world. Their music is so meaningful. <3 Im so happy that they decided to put NIGHTMARE out, and to tour. even if it's the last time that they do.. because it's for jimmy.. I love you guys.<3 and i cant wait to see you september 14th in denver.

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

Wait wait wait..
so it’s oficially the last time they will ever tour?

Comment by Danniel

No, this is not officially the last time they will ever tour.

Comment by deathbatnews

I was just saying that if thats what they choose after they do this tour. i wasnt saying it’s thier last.

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

In some recent interviews they said that at this point they don’t know what they’re going to do after the tour. Right now they have the Uproar tour and Mike Portnoy said thy he will help them out with whatever they need until te end of 2010. Right now they don’t have any plans for what’s after that. I guess first they’ll tour and see how they feel about that and later they will have to decide what they should do after Portnoy can’t help them out anymore.

Comment by PM7X

aww zacky. we’re all in this together! i like what someone else said… we’re not fans… we’re family! and we’re there for you all! all the time. no exceptions.

Comment by Katie

I’m so proud to be an A7X fan…
My friends and I have to thank you for changing our lives. You put a name to our passion. I can’t describe what I feel every time I hear one of your songs.
You will be my favourite band and artists foREVer.

I hope that one day I could see my dream becoming reality, seeing you here in Argentina.

Without The Rev nothing will be the same, but I think you’re doing the right thing keeping in the road, because this is what he would want, this is his legacy.


Love, from Argentina, Seba.

Comment by Seba

Avenged Sevenfold is life, religion, sustenance. It is all that I need to keep on going through life. I’m proud to be an A7x fan! foREVer, until the day I die. <3

Comment by Theresa

we all are… and i concur that Avenged Sevenfold is its own life and religion. The fans, the band, and the family of the band are one tight-knit family. A7X foREVer!

Comment by ...

Sevenfoldism? Haha.

Comment by Revenge

haha nice. i like that Sevenfoldism. >.<

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

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